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How'd that happen 5
These stories are meant to be read serially. The first ones can be found on my profile
We got up the next morning pretty late as the sun was already above the hills on the horizon. We were determined to make good time so for the next days we really hustled with only a few invigorating interludes.
What with hard driving from almost dawn to dark, we were pretty exhausted at the end of the day. I was becoming especially burned out as the girls could alternate when it came to our amorous intervals where I had to carry the burden all by myself. I was certainly leading a harsh existence. But, being the trooper that I am, I did it uncomplaining and with head held high.
After quite some period of time I realized we were going to have to take a break, as the horses were getting pretty peaked too. I knew of a good place to do that, so we pulled into this little town one early afternoon. To call this place a town was really stretching the point. If it had had a name you should have been able to spell it with one letter. If you rode in too fast you would have bumped into your own ass as you were leaving.
All this place had was a combination general store, tavern, and restaurant in a pretty good sized building. Across the road was a blacksmith shop. There was an area aside of the blacksmith for wagon parking and was usually fairly full as people naturally stopped here. Except for a couple of cabins strung haphazardly around, that was it. This little place was surprisingly prosperous as It had a good, deep, cold well in quite a dry area. It was the only good water in quite a ways in either direction.
The businesses did well 'cause there were always repairs for the blacksmiths to do on broken wagons and for the surrounding ranches,and the other business always had people buying supplies or having food or a drink. I knew the two brothers, Dave and Jack, who ran the blacksmith quite well as I'd stopped and had a few parties with them from time to time.
Their sister, Ethel, ran the other business with the help of a couple Indian girls and a bartender. After I'd arranged for the boys to repair the wagon tongue and one wheel on the wagon, I proceeded to the bar. When inside, I looked around and noticed Sandra and Jasmine in the store section getting the supplies we needed.
We were getting pretty close to Sante Fe and we had agreed the ladies should start acting their parts of rich widow and companion, so they were dressed demurely and acted the part. They looked into the bar a little longingly, I thought, but didn't enter. I proceeded to the bar and a whiskey bottle.
By the time the brothers had closed their shop and come into the bar I had a pretty good head start on them in the drinking part of the evening. When they walked in the pretty good sized room it seemed to get smaller. These were two tall, wide, muscularindividuals. We liked each other and went to some serious joking around and imbibing. As the evening went on, things were getting fuzzier and fuzzier, and the floor must have been poorly constructed, as it kept shifting, causing me to often lose my balance.
Ethel would come into the bar from time to time to fetch drinks for patrons in the restaurant.
I had met her before so we exchanged waves and a smile. She was a pleasant woman but, I thought, plain.
It's a strange thing, after you look at women through the bottom of beer mugs or whiskey glasses enough, they seem to change. I began to realize that the woman I had thought plain was actually quite a dazzling beauty, and the waves and smiles were actually her way of letting me know she reciprocated my feelings.
Not being a shy person, I advanced over that wavy floor into the store area, put one arm around this awesome woman, grabbing her ass with my other hand, and pulled her into an embrace, where I gave her the good wet kiss she had obviously been looking for.
From that point I'm not too sure of what happened. I know I heard someone let out a loud yell as if someone had stomped on their foot. I found myself on the floor and the two brothers were exercising their legs by kicking the living hell out of me. From there I vaguely remember hitting the dirt ,on my face, in the street, and Jasmine and Sandra half carrying me into their wagon and onto a pallet. That's the end of my memories of that ill-fated night.
When I awoke the next afternoon Sandra was sitting there, staring at me, with a bottle of whiskey in her hand.
“Boy, you really fucked up. The boys won't fix the wagon and they want us gone. Do you always think with your dick?”
Because I really didn't really recollect too much of the previous evening I couldn't defend myself too well from her wrath. She let me have a swig of the whiskey, which helped, and told me what she knew of what had gone on. I was abashed at what I heard, especially when I realized how angry she was.
She had never used that sort of language since I'd met her. Jasmine, yes, but never Sandra.
With a groan, I tried to sit up but didn't make it. Sandra, not too gently, pushed me back and said “Don't even try to get up. If you show your face the boys might hang you and you're in no shape to stop them. Now, it's up to Jasmine and myself to try to repay you for saving us , and save your sorry ass.”
I laid there for a full day. One of the girls brought me some food a couple times so my only problem was my aches, of which I had a plenty.
On the morning of the second day Jasmine told me it was probably safe to get up and move around, but don't go anywhere near the bar when the boys weren't working across the street. I carefully climbed out of the wagon. Some of my joints weren't working except to furnish pain, and the others weren't working at all.
