A Nervous First Time - Part 1 / 2
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Jack slid his arms around Emma's waist. 'I'm so glad you've decided to do this, baby,' he whispered into her ear, his masculine hands sliding up her body towards her luscious breasts. Emma closed her eyes, her nerves on the brink of taking the poor girl over. She knew one thing for sure - either now, or lose him. For her, time paused for a second, as she took in the last few moments of being a virgin. She gazed around the hotel room - well, they couldn't have sex around either of their houses with their parents around. She took in the pale yellow walls, discolored because of the multiple smokers staying in this trashy establishment. 'He could have chosen a nicer place for such a special occasion,' she thought.
Emma turned to Jack, pecking his lips. 'Give me a moment. I should freshen up,' she said with a smile, then stepped towards the bathroom, swaying her hips for him so her voluptuous ass would mesmerize him. With a giggle, she opened the door, then hastily closed it behind her. 'Fuck, fuck, fuck,' she thought, sliding down the door, head in hands.
With a couple of steady breaths, she took in the bathroom. It wasn't much more than the bedroom, but at least it was clean. Emma stood and placed her hands on the sink, staring at herself in the smeared mirror. 'You can do this. It's what he wants. It's what you want.' She nodded, asserting herself in the situation. She tried to give herself a seductive smile, practicing for when she stepped out of the bathroom to greet him. Running her hands through her hair, she sighed, feeling pathetic as she simply gave herself a lopsided grin with eyes that looked high on drugs.
Emma turned and opened the door a tiny bit, catching Jack tugging on his cock. She gasped lightly, felt a familiar spasm in her cunt that she got just as she got to a good part in pornography. She closed the door quietly, biting her lip. His cock was huge! Her eyes were wide and she soon enough found herself feeling wet.
Nervously, she slid her slender hands down to the top of her jeans. Unzipping them and undoing the button, the bottoms were soon on the tiled floor, revealing her bright pink thong. Closing her eyes, her right hand pulled the material over her shaved mound, revealing moistened lips only to herself. She slid her finger along her slit, small, quiet moans escaping her as her left hand went up her shirt and her delicate fingers squeezed her nipples. They hardened, along with her clit, and she was soon on her way to a full on orgasm. Two fingers slid deep into her cunt as the palm of her hand rubbed her little button. She worked her nipples, squeezing her tits as she plunged her fingers in and out of her fuck hole as quick as possible.
Emma felt as if the lights were dimming - they could've been, the state of this place. She held back a scream as she came, her juices drenching her hand as she doubled over, her thick brunette hair cascading in front of her face. She rode the waves of her orgasm happily, until she collapsed back on the floor, panting and sweating.
Emma stood, went to the sink and splashed her face with water. She was ready. Stripping down completely, Emma opened the bathroom door, her hair a mess and on her face the sexiest smile you could ever imagine. She strutted towards Jack and pressed her lips firmly to his, pushing him on to the bed.
'I'm ready. Take me.'
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