Seduction of Piper
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I want to thank Farmgal who's sexiness inspired this erotic and steamy tale. Thank you Farmgal, I enjoyed writing my sexy fantasy of seducing you.
Stephanie was attending the check out register at Victoria’s Secrete when an extremely sexy woman strolled into the store. Stephanie’s heart beat faster and her eyes locked on this sexy woman as she sauntered towards the display of the new line of sexy panties and bras. The woman’s eyes locked with Stephanie’s for more than a few seconds. Stephanie’s body tingled and she came from behind the counter to greet her new customer and assist her.
“Hi, welcome. My name is Stephanie. Is there anything I can help you with today?” Stephanie softly greeted the woman. Stephanie did her best to be seductive with her tone and her body language.
“Ah, yes Stephanie. I am looking for a certain size in these panty and bra set.” The woman explained smiling back at Stephanie. “By the way my name is Piper.” She added with a smile.
“Well Piper, if you come with me, we have more of the same along the back wall. We really don’t keep a lot up front. Just have a few sets to show off the product.” Stephanie explained as she placed her hand on Piper’s back. Stephanie’s body tingled as she made contact with Piper. Her panties were feeling tight against her crotch. Leading Piper to the rear of the store she waved to her co worker that she would be tied up with a customer. She made sure to shift her ass purposefully as Piper followed behind her.
Stephanie pulled Piper’s desired panty and bra set as well as another model. “I think you should try them on honey. And I think this set would look amazing on your sexy figure.” Stephanie suggested. “I actually have this set on.” Stephanie smiled as she pulled up her short skirt and revealed that she was wearing the same panties.
“MMMMM very nice.” Piper smiled. She began feel a tingle in her pussy. “You are so helpful Stephanie.” Piper was beginning to realize what was going on and she felt herself seduced by Stephanie’s smile and personality.
“Here, we can use this dressing room. It’s pretty big.” Stephanie offered Piper. She walked pass Stephanie as she held to room door open. Stephanie waited to hear that key question, and then it came.
“Are you coming in with me?” Piper sheepishly grinned. Stephanie’s body tingled again and a wave of excitement washed over her. She slipped into the dressing room closing the door. As she turned to Piper, her breath quickened as Piper had slipped her top off. Her tits were amazing! Firm and full they bulged out of her blue satin bra. Stephanie hung the sets of lingerie on a hook and watched as Piper unhooked her bra and let her luscious breast fall free.
“Oh my honey, you are soo blessed.” Stephanie purred seductively. Piper blushed in embarrassment yet yearned for more of Stephanie’s attention.
“Let me help you honey.” Stephanie kindly offered. She handed the bra to Piper and moved behind her. The cups came up cradling Piper’s amazing tits. Stephanie helped hook the bra and slide her hands around and firmly grabbed Piper’s breasts and set the bra straight. Piper let a moan escape her lips and wondered how Stephanie would react.
“Shall we try the panties?” Stephanie purred closely behind Piper. Nervously she said yes and slid her jeans off showing Stephanie the matching panties. Stephanie wanted to pounce on Piper as she looked at her sexy ass encased in the blue silk and lace.
Piper was as nervous as ever yet very excited. She held her breath and hooked her thumbs into the waist band and slowly slide her panties down. Stephanie had the new set in her hand and held them open as she crouched down.
“I have never had this type of service here before Stephanie.” Piper cooed as her pussy moistened.
“I aim to please my customers.” Stephanie sweetly responded.
Once the panties were around Piper’s ankles, Stephanie slid them slowly up her legs. She could smell Piper’s sex as her face was inches from her body. She could see Piper’s shaved pussy and notice droplets of her essence forming on her lips. Stephanie’s fingers touched Piper’s skin sending sparks through both of their bodies. She let a hand linger on Piper’s hip as she stood to inspect the fit. Stephanie could see Piper was breathing faster and knew it was time to strike. She leaned in close to Piper and ran a hand through her hair. Piper moaned and closed her eyes. Stephanie then planed a soft kiss on Piper’s lips lingering a few seconds.
“I think we found the perfect fit honey.” Stephanie moaned as she slipped her hand down and cupped the front of Piper’s pussy. Piper broke down and attacked Stephanie with her kisses. Stephanie moaned into her moan as they began to swirl their tongues. Her hand kept rubbing Piper’s pussy though the panties making her wetness grow. The smell of sex permeated the dressing room as well as their soft moans.
“MMMMMM you’re sooo fucking sexy honey.” Stephanie purred as she broke the kiss and moved her mouth down Piper’s body. She pulled the bra cups down exposing the girl’s hard nipples. Piper tried to keep quite as Stephanie ravaged her breasts. Stephanie’s co worker smirked and shook her head and only closed the main door to the dressing room hall.
