My little control freak
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As my arms were stretched above my head, I could hear, but not see there were more than a couple of voices in the bedroom I was in. I thought back to the moment I was still sitting behind my computer upstairs. Try as I might, I couldn’t concentrate on the article I was writing. In it, I was exploring the human reaction to insecurity, and it’s opportunity for growth: ‘In your greatest fear lies your greatest reward’. At this point though my greatest distraction was downstairs. My wife, let’s call her Jolyn, was hosting a small party for a few of her girlfriends. Usually I would be able to keep my focus if she was having a few friends over. I can enjoy a couple girlfriends having a get-together on our couch, but after a while I prefer to actually do something so I excuse myself, and go out or start doing something somewhere else in the house. Two months ago I had done the same, and something happened that still made me totally excited and set my head reeling when thinking of it. Two of my wife’s best friends had gotten my wife pretty drunk, and had her fetch me to have her show me off to them! I wasn’t suspecting anything at the time, and just came when she called me down the stairs. She had that look in her eyes that spoke of a happy, playful, naughtiness.
“Come to the living room honey”.
 Jolyn almost whispered in my ear while I felt her breasts press against my chest. I followed of course, what man wouldn’t, and entered the living room. Janet and Christina were sitting on the couch, each with a glass of wine in their hand, looking up directly into my eyes. Jolyn ushered me forward and said:
“Jen and Chrissy were jealous of me because I have you walking around the house, so they started teasing me with stories about the guys they picked up a few weeks ago. So I wanted to let them see a bit more of you to make it clear I don’t lack anything right at home with you. I’m Anton Renolds by the way. I’m a normal guy, but feel like a great husband. I have a decent job and live and look healthy. Much had changed after we got married, and all of it for the better. My wife is my first priority and, although it took me while, she is completely convinced of that fact by now. Her girlfriends know I’m a good man to have and have said so in my presence on more than one occasion. That was what must have ‘provoked’ them in trying to make my wife jealous with stories about their adventures with other men. My wife of course, could only combat fire with fire and decided to show me off as her ‘prize’. “Turn around and show them your delicious butt darling”.
I was wearing the jeans she thought made my ass look great, so I grinned as I spun around and kissed her on the mouth. “I believe you have had quite a few drinks honey, but of course I can’t let your girlfriends think they can seduce you with stories of other men than me.” I shook my butt from side to side once for good effect. Janet and Christina wooted. Jolyn seemed impatient and took my t-shirt and pulled it over my head. I kissed her again. This time a more sensual play with our lips and tongues ensued while I grabbed her hair and pulled her head backwards a little. When I finished by grabbing her ass and pulling her hips tightly against mine she moaned a quick moan and while Janet said a surprised ‘Oh!’, Christina said “Go Anton!” It was like we were on stage being cheered on by a crowd of two. They were so much into it and so close to us they were almost part of it. Jolyn grabbed my hand and walked around me so she was facing Janet and Christina now:
“See,” she laughed, “I’m not missing a thing”.
She turned so see face me from the side and put a hand lovingly on my chest. And then she led her hand fall to my belt… So far this had been an innocent, though cheeky, happening at the Renolds. With her hand now a slowly unbuckling my belt this started to move over into the realm of things you don’t normally do in public. Janet and Christina were looking at my wife and then intently to her hand unbuckling my belt. Jolyn looked me in the eye with a look that asked for permission as well as promising sex. She went to her knees and pulled my zipper down. She then pulled my pants down my legs with two hands. Of course, by now, my penis was starting to grow in my boxer. She put a hand on it and I felt the pressure against my balls. I must admit at that point I was little nervous. Here I stood in the middle of our living room in my boxer in front of two of my wife’s best friends! It felt like I was cheating somehow. They were, after all, two other women than my wife. The only thing keeping me there was the fact that it was my wife who had suddenly put me there. Her other hand explored my stomach and I was getting more and more aroused beneath her other hand which was now kneading my cock and balls.
 “Do you want to see what’s beneath his boxer?” Jolyn asked aloud. I heard a definite ‘yes’ from the couch but didn’t see who said it because I was looking at my wife already pulling my boxer down just the way she had with my jeans. I felt the elastic band from the boxer sliding down pulling against the direction my penis was growing in. As the elastic cleared the tip my dick sprang upward and shook back and forth once or twice before coming to full attention. I felt the weight of my balls stretching the skin of my sack and just stood there a bit sleepily with my hard-on on display .