I did manage to stumble across the street and into the restaurant where I encountered Ethel. As I wobbled across the floor she noticed my condition and seemed to give a little smirk.
I stopped and mumbled, “Ethel, I sincerely apologize for my behavior, I don't know why I did what I did, but I realize it's inexcusable. If I can do anything to make up for it I'll do it, except maybe another go-round with Dave and Jack.”
She responded with a little smile and said “Horse, I've been grabbed and groped by drunks in here before and lived through it, I probably will again. I think the thing that set the boys off was the fact it was you, who they held in high regard, 'til the other night. They're overly protective of me as I'm their only family. Now they're feeling a little guilty about giving you the boot so bad, but they probably won't admit it, yet. I know you were really drunk or you wouldn't have done it and I forgive you.”
“Ethel, that's being very gracious and I thank you. Do you know how I can make up to the boys as I really think highly of them,too?”
She broke into a huge grin and said “I don't think you should even try right away, but if I'm not mistaken, your female companions are making great progress on that very subject. I'll talk to the boys, too.”
As I stood there I realized that my previous impression of her being plain was mistaken. I had only seen her when she was working when she was hurried and harried with a scowl on her face and her hair disheveled. Now, in the early morning, when business hadn't really started, I saw her as she really was, a quite comely woman, tall and slender, with a graceful way of moving with nothing of her brothers burly build.
I didn't know how to take her statement about my companions so I looked for them. Asking around I found out they had been seen going into the blacksmith shop, but I couldn't go there. I wandered around for most of the day until I saw them walking down the road. They looked a little unkempt. I didn't give it much thought until when they saw me they stopped, huddled together, and murmured to each other as they kept an eye on me.
Then they walked up to me and Jasmine said “ Well, we see you're up and moving, what have you been up to?”
“I went to the store and apologized to Ethel and then I've been looking for you two. What have you been up to? I couldn't find you anywhere. Where were you?”
My suspicions were raised even higher when Sandra stated “ Oh, we've just been exploring outside of town.”
I didn't say anything as I surely had no right to question their actions, but invited them to accompany me to dinner, as it was pretty late and dusk was coming quickly.
After dinner, with some innocuous conversation, we walked back to the wagon, where the ladies rather insisted I should go to bed as I looked exhausted and needed rest. I really wasn't that tired but I rolled up in my bedroll and ,after a while, feigned sleep by lightly snoring. The girls had been fussing around the camp until, after checking me to see if I was asleep, snuck away.
I waited a while, rose, and cat-footed after them. It was dark by now, so even though they checked their back trail now and then, they never saw me. We walked a ways out of town until I could see their profiles back-lit by a fire in a grove of trees. They entered the grove.
I sat down to wait for a while before I would ghost up closer. I must really been tired 'cause I caught my chin hitting my chest, but I don't think I was out long. I got up and crept up to some bushes where I should be able to see what was going on.
I wasn't surprised that there was hanky-panky going on, but I was surprised at how hot and heavy it was. These boys must have found some education from the farmer's daughters that passed through. They sure weren't amateurs at whoopee.
Jack had Sandra on a blanket on her back and was devouring her pussy with vigor. Her legs were over his shoulders which gave him great access to her honey pot. His hands were on her breasts and were rubbing, pinching and gently pulling her nipples. Sandra sure seemed to be enjoying his labors as she was squirming and shaking like she had ague. She had one fist in her mouth, probably to keep from howling and waking everybody in town, and probably everybody in a five mile radius.
Dave had Jasmine erect, up against a tree, and was driving in her so hard she went up on her tip toes with every stroke. It's a good thing that was a sycamore tree with its smooth bark or her back would have been scarred for life. He had his head buried in her neck and I was betting she'd have some champion hickeys tomorrow. His hands were pretty busy with one down between them and I figured he was tweaking her clit, and the other working over her fabulous tits pretty good. She was also seeming to enjoy the frolicking as she had a very jubilant look on her face.
I just knelt there for a while, admiring the techniques to see if I could pick up some pointers. I have to admit I was a little jealous 'cause I guess I'd been thinking of these girls as my exclusive reserve.
I almost jumped up and screamed like a little girl when I felt a hand press down on my shoulder. I had been so absorbed in the performance in front of me I hadn't been checking around. Ready for anything, I swung around and was surprised to see Ethel on all fours holding a finger to her lips.
“Shh” she whispered, “You don't want to have them catch you here. Follow me.” and she crept away with me following.
