Calling Party Of Three – Part One
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Written By Poppet: For LushStories ONLY! There Is A First Time For Everything – Part One
Let’s start with who I am. My name is Harper and I’m 25 years old, I've been dating my boyfriend for about two years and we’re each other’s worlds. We would do almost anything for each other. I have never dated a whole lot before I met Ryan. I've always wanted to try new things and have talked at length with Ryan about those things. We've done some things but now I want to step it up, tonight I’m going to ask Ryan if we can.
Ryan is at work and I’m setting up a quiet dinner just the two of us in our back yard. I’m making BBQ steak, corn on the cob, salad and a cheese cake for later. I've been planning this for weeks now and I’m so nervous to finally get it started. In about 15 minutes he’ll be home and I’m almost ready. I go to change into one of his favorite at home outfits. A tight pair of cut off jeans that show off my ass perfectly with a much too short shirt with no shoes, he likes me barefoot. You’re probably thinking this girl isn't very romantic but given what I want to ask it doesn't make sense.
I’m in the backyard when I see the head lights of his car shine over the house pulling into the driveway. I left a note right on the front door to meet me out back. Everything is set up to go and I’m feeling a little nervous but ready. I hear him inside setting down his things and making his way to the yard.
“Welcome home, baby. I hope work went well! I made dinner for us, thought we could eat out here.”
“Look at you going all out, babe. You went did all this for me?”
“Who else would I do it for, silly? Come on before it gets cold.”
“Alright, sounds good to me! How was your day at work, love?”
We have mindless conversation talking about our day and just enjoying each other’s company. Once we finish dinner we go and cuddle on the hammock eating our cheesecake and watching stars in the sky begin to form. I always enjoy this time with him. I finally mange to ask him…
“You know how we've talked about bringing in another partner in the bedroom?”
“It’s not something I am about to forget, Harper. I remember. Why, are you ready?”
“I do believe I am. I think it would be fun and something to spice things up. However I want you to be the one to pick guy.”
“So, you want a guy? I know we've talked about which we’d go with. You know either is fine with me.”
“Yes, I know. I want to start off with a guy see what it’s like and if we like it later on bring in a girl. I think it’s safest for when it’s a guy for you to choose him, and when we bring in a female, I choose her.”
“I think that’s a great idea, babe. I’ll see what I can come up with. It’ll be when you least suspect it.”
“I like the sound of that. You be careful now before you turn me on so soon.”
A smirk crosses his lips as he leans in to kiss the side of my mouth, I feel a quiver run down my spine. He kisses my cheek and I let out a ragged breath.His arms surround me, gathering me close I didn't protest, leaning into his needs, making them my own. His mouth claims mine in a kiss that stole the breath from my soul. I open my mouth to him willingly offering my tongue to him, wanting his kiss to last forever. He shifts pinning me beneath his weight holding me close as my heart pounds. I can feel his fingers begin to skirt along my bare skin finding their way under my shirt cupping my left breast as he squeezes it lightly claiming it as his. My fingers move to pull at his clothes undressing him as we kiss and explore each other. We manage to undress fully without falling off the hammock our bodies tangled together as one. I can feel the rock hard feeling of his cock press against my pussy lips as he teases me.
My breast in his mouth as he sucks hard on my nipple with one hard quick thrust he pushes into me. My fingers dig into his forearms as he starts a steady thrust into me. My moans fill the night air around us, the feeling of my silky tight pussy gripping him with great force trying to keep him deep inside me. He gives me no mercy as he fucks me, biting my nipple to add the pain to all the pleasure he was forcing upon me. I arch my back pushing my breasts up into his face more while my fingers dig deep now into his back leaving marks of pleasure on him. He slows his pace just enough to tease me until I whimper in his ear to fuck me harder again; I can feel the hammock swaying back and forth with each thrust. My orgasm builds as he picks up speed again. He reaches down between us and finds my clit he pinches it hard and rubs it quickly between his thumb and pointer finger. His mouth, his fingers, and his cock all the pleasure I can’t hold back I let out a long whining moan that rings out his name full of passion feeling my orgasm explode hard around him. I can feel my pussy clench his cock hard as I orgasm I whimper. The pressure is so intense I lose myself in it all. It must have the same affect on him as I hear him suddenly grunt out hard, his body shaking with much need. I grip his ass and force him deeper inside me, I feel him orgasm hard inside me, filling me with his hot thick seed. We lay there spent and letting our bodies come back to earth.
“You are talented Nick, You didn't even spin us right off this hammock. I’m impressed.”
