Being Disciplined
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I was standing at the window holding my wife Susie close to me as the clock ticked. The alarm went off at exactly the right time, but to our horror the world didn’t end. We held each other for a full five minutes but still life went on. We had to accept the truth of it. The world was still here, our world.
Susie looked at me and spoke first. “Shit,” she said.
“Crap,” I replied.
We both pondered what was now going to happen. What our situation was going to become. The one of our own making.
It started three weeks before Mayan. I had been on my computer in the spare bedroom when I got a phone call from Susie. She was at the shops, wanted me to see some new underwear before she bought it, and I went off forgetting to turn off the computer. I always did or at least logged off my profile but I was too excited seeing what underwear Susie had chosen. She had a fabulous kinky sexy choice in underwear.
Our 20 year old daughter Rachel needed to send a quick email and sat at the computer. She told me later what happened. She saw my profile was logged on and was about to log me out when a message came up. “Got your message and am pleased you are both still Ok for tonight. Any particular requests? Last time you both got spanked, you Charlie were given six with the cane and Susie four. The party will be busy so I just want to plan ahead. Headmistress Sally Pain.”
Rachel said she froze when she first saw the message but then thought, ‘What the heck.’ She knew Susie and I believed in the whole Mayan thing and that we didn’t really care what we did in the last three weeks. She replied, “Dear Headmistress, can you please spank us both, but give me 12 strokes and Susie eight. Charlie.” Rachel told me she had nearly goofed right then by first typing Dad before realising and changing it to my name,‘ Charlie.’ (It was supposed to be from me of course.)
“Sure thing. See you later,” came the confirmation.
Rachel told me she didn’t log me off but deleted the message so I wouldn’t know. We got home, I didn’t remember about the computer and Susie and I got dressed, being careful not to show Rachel the school clothes we were wearing, and left.
We were still arguing about we got such a lot of the cane when we walked back through the door but stopped as soon as we saw Rachel.
“What’s up?” Rachel asked.
“Nothing,” Susie replied.
Rachel said happily, “I have a surprise for you in the kitchen.”
I looked at Susie, she looked back as though she can do without this, but we both followed Rachel in to the kitchen.
“Nice evening?” Rachel asked chattily.
“It was OK,” I replied, “It’s just that it wasn’t exactly what we had expected.”
“How come?” Rachel asked as she sat down.
“Nothing really,” Susie interjected. “Anyway Rachel, what did you want to show us?”
Rachel beamed. “Yeah right. Can you both sit down, it’s really important.”
Susie and I exchanged glances, both looked at the chairs and saw the cushions had been removed and both looked around for alternative chairs realising all the cushions had gone.
Rachel said in a firmer tone, “Can you both sit down please.”
I blushed. Susie thought more quickly and said, “I have to go to the loo first Rachel.”
I was about to say the same but Susie and I both froze when Rachel said, “I know about the Headmistress, Miss Pain.”
Rachel was smirking when she saw both Susie and I blush so red I could feel the heat closing in on me.
“Ready to sit down you two? Both spanked. You Dad got eight strokes and you Mum got four. How are your bottoms now?”
Susie fumed, “So it was you you little rascal?”
Rachel smirked again. “Please sit down,” she ordered even more firmly.
Susie was the first to answer. “I can’t Rachel, you know why.”
I looked at Rachel and just nodded, too embarrassed to discuss the state of my bottom with my daughter.
“Show me,” Rachel ordered.
Susie and I froze again. Then Rachel caught us with, “Look you guys, you keep telling me how this Mayan is coming so what’s it matter anyway?”
That struck a chord with both Susie and I and after a few moments we nodded to each other and both started to turn. Susie stopped and asked, “Rachel, do you believe in Mayan then?”
“I sure do,” Rachel said in a very definite tone.
Looking back I know she was fibbing though. Well it fooled us anyway as Susie and I both turned around. I dropped my trousers and pants and lifted up my shirt, just as I did at the spanking party earlier. Susie lifted her skirt above her waist and yanked her new sexy knickers down to her thighs and we both stood there, our reddened and red lined bottoms on show for our 20 year old daughter.
