Massage Extraordinaire - Part II
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After that amazing massage I needed to return, not for any other reason than to experience the first time again, if that was possible. Little did I know that this was to be completely different as well!
A few weeks later I knocked at the door. It was answered by this tall, long legged beauty in thick soled, patent leather high heels, wearing the shortest mini skirt imaginable. So short that I imagined it to be even shorter than the last time. Suddenly all the other memorable images came rushing back into my head. Her naked pussy right in my face, her swaying breasts, the nipple massage. Hmmmm! My cock was swelling already and I was only at the front door.
She greeted me like a long-lost friend as we had been texting since our last encounter. It all started with me thanking her for “going the extra mile” and her reply of thanking me for my amazing finger job which she truly appreciated. All this was so unexpected on my first visit, and took me by complete surprise.
After a huge hug she led me into her massage room. I still don’t know how I got there as again I was mesmerized by her butt crack winking at me through her pink see-through panties peeping out at the edge of her mini! I kept wishing that the walk was longer but I did have time to imagine what her smiling shaved pussy lips must look like through the front of those sensual pink undies. By now my member was fighting my mini-briefs for freedom. He wanted out to display his fullness.
We entered the cosy room and started undressing together. She thanked me for all the fun texting. But again my eyes were glued on her beautiful unravelling body.
Once I’d stripped down to my mini-briefs, displaying pre-cum wet spots and bulging profusely, they clearly conveyed the effect she was having on me. I could not stand the tension any longer so rushed over to her near-naked body, clad only in pink bra and see-through panties. What an amazing sight to behold. Her beautifully shaped mound and pussy lips with her mouth-watering inner lips were all clearly visible through these see-through panties. I flung my arms around her and thanked her for making me feel so welcome and allowing me all those special privileges on my first visit.
She simply smiled.
We just stood clinging to each other. I gently ran my fingers down her back to the top of her panties and back up again. I felt my member battling to get in between her legs through our underwear. When my hands reached her bra strap I started unclipping it without thinking. It slipped off and her beautiful puppies just bounced out also celebrating their freedom. I felt her hardened pink nipples against my chest. My cock stiffened even more and the tension was electric.
Whilst our bodies were still entwined I asked her whether she was actually contemplating going down on my cock head whilst she was breathing so heavily and massaging my genitals last time.
She whispered, “Yes!”
I responded by inviting her to do whatever she chose.
Without hesitation she fell to my knees, lowered my briefs and engulfed my fully erect member into her wet juicy mouth. Her suction was huge and so amazing. I could feel the head expanding even more in her deliciously wet mouth.
At the time of dropping my briefs she pulled me closer to her mouth with a hand on each butt massaging them and then moving down and around to the inside of my thighs brushing against my balls. That was exhilarating leaving me wanting more. They too had become so hard and drawn tightly into my sac. They also welcomed any gentle caressing.
I moaned. She moaned. It was awesome. She knew how to mouth a man. So delicately. My head had now been sucked to full capacity. Her tongue butterflied over it, around the lips, under them, seeking out all the crevices and sensitive areas. It seemed to dwell on the most sensitive front area just under the head where the two lips meet. This became explosive and I truly thought that I was going to shoot my load there and then. The urge was so strong that it could easily have hit the wall across the room but somehow I managed to control it by pleading with her to move on.
Her mouth released my now purple head and moved down my throbbing shaft. Licking and sucking slowly all the way down onto my balls. Again her tongue played with them. She mouthed each one trying to get a grip on these tightened goolies. But they refused to budge. She resorted to kissing, sucking and even gently nipping them with her front teeth. It was amazing.
Clearly she was having the time of her life and I had never experienced anything like this before. All I was able to do was run my fingers through her soft hair and reach down and massage each of her gorgeous breasts. Her nipples were pouting already without even being sucked. She was aroused and I could not stop imaging how wet her beautiful pussy must be by now. I could not wait to caress her mound, those puffy lips, peeking inner lips and her erect clit.
Suddenly she stopped. Thank goodness.
She got up and ordered, “Come on, onto the table.”
I had a fleeting thought of how uncomfortable it was going to be trying to coax a fully blown erection back down between my legs again as she ordered last time to lie face down. But after all this was a massage I mused.
Fortunately this was going to be her “cock day” and she wanted more, a lot more, so I was told to lie on my back with my flag pole flying high out in front.
I was relieved and she simply smiled. I still did not know what she had in mind. So far it was amazing.
She oiled her hands and moved down to my feet. Gently massaged them. But this was a ploy to keep me guessing. She moved each leg apart and just looked down on my manhood smiling all the time. Next she mounted the table and placed a knee on the outside of mine parting her puffy pussy lips for me to savour. What a sight. At the top pouting for attention was her fully erect clit. I was going delirious with lust. All I wanted to do was feast on her wet, wet pussy lips and pleading clit.
