Never Been Eaten
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It is just another hot day in Texas. I am chilling by the pool, trying to avoid the heat but to no avail. Carlton, my loving boyfriend, is in the kitchen mixing some cocktails for us. He knows exactly what I like. When he finally comes out, he's topless. His brown skin looking so sexy and his rock-hard abs are just killing me. He brings the drinks over to the deck chairs and I tell him he looks gorgeous. He smiles and tells me I'm the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in his entire life. I lean over and give him a long passionate kiss.
While we are making out, his hands start exploring my body. He starts on my back and makes little circles on it with his fingertips. Gosh, that feels good. He does it slowly and he tells me to lie on my stomach on the deck chair. When I'm down, he loosens my bra strap and tells me in his gentle and sexy voice to take it off. I follow his order and take it off in a sexy and seductive manner. He licks his lips and proceeds to apply sunscreen lotion to my back. He applies it slowly up and down and then left and right. He massages my shoulders and works his way down to my lower back. When he's there he asks if he can take off my panties. With hands like that, how can I say no? Before I can even answer he already has my moist panties on my ankles.
He sees how wet they are and he says to me, "I haven't even done anything yet."
He lets out a little giggle. He then places his hands on my firm, round ass and he squeezes it. He kisses the left cheek and then he kisses my right cheek. He pinches my butt cheeks softly and then harder. I can't stop myself from moaning loudly and he gets the message. He continues this motion for a while. He then tells me to lie on my back now as he wants to work on my front part. I lie on my back and he just stares at me lovingly.
He says, "Spread your legs wide open, so I can see that pussy."
I do as he says and I see his sex pistol pointed straight at me, just waiting to shoot. He takes off his pants and his boxers so that he is completely naked. His big dick falls out and it's just looking at me. Just then I get even wetter than I was before and he can see my pussy juices glistening on my mound.
He laughs again and says, "You want some of this dick, baby?"
And I tell him, "Yes Daddy."
He strokes his dick a few times and then he tells me to fondle my breasts. I do just as he says. He's watching and jacking off. I see the pre-cum oozing out of his dick and I'm so horny at this point. He then tells me to rub my pussy while he watches. I do so and he starts stroking his dick faster. At this point I'm so turned on, I feel like I'll just explode. He tells me to finger fuck my pussy and I stick a finger in. I do it slowly while he watches and then he tells me to go faster. When he can't hold it in anymore he busts all over my body and face. Then just when I'm at the edge, he tells me to stop.
He says, "If anyone is gonna make you cum today, it's gonna be me."
He tells me to rub his man juice all over my body and I oblige. He then comes to my mouth and puts his massive dick in. This takes me by surprise as I've never done this before and he knows it. He just tells me to suck it and he goes in and out of my mouth slowly. Once his dick is semi-hard he starts fucking my mouth faster and I feel his dick gagging my throat. He lets out a sexy growl and he cums in my mouth. He tells me to swallow his man juice and I do. It's nothing like anything I've ever tasted. Like a mixture of sweet 'n' sour. I definitely wanted more of that.
"You've been a good girl, listening to my orders. You will get your reward now."
He places his big strong hands on my breasts and he caresses them slowly. He pinches my already hard nipples and a moan escapes my lips. He takes my right nipple into his mouth and he licks around it, while his hand is squeezing my left nipple. He swaps the nipples and works his magic. He then moves up to me and kisses me. He bites my neck softly and I can't help but moan. He travels down to my abdomen with his tongue and he sticks it in my belly button. He licks it and then his tongue starts going in and out of my belly button. How does he know I like this? He then touches my pussy and electric pulses go throughout my body. He feels me shake and he has a sly grin on his face. He knows that I'm at his mercy. He then kisses my inner thighs and draws circles with his tongue on them. When he finally gets to my pussy, it's dripping wet. He blows his air on it and I just wanna die. Fuck! He's teasing me. He traces my pussy lips with his tongue and he kisses the hood of my pussy just above the clit. I try to grind my pussy against his face but he holds my thighs with his firm hands and pinches my ass. He then licks the sensitive part between my pussy and ass.
He looks up at my frustrated face and he says, "Beg me."
"Please, Carlton"
"Please what?"
"Please do it."
"Do what baby?"
"Do IT!"
He takes my left lip in his mouth and then lets it out.
"I don't know what IT is baby"
"Please, eat my pussy"
And with that he goes to work. His long tongue licks from the slit all the way to the hood pausing a bit on my clitoris. He repeats that three times and he takes my clit in his mouth. He starts sucking on my love button softly and then vigorously. He licks my pussy up. He licks my pussy down. Left and right. He then takes his index finger and sticks it in my pussy hole. He finger fucks me, while his tongue is working on my clit and pussy. At this point I was calling out
"Yeah baby that's it right there. Fuck my pussy with your fingers"
And he replies, "You naughty girl. You like having fingers in your pussy, don't you?"
And he adds a second deep in my pussy. He finds my g-spot and he massages it gently while his tongue is still feasting on my pussy. I can no longer hold it in and I am overcum (lol) by my orgasm. My pussy juices all over his face and he licks me clean. The then kisses me so I can taste myself and he says
"You taste so good, babe. Thank you for allowing me to pleasure you like this. I love you"
I say, "I love you too. And thank you for what you did for me. It was a great experience."
I fall asleep in his arms in the backyard of my house.
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