“Cool,” Rachel said.
Then we had the grand family discussion. Rachel led it. It was clear we both enjoyed being disciplined. I admitted how much it cost to attend the spanking party and we saw the surprise in Rachel’s eyes. She said there was no reason to spend that kind of money. As she led us by the nose it became clear. We will pay her and she will spank and cane us. I even agreed to buy half a dozen different canes. More weren’t necessary as the world was going to end anyway.
We even explained that at the party detention included lines.
“Great,” Rachel said. “That works for me. Lines as well.”
Before we knew it we had agreed. Only there was no reason to wait a whole month. Well there were only three weeks left anyway.
“I’ll spank you both before bedtime,” Rachel announced.
“Wait a minute Rachel, our bottoms are too sore,” I pleaded.
“Nonsense Dad. I bet you and Mum have great sex after one of these sessions. A spanking straight before bed will make things better. You can each watch me spank the other which will be even better.”
I looked at Susie. “Well it is just three weeks honey, and if Rachel is good with it what the heck?”
Susie didn’t answer.
Rachel said, “Yeah Mum, what the heck?”
Susie conceded, blushed and smiled as she looked at her daughter and said, “Sure, why not.”
That night Rachel spanked Susie first and then me. Long hard spankings with her hand and with a wooden backed paddle hairbrush which really stung but Rachel kept using it anyway. When Susie started crying I was going to step in but Rachel said, “Stop right there Dad, and put your hands on your head and wait your turn. I haven’t finished with Mum yet.” It was several more minutes before Rachel stopped spanking her Mum. Then she gave her Mum three strokes of the cane and Susie yelped after each one.
My spanking took even longer. Rachel let her Mum rub her bottom as she watched me being spanked and then given six strokes of the cane. To be fair to Rachel, Susie and I giggled as we cuddled up in bed with extra sore bottoms but feeling aroused like never before.
We asked Rachel to spank and cane us the next night and the night after that. She didn’t mind. In fact we wound Rachel up on purpose so she would spank us extra hard.
On the fourth day Rachel announced she wanted to add something to help her. We agreed she needed to make things work for her. It turned out she imposed some rules, well fifty in fact, and said any one of them will earn us a spanking, well either the one who broke the rule or both if we both did. For the next week I got spanked and caned every day, sometimes twice a day, getting anything between three and six strokes with the cane. Susie got spanked five times also getting the cane, but with four strokes her top limit.
Rachel was certainly being strict but as Susie and I were still having great sex we didn’t mind we were getting spanked and caned so often.
With two weeks to go Rachel told us, “Mum, Dad, you should know I’ve told Emma about me disciplining you so if you don’t mind she’s going to watch today. She’s sleeping over as well.”
We knew Emma well. Also 20, she and Rachel had been an item for two years now. So we didn’t mind. After all, after Mayan it won’t matter.
Emma watched us both being spanked and caned the next day and stayed over. She kept staying over and became a permanent fixture at our beatings. I use the word beatings because each spanking lasted longer and longer and Rachel was up to 12 strokes for me and eight for Susie, all the time on our bare bottoms. The sex was even better though so Susie and I still didn’t care.
With one week to go before Mayan we all started to talk more and more about it. Even Rachel said she would miss all of this. We got drunk one of those nights and the next day Rachel played back the film she took of the discussion. We had spoken so openly about being disciplined by our daughter and whilst Susie and I spoke with a drunken slur there was no mistaking we were really enjoying it. We even made a promise on the film. If Mayan didn’t happen then we would continue afterwards, accepting Rachel’s disciplinary control. Susie and I weren’t overly concerned as we had little doubt Mayan would happen.
That evening Susie asked Rachel when they were alone, “Rachel, what do you get from this?”
“Mum,” Rachel replied forcefully, “I get off on the control. I spank and cane you both and while you are rocking away in your bedroom Emma and I are having the best sex we have ever had.”
The last week went by so fast. We built up to the last night. Rachel spanked us both long and hard with a hairbrush. Even so I asked for 12 strokes and Susie asked for nine. Rachel gave us the strokes so proficiently. Crying like babies Susie and I went off to bed for our last night of sex together.