“You've got no idea how worried I was about but so worth it!”
“I agree! That was a first for us. Hammock sex, who knew?”
Days went by and neither of us brought up the threesome. I wasn't sure if he suddenly changed his mind or if he has been busy and just slipped his mind. I didn't want to talk about it so soon and make it seem like it was something we “had to do” but was wondering if he felt differently now that I was serious. I decided not to say anything for a few more days. I’d let him come to me about it.
Two weeks passed without a word and I decide I would say something to Ryan when he got home from work tonight. It is Saturday and he doesn't normally work weekends but he was today for some reason. Later on in the afternoon I get a text from him saying he would be out late some of the guys asked him to go out. I was a little upset about it but didn't tell him anything just told him to have fun. I decided I would drink too. I watch an old movie and drink some cheap vodka getting a bit tipsy and head to bed with Ryan still not being home.
It is about 1:30 am when I hear something or I think I hear something but know it was probably just Ryan coming home from his night out. I curl back up wearing nothing but the sheet that’s curled up around me. I once again wake up to the feeling of Ryan climbing into bed next to me as I let out a soft moan turning towards him. I let my eyes flutter open to see it isn't Ryan but a friend of Ryan’s. I let out a gasp sitting up.
“What the hell? What are you doing?!”
“Awe come on now Harper don’t play games, we all know you want this.”
“Just go with it, Harper. Allow him to please you, baby.”
I look over towards the small couch in the bedroom and sees Ryan sitting there already naked and semi hard. I let out a sigh and know what is going on and relax a bit knowing Ryan is here. Ryan’s friend Chris is someone I don’t know all that well but Ryan has known him for a while. I guess he made his choice on who he wants to share me with.
Now I haven’t had a chance to tell you about Ryan or even myself really so here it is. I am 5’5” and am about 120 pounds; I have long light brown hair with deep dark brown eyes that are almost black. I have a dark tanned skin; my breasts are a fair size I think. I’m a 32C. Ryan on the other hand is 6’3” and rounds out at 165 pounds, he is lean and slender. He keeps his black hair short just enough to run my fingers through, he has baby blue eyes. His cock is a little over 7 inches and 2 inches wide. I suppose we should talk about Chris too. Shouldn't we? He looks to be about 6 feet even, and 173 pounds, he has blondish hair that is kept military style. He has soft blue eyes. His cock is a little smaller then Ryan’s but not by much.
Chris moves closer to me, and I can see now that he too is fully naked. I look at Ryan who nods at me with a smile and I know he is truly okay with this. I slide closer to Chris and drop the sheet exposing my breasts to him. He lets out a soft moan clearly liking what he sees. He takes his hands and caresses my breasts with a tender touch almost like I’m made of glass; I nearly giggle but don’t want to offend him. I push him back having him lay flat on his back. I climb between his legs, kneeling knowing that my rear end is now exposed to Ryan. I look up at Chris who is hard already; I lick my lips before lowering my head down to flick my tongue at the head of his cock. He lets out a very soft whimper that sends a chill through me. Nothing makes me hotter than hearing a man moan and whimper as I please him and I haven’t even started yet.
I suck him softly into my mouth as my tongue coats his cock with saliva moving down all the way to the hilt. Every last inch of his cock is in my mouth and I give him one long solid hard suck pulling him out of my mouth and back down hard again. I repeat the process all the while I move my hips teasing Ryan knowing he is watching my ass move for him. Chris’s fingers find my hair and move to help guide me over his cock; I find a steady quick pace over the length of him. His moans start to increase with the pace. I begin my own hums over him which sends jolts of shock into his cock making it jump deeper into my throat.
While I’m sucking on Chris’s cock I hear Ryan move from the couch and climb onto the bed finally. He is behind me and gives my ass a nice hard slap. It of course makes me moan out hard on Chris sending another wave of vibrating tease down into his shaft. Ryan caressing my ass as I suck on Chris’s thick cock that now throbbed hard in my mouth made me so wet.
“ Mmm Come on Harper, suck on his cock faster. I want to hear you gag on it.”
I hear Ryan tell me he wants me to suck faster and I do. I take him deep down as I force myself to lick and move my tongue side to side forcing myself to gag a bit. Just as I do Ryan slams his cock into me with so much force it makes me take Chris even deeper into my throat. I can feel how tight my throat is around his thick cock as he growls out a long moan before taking my head in a tighter grip and begins to fuck my mouth. I feel the pressure of Ryan slamming deep into my hot tight pussy while Chris fucks my throat. I can’t help but gag and moan out in pleasure for the both of them as they take me. It takes only seconds for them to sync up and start a rhythm to match each other fucking both my mouth and pussy at the same time.