I followed Ethel as we walked toward town and I could see she was circling around to the the back of her building instead of the front entrance. As we got closer and the lanterns hanging on the buildings shone on her I could see that she only had on a thin nightdress.
“Ethel, what are you doing out here at night, creeping around, dressed like that?”
“Be quiet, Horse. We don't want to be seen like this. Just come inside and I'll tell you.”
We went up a flight of stairs on the back of the building and entered into a short hall and then into a room off to the side. She closed the door, lit a lamp, and motioned me to a small chair as she sat on the edge of, I assumed, her bed.
She explained the nights goings on “ I was sitting here, looking out the window when I saw Sandra and Jasmine walking past. Then a few minutes later, you, following them. I was pretty sure I knew who they were going to meet, and I didn't want to see you get into another scrap with Dave and Jack. They have been meeting with Dave and Jack a couple times a day to try to get them to let up on you. They're pretty persuasive, even when they're fully dressed and even more so when not. So I went down the back stairs and followed you.”
As she was relating this she had risen and was pacing back and forth in front of the lamp. Her nightdress was almost sheer and has she passed in front of the lamp I could easily appraise her attributes which were awesome. Her breasts were more than generous and had only a very slight sag, which only emphasized their size. I could even make out her nipples which were very obvious as they pushed out the thin material. Her waist was very slim and tapered quickly to wide hips, but proportional to the rest of her lush body.
I was getting increasingly uncomfortable. I was still aroused from the activities I had observed not so long ago and the views I was getting now sure wasn't helping the choking sensation in my crotch. I didn't know what to do except to try to alleviate my discomfiture by squirming on the chair. I'd just apologized to this woman this morning for doing what I very much wanted to repeat now.
To get my mind off what I was fantasizing about Ethel I asked her “Why would you want to keep me from tangling with Jack and Dave again? You certainly don't owe me anything after what I did to you the other night.”
She stopped her pacing right between the lamp and me, leaned toward me a little and said “Horse, sometimes you are incredibly dense. I've been making eyes at you and smiling at you every time I saw you since we first met, but you walked around with your head in the clouds and never even winked at me. When you grabbed me the other night I thought you had finally caught on. I wasn't mad at you, I yelled because I was elated.” With that, she leaned over farther, grabbed me by the shoulders, and kissed me with considerable passion.
I might be incredibly dense, but when I can plainly see the course to follow, I jump right on it. I stood and enfolded her in my arms and returned the favor with as much enthusiasm as I could. In my eagerness to try to occupy the same space that she was occupying I must have pushed her toward the bed 'cause we folded on it while still clinging to one another.
I thought that I was possibly taking advantage of this lovely creature and didn't want to see her brothers like I did the last time, so I reared up a little and asked her “Ethel, are you sure you want to do this?”
“ Why you big silly ass, why do you think I was posing in front of that lamp for?” as she reached down and pulled her nightdress over her head and gave me an entrancing smile.
I got off the bed and started to get undressed but Ethel insisted that she wanted to do it for me. I did manage to get my boots and socks off by myself. As I stood there she slowly unbuttoned my shirt and pants and helped me take them off. I only wear long-johns in the winter so I finally stood there in the altogether.
She stopped me from approaching her as she sat on the bed just looking at me like a cat looks at a mouse. She slowly reached out and encircled my cock with both of her hands as if it was a valuable object. Her eyes were wide as she leaned forward while pulling me closer.
She first licked the head of my dick lightly but was soon licking and nibbling it constantly until she slid it in her mouth. She just held it there as her tongue wrapped around and around it, all the while sucking.. Then she slowly started sliding it almost all the way out of her mouth and slid down it again as far as she could.
She increased the speed of her actions until my legs were shaking and trembling and to steady myself I had to hold her head, which seemed to spur her to even greater effort. Soon I could feel my cum rising and announced in a shaky voice that I was about to shoot. With that, she wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly to her as she engulfed my cock even deeper in her pretty, moist mouth. I came in an explosion of cum but Ethel never stopped sliding and suckingon my cock as she swallowed my load.
I finally had to pull her off as I was getting that sensitive feeling. She laid back on the bed with a satisfied little smile. I lifted her legs on to the bed, laid down beside her and kissed her deeply.
“How was that, Horse, did I do it right?
“Honey, if you had done it any righter I'd probably be laying on the floor, not the bed.” I answered.
She told me that she had had a shuddering orgasm while she was giving me the blow job. She'd had a couple fingers plunging in her pussy and her thumb stimulating her clit. We snuggled together kissing, and fondled each other, and enjoyed the ennui one experiences after intense sex.