The next day just as I said the word, “Crap,” Susie and Emma waltzed in to our bedroom. “Hi guys,” Rachel said. Emma was smiling.
“So Mum, Dad, today’s another day and guess what, I’m in charge.”
That was three weeks ago. Rachel has retained the 50 rules and Susie and I are both spanked regularly. We tried to behave, keep to the rules, but Rachel was just so strict. We were already grounded, a new punishment Rachel introduced, and when grounded we were more likely to get spanked but weren’t allowed to have sex afterwards. A real drag. We hoped not to be spanked tonight and promised ourselves to behave as we waited for Rachel to return home. She was going to be late because she had a meeting after work, but we didn’t know how late, or early.
We were watching TV when Rachel got home and was followed in to the living room by Emma . We weren’t noisy, well not overly, but Rachel was obviously in a bad mood and after only a few minutes she ordered us to bed. It was only 9 O’clock but she said that didn’t matter.
“Go to bed and to sleep. I don’t want you messing about and that includes no sex. You are both grounded. Understood?”
“Yes Rachel,” Susie said, more obediently than I expected. She shushed me and told me to get moving.
Rachel looked relieved when we left and I heard her let out a tired groan as she fell in to a chair.
Susie and I went upstairs and in to our bedroom.
“Be careful Charlie,” Susie said to me sternly. “She can be a terror when she is tired. If we get her riled we will be across her lap and crying our eyes out before we know it.”
“OK Susie, calm down. I get it,” I said as I put my arms around her and drew her close to me. “How about a kiss then?”
“Rachel said no sex. I tell you she means business. That’s why she warned us,” Susie emphasized.
I slouched off and went to the bathroom, disappointed my wife was being such a goody goody. Still, she had a point. I could quite easily see Rachel rip in to both of us if she decided we were misbehaving with Emma watching to boot. So I settled for a good hot shower. Part way through Susie came in and started to undress. I looked as she removed her vest top and bra, and then pulled down her skirt and knickers, standing at the sink fully naked.
“I hope you aren’t staring my lad,” she said, looking at me in the mirror.
“Well I am, and very attractive you are too. Why don’t you join me?”
“Do you need me to wash you then?”
“Yes please. There are bits I just can’t reach.”
“I bet there are,” she said, smiling now.
“Settled down have we?” I asked.
Susie was smiling now, looking more relaxed. “Yes Charlie. Life’s too short and if Miss Bossy Boots has sent us to bed early and we aren’t tired well we can have some quiet fun can’t we? I was only joking before you know.”
Susie looked at me, and when I followed her gaze I saw my penis stretching out in front of me. I looked up and we both laughed. Susie came over to the shower and stepped in, grabbing my penis. I covered her pussy with my hand and she let out a giggle, and laughed again as my other hand caressed her breast. Her arms shot around my neck and her open mouth came towards me, welcoming my lips and my tongue as it shot in to her mouth. She was so hot. I grabbed her bottom and hugged her towards me, looking forward now to moving to the bedroom.
That is until Rachel threw the door open and came over to the shower,
“What did I tell you? Well?” she demanded.
Susie hugged me hard as we both looked aghast at our daughter. Our very cross, livid daughter. Being naked still was the least of our worries.
“Sorry,” Susie stammered. “We’ll go to bed.”
“Sure,” I added.
Rachel looked at us both, glared actually. “You will be going to your bedroom for sure, but not to bed. Not until we have discussed this in full. Now both of you get out of the shower.”
We both stepped out but knew better than to just walk off. Emma had followed Rachel in to the bathroom and stood by the door, her arms folded, smiling at the prospect of what we all knew was now bound to happen. We stood there oblivious to the water running down our naked bodies. Just as well because Rachel intended giving us a little taster of what she had in mind for us. She stood behind Susie, pulled back her hand, and gave her Mother a hard smack on her bottom, Susie gasped as the smack resounded around the room. The next three smacks resulted in more gasps and Susie lost her balance slightly before steadying herself by grabbing the sink.
“Stand still Mum,” Rachel snapped before standing behind me and giving me the six hard smacks I fully expected. They hurt just as she intended. Emma was still smiling.
