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I gently bounced a ball off the ceiling, catching it in my hand as I did so. That was it, my summer was gone. Recently I turned 17, so I'm in my last two years at school. After unpacking my stuff into my room for the year, I had nothing to do.
There was a new sleeping arrangement this year, each boy would share a room with a girl - as that is how my boarding school thought we would learn to respect each other, and people's privacy.
I heard a knock on my door, a soft knock, one that sounded like it belonged to a girl.
I caught the ball mid air, and put it down on my bed. I walked to the door, and checked myself out in the mirror - my blue eyes glistening, my short, spiked, brown hair wet, as I had just recently got out of a shower, my six pack on show, as I was only wearing a pair of jeans.
I opened the door to find a girl standing on the other side, only a few inches shorter then me - I'd say she was around 5'6, me being 5'9.
"Hey, are you Dylan?" the girl asked, smiling at me, her bright green eyes shining, her long blonde hair flowing smoothly over one of her shoulders.
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