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By K_Finn64, 7/26/12
(This is a work of fiction. The usual disclaimers apply)
I gripped the seat with excitement as the driver turned off of Thomas and into the crowded parking lot of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in downtown Phoenix Arizona. It was a warm August night in 1982, and the spotlights from the arena caught the flinty dust in the air, creating a sparkling light show above the gravel parking lot as the sleek white limousine headed up to the main entrance. I glanced at Andrea, who was sitting beside me grinning madly. We squealed in unison and squeezed each other’s hands as the limousine glided across the parking lot, drawing stares from the concertgoers who were slowly making their way to the venue doors. As the limo pulled up to the main entrance I could see the main marquee which read “Jay Miles Band”, with “The Pranksters” in smaller type beneath the headliners. Everyone knew the Jay Miles Band, whose single “Billboard Queen” was ruling the airwaves, but Andrea and I were much more interested in the opening act.
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