After laying there for a while our caresses were getting more and more intense and I was getting very aroused. I think Ethel was, too, as her pussy was getting wetter and wetter while I two had fingers thrusting in it. She also had a good grip on my dick and was stroking it faster with each passing moment.
She looked up at me, and whispered in a pleading voice “Horse, I need you inside now.”
Not the kind to refuse a reasonable request from a pretty girl I mounted her. Her lubrication allowed me to enter her easily. Her soft cries and sighs of pleasure told me she was thoroughly enjoying my ministrations. I was enjoying it plenty myself, except most of my vocalizations were grunts.
I had started with slow strokes ,but, as I started to speed up Ethel murmured “No Horse, take it slow and easy, it feels so wonderful, I want it to last a long time.”
“Okay, honey, but I want to remind you that we can do it again as long as I'm conscious, but this is your time and I'll do whatever you tell me you want.”
“Oh, Horse, I do so love your cock in me” she sighed “Just make it last.”
As this was my second time around tonight I didn't feel great urgency to cum. I was certainly enjoying the ongoing goings on. I tried to last as long as possible, speeding up my thrusts at times until I was getting close to ejaculation, then, slowing again to stretch it out as long as possible. During this time I was reveling in her delightful breasts and lips. I don't know how many times Ethel had an orgasm during our marathon fucking session, but the whole bed under us was drenched.
Then suddenly, “Horse, Horse, now, now, fuck me hard, harder, faster, Matt, NOW,... NOW.”
Her cries of passion drove me to an intensity I don't remember ever having before and I came as Ethel lifted us off the bed with her rising to try to get even more of me. There wasn't any more. I was as deep in her pussy as I could possibly go. Her keening and moans of elation mixed with my groans of ecstasy.
We reverted to our cuddling, nuzzling, and hugging 'til sleep overtook both of us.
I woke later than my usual time. I leaned over and lightly kissed that lovely lady next to me, whereupon she looked at the sunlight coming through the window.
She suddenly jerked up and said “What the hell time is it? My God, I'm late. We have to get up!” and she jumped out of bed and started throwing clothes around.
I tried hard to stay away out of way of this human, female hurricane while I was dressing. We dressed in record time, left the room, and want down the inside staircase to where it ended in the back of the restaurant.
We walked into the eating area and saw four frowning faces sitting at a table. Dave and Jack were frowning more than my lady companions, and their frowns were aimed at me. As they started to get Ethel marched over to them, crowded them back into their chairs, and glared at them.
She started in a low voice that pretty quick rose to a healthy roar. “Now listen, you two, you can forget about another brawl with Horse. He didn't do anything that I didn't want him to. We didn't do anything that you four didn't do last night. Yea, we know about that. Do you think we walk around blind all day?”
“How do know about what happened last night?” crowed Dave.
Ethel retorted “The whole town knows about these girls spending time in the back of the 'smiths barn and coming out all rumpled and covered with straw. I know they did it to keep Horse from being hung, but it sure wasn't a secret. It wasn't hard to figure out where they were going last night.”
That statement caused Dave and Jack to give a puzzled glance at Sandra and Jasmine. They probably thought is was their good looks and charm that got the goodies. Good looks they had, but charm? No way.
But Ethel wasn't done yet “You boys have kept every suitor away from me for years with your size and ugly looks and I won't have it any more. I have finally found someone who's a real man and still can be gentle and kind. I know he won't be around here much but when he is treat him as you used to do, as a real friend, 'cause that's what he is.”
Jack spoke up “But, Ethel, we were only trying to look out for you”
“I know that, boys, and I love you both for it, but I'm a big girl now, and if I find another man like this one, you'll leave him and me alone, too.” The boys were looking a little cowed and embarrassed but got up, walked over to me, and held out their hands to be shook as vigorously as I could.
Ethel still wasn't done as she walked over to the ladies, scowled, and said “You girls have been having quite a time lately. I know why you did it, but I also know you didn't dislike a minute of it. I hope you appreciate how lucky you were to come across Horse when you did. He's a real friend to you two and you should treat him as one instead of sneaking around behind his back.”
The girls took this with surprisingly, to me, good grace. They smiled at Ethel and grinned at me.
I got to tell you, I was standing there pretty embarrassed about all the things Ethel had said about me.
Not that I didn't believe them, I just wasn't used to someone telling about my sterling character.
I thought I better break this up before even the boys wanted to kiss me, and said “ The drinks are on me!” All five us repaired to the bar and what happened that day and night is another story.
The ladies and I left the next morning.
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