“Isn’t it lovely” said Jolyn and looked to Janet and Christina on the couch. “And you can’t have it” she jeered.
She then turned to grab my sack and pulled my balls down a little making the tip of my cock dip lower to her now open mouth. I saw the girls on the couch looking very alive with a slight hunger in their eyes. I looked down while Jolyn put her warm mouth on the tip of my penis and started sucking me while still holding my sack. I looked back to the couch and was met by Christina’s eyes and smile. She looked at me with a clear look of sexual intent in her eyes. Had I met her in a club looking at me like that I know I would have trouble staying faithful to my wife. She had her legs crossed and I could have sworn her loose skirt was hitched a bit higher than before, exposing her legs from her high heeled feet in all the way up to the ridge of her stockings I now knew her to wear. The whole image was enough to suddenly be hit by the intent feeling of pleasure my wife was giving me. This went on for a bit while I saw Janet looking towards Christina while slowly moving her hand to her own thigh her lips slightly parted all the while. At some point Jolyn let go of my sack and reached around me with both arms and squeezed both my ass cheeks. I felt her nails dig in slightly while she slowly pulled me forward deeper in her mouth. After this moment of intense deepthroating I grabbed her hair, and gently pulled her up. I like her taking initiative, but somehow I always end up being in control guiding our love games.
My wife was wearing a purple loose fitting dress. I told her to remove her panties. She responded and when she had removed them from below her dress I said:
“If you really want them to know what they are missing we have to go a step further”. She ‘mmmm-ed’ at me and took a step toward me grabbing my cock once again.
“What do you have in mind?” she asked. I put my hand on her chest, and pushed slightly to make her walk backwards towards the dining table. By now I was completely focused on completing the plan that had formed in my head: her on the table with me standing between her legs. As I closely followed my wife - I had no choice, she was still holding on to my cock with one hand - I was aware of the two other women on the couch looking at me. I gently nudged Jolyn and with a small push helped her hoist her butt on the table. She grabbed my shoulders and I pulled her dress up to her hips. As I stood between her legs I pressed the tip of my penis against her lips. I knew Janet and Christina couldn’t see exactly what happened there on account of the dress and the angle, but the thought of me almost entering my wife with two other women watching was still very exciting. I started moving in and out sliding my cock all the way in. My wife let go of my shoulders and lay flat on the table bringing her legs up around my hips. I started moving faster and harder. One hand grabbed one of my wife’s tits and squeezed it. I knew she liked me squeezing her tits almost but not quite hard enough to be painful. It made her feel like she was really being ‘taken’. I saw Christina again ‘taking the lead’. She now sat with her legs wide. The thin fabric of her skirt the only thing that separated her hand and her nicely accentuated Venus hill. Janet hadn’t moved much, but the look she had on her face was one of pure infatuated lust. When she met my eyes she looked away shyly with a slight blush suddenly beneath her eyes. As if I wasn’t eighty-six steps ahead in shameful behavior right then. I grabbed my wife’s hips and started fucking her harder. She had grabbed the sides of the table to prevent being fucked to far onto the table. Her pussy was pressing hard against the base of my cock as she looked me in the eyes and said:
I knew she didn’t want me to go, but wanted me to ‘go’ at it all the way. I then proceeded with the ‘end-run’. I let myself go and started banging her real hard. I lost every thought in my head except the image of me fucking my wife on the living room table while two of her friends were sitting on our couch looking at us with joy on their faces. The only sensation I had was one of pure intent. I was going to make my wife explode by coming in her cunt hard! As I felt cum coarsing through my cock I looked my wife in the eyes. Hers were slightly squeezed, mine spread wide open and intent as can be. A look of happiness must have been on my face because Jolyn was looking up at me with a smile on her face and satisfaction in her eyes. Her ‘Aw!’ made it clear she was coming as well. As my wife squeezed the muscles in her cunt (she is a highly sensitive person, very much in touch with her body and could really control the muscles of her vagina) I made the last drop of cum come out deep inside my wife and then kissed her on her mouth. Janet sighed and said
“Wow, I can see you have quite enough at home Jolyn!”