After fucking me that way for what seems forever we change our positions. Ryan slides out of me and pulls me down to the bed laying down face up at the edge of the bed. Chris is now standing in front of me with an excited grin on his face at the chance to plow his cock into my young tight pussy. Ryan climbs onto the bed and comes to straddle my face, letting his cock tease my lips as I stick my tongue out gently licking him lightly like a kitten wanting milk. He moans gently looking at me with a hungry need. Chris lifts my legs and places them over his shoulders as he rests his cock at my tight pussy, Ryan doing the same with his cock at my mouth.
“Are you ready to take us both again, baby girl? I’m going to fuck that pretty little mouth of yours as Chris nails that tight pussy with his hard prick.”
“Hell yes I am, I can’t wait to bury myself into this tight little box of yours, Harper.”
“ Mmm please boys, enough teasing and do it already!”
I flick my tongue against Ryan’s cock again as he begins to push it into my mouth. He is sitting slightly on my chest giving me now room to move. I love that I’m completely pinned and unable to move with Chris holding my legs on his shoulders ready to take me. I feel Ryan start moving his hips forward and back lightly teasing me with just the head of his cock, I suck gently on just what he offers me. I can taste my pussy juices from when he was fucking me; I let out a soft moan enjoying the taste of my sweet juices on his cock. Chris begins to run his cock over my slit coating his cock with my juices that are dripping now down over my ass crack.
Ryan finally offers me all of his cock and I begin to suck on it with a lustful need, my moans fill the air mixed with Ryan’s soft moans of pleasure. Chris finally pushes into me and gives no control of he does. He skillfully begins fucking me easily as if he has fucked me before. The width of his cock stretches me out around him fitting him perfect like a tight glove. He brings one of my legs and rests it against his chest while sucking my toes into his mouth which I've never had done before making moan out in a deep passion. It feels so good that I whine out wanting more. I rotate my hips grinding into Chris as he plows into me. Ryan leans up now more into a semi push up style over my face and begins to fuck my throat deeper.
“Oh fuck yes baby, that’s it. You fuck my thick cock with your throat. I want you to take it all like a good girl. Mmm that’s it such a good girl for me.”
“Damn girl, your pussy is so massively tight around me. I feel like your sucking my cock into you like a vacuum.”
My mouth full of Ryan’s cock leaves me unable to say anything in return to either of them but my moans intensify loving their praises. Ryan begins to fuck my throat harder as I moan the humming making him twitch and groan. Chris sucking on my toes again moves a hand to my clit and rubs at it quickly never allowing his speed to slow. I feel the buildup of my orgasm as they both use me in their own ways. I love the pleasure the both of them give me at the same time. I let the thought over take me as I let out a muffled moaned gag as my pussy clenched Chris’s cock hard with a hard orgasm exploding over him. He grunts out with pleasure feeling me orgasm around him he fucks me even faster, his fingers moving over my clit quicker making my orgasm last long enough to feel him stiffen hard and explode deep inside me. I can feel the pressure of his orgasm making me arch my back pushing Ryan’s cock into my throat deeper allowing him to reach new depths that make him quiver and orgasm himself. He is loud and holds nothing back while he shoots his load of seed down into my throat still fucking me. I suck on him so hard I swallow him gulps and gulps of seed. Chris still rocking his hips forward into me allowing his cock to grow soft into he easily slides out of my dripping used pussy. Ryan climbs down and kisses me deeply sucking on my tongue making me growl playfully at him.
We all dress slightly and talk about how it was brought up between Ryan and Chris. I guess Ryan had let the cat out of the bag so to speak when they were at work sometime last week and they had been talking about it all week. This makes me laugh since neither of us had talked about it since I asked him. I knew Ryan wouldn't tell me who it was until it happen but didn't think he’d be so tight lipped about the whole thing.
Chris said his goodbyes a while later and we go back to bed stripping down naked we climb in. Ryan is holding me close to him, my fingers resting on his chest.
“Was it everything you hoped for, baby?”
“It was everything and more, I’m very happy how it turned out. Thank you, love. Though I have to admit, you are a better fuck. I’m kind of into the toe sucking thing! I’ll have to get you to do that for me.”
“Oh, you think so, eh? You mean something like this.”
Ryan slips under the covers and sucks hard on my toes making me whine out before we go at it another round before bed. I can’t help but love this man.
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