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I met Richard just over a year ago, we met at college and instantly clicked, not in a romantic way but in the way that he became my closest guy friend. I would be lying if I said I didn't find him attractive, he's undeniably handsome with a chiseled face, perfect jawline, dirty blond hair and eyes so startlingly blue it's like diving into the clearest of oceans looking into them. Though in all honesty I never felt anything more than raw attraction, I never craved anything more than friendship with him.
I knew he was a bit of a ladies man. He'd tell me when he thought he liked a girl and he wasn't exactly short of female attention, but not once in the entire year I'd known him had he been on a proper date let alone had a girlfriend or even a fling, which I always thought was odd. I myself am single but I couldn't understand why Richard was too.
Last weekend his parents went away, he has a large beautiful house to call home so like any 18 year old would, he took advantage of an empty house and threw a last minute party on Saturday night. About 35 people turned up and it was a great night, all my friends were together dancing, laughing and getting utterly wasted.
The party continued into the early hours of the morning and most people made there way home though our closer group of friends, about 14 of us were all staying the night in his lounge. About six people just passed out straight away but the rest of us were wide awake and messing around in the kitchen doing stupid things such as the cinnamon challenge.
Eventually it got to about 4.30 and the 5 of us still awake decided it was time for sleep, little did I know I wouldn't be getting to sleep as soon as I'd anticipated.
I went into the lounge to see that one lad seemed to have made himself quite comfortable and was sleeping like a baby in my bedding, but Richard said he had a sleeping bag upstairs that I could use.
He started to climb the stairs as I waited in the hallway chatting to his friend Macaulay until Richard said he wasn't my slave and I had to come up with him and get it. I laughed and followed him upstairs and into his bedroom to find him wrestling a sleeping bag out of his wardrobe, we stayed up there chatting for a while. I'd never been in his room before so naturally I began to take the mick out of his teddy bear collection and pathetic soccer memorabilia.
He asked me if I'd had a good night and I told him it had been great, then he gave me one of his cuddles where he held me so tight and for so long like he never wanted to let go nor did I want him to, when Macaulay came speeding into the room snatched Richards duvet off of his bed and belted it back downstairs.
We both stood their laughing until Richard said "You can stay up here with me tonight if you want." I just giggled because how was I supposed to reply to that, it was a bit weird but he continued "I think it's only fair that you share the sleeping bag with me now, seeing as I'm without a duvet... the bed is big enough for two people." then he embraced me again in another perfect hug but I broke away and sat down on his bed striking up another conversation to try and deviate from the topic.
The next thing I knew we were lying on his bed illuminated dimly by the light of the rising sun through the curtains. He had his arms wrapped tightly around me, one hand interlocked with mine and the other twirling strands of my hair. Our bodies were so close to each other he giggled and said "Why can I feel your heart beating so fast?" he was having an effect on me and I felt something towards him that I never had before. He was right, my heart was beating so fast and so hard I thought it was going to burst right through my chest. We lay like that for a while just tickling each other and playing with each others fingers, him twiddling my hair, and then he kissed me.
It was gentle and shy at first but the second kiss was a little more eager, I then found myself kissing him back and our tongues were playing my hands brushing through his hair and I had never felt more excited.
He held my hips and my bare skin was revealed where my top had ridden up and then he glided his hand across the bare skin of my back, his hand now teasing my black satin bra. He traced his fingers across my stomach and told me I smelt incredible, every touch on my bare skin was electric and I began to slide my hands across his back and lightly dragged my nails across it.
It was only now I became aware that he wasn't wearing a top, he had been topless the whole time. His body was beautiful his skin incredibly smooth and his torso was perfectly toned and muscled, he had incredible arms that felt so strong and powerful yet gentle, we rolled over in unison and now I was above him. He met my eye and smiled the most genuine smile. No words can describe how I felt in that moment, I kissed him and he grazed my lip with his teeth delicately as I giggled involuntarily.
Richard then turned me to lie on my back again, he kissed me more passionately than I have ever been kissed before and then he really got going, he kissed me again and nibbled my lip. I had groaned without realizing and this seemed to give him more confidence. His hands explored my entire body as mine studied his every curve, every now and then he would pull his head back to look at me, then smile and kiss me with increasing length and passion.
His hand had found its way into my black lace panties and his smooth fingers began to tease the lips of my pussy, by this point I was taking deeper breaths and my hands were running through his hair once again, all the while he was kissing me with varying strength.
He kissed my neck slowly and seductively then came back up to my face and gave me an incredible kiss as he slipped a finger into my hole, in and out he slid it then in went a second as his thumb began to massage my clit, I was unaware I was quietly moaning but he was too as by this point my hands had crept into his boxers and had stumbled upon his balls, which I was now massaging in my right hand as my left stroked the length of his dick slowly.
I increased the pace and the kissing had stopped. He was biting his own lip and his breathing increased, he continued to finger fuck me and massage my clit with more and more pressure. When a third finger went in I moaned with pleasure, he asked if I was okay was it too many? but I simply smiled and he took that as a no so continued to pump three fingers into me.
In that moment all I wanted to do was make him cum, so I kissed him and brought us both up to kneel on his bed then without saying a word I began to take off his trousers and he pulled down his boxers, again he smiled that beautiful smile and kissed me once more on the lips.
This time I lay him down on his back and began to brush my lips against his skin lightly from his neck all the way down to his impeccable v muscles. I took his hard dick in my hands and flicked my tongue over the tip, he let out a gasp and I could taste the salty pre cum already oozing.
I began to swirl my raspberry pink tongue around the head of his dick and slowly glide my hand up and down the rest of his length. Then starting at the base of his dick licked in one smooth motion the entirety of his length twice then closed my mouth round the head and took as much of his dick into my mouth as I possibly could right to the back of my throat, then I slid my mouth up and down his cock increasing the speed and depth, his breathing got increasingly heavy and he held my head pushing it down trying to get me to take more and more of his dick "Fuck yeah, fuck, fuck yeah go on as much as you can, try for me, come on!" this desire turned me on even more my own pussy was dripping wet, the sound of his pleasure, his moaning, his pleading was the biggest turn on for me.
I went slower again and when I came back up to the head of his dick I flicked and swirled and teased my tongue around it before taking his length back into my mouth, this drove him wild "Ah fuck, use your tongue more, ah yeah, fuck that's amazing." "I'm gonna come Fiona, are you ready?" I looked up at him smiled and began sucking him harder and faster then he came in my mouth, there was so much cum and before I thought about it I began swallowing every last drop.
When he'd finished I kissed back up to his mouth and he kissed me so fucking hard and held me close to him. He wiped his chin and said "I think you missed a bit." then we kissed and he held me tight, I traced his torso with my finger and we eventually fell asleep, every now and then I'd feel a delicate kiss on my neck.
It was a very fun night/morning. If there is a part two I'll let you know.
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