Cherry Switches
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After 6 weeks of marital bliss Penny decided to test my patience. She sat at the kitchen table with a legal pad, making a list of some kind.
"Shopping list," I asked.
"No sweetie," she answered, "it's a contract. You agree to do certain things; I agree to do certain things."
"What kind of things?"
"Well, for example, I know how much you like to do things for me and how much you like to wash the cars, so we have number 1. We'll make it your responsibility to keep my car clean and check the air pressure and oil and things like that. Men things. Is that OK?"
"Men things, huh. I guess that sounds OK."
"And number 2. I know how obsessed you are with my panties so from now on you can hand wash all my delicate lace panties. I don't want them to get ruined in the washing machine and I like the idea of you doing that for me."
"Very funny, I'm not obsessed with your panties."
"Is that a no?"
"No...I guess it could be fun."
"Thank you sweetie. I knew you'd do it."
"Number 3."
"Careful babe."
"Number 3. Your rule about having my cell phone turned off when I'm driving is unreasonabe and overly restrictive and is hereby revoked. I need my cell phones and I can operate them hands free."
"Number 4."
"Wait a second. I object to number 3."
"OK....your objection is noted."
"Number 4."
"What does that mean? My objection is noted. You're not allowed to use a cell phone when your driving. That's the rule."
"I'm not sure I can comply with that request."
"In that case I'll write number 4. GIVE PENNY A PROPER WHIPPING.
I crossed out number 3 and signed the document.
Penny watched me tape it up on the refrigerator door.
"I'm going to bed."
2:30 am.......I can't sleep...It's obvious Penny will not take no for an answer. She has a romantic impression about domestic discipline and she wants me to be more strict. She's read about the sting and the burn of a rattan cane applied to the lush bottom cheeks of the heroine and she wants it too. Luckily, I have cherry trees in my back yard and every year, after the spring rains, they send up sucker shoots which are long, whippy switches, fat and heavy with water. It's good to prune them off the tree when they're about as thick as your finger; about three feet long. I like to put them in water in a vase and in about a week the little buds will bloom into beautiful cherry blossoms.
3:10 am.....I'm pretending to be asleep. Penny is fondling my cock.
"Nicky? baby....are you asleep? I love you nicky. Hmmm, I love your little penis. (it's not little) It's so soft and cute. Nicky? are you sleeping? "
Slowly she lifts the sheet and kisses her way down my body. mmm, she whispers as she licks the head.
"Do you like this baby? mmm, I do."
She takes it in her mouth and she sucking softly as it starts to grow.
" Mmmmm," the more she humms the more it grows. "Mmmmm. that's my big boy. Nicky? are you awake?"
I'm fully erect now and she has a strong grip on it as she licks the head. And then it seems she's decided to take the whole thing down her throat. Slowly she's moving down on it, determined to get it all in.
I can feel her throat tightening around it. At first she chokes and gags. (I'll give you "little") but she's determined to swallow it. Up and down, inch by inch, each time taking a little bit more until her lips are right up against me. She's cupping my balls gently as the last bit enters her mouth. She's breathing through her nose, gulping and swallowing as if she thinks it's going to slide down her gullet like a kielbasa.
I can't stop myself; I start to come. Long strings of cum are shooting down her throat before she realizes what's happening. She gags and chokes and coughs and she has cum coming out of her mouth and nose. God what a mess. She wipes her nose and wipes some on me. Yuck.
When she returns from the bathroom I let her cuddle up against me and almost immediately I'm fast asleep.
7:10 am...she's up early. I hear her banging around the kitchen and I smell coffee.
"Good morning sweetie," she says with a smile. She looks so fresh and rested. Her hair is down around her shoulders and she's beautifully dressed. All her clothes have names and we have a routine we go through...."nice shoes," I'll say and she'll tell me the name.
"Nice skirt,"
"Donna Karan"
"Nice bra"
I'm about to compliment her but I notice the list is no longer on the refrigerator.
"Where's the list?
"I took it down," she says, 'Penelope's coming today and I don't want her to see it."
Penelope is Penny's housekeeper, now our housekeeper. She's was an undocumented immigrant when she came here years ago from the Dominican Republic. Penny filed the immigration papers for her pro bono and gave her a job. Penelope's about thirty five and very pretty. She looks like an older, taller version of Penelope Cruz and she loves Penny.
"Put it back up," I order.
"Come on Nicky," she says, "don't be silly"
"Put it back up."
"We'll talk about it later," she says as she grabs her bag, (Kate Spade) "I can't be late today."
I cut the longest most whippy switches I can find; each one supple and heavy with sap. They whistle as I whip them back and forth in the air. Six will look good in the hall vase. Six raised welts will look good across her behind.
In the kitchen I notice the list is back up on the refrigerator; both our signatures on the bottom.
Penelope arrives around 2 pm and Penny is back early at 6. She can't wait.
Penelope leaves as quickly as she can, planting a kiss on Penny's forehead and issuing a warning.
"Ser valiente. Obedecer a su marido." "Be brave. Obey your husband."
"Go upstairs and get ready," I order, "take everything off except your stockings and put on those high heels with the red bottoms."
"Whatever....your bottom is going to be just as red when I get through with it."
She's standing at the end of the bed, bent over, presenting her backside. She's beautiful. Her naked breasts hang down like ripe fruit. I'm tempted to pull down her pantyhose but there's something erotic about her nylon clad legs and bottom and I have all night to pull them down. I rub her cheeks and slide my hand between her legs. She's soaked. She gives a little mew like a kitten as I rub her.
"You're soaked," I announce. "How could you be so childish and naughty?"
I can't wait, I pull her pantyhose down to her knees.
"Spread your legs," I order, and she does, as much as she can. It's a great position.I slap her ass twice on each side and then twice more. "Reach back," I order, "with both hands and spread your cheeks."
Slowly she complies. What a sight.
"Put your hands back on the bed," I order. "I hope you're ashamed of yourself."
The switch is thin and long and very whippy. It cuts through the air and bites into the meatiest part of her bottom with a whoop and a thwack. A straight white line forms first, then quickly turns bright red.
She doesn't move; she doesn't cry. For the next stroke I whip harder and I whip up into the soft underside of her succulent cheeks, lifting them and elicitng a tiny gasp from my stubborn wife.
That hurt. In just a second it blossoms into an angry raised welt. I give it time to sink in and I watch her shift her weight, lifting and swinging her buttocks from left to right and squeezing her legs together as if that will help the sting.
I wait and she starts to drip. Her pussy is dripping; at first a large, clear drop forms like a single tear and then it dribbles down in a translucent string of vaginal juice. It lengthens slowly until its about six inches long and it just hangs there wet and glistening.
"You're dripping," I announce.
She's mortified as she wipes herself with her hand and I order her to lick her fingers clean. She's licking slowly, obediently, like a cat, trying to decide if she likes the taste or not when the switch lands for the third time with a loud whack. It's right across the back of her tender thighs and I know it burns.
She has tears in her eyes now, finally but she won't ask for mercy.
"Wipe," I order and once again her hand cups her pussy and comes away wet. This time I take her hand and kneel to lick her fingers. "Take off your pantyhose and be quick about it." It's my most stern, no nonsense voice and I know she appreciates it.
She's back in position and without the restiction of the pantyhose she spreads her legs even further. Her pussy is pouched back, bashful pink, still lubricating freely. Three red weals decorate her beautiful backside.
I can't resist, I kneel behind her and lick the little nub of her clit, just once.
"Please Nicky," she moans.
to be continued
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