She pushed my knees closed with hers and took hold of my cock and nuzzled it against her womanhood and into her wetness without penetrating her love canal.
I could not handle this tension any longer. I had absolutely no control or willpower left. All my energy had been used up so early. I knew that something would have to burst sooner rather than later.
She brought her knees up to her chin. Then placed her feet on either side of my hips in a squatting position. Her love dome widened even further. I was treated to a breath-taking view right up her love cavity to the opening of her pleasure passage. What an amazing sight!
That was enough to make me lose my load there and then. My cock was throbbing uncontrollably. Precum was oozing out and she was wallowing in the entire effect it was all having on me. I was helpless.
She continued relentlessly. She lowered her gaping lips onto my cock and began to slide up and down with my head teasing her clit. She was fully aroused. It only took three strokes of my head up against her clit to make her shout:-
“Oh baby I am cumming!”
She had a huge orgasm. Her body spasmed, face blushed, her eyes closed tightly and her breathing exploded. What an experience to behold, and I still remained “loaded”!
She slowed down a little and then continued sliding up and down rhythmically. She was enjoying the ride. Her wet, wet pussy was savouring every stroke on her clit which could not wait for the next head-butt.
She lent forward on top of me. Her hard nipples massaged mine and soon they were sparring for position. Our eyes met. Our lips pouted and locked into a vacuum with our tongues flicking rhythmically with the ride. Her puffy lips tightened around my cock. The warmth penetrated my balls and the sliding resembled a cylinder pumping furiously to achieve top speed. Then again she shouted, “I’m cumming!”
Her eyes were closed, her heart throbbed just like my cock, and her body spasmed even more strongly than before.
This ride was actually indescribable it was so amazing, all in the name of ‘massage’. 
Once she regained her breath she whispered, “Baby, I need you inside me please?”
I could not believe my good fortune but at the time too exhausted to show any emotion at all, just compliance. She gently rolled off and I sat up slowly.
Fortunately I had the foresight to grab a box of Durex extra thin condoms off the pharmacy shelves the previous day should things get “too hot”. I whipped them out of my pocket, tore open an individually wrapped protective package and rolled it on my still erect penis.
I mounted the table where this beautiful sex goddess just lay in complete submission. Her eyes were closed, her nipples still hard and erect, her legs spread with her pussy gaping open just waiting to be taken.
What an offering. Just wish I was in better condition. But this awesome sight encouraged me to just fuck her like I have never fucked before!
I placed myself over her pussy gently rubbing her lips with my cock. Up and down several times until its head regained its fullness once again by teasing her clit once more. Then I gently lowered myself onto her beautiful body keeping my cock between her lips.
She moaned and said, “Go deep please.”
I moved him up and down and gently, eased my head down to the opening of her love-passage.
“Yes, yes!" she exclaimed. “Deeper.” 
She was so ready and so desirous of him and truly could not wait any longer. I did not know that I had the ability to delay ejaculation for so long. I usually cum so quickly so all this was just too awesome and amazing.
He then found where he wanted to be and slowly slipped down into her love passage which just seemed to go on forever. It was wonderful. I pushed him as deep as he would go with his head right into her love chamber and my balls so tightly squeezed against her inner pussy lips that I could feel their juices on my sac. I just wanted to stay there and enjoy her tightness around my shaft. Oh so pleasurable.
But I felt my shot building up and knew that I could not last for too much longer. Also I had to bring her to climax once again, if possible.
I started lifting him slowly back up her love canal until the lips of his head touched hers and slowly back down again.
“Yes, yes!” she shouted.
I moved a little faster this time, down, deeply in and slowly back. Faster still, down and back. Then on the fourth penetration I felt my shot preparing to fire.
“I’m cumming baby, now, are you ready!” I shouted.
“Oh yes!” she exclaimed. “Cum baby cum, as strong as you like!”
That was enough. One more downward thrust and I shot my load like I’ve never experienced before. It felt like my entire body was erupting.
She screamed with ecstasy. Her pussy tightened so much around my cock that it felt as if it was entrapped forever. An amazing sensation. Both our bodies were quivering with excitement as we seemed to melt into each other.
We lay there motionless savouring this special moment. Neither of us wanted it to end. I remained hard inside her for what seemed to be a timeless period. Eventually we opened our eyes and she spoke first.
“Thank you,” she said, “you will never know how badly I craved your beautiful cock deep inside me!”.
I was speechless. I was the one who came for a special massage but received more than I could in my wildest dreams imagine. I felt my cock softening and was concerned that the condom may have burst in this total frenzy. I carefully withdrew holding both at the base.
She watched with interest. The tip was full of all my love juice spreading up over my head. I eased it off and she saw the quantity and exclaimed, “Where did that all come from?"
I replied, “Don’t know, but guess you were responsible!”
I departed, not with a fully blown cock-head, but with an equally puffed up chest!
Another “Extraordinaire Massage” --- OOO ---
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