“OK you two. Go to your bedroom and stand on your naughty spots, hands on your heads and noses to the wall. I will get my things and be in soon.”
We walked quickly out of the bathroom and down the hall and into our bedroom, not wanting to upset our daughter any more. Susie said a quiet, “Told you, she is livid with us,” as we edged up to the wall and pressed our noses in place.
“It won’t be that bad,” I said, not able to see Susie’s face but knew Rachel was going to make us pay for our misbehaviour. I was wondering what ‘things’ she would bring in, but as she was already annoyed before she even got home I suspected both the hairbrush and the senior cane . Rachel knew from experience that we both treated the cane with the utmost respect and if anything it made us better behaved.
I heard Rachel come in to the bedroom and snapped, “Don’t move either of you until I say.”
Rachel placed some items on the dressing table and she turned the chair in to the room. She was talking to Emma making it clear just how annoyed she was with us, that we knew better than to be noisy when she told us to be quiet, and if we wanted to be noisy then there may as well be some crying involved. All very unsettling for the two of us as we waited, naked, our hands on our heads, our noses against the wall, and our irate daughter getting ready to discipline us both.
“Right, face me,” Rachel snapped.
We turned to find Emma sitting on the bed with her legs crossed, smiling as ever. She did look sexy in her short cropped top showing off her flat stomach, and a very short skirt showing off her slim legs. Rachel was sitting on the chair, her hairbrush in her hand and the cane on the bed next to Emma. Rachel had changed in to her spanking clothes, the ones she tended to wear when disciplining us. Her dark blue vest top and loose matching shorts, and nothing else. It gave her the minimum restriction of movement. At any time on any other woman she would look stunning, did look stunning now, but Susie and I both knew she was dressed only for Emma and with the intent of giving us both a spanking to remember.
“OK Dad, you first,” she snapped and I stepped forward and without stopping went to her side and manuevred myself across my daughters lap. I was conscious of my erect penis pressing down on Rachel’s thigh, her bare skin, as it always did, to my embarrassment.
“I am really annoyed Dad so no warm up, straight to the hairbrush. Maybe your little friend will go back to being soft and spongy a bit quicker as well. Ready?”
“Yes Rachel,” I said to the floor and I felt my erection start to disappear at the very suggestion of no warm up. A moment later the first spank hit home, not too hard, but Rachel was quite expert at building up the severity so the spanking lasted longer and ended up much much harder than normal. I didn’t bother to count the number of times she hit me. There was no point. I knew she will keep going until my bottom is red and bruised, and my face will have tears streaming down both cheeks. Me a grown man reduced to tears by my very irritated daughter.
My eyes filled with tears and I was sobbing and crying before Rachel stopped. Even after the rain of spanks stopped I lay across her lap, unable to get up until I recovered some composure.
I got up and was told, “Back next to Mum Dad,” and I walked unsteadily but returned to my position, rubbing my bottom madly .
“Mum, your turn please,” Rachel snapped and Susie walked over to her daughter and like me bent across her lap, her beautiful bottom perched across it, welcoming, inviting, beckoning the hairbrush to turn its white silky looking skin in to a burning reddened and bruised mess. Susie’s breasts hung down on the far side of Rachel’s lap and even through my tears I was looking at one very sexy wife.
“Just like Dad, it’s only the brush Mum as you have been so naughty,” Rachel said sternly and immediately started to spank her Mother.
I watched my daughter spank my wife, her Mother. I tried to ignore the fact the young lady giving the spanking was my extremely strict daughter. Instead I watched a young woman who had turned an older woman across her lap give her a spanking she knew she deserved. The older woman naked with the younger woman fully dressed which emphasised the respective disciplinary positions. The younger woman welding the hairbrush, her lips pursed, her face telling me she was intent on, once again, turning the older woman’s bottom pink, then darker pink, then red, then a blazing red.
