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You should first read my story"I masturbate to be seen" before reading this.
Joan and Mabel had masturbated me several times when I was completely naked. When I said Id like to masturbate them they refused. However, there was a change in their attitude. One evening, when I was naked and ready for them to jerk me off, Joan said something that surprised and pleased me.
Mabel and I have been talking things over and we've decided to let you masturbate us as we think it would be better than us masturbating each other. We love doing it to you and that's our decision".
"Id like that but I'd prefer you both to be naked when I do it" I replied.
"Yes. When we decided to let you masturbate us we agreed we should be naked for it. We thought it would be very erotic. May we undress here, in your lounge?" asked Mabel.
"Of course you may. I look forward to that. I would like to see you nude as much as you both like seeing me in that state".
They began to undress and Mabel was soon quite nude but Joan had trouble unfastening her bra and asked me to help her take it off. So, quite naked, I went to her and helped to take it off but made sure that my cock touched the part of her that was naked as I did it. Both sisters were now as naked as I was. Although they were of about my age of fifty their figures were quite good. I was a little surprised to see that their pussies were shaven and I asked why.
"When my sister and I masturbate each other we prefer not to work our fingers through a mass of hair to put several fingers into each others pussy" Joan answered.
My cock had grown somewhat at the sight of the naked sisters and, as on previous occasions, both came to me and each held it as I now, for the first time, put several fingers into each cunt and we all masturbated each other. I was the first to cum but Joan andMabel had several orgasms soon after.
"My goodness. That's the best cum I've ever had. We must do it again" said Mabel.
"Yes, but it would be much better if he fucked us. I miss the sex my husband and I had before he died." Joan commented.
"I dont know about that, Joan. I've never had sex with a man".
"It's about time you did. You should do it before you get too old for it Mabel" Joan told her.
"I suppose you're right. I'll let him do me. It will be my first ever fuck. Let's do it tomorow. But where? Surely not on this floor"?
"No. Well do it on my double bed upstairs".
The next evening I undressed before they arrived and was nude when I opened my front door to let them in. We went to my bedroom. The sisters undressed there, Joan had no trouble with her bra.
"I'm looking forward to having his big cock in me" Joan said.
"So am I but I'm a bit worried that it might hurt when he puts his cock in me".
"I'll put it in slowly, though I don't think it will hurt at all. Joan has put several fingers into your pussy every time she masturbated you and I did yesterday evening so it will be able to receive my erection".
The three of us lay on our backs on the bed with me in the middle. Joan and Mabel together stroked me to full erection using fingers and thumbs as they had done many times before. I slipped several fingers into each of their cunts. We masturbated like that and the sisters were careful not to make me cum.
"You can make us both cum, once, before you fuck us. As you know, we can cum several times so well be able to cum again when you fuck us" Joan said.
I masturbated them and gave each of them one orgasm. Joan then gave me a condom. She said she bought some when they decided to let memasturbate them and she reckoned it would lead to sex so took precautions. I put one on my erection.
"Now fuck us. Mabel first".
I rolled on top of Mabel and guided my hard cock to the entrance to her cunt, I pushed it in slowly until it was right in and she said I was right. It didnt hurt at all.
"Now fuck me. Make me cum. That's right. I'm cumming! I'm cumming! It's wonderful! Don't stop".
My cum shot into the condom. I fucked her until she'd had several orgasms. Joan was waiting for me to finish Mabel so that I could enter her.
"Now do me" she ordered.
I removed the condom and wiped the remaining cum off my cock and I still had an erection. I knew I wouldn't cum in Joan's cunt because I had only just cum when I fucked Mabel. I fucked Joan and, like Mabel, she had several orgasms before she was satisfied. The three of us fucked like that for several evenings. Sometimes I did Joan first and Mabel at other times.
Then, one evening, Joan said that she and Mabel had been on the "pill" for several days and we could now have flesh to flesh sex whenever we wished, and, of course, we did.
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