Out of the Shower
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Lily stepped out of the en-suite and then seemed to hesitate, drawing to a halt two feet in front of the still open door. At 172cm anywhere else in the world she would have been considered tall but here in Zagreb she was only slightly above average, nevertheless with her slim frame, blond hair and Slavic good looks she would be considered beautiful anywhere.
Her blond hair was still wet from the shower and she had slicked it back. She had clad herself in a white towel but had not yet dried herself off and beads of water ran down her skin leaving a little stream behind her forming a small puddle as she stared at me, unsure how to proceed.
I had met Lily five years previously in London. The attraction had been instant but between me coming out of a long term relationship and her dating my flatmate neither of us acted on it, but it was there and the more time past the more it built. That was five years ago and we had both left London long since, her back to Croatia and me first to Africa with my new wife and then to Berlin when the new wife became ex-wife.
We had reconnected when I got back to Europe, the occasional Facebook message had turned into the occasional Skype, the chat had turned sexual and by the time I had booked a flight to Zagreb we had gone to graphic sexting and naked Skyping. The last three weeks had been a long, pleasant, but frustrating extended foreplay. We still didn’t know if we would cross the line but it was clear that we both wanted to.
As I gazed and her naked and dripping but for the towel, for a moment time stopped. She looked at me I looked back at her, lost in time. Then her eyes darted down for a nano-second to my crotch and a hint of a smile reached the corners of her mouth I looked down. In our romantic moment "lost in time" my body had obviously bypassed the romance and developed a raging erection which was making a comic tent in my loose trousers. I gave her a sheepish grin and we both burst out laughing. The ice was broken. Lily's hand went to her towel and it dropped to the floor. Her body was everything I had imagined, her breasts small but firm with extremely long nipples. She had a tiny waist, hourglass hips, a completely shaved pussy and long slender legs. I made a rotating motion with my hand, she complied almost instantly slowly, sensually turning around, allowing me to enjoy every inch of her.
As she turned I stood up from the bed and placed my hands just above her hips and held her in place. I snaked my hands around her, one over her stomach and one over her breasts I pulled her close and pressed my body against her back and moved to kiss her neck. As I did so she twisted and her mouth met mine. We kissed. Softly at first. our lips meeting, slightly open then fully open, our tongues intertwined, each hungrily trying to consume the other. I moved my hand between her legs, she was soaking wet and I roughly pushed my index finger into her while pressing my palm against her clitoris. She gasped but her body offered no resistance. I broke off the kiss. With one hand holding her just above her breasts and my other skewering her she was completely at my mercy and she knew it. I stepped forward pushing her towards the wall. Every time I felt the hint of resistance from her I moved the finger inside her and it melted away.
At the wall I let her go, pulled my finger out of her vagina and let her taste the juices. She was standing, palms on the wall, leaning slightly forward, legs slightly apart, ass thrust out so that I could see the top of her vagina and anus. She was visibly aroused. I stepped back to admire her. She waited patiently as I removed my trousers, we both knew what was coming next and I was happy to let the tension build. When I could wait no longer I walked back to her and reached out to touch her with my fingertips. I traced a line down over her neck, down her spine and over the curve at the top of her ass. I felt her shudder as my fingers ran over her spine. I moved my other hand into play careful to stay in neutral areas, tracing the line of her hips, over her thighs, her stomach her arms. I was determined to let this moment play out as long as possible.
Lily was beginning to tremble. She was longing to be touched, to be penetrated, to be taken. I knew that I could not keep teasing her for much longer. I brought both my hands over her breasts to her shoulders and thrust myself into her from behind. The tension was broken, thought was over, we were no longer people an animal lust took us over. I found myself violently thrusting into her as she pushed into me just as hard. I was biting down on her neck. My fingers pressed into her flesh. I moved one hand over her face she bit my finger, hard, I felt the blood rush down but I didn't care.
I could feel Lily squirming under me, she was convulsing, a series of mini orgasms, as she built to a climax. As she came I pushed in my entire eight inches and held her in place her orgasm seemed to last for ages. When it was over I felt her body droop as the energy drained out of her. I pulled out and scooped her up in my arms walking her over the bed and gently placing her down on it. As her head hit the pillow she let out a sigh and looked for second like she was ready to sleep. Her hand started to trace its way up my thigh and closed around my still hard penis. She looked up and me standing over her at 6"4 tightly muscled and and with a large erection I cast an imposing shadow. Her eyes were still slightly glazed but she had an expectant smile on her face.
I flopped myself down on the bed next to her, propped my head up on my hand and took in the view. Lily was glistening with sweat. I reached over to the side of the bed where we had left a bottle of wine in ice to chill the night before. I grabbed a handful of ice crystals and sprinkled them onto her torso. She opened her mouth and her lip quivered but she said nothing. The ice melted fast and ran in rivulets down her body. I took a bigger piece and held it over her clit. She tried to move but I held her down. I then took the ice cube in my mouth and moved between her legs to kiss her pussy. I teased her with my tongue, my lips and the ice cube, alternating between the three. When the cube had melted I brought my finger to her anus and inserted it. Lily's breathing had changed and I could see that she was building to another orgasm. I stopped, stood up wiped my mouth and walked over the the arm chair that was at the end of the bed.
I sat, still erect but otherwise relaxed and took a sip of the whiskey by my side. Lily took the hint. She parted her legs so that I could her vagina, her labia were slightly parted and her clit swollen, she brought her right hand down and parted her lips with two fingers while stroking her clit with her index finger. After giving me a moment to enjoy the view she went to work pushing two fingers inside herself, slowly at first, taking her time, then faster as she swiftly brought herself off.
I finished my whiskey, left Lily exhausted in bed and went to take my morning shower. My trip had started well and it would get better.
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