Khelia and David
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David is a high school quarter back, who has spent his wholelife trying to be likeable. Given his popularity, he gets all the pretty girls he wants. He wants most of them for his reputation. The girl who is really on his mind is Khelia…
Khelia is your typical do-not-want-to-be-noticed girl; Always in her corner, talking to a selected number of classmates. The kind that is not aware of how sexy she is. She secretly likes David, but she thinks he will never be interested because she is not as pretty as the popular girls (If she only knew!).
At night, when no one sees, Khelia likes to pretend she is fucking David; riding his cock until he can’t move no more. She goes into her room and locks her door (she never forgets to lock the doors, so she would not get caught). She gets on top of her bed, pull down her panties and pulls up her top.
She pretends David is caressing her boobs while kissing her roughly. She pinches her boobs and they get harder while she moans under her pillow so that no one would hear. David’s touch becomes urgent. He is now rubbing his growing cock on her thighs while he is still kissing and caressing her.
Khelia is soaked down there; she tries to push him down so he would replace his hands with his mouth. He seems to listen! He starts to kiss her neck, then throat, and then finally he’s got a nipple in his mouth. He sucks her hard, she moans. His right hand is now making its way to her v shaped between her legs. She is moving her hips for him to get there faster, he ignores her. He is a tease! He inserts his finger inside, playing with her clitoris. He is teasing it, pinching it a little, a half moan half scream escapes her lips.
She calls his name, begging him to go faster. He proceeds to her opening, Khelia’s legs open wider (almost involuntarily). One finger in, she grinds on it, pushing his finger deeper inside. A second finger in, he is hamming that pussy! She is close. She arches her back letting her spasms take over while she screams his name louder and louder. She is seeing double, thoughts are fuzzy, but she is loving the sensation.
David sucks her juice, licking her nice and clean. He is getting her ready for round two, but it is selfish. She knows she needs to help him release too. She motions him to get back up. He does, they kiss eagerly. She shifts to being on top! She starts to make her way down his cock. She can’t wait to taste it!!!! She kisses his neck, his throat, and then she sucks his nipples. They taste good; he moans…
He pushes her head to go further down; she listens as she wants to taste that cock of his. She unbuttons his pants, pulls them down with his boxer. His cock almost hit her in the face; that thing is huge! Just how she likes them. In a second, she has the tip of his cock in her mouth. She plays with it for a while, he tries to push a few more inches in, she resists. She wants to tease him longer…
He groans! She proceeds to take the cock inch by inch until the whole thing is down deep in her throat. Few seconds to adjust, she is sucking that dick like an expert. She is going up and down that cock without missing anything. He loves her way of sucking! It feels heavenly…
She increases the pace, up and down… up and down! She gives herself a breathing break and sucks his balls while stroking the huge object with her hands. She is moving faster; he is on the verge. She wants him to come in her mouth so she is back to sucking him again. She feels adventurous; she inserts a finger in his asshole. She finger fucks him as fast as she can while sucking him shitless. He screams like a beast! Unable to hold it in anymore, he comes full force. She doesn’t miss a drop of his cum…
Though he just came, he is still hard and horny. His senses are all gone. He is like an animal! He grabs her by the hips, thrusts his whole cock in her pussy. Her own surprised scream chocks her! It is rough, but it feels incredible. She looks him in the eye; he seems to be in a trance. He is going at the humming like it’s the end of the world. He is going all in all out.
The pressure of his cock on her pussy is too much to handle, she is loving it. She starts moving with him; following his movements. They are moving in unison now! She loves how it feels. Heavy breathing are all you can hear in that room. She is moaning; her moans turn into screaming! It’s almost like she is hysterical. She is screaming his name begging him to go faster and deeper, to fuck her brains out!!!!!! He increases the pace, motivated by her filthy words. She is holding onto her elbows to keep eye contact. Her arms start feeling weak; she falls back on her pillows.
David is still pounding her pussy; he knows he can’t hold it in any longer. He begs her to come first and stimulates her clitoris to help her get her climax. Khelia gives in; her spasms are stronger, harder than before. She can’t move anymore! Her pussy is tightening around David’s cock; that’s what sends him over the edge. He comes like never before while screaming how amazing she is.
They realize they have been screaming like they live with no neighbors. They are hoping nobody heard them. They stare at each other, exhausted! David leaves few minutes later after kissing her hard on the lips. He also thanks her for an unforgettable time…
Khelia opens her eyes, realizes that David was not giving her orgasms; her fingers were. She was so wet it almost looks like water. She looks at her soaked fingers and sucks them dry; tasting her own cum. She closes her eyes horny and lonely.
That night, she dreams of David fucking her in the high school ladies room!
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