Jolyn and I laughed, breaking the intimate moment right after orgasm. I erected myself again and started pulling my still hard cock out of Jolyn. I felt the tip of my cock press against the inside front of my wife’s pussy as I pulled out. Just like with the elastic from my boxer being pulled down it sprang up as soon as it was pulled free from it’s constraint. I could see some of my cum dribbling out of my wife’s pussy, and helped her sit up right. As she came from the table and stood on the floor again, her dress fell down to her knees once more. I knew that even though she looked ‘civilized’, beneath her dress she wasn’t wearing any panties, and my some of my cum was running down the inside of her thigh. Christina sat forward and laughed breaking up the after sex tension even more.
“Wow Jolyn, I have to admit I’d take this any day over a simple nights out!”.
“Yeah, you like him Chrissy?”, my wife asked.
“Uh… yeah very much. He so in control!”.
“Well”, my wife said, “ he always fantasizes about me taking complete control some time which is weird, because he’s usually the one taking control”.
I couldn’t believe my ears to be honest. We had just had sex in front of two ‘strangers’ and now my wife was sharing one of my deepest fantasies with them. To me she said with a laugh:
“OK, I think that’s enough of you flirting with my girlfriends”, and gave me slight slap on my still hard penis. “Off you go”, and she pushed me out of the room still naked.
’It’s not me who’s the one flirting here’ I thought as I felt the door closing behind me, my back still towards the door. There was a moment of silence in the room behind me, and then I heard a simultaneous laughter bursting from all three girls inside. I decided to take a shower and go to bed early. After a while Jolyn’s friends had left and Jolyn came to bed as well.
“Now that was new”, she said. “Did you enjoy it?” she asked, checking if I was OK with everything.
“Yes, that was amazing”, I replied.
“Good, than next time I will make you enjoy it even more my little control freak”. That has been the end of our conversation that night. We were both still quite horny from the experience we shared in front of Christina and Janet, so we had sex once more before we fell asleep. ‘My little control freak…’? I kept hearing Jolyn say to me in my head again and again as I still sat there trying to write an article while my wife was downstairs having some friends over again. After we had had sex that evening while Janet and Christina were watching us she asked me to not push for anything more. She liked the idea of playing around a bit, but didn’t want me focus on that sort of sex because she was afraid I might get to focused on that and not pay enough attention to ‘just’ her. I was trying to honor her wishes, she was after all ‘granting’ me plenty already. We didn’t talk about it, and I didn’t mention it to her till now. I had really tried not thinking about that night to much, although that came hard, and I had now frequently been imagining some of our friends sitting in our bedroom while we had sex. Now though, the restraint on my thoughts was failing miserably.’ My little control freak’. I was trying really hard not to think of this evening growing into something more. I wouldn’t want my disappointment to be too obvious if my wife didn’t ‘do’ what she had done last time. I would want her to feel just as appreciated when we did not have any sexual meetings with her friends. But as I mentioned; I was failing miserably at it. Just then Jolyn came up the stairs.
“Are you doing okay husband of mine?”
I grinned at her and said:
“Yes. Are you having fun baby?“ I asked.
“Yes, we are almost ready”.
I was doubting the meaning of that last sentence. We’re her friends almost ready as in going or… or what exactly?
“Come”, she said. “I want to do something with you”.
I immediately had a hard on even before I stood up to follow her into our bedroom. She walked in and asked me to take my clothes of.
“Are we going to do something kinky again?”, I asked her.
She said “Sort of” and took my shirt off.
She told me to “take ‘m all off”.
Downstairs the doorbell rang. I hesitated, watching her reaction to the doorbell, but she told me to go on. She didn’t make any move to go downstairs to open the door, but I could hear the living room door downstairs opening and someone walking toward the front door. Seems they were expecting someone or they wouldn’t have gone to the door. My wife was looking at me impatiently. I decided to appease her and hurried out of my clothes. She said: “good, now go on the bed”.
She opened a drawer next to the bed and pulled out the leather cuffs I sometimes tie her up with. I heard soft speaking voices in the hallway and that combined with the cuffs was giving me a hot rush of horniness. I must have looked at Jolyn a little nervously because she encouragingly said:
“Go on”, while she held out the cuffs to me.
In her voice was also a tone reassuring me everything was going to be okay. As I willingly put the cuffs on my wrists, I was well aware of the strange, yet exciting and arousing feeling of surrendering some of my freedom to her. Trusting her and letting my own control go a little was new and exhilarating.
