Threesome in paradise
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"What are you staring at?" I asked my husband at the dinner table.
I had noticed him staring In the distance behind me. We were at a resort in Fiji, having dinner at one of their restaurants.
"She just eyefucked you," he replied, now looking down at the table trying not to make it obvious.
"Who?" I wondered excitedly.
My husband always pointed out people that checked me out, whether it was men or women. He was proud of the fact that he had a wife that people took second glances at, and tells me all the nice things people would say about me to him when I wasn't around.
"That red headed girl, behind you," he said, still staring at the table.
I started looking around so as not to straight away stare at her, and finally my eyes wandered around to a beautiful petite, red headed girl wearing a summer dress. I have always been interested in women, I was always able to appreciate a beautiful woman rather than be jealous of them, and this girl was someone I definitely appreciate.
And just like that, she was gone. So we continued with dinner.
"What do you think? I know you love red hair," I had a cheeky tone in my voice.
"She's alright, but she'd look so good with you," Austin said.
I couldn't stop thinking about her over dinner.
It was Tuesday now, two days after that dinner and we had booked in for a massage. As we walked up to the massage parlor of the resort, the red headed woman paced herself in front of us.
"There's your girlfriend!" Austin said, looking straight ahead.
A little smile escaped my face, I didn't want Austin to know what thoughts had been brewing in my mind from the dinner before. The red headed woman beat us to reception, so we sat down behind her.
"Room number please?" the lady at reception asked, to charge the massage to the room.
"632," she replied.
She was only staying a few doors down, we were at 613, and it was a pretty big resort. Maybe I could see more of her, I thought. As I admired the red headed woman's body, I noticed she had a tattoo on her foot that was rather dark, perhaps just fresh, but before I could enquire, she quietly followed the masseuse into the hallway and disappeared once again.
Two more days passed and it was our last night at the resort. We sat in the lounge next to the bar, a live band was playing and Austin and I were in the mood to get drunk.
"Oh my God, she's here again and I have been watching her stare at you for literally two minutes straight!" Austin sounded as though he couldn't believe his eyes. I turned around, and saw her sitting around a table with what looked like her family, she was undoubtedly the youngest person in the group.
I had just taken a sip of my cocktail and had to take a breath, it was made way too strong, when Austin exclaimed again that she kept staring. I turned around to watch her family leave her behind, when we unexpectedly made eye contact. I don't think either of us expected to catch each other staring, so there was a little awkwardness, covered by smiles.
"Hi!" I tried to shout on top of the band, from across the room.
"Hey," there was almost a sense of relief in her voice.
"Would you like to join us? You're all alone!" I said, as I motioned over to the two empty seats around Austin and I.
"Yeah, sure!" she said as she sat up almost immediately.
Now that I think back, I don't think I even acknowledged Austin's existence at this moment in time, I was purely focused on the red headed woman.
"I'm Kay," she extended her hand toward me.
"Maria," I took her hand and shook it excitedly, "oh, and this is my husband Austin"
I offered her my cocktail because I was a light drinker and explained it was way too strong for me to handle. She took a sip and was fine with it, I just stuck to Malibu's and orange juice the whole night.
We spoke about how long Austin and I had been married for, how we met and the usuals people normally ask like where we were from, what we do for work and so forth. Finally I had blurted out that I thought she was gorgeous, the alcohol had made me a bit more blunt than I normally would be.
Kay paused for a few seconds and giggled, I assume she had been overcome with shyness.
"You are! I've seen you around here and you have to be one of the most gorgeous girls I've ever seen!" I assured her.
"So are you," she said in a serious, deep tone, staring intensely at me.
I stared at her back with the same intensity and suddenly there seemed to be this tension between us.
"Austin loves red headed women too." I looked back at him and smiled, hinting for a response.
"I do, I do." I think he was too in awe to reply with something that involved any type of brain activity.
"I can't get over how gorgeous you are," I said, staring at her, smiling.
"Thank you," was all Kay could say.
"You're here with your family right? Why aren't you here with your boyfriend?"
"I don't have one."
"Why not? You're too fucking gorgeous not to."
"I'm more into girls."
Austin and I both went quiet. Austin, because I think he was struggling to hide his boner and me, because I wanted to fuck a girl for the first time, I thought it would be difficult and awkward trying to hint at a girl, but Kay was making this all too easy. Perfect, I thought.
I swallowed my saliva. I moved in closer to Kay, and rested my hand on her thigh.
"Come to our room," I said, almost as a command.
I stood up and Kay and Austin seemed to be almost hypnotized by me. They followed me as I made the long walk down the stairs, and all the way to room 613. I was so horny, I made sure no one was around and started wildly making out with Kay in the middle of the walkway, while rubbing Austin's hard on through his jeans . I heard footsteps and chatter in the distance so we stopped, and walked past the people, trying to look innocent.. But I think the big grins on our faces revealed otherwise.
As Austin drunkenly fumbled in his pockets looking for the room key in front of the door, Kay and I started making out again, groping at each others breasts. Austin pushed the door open and held it open for Kay and I. I don't think we even took a break for air, Kay and I just both stumbled into the doorway and made our way to the bed. We separated briefly, to tear our clothes off.. I really don't think I have ever undressed faster in my entire life. I pushed Kay to the bed and I forcibly knelt down on top of her.