Piper pulled at Stephanie’s blouse until it flew open. Her mouth attached Stephanie’s small perky tits making her whimper with lust. Stephanie then dropped to her knees pulling Piper’s panties down to her mid thighs. She pushed her face in smelling and licking Piper’s sweet tangy pussy making the girl yell out and grasp the handle on the wall. More of Piper’s cum coated Stephanie’s tongue as she worked it up into her pussy. Her taste was amazing making her lick more and more.
Piper’s body flushed with lust as she felt Stephanie slip a finger up into her pussy. She felt her body push down as Stephanie pushed up. Faster Stephanie moved her finger and her tongue and faster Piper fucked her body down on her. Finally Stephanie relented allowing her sexy customer regain her composure. Piper’s eyes were filled with lust as Stephanie stood in front of her. She tugged on Stephanie’s skirt making it drop to her ankles. Piper then had her hands on Stephanie’s panties. Now Stephanie got a bit nervous.
“Honey, wait, I need to tell….” Stephanie tried to explain. It was too late as Piper slipped Stephanie’s panties down, her hard cock was freed from his case.
“Oh my god!” Piper yelled.
There was a moment of silence and Stephanie was on edge. “I am sorry I didn’t tell….OOOOO!” Stephanie tried to explain as Piper leaned in and took her cock in her mouth. Stephanie was whimpering as Piper was giving her a 1 st Class blow job. She rubbed Stephanie’s throbbing cock along her lips looking up into her eyes. “I don’t fucking care, I am sooo horny and you are soooo hot.” Piper admitted before taking Stephanie’s cock back into her mouth.
Now it seemed Piper was in control as she pushed Stephanie back on the bench and spread her legs. She began to finger her own pussy making Stephanie watch. Once her fingers were heavily coated in her cum she slipped back down and began sucking Stephanie’s cock and pressing her lubed fingers up her hot boi pussy.
“MMMMM this feel good baby?” Piper teased as she worked a second finger into Stephanie.
“OOOOOOO yeah baby, finger my hot ass!” Stephanie cried out. She had never thought this girl would be so dirty. Piper’s sucking was spectacular. Stephanie squirmed as her boi pussy was finger fucked and her cock was so close to exploding.
“MMMMM cumming Piper!” Stephanie cried out as Piper’s fingers kept hitting her special spot and her tongue swirled around her swollen cock head. Piper only moaned as Stephanie’s cum jetted into her mouth. Slowly Piper let Stephanie’s cock fall from her lips. Piper slipped up to Stephanie kissing her exchanging the mouth full of cum.
“For making me find out on my own you have a cock.” Piper purred as she slipped her dirty finger into Stephanie’s mouth. “MMMM lick it clean baby.” Stephanie was in whore heaven as she obeyed.
Stephanie’s cock never fully softened as she stood up and took Piper and bent her over to hold the bench. “Now back to what I really want honey.” She whispered to Piper. She gave the girl’s ass a playful slap and spread her hot ass cheeks. Piper moans like a sexy slut as Stephanie licks her hot ass. Her tongue starts at her swollen pussy lips and runs up to swirl around Piper’s hot asshole.
“MMMMMMM you taste sooo good Piper.” Stephanie purrs.
“Please fuck me baby! Fuck my dirty pussy!” Piper begs as she wiggles her ass all over Stephanie’s face.
Stephanie finally gives into Piper’s wishes. Standing in only her black guarder and thigh high hose, Stephanie aims her cock at Piper’s pussy. The soft flesh of her pussy parts as Stephanie slowly sinks her throbbing hard cock. Stephanie’s hand take Piper’s hips, she rubs them gently as she begins to fuck Piper.
“MMMMM baby you feel sooo good!” Stephanie moans feeling Piper’s hot pussy squeeze around her shaft.
‘OOOOO fuck me honey. Your cock is soooo hard!” Piper whimpers looking back at Stephanie. Piper cannot believe not only has she been seduced but by a sexy crossdressing slut. She feels not shame or regret as her pussy cums around Stephanie’s pounding cock. Stephanie looks down to see her cock and Piper’s sexy ass. Piper then pushes back on Stephanie, getting her cock deeper in her pussy.
“MMMMM give it to me baby! Give me your cum!” Piper begs as another orgasm passed through her body.
“MMMMMMMM now baby now!” Stephanie cries as her cock erupts inside Piper. Both girls moan and whimper as ropes of cum splash inside Piper’s pussy. Stephanie leans forward kissing the back of Piper’s neck.
“Thank you honey. I wanted you the moment you stepped into the store.” Stephanie whisper’s into her ear.
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