She must have been preparing this because there was also a length of rope coming from her drawer. She threw it over the wooden beam running over the middle of our bed. Now I was getting really excited. Was she really going to tie me up!? I had fantasized about that plenty of times, but now there were other people in the house and those had not been there my fantasies! She told me to get on my knees on the bed. With the rope she tied the cuffs above my head so my arms were stretched above my head as well. She gave a slow, but hard pull on the rope so I was almost feeling myself being hoisted to my feet. She stopped as my knees were still on the bed, but barely. She grabbed my chin in one hand and bent over to kiss me on my mouth. I felt her tongue immediately enter mine like she was taking a quick sample of what was yet to come. Then she took a blindfold from her ever more interesting drawer (what had she been keeping in there!?) and showed it to me.
“Tonight, I am in control” she said with a firm, reassuring, yet naughty tone.
She put the blindfold on me, and touched my cheek in a very lovely manner. It was like she was going to miss me for a while, but was anticipating the return even more.
“Don’t go anywhere!”, she said in a playful tone and I heard her bounding out of the room. ‘Oh damn!’ I thought as I suddenly remembered there were people downstairs! Flashes of our previous sex evening ‘with other people’ burst through my mind. “You like him Chrissy?” my wife had asked.
“Uh… yeah very much. He so in control! Christina had responded.
Well I wasn’t in control now, that’s for sure! And was Christina even downstairs? I realized that in my horny, judgment clouded mind I had let myself be tied up on our bed while not even knowing who was downstairs! Was it Christina and Janet? I thought back and thought I remembered hearing their voices… or were they? I realized I had been so lost in trying very hard not to think of the previous night some of Jolyn’s girlfriends had come over I didn’t even know how many times the doorbell rang. I knew the bell hadn’t rang in quite some time before the last time. She must have been anticipating the visitor judging by her saying they were ‘almost ready’. My God! She had just left the room while letting me hang here. Was she going to take someone upstairs? All this was racing through my mind making me feel pretty nervous to be honest. It was arousing enough to give me quite the hard on though. Although I wasn’t quite hanging, I was only just able to support over half my weight on my knees. My arms tied above my head gave me enough hold to be able to pull myself to my feet, but then what? There was no way I could loosen the cuffs.
I was forming an image in my head with me hanging by my wrist, my body stretched below me with my penis protruding forward being set of by the one colored wall to my side. Shadows of people were in the room. I couldn’t see them clearly and didn’t know who they were but I could feel them looking at my naked and exposed body. My attention was pulled out of my head to the living room door opening. I could hear Jolyn’s voice saying something to the people in the room in a reminding tone. She then moved back up the stairs and I heard people in the living room getting up. Some chairs were being moved and I heard several footstep in the corridor coming up the stairs. I couldn’t figure out how many as I felt like I was completely on fire inside with tension. By now I heard Jolyn - it must have been her right? - walking back into the bedroom again. As she stood still I could hear others walking into the room as well. I heard the clicking of high heels - was that Christina again? - and more others. It must be five or maybe six people? I was painfully aware of the people looking at me. Judging me? How was my naked body looking to them? I could hear them spread out at the foot of the bed. My eyes involuntarily moved around behind the blindfold. I couldn’t see them but they could see me hanging there completely exposed not able to do a thing. I could have said something smart or funny , or maybe even apologetic I suppose, but nothing coherent came to mind. It was all I could do, not to break down under the pressure of the feelings coursing through my body. A moment ago I was still sitting at my desk trying write an article. Would it really be that the greatest reward lay in my greatest fear? Here I was hanging incapacitated and blindfolded in front of enough people to completely overwhelm me, and do with me whatever they wished, because there was no way I could stop them. I heard my wife’s voice pierce through the sensations and thoughts that were close to being too much:
“Anton… Anton!”
When she noticed she had my attention she said:
“After last time I thought you might want to take it a step further. Christina kept urging me to lend you to her sometime and Janet…”, she paused, “Janet, I could see you looking at Anton with different eyes as well. You might be shy about it, but you immediately said ‘yes’ when I asked you if you would like to come over and do this.”
Jolyn then continued talking to me.
“So I thought I could kill two birds with one stone: tie you up and take control for once, while also sharing you with some of my friends. You’re the one always talking about how making other people happy is a good thing. I think this will make them very happy.” “So what do you say my little control freak? Shall I give them permission to touch you?”
(First story ever, would love some feeback. Of course, I'll describe what happened next in the following story)
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