The younger woman had already turned the bottom on her lap a deep pink as the thrashing continued, unwavering, without question teaching the older woman there is a price to pay when she misbehaves, the price being a stinging burning bottom and tears running down her face as hopefully she learns that lesson. The younger woman’s bare arm rose holding the wooden paddle brush and dropped methodically, making sure not one spot of the quivering bottom on her lap was missed until that blazing burning red colour was reached and maybe she would start to think the older woman across her lap had learned her lesson.
I watched the older, oh so attractive woman, as she bent across the younger woman’s lap, concern on her face as she knew the next several minutes will be uncomfortable, intentionally painful. The first few spanks brought gasps. After a few spanks the older woman tried to protect her bottom with her hand only for the younger woman to grasp it with a triumphant smile and pull it clear halfway up her back, leaving her bottom perched across the lap unprotected, a position I knew the older woman enjoyed , yearned for, even though she knew there was nothing she could do to protect her bottom from this colour changing experience.
I watched as her bottom changed to a darker pink. The bottom cheeks wobbled madly as the hairbrush bit in to her flesh. Her breasts quivered as her body squirmed in the hopeless attempt to avoid the spanking hairbrush. Tears rolled freely, the apologies started to flow, but the spanking never stopped, not until that blazing burning red colour was reached.
I knew it was having an extraordinary effect on me. Watching the older woman as she was spanked by the younger woman.
Suddenly I heard, “I don’t understand why this is turning you on Dad, not after your own spanking.”
Embarrassed I covered my erect penis.
“No way Dad, you put your hands on your head.”
I did so whilst the spanking continued unabated. I watched as Rachel raised the hairbrush and brought it down again and again, and found the way Susie’s bottom wobbled around so arousing. I knew Susie was struggling, she always did, but I could not stop my erection returning the more I watched Susie being spanked. I knew Susie felt the same way when watching my spanking.
Susie was bawling her eyes out well before Rachel stopped spanking her and like me her crying continued well after the spanking stopped. One thing for sure was that Rachel knew how to spank very hard, very hard indeed, and sat there with a satisfied smile on her face knowing she had given her Mother a good hard lesson.
Susie eventually stood up and on instruction she came to stand next to me again.
Susie stood up and went over to the dressing table and put down the hairbrush. She went over to the bed, touching Emma lovingly on the arm, and lifted up the cane. She bent it in both her hands, flexing it in front of our eyes. I knew it was inevitable, as soon as she brought it in to our bedroom. We were going to be caned. Susie licked her lips. She knew how the cane turned her on although hated the pain of the caning itself.
Susie begged, “Please Rachel not too many strokes. Please.”
“Stop bleating Mum. You deserve it and you are going to get it.”
“If you must then,” Susie said with a frustrated tone of voice, looking forward to the after stinging sensation.
“Excuse me Mum?” Rachel said, glaring at her Mother. I stayed silent. Susie gasped realising she had overstepped the mark. She had badly overstepped the mark in fact as Rachel hated such childish behaviour.
“Get over to the chair Mum. Now.” Rachel must have had an even worse day than we thought. She was never this short tempered.
“Please Rachel,” Susie begged again but already walking over to the chair and bending over, grabbing the seat, legs apart, sticking her bottom out, knowing Rachel wouldn’t relent. She never did.
Rachel swished the cane and stood behind her Mother, tapping her bare bottom with it. Her bottom was already red and bruised from the hairbrush. “So Mum, not so clever now is it?”
“No Rachel. I’m sorry. Really I am, please, not too many.”
Rachel was still sniffing back tears from her spanking with the hairbrush, but several strokes were inevitable.
“How does six sound Mum?” Rachel said.
“Please less than that Rachel. Please, it was a mistake. Make it three. Please Rachel.” It was a common game between Mother and daughter. They both enjoyed it.
“OK, how about nine?” Rachel was looking stern, no nonsense, unyielding.
“No Rachel, six then, just six.”
Rachel smirked and said sarcastically, “Ask nicely Mum. “
Rachel stayed bent over grabbing the seat of the chair and looked back and up and saw how severe Rachel looked and in a quiet voice said, “Please Rachel, give me six strokes of the cane.”
“I should make them hard ones shouldn’t I Mum? Don’t you think?”
