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Hello all, I hope that you all enjoyed Summer. My boys are back in school and I'm back at massage parlor. I have a story that occured this past Tuesday, so get hard, sit back and enjoy.
Every weekend morning, I wake up and do same thing. I make lunch for my boys to bring to school, kiss them and send them off to bus stop. The rest of the day, until 3:15PM. is mine. This past Tuesday, I awoke extremely horny, so after my boys left, I pulled out a vibrator and masturbated to a shaking orgasm. The problem was, it didn't really help. I enjoy masturbation but most times, even though I cum, I need more than that.
I try to get any errands done early in the morning, and then relax before the kids get home. I decided to do a little Christmas shopping at a local mall, then take a ride to the park. It's cold out here now, so I had on jeans, a thick sweater and a fall jacket. After shopping, I decided to get a cup of coffee, then I was going to sit in my car and read. When I arrived at the coffee shop, the drive through was packed, and I was impatient, so I went inside. The line inside was long too, but I needed my coffee, and decided to wait it out.
When I walked in, this man held the door for me. He caught my eye right away. He had on tight jeans and a thick sweatshirt with a company name on it and work boots. He was broad shouldered, had short brown hair and was very handsome. His clothes were a bit soiled, like he had worked all night. While we were in line, he introduced himself as Pete, and we began small talk. When I finally got up to the counter to order my coffee, Pete offered to buy it.
"I'll get that." he said.
"No, that's okay" I replied.
"Please," he said "Join me for a cup of coffee."
I knew, right away, that he was trying to pick me up. I also noticed the bulge in his jeans. I had time so I agreed. We sat at a table in back of shop and began chatting. He told me that he had just worked an overnight shift. He works for a tree company, and we recently had a hurricane here. His crews were cleaning up branches and fallen treesalong the highway. As we chatted, I noticed he had this "odor" about him. The smell of a man who's just worked hard. My nipples stiffened and a chill ran through my body as we chatted.
It was loud in the coffee shop, and I don't like talking in public, so after ten minutes or so, I suggested that we leave.
"It's loud in here, Pete, I was going to the park down the street. Do you have the time to join me?" I asked
"Sure," he replied. "I'll follow you."
We left the shop and drove to the park. Pete had the beautiful, almost brand new, Dodge pickup truck, with his tree companies name on it. It was his company. I've described this park to you before in previous stories. It has large parking lot and long dirt road that goes down to another part of the pond. Because I have a small car, and that dirt road is bumpy, I don't go down there much. We pulled into the back of the main lot and parked next to each other. I got out of my car and got into his truck.
His cab was crowded, there was alot of things in it. Thick gloves, a hard hat, lots of straps and an orange vest hanging behind him. He had a communications radio on his dash board, obviously to keep in touch with other crew members. I asked him if we could drive down the dirt road to the lake. The road was very bumpy, and muddy, I felt bad that his nice truck was getting dirty.
"Sorry," I said. "I didn't mean to get your truck muddy."
"It gets alot dirtier than this Sara." he said.
At the end of this dirt road, there is a small parking area right adjacent to the lake. There are a couple of picnic tables. In Summer, it's crowded, people walk down the dirt road. Being November, however, it was empty. It was a nice fall day, sunny and cool, with the leaves turning color. When we parked, he got on his radio and told his foreman that he'd be out of his truck for a while and to check how a certain job was going.Apparently, he has crews removing downed trees in residential neighborhoods.
We got out of his truck and walked to a picnic bench. As we walked, we were checking each other out. I noticed that he glimpsed at my ass and I, again, noticed the bulge in his jeans. I've always been attracted to the rugged, outdoorsy guy. I'll take a hard working man in jeans and a sweat shirt over a business man in a suit anyday. Pete was in his late twenties, I think. He had big, broad shoulders. It was chilly out, but his sweatshirt sleeves were pulled up. The cold didn't seem to bother him much. I noticed that he had big forearmsand still had a tan.
We sat and talked for a while. I found him to be very funny, he made me laugh, and he was very gentlemanly. I also noticed that he looked tired, yet still full of energy. When I mentioned it to him, he to me that he had worked 50 hours over the last four days, but it was his company, so he had too. He said that he was going to go home, shower, eat lunch, take a nap, and then go back out. He had residential contracts, then was going back to the highway with a crew that night. I respect a man who works so hard, and hearing him say that made me so horny.
We talked a little while longer, when he noticed that I was getting cold, I was. He suggested that we go back to his truck. When we got back, he turned heat on and started talking again. He mentioned that he couldn't stay too much longer because he needed to be back on site in 6 hours. After chatting a few more minutes, he came right out and asked me for my phone number. He mentioned that he'd like to take me to dinner sometime, after his schedule eased up. I liked that, right to the point, so I accepted and gave it to him. I actually liked this man enough to go on a date, but I'm use to men taking a phone number and not calling, so I needed to seal the deal.