Our breasts touched, it felt so good to feel the warmth of another womans smooth skin rubbing against mine. By this time I could feel my pussy throbbing and exuding my juices all over my thigh, all without being touched. My husband gave my ass a hard spank as I was bent over Kay, and he started rubbing his rock hard cock in front of us, watching us.
I looked up at Austin and tightened my fist around his cock and squeezed, pre-cum oozed out onto his big swollen head, and on my curled fingers. I used the pre-cum to lubricate his whole head and started rubbing. Kay propped her head up and used her elbows to support herself, watching me play with my husband.
"Wanna taste?" I asked, as I looked down at her.
Kay didn't say a word.
"Get up," I commanded.
I shuffled myself and made Kay do the same so that we were both sitting on our legs, facing Austin's cock. I moved myself behind her, but sat in the same position. I brushed her hair away from her face and picked it up off her neck. I made out with her and kissed her gently up her neck while watching Austin play with his cock with one hand and rubbing Kay's breast with the other.
"Open your mouth," I whispered in Kay's ear.
I supported Kay's head toward Austin's cock with my hands and watched my husbands cock disappear about half way into her mouth until I supported her head back again.
"Did you like that baby?" I asked.
Again, she looked at me but remained silent.
I supported Kay's head again, but this time I let her swallow all of Austin's cock. Austin was still playing with her breasts and holding his cock steady for Kay with the other hand. I pushed her head faster and harder until she eventually gagged. I pulled her head back with her hair, and watched as a thick coating of saliva dribbled down her chin and onto Austin's cock.
"Did you like that? Huh?" I asked Kay.
"Yes," she said, trying to catch her breath. I gave her no time to say anything else as I passionately made out with her again.
I made my way on top of Kay again as I kissed her, and eventually she was lying on the bed with me on top. I sucked on each nipple, and tugged on them with my teeth before releasing them. Kay flinched with the pain of being bitten and jerked up a little. I kissed her gently all the way down to her stomach in a little trail and with each hand, spread her thighs open and pushed them down into the bed.
Kay propped herself up onto her elbows to watch me. She let out a little moan as I played with her clit using my middle finger. My head was In between her legs and my ass was in the air. Austin maneuvered himself around the bed and entered me from behind.
"Oh fuck!" I moaned, I was so close to coming already.
I kissed Kay's little clit softly and slowly. Soon, my kisses turned into licks, and I had developed a rhythm. Kay was literally grinding her pussy on my tongue and she was moaning louder and faster. I loved watching Kay's head roll back in pleasure, the view of her tits were amazing from where I was.
Meanwhile Austin was pumping his cock deep into me, spanking my ass hard and reaching around to my squeeze my tits.
"Oh God, stop, hold on," Kay suddenly screamed, breathing hard. "I'm gonna cum soon, just finger me for a little bit."
I leaned in and using my index finger, I spread her little pink pussy lips by drawing a line in the middle. This was all new to me but it all seemed to come naturally. I poked my middle finger inside with ease, so I put my index finger in too, and curled my other fingers to make a fist. I pushed them in and out, faster and faster and kissing her at the same time. She pulled away and asked me to go back down there.
With my tongue flat and broad, I started licking her clit slowly and then building up. Soon Kay was grinding her pussy on my tongue again and as she grabbed my hair and scrunched it in her first, she moaned louder and louder until she told me she was going to cum. I pressed my tongue harder and faster on her clit and I felt her cumming. It was the most amazing feeling to make another girl cum and I kept on licking it until she moved my head away with her hands.
Austin slipped out of me, grabbed my arm and turned me around so I was facing him. He kissed me and got to taste Kay on my lips. I stuck the fingers I used to finger Kay down Austin's throat and made him lick all the juices off my finger.
As Kay was recovering from her orgasm, I sat on top of Austin's hard cock, facing him and riding him fast, next to her. Kay moved closer to us to watch, curiously. I stopped bouncing up and down on Austin's hard cock as I told Kay to sit on Austin's face. Austin's eyes widened up and looked at me.
"Shhhh," I told Austin, "It's okay."
I guided Kay onto Austin's face and as Austin jolted his tongue into her pussy, she moaned and sucked on my nipples. I began riding Austin again and fucked him harder and harder. By this time, Kay and I were both moaning together and as I felt my orgasm build up I started kissing her. I removed my lips for hers and moaned as my pussy contracted.
"Oh fuck I'm cumming!" I screamed
"Ohhhh fuck I'm coming too" Kay screamed.
We both moaned together, and kissed each other as waves of pleasure took over our bodies. It was fucking amazing, I wish I could relive that moment again and again.
We both hopped off Austin and Kay and I lay in bed together, trying to catch our breath.
"Let's finish him off," I suggested, sweaty and panting.
We both sat up and faced Austin, who had his cock ready for us as he stood by the bed. We both licked up and down his hard cock, sometimes our tongues met and we made out with each other. Austin pushed us both back and exclaimed he was close to coming, we watched as he pumped his hard cock fast and hard until he spasmed in pleasure and his thick white cum shot out on both Kay and I.
We spent the night kissing each other and rubbing each others bodies. We were all in a state of euphoria and we never wanted it to end. What an amazing last night in Fiji, I thought to myself... I'll definitely be back.
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