Such a wicked streak but just what Susie and I wanted I thought. The first tear ran down Susie’s face even before the first stroke, just at the thought of it. Still, she had to answer.
“Please Rachel, make them hard.”
“So you learn your lesson eh Mum?” she continued.
“Yes,” Susie said, followed by a sob, “So I learn my lesson.”
“Of course I will Mum, as you have asked so nicely. Can you stick your bottom out a bit more please,” Rachel added giving her Mother a few light taps. With that instruction Susie stuck her red bottom out a good few inches more, and Rachel seemed very satisfied, smiling for the first time, indicating she was calmer now. Maybe it won’t be so bad for me when it’s my turn I thought, selfishly I knew but there was real pain at stake here, and rather Susie than me when it came to it.
I had to admit that Susie had one heck of a beautiful bottom. Smooth, sexy, soft to the touch, even when it was red and bruised, and maybe more so because of that. Rachel raised the cane and the swish filled the air followed by the crack as it bit in to Susie’s bare flesh. Susie gasped, lifted one leg, kept hold of the chair at all costs because she knew the penalty for letting go was an extra stroke.
I couldn’t take my eyes off Susie’s bottom and the red line that went straight across it. The red line made it sexier, more spectacular. Rachel raise the cane again, the swish followed and I watched the cane bite in to Susie’s bottom a second time and the second red line appeared. Susie bent her legs, struggling, but again held on to the chair. I glanced at Rachel who was smiling broadly now, and she glanced at Emma and winked. She was enjoying herself.
A few seconds later the third stroke bit home and Susie cried out. Rachel took her time over the last three strokes landing each one carefully below the one before and after each stroke Susie cried out. Susie was in tears, as she always was when caned. I knew she would be relieved when the sixth stroke hit her and even though she screamed out she knew it was over, the caning anyway.
“Stay still Mum,” Rachel ordered and Susie froze, worried I knew that more strokes were to come. Rachel tapped her Mum’s bottom with the cane, lightly.
“Well Mum, are you going to stamp your foot again, throw another tantrum, eh Mum?” she asked as she stood behind her Mother and ran the cane up the side of her thigh.
“Well Mum?” she asked again, lightly tapping her Mothers thigh with the cane and getting an immediate, “No Rachel, I won’t, honest.”
“Good girl,” Rachel cooed as she ran the cane up and down the outside of the other thigh. I knew what was coming as Rachel had done it to me often enough after a caning. Soon the cane was running up the inside of her thigh, across her hair mound and back down the inside of her other thigh, before retracing its path, this time pressing the cane up into her hair mound instead of passing over it making Susie unconsciously rise up on to her tip toes until she couldn’t go any further. It was then that Rachel lowered the cane briefly and with the flick of her wrist brought it back up, not hard at all, but when she struck Susie’s pussy her Mother gasped, and as Rachel flicked again and again, directly on to the sensitive lips of her vagina.
Susie closed her eyes, tried to go even higher on tip toes but couldn’t her bottom sticking out more and more and she gasped as the flurry of light cane strokes will have done strange things to her. Rachel knew that with the pain came passion, arousal, stimulation, excitement, desire. All those thoughts will have gone through Susie’s head intermingled with the pain such a flurry brings. It was her gift to her Mum for taking her punishment so well, doing nothing for her other than knowing Emma will be turned on by the sight. Really turned on.
“OK Mum, you can get up but no rubbing.”
Susie let go of the chair and stood as straight as she could. I knew she wanted to rub her bottom but daren’t.
“Dad, now you please,” she ordered and I too made the short walk to the chair, bent over, grabbed the seat, and waited.
“Are you going to throw a tantrum Dad?” Rachel asked.
“No Rachel,” I said quietly.
“Good. So I’ll make it four strokes, just so Mum knows she got two extra for stamping her foot.”
Susie let out a sob, but before I could look I heard the swish and felt the searing pain of the first stroke. I knew it was a discipline stroke, one of her really hard ones. So it might only be four strokes but the pain will be like it was several more than that. The second stroke followed quickly and I know I yelped out loud. The third brought a louder yelp and by the fourth I cried out loud with the pain. I usually only cried after eight or nine strokes, but with the severity of these four I was crying freely and the pain was huge. I knew that Rachel had yet to run the cane along my inner thighs. I automatically went up on tip toes but could do nothing to prevent the flurry of strokes on my ball sac. She must have flicked the cane at least a dozen times maybe more. A present for me, and for Rachel’s adorable Emma.