"Before we go," I asked "Are you sure that you're going to call me?"
"Yes," he replied."I like you."
"I like you too, Pete." I said.
I noticed that, where we were, there we're no other people. Pete had parked at the end of the dirt road, right next to the water, facing the road. Usually, this time of year, it's quiet here, but on a nice day, like today, you may get someone walking a dog or a young mom pushing a stroller. On Pete's left side was the lake, on my right, and behind us, were woods, so I didn't need to worry about anyone seeing us from there. The road ahead of us was a different story. It's about a half mile long and theres a hill. Anyone walking over the hill, which is about 100 yards away,would be able to see into the truck.
Our eyes met and we kissed passionately for about thirty seconds or so, the Pete looked at me.
"I gotta go, but I promise I'll call you." he said.
I looked back at him, right in his eyes. My nipples were rock hard, but he couldn't see them through my thick sweater, and he wasn't going too. I leaned over, kissed him again briefly, then looked him right in the eyes.
"Hmm, let me give you a little....incentive." I said to him.
I leaned over and kissed him again, sticking my tongue down his throat, I began rubbing his crotch. I felt his cock begin to grow inside of his jeans, and I could tell it was big. I also realized that, he wasn't wearing under wear. That really turned me on. While still embraced in a passionate kiss, I unzipped his fly, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled that monster out. A monster it was, my eyes widened and my mouth watered as I looked down at his hard cock. It was very large, pointing straight up, with its mushroom like head calling my name. I needed to suck it.
His truck had a large center console, so I had to figure out how to do this. I put both knees on the passenger seat, took a glance out of his windshield to make sure no one was coming. I leaned over, looked at his cock, and attacked. My eyes bulged as I put his whole cock in my mouth, trying not to gag, I slowly began deep throating him.
"Wow." Pete said.
" like?" I said in a muffled voice.
"Oh yes." he said.
After a few moments, I began licking his shaft up and down, making little circles on his head with my tongue. His cock was like steel, and throbbing. It was the most perfect cock I've ever seen, and because of my job, I've seen alot. It was large and thick, with a gentle curve. I wanted it deep inside of me, right then and there, but knew that we couldn't. The truck was too cramped, and we couldn't fuck outside, not in this weather, in broad daylight. If it was night, and my car, I'd let him take me right on the hood.
I went back down on his cock. Closing my lips around it, I used long, steady sucks. I took my left hand and put it up his shirt. I could feel his tight abdominal and pectoral muscles. He was chisled, strong. Horny soccer moms, like me, usually don't get men like this. My vagina was soaked. I started sucking harder.
"Suck it baby." he said softly.
After about three minutes, he reached under my sweater and began squeezing my tits. That turned me on even more, I sucked even harder. If any one had come over the hill, they would have seen my upper body rapidly moving up and down on his cock, but I didn't care. I was going to milk his cock of every drop. He thrusted his hips upward, the truck was moving slightly. He grabbed some hair.
"Suck my cock." he proclaimed, in a loud voice.
By now, I was giving him a power blowjob, deep and fast. My head was bobbing up and down like a jack hammer. I was loving this blowjob, but more importantly, he was too. He had staying power too, my jaw was sore, but I wasn't stopping. Because I get turned on watching a man cum, I usually finish with a handjob. Not today, I was so horny, I was going to swallow every drop. I power sucked him for a good five minutes, no stopping.
Suddenly, I felt his body tighten and his cock begin to throb, he was close. I sucked even faster for about a minute, then it happened.
"God, Sara, I'm gonna cum." he said.
I kept sucking even as my mouth filled with his hot, salty cum. I had to swallow his first explosion quickly, because I knew another was coming. He came and came. Normally, I don't swallow, I don't like the taste of it, but this didn't bother me. Finally, he was finished. I rose my head and looked at him with this sexy smirk on my face.
"Wow, that was the blowjob I've ever had." he said.
"You should see what I can do with my hands." I said to him, chuckling.
Then I looking him in the eyes and kissed him again.
I rubbed his still throbbing cock with one finger and said. "If you take me out Pete, you get the rest of me."
He told me that he would certainly call me once his job slowed a bit, I believe him. As we drove back to my car, I put his number in my phone. We kissed again, he promised he'd call, and drove away. I stayed and read for a bit, then drove home to get ready for my boys.
In closing, I really like this man, and want to fuck him. Actually, Iwant him to fuck me. I'm a bit nervous though. I don't date much because of what I do. I'm not going to stop giving massages and won't let a man tell me I have to because I'm with him. I didn't tell Pete about it and don't know if I should. I like him and want to fuck him, but I don't want a "boyfriend", but I'll date a guy in a no string attached relationship, so long as he understands.
God, I'm such a slut.Hope you enjoyed.
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