Kitten's Beginning
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I woke up to complete darkness. The sound of the neighbor’s dog barking told me it was morning. Why can’t I see anything? I thought to myself. I tried to push myself up, suddenly realizing my hands were bound tightly behind my back. My mind and heart began racing as possibilities danced through my mind, certainly Cole didn’t do this. My husband, a hard-working business man in his early thirties, isn’t into the BDSM like I am; in fact I had tried talking to him about trying it a few weeks back and he had shown no signs of interest. I moved my head slightly and my cheek rubbed against something coarse. The carpet? Am I on the floor…?
Sitting up I find the wall and lean back against it, feeling the coolness on my bare skin. The weight of a collar around my neck, and the chain binding me to the bed make my heart leap. Hours pass as I sit in the darkness trying to unfold this sudden mystery. After an eternity I hear Cole’s truck pull into the drive and his footsteps up to the door; he enters the house and sets down his keys. The stairs creak as my husband comes up them ever so slowly. My heart begins to race and my skin breaks out in goose bumps.
“Ah, there is my little kitten. Right where I left you,” he chuckles as he sheds his jacket and steps towards me.
“Cole, what’s going…” I stop in mid sentence as I feel a sudden jerk on the chain, pulling me away from the wall.
“From now on you refer to me as Master.” My husband’s voice growled in my ear and held a tone I had never heard before. I slowly nodded my head and tried to hide my growing excitement. He removed the blindfold and my eyes were flooded with light. Once adjusted, I slowly look down at myself. I am naked, hands bound behind me and with a chain hanging from the collar around my neck. I look up into my new Master’s face and he smiles.
“I like this look on you kitten.” Master tugs on the chain, pulling me to my feet. His mouth covers mine with a passionate kiss while he pinches my firm nipples. I wince but the pain only makes my soaked pussy wetter. Master turns and pulls a key out of his jacket pocket and frees me from the chain.
“Get on your knees slave,” he gently commands and I eagerly fall to my knees at his feet, looking down. Placing a hand on my head he says, “From now on you are my submissive, my slave. You address me as Master and nothing else. I will be a kind and loving Master to you my kitten, but when punishment is needed it will be given. Each day I will leave a list on the counter for you. Those will be your chores and are expected to be done before I return home. If not, punishment will given promptly. Now, who am I?”
“Master. You are my Master and I am your slave,” I repeat and look up at Him as He pats my cheek. Master pulls me to my feet again and leads me to the bed. He seats Himself on the edge and points to the floor between His knees. I step forward and get on my knees.
“Rules. You may not pleasure yourself. I will decide when you will be pleasured otherwise you will be punished. When I am due home you will be kneeling by the front door wearing nothing but the heels that I bought for you on my way home. Dinner will be ready and the table set. Failure in any way will result in punishment. Do you understand kitten?” He said the last part with so much compassion in His strong voice.
“Yes, Master,” I say while looking at the floor. He lifts my chin with His finger and kisses me once again. My pulse is raging; I cannot believe this is happening!
“Good. Now bend over,” He stands and points to the bed; I promptly oblige. He runs His hand over my perfectly round, plump ass while keeping the other firmly on my hip. SLAP! I moan as the pain turns to pleasure; I can feel the handprint on my ass cheek as He lands another on the opposite side. SLAP! I moan again.
“This is not a punishment spanking kitten. Punishments will be given with more force,” Master states.
“I understand Master.” With one hand Master grabs my neck as He slides two fingers into my tight, gushing pussy.
“OH MASTER!” I moan as His fingers fondle and stretch my pussy. His hand moves from my neck and he grabs my wrists which are still bound behind me. Master’s fingers pound in and out of my dripping hole pushing me closer and closer to my peak. Suddenly He pulls His fingers from me and stops.
“Did you think I would let you cum yet little one? I want to test out my new fucktoy!” With that Master give my ass one more good hard smack. I yelp at the pain and he spreads my pussy lips with his fingers once more. I wait for His fingers to enter my depths again when His cock glides right into my slippery, hot pussy.
“OH FUCK YES! OH GOD MASTER FUCK ME!” I scream as His dick fills my cavity. Master’s hand clamps around my neck as He beats my pussy with His cock. I feel my orgasm building in my belly as Master destroys my pussy. He grabs a fistful of my long brown hair and pulls my head back as my pussy swallows His dick.
“Maaaaster…” I whimper softly.
“Not yet slut. Don’t you even think about cumming till I tell you to do so!” He growled His command as He fucked my pussy harder and faster. With each thrust I could almost feel His cock on the base of my throat! His free hand came down across my pink, sore ass again.
“MASTER! PLEASE I NEED TO CUM!” I plead as I hold my orgasm at bay. He pulls His cock from my now dripping pussy and I look over my shoulder at Him when He slams into my tight asshole! My toes curl and my fingers claw at the sheets while I try holding back the flood I feel coming.
“CUM FOR ME NOW KITTEN!” He roars as His hot load fills my stretched ass. My body bucks and rocks with the intensity of my orgasm. My legs give way and Master catches me. He lowers me to my knees and points His manhood at my mouth.
“Clean off my cum and your juices kitten.” I lean forward and take his softening cock in my mouth, twisting my tongue around his shaft making sure to get every last drop of mixed juices. I look up at Him and smile softly.
“Master,” I whisper. I loved the feel of that word on my lips. My instinctual longing for a Master has finally been fulfilled and I couldn’t be happier. Here on my knees in front of my loving Master is right where I belong.
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