“OK Dad, get back in place.”
I stood up and returned to my place next to Susie who was still sniffing with the pain.
“OK you two, take it you have been disciplined, and I am now far less tense, so you can go to bed and I won’t mind if you make some noise. Not too much, but some. Understood?” Rachel looked at Emma and they returned smiles. Emma got aroused by watching us disciplined, she always did.
“Yes Rachel,” we both said together.
Rachel picked up the hairbrush and still holding the cane walked out of the room followed by Emma who closed the door. Susie and I looked at each other but the first thing we both did was rub our bottoms just as hard as we could.
“You OK?” I asked Susie.
“Sure,” she replied.” It wasn’t so bad I guess.”
“Don’t say that too loudly,” I cautioned, and that removed the tension and we were both giggling. “Well we know that, and we did bring it on ourselves,” I said
“She must be happy with us with how she finished off our caning.”
“What, the cane strokes or what she did afterwards?”
“The cane strokes, its’ just we haven’t had so few strokes of the cane since Mayan.” We both wondered whether Rachel was getting soft.
“Do you need a cuddle?” I asked smiling.
“Yes and more. Now come here,” Susie said as she threw her arms around my neck and pulled me close. Our mouths opened and my tongue shot in to her mouth and soon I had one hand on her breast and the other cupped her bottom which brought an intake of breath with the pain but no resistance.
“It’s still such a turn on isn’t it?” I said.
“Sure is,” Susie replied. “Definitely. Rachel has that knack of getting me in the mood for great sex with you afterwards.”
“She does doesn’t she,” I said, laughing.
Susie said, “The fact is Rachel seems much better for it. Like tonight she comes home all stressed, then after she disciplines us she is much calmer. If you listen you can hear her and Emma in bed. They are really enjoying themselves. Emma gets turned on by watching us and she turns Rachel on.”
I blushed at the discussion about my daughter’s sex life. It seemed easier for Susie to discuss it though.
Susie said firmly, “I love that Rachel disciplines us Charlie because I end up really wanting sex as well and it’s the best sex we have had.”
“The sex sure is brilliant Susie.”
Susie gave me one of her all knowing looks and continued “Rachel has also confided in me that she is very happy disciplining us.”
“What, you mean it turns her on?”
“No. She likes to have the control though. She confided in me, as daughters do, that if Emma isn’t around she quite often masturbates afterwards particularly after using the cane, but it’s only the release of tension and not sexual.”
“I love it she is so cool with it, and I love what has happened to us Charlie. It turns me on when she disciplines us, especially when she does that flutter thing at the end.”
“That is something else Susie.”
“Anyway, her being in charge is here to stay Charlie. She told me she and Emma are staying together and they both have great sex afterwards as well.”
“So it’s settled?”
“Yes Charlie, you and me keep getting spanked and caned by our controlling daughter.”
“And the sex?” Charlie asked grinning.
“You are right, let’s get us both sorted out. Oral or full Charlie, your choice today?”
“Can we do both?”
“Cheeky so and so.” Susie gave me a playful smack. “Why not,” she added with a laugh.
We kissed passionately.
“I tell you what Charlie, maybe we can do it in the caning position?”
“How’s that?”
“I grab the seat of the chair as though about to be caned, bottom sticking right out, legs apart, but instead of Rachel’s cane between my legs it’s your penis.”
“Let’s do it right now,” I said quickly.
Susie took up her position her red bottom with the stripes across it looking so sexy. I positioned myself behind her, spooning in, took her breasts in my hands and edged in, my penis slipping easily into Susie’s pussy which was already wet and welcoming.
As I started to gyrate Susie said, “Make it a good one and you get the world’s best blowjob.”
I said between gasps as I got Susie and I closer to orgasm, “You know Susie, I’m glad Mayan never happened. This is so cool.”
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