Sleepless Nights I
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I stir in my bed, tightly hugging my naked body against the black covers that I was tangled in. It was a cold night and even the comfort of my double bed could not bring me the warmth I needed to fall back into sleep.
I open my eyes and look into the darkness of my bedroom, just making out the shapes of the mirrored wardrobe and the Tv hanging on the white wall.
"Jesus it's cold!" I pull the covers even tighter around me with a long shiver.
"I could help you with that." A voice purred behind me, making me freeze as a hand brushed my shoulder. Where it's pale finger tips touched my skin, warmth spread though me with blissful shivers that gently spread through me, calming down my racing heart. As if out of thin air, I felt a body appear behind me, pressing against me and even though the covers I could feel the heat radiating from his skin.
Without my permission, my body turned around to face him and as it did his hand moved down to lay on my hip, stroking It with his thumb which seemed to turn me on.
"I could warm you up." He purred, bringing his face closer to mine as I looked into those deep dark blue eyes, a tint of red dancing around the pupil. I stares into them and without warning, his lips landed on mine.
Automatically my own lips responded as I lifted my head, pressing into him. Our tongues dancing with each other, tasting each other. His hand had now moved of my hip and to my breasts, playing with them; sometimes pinching the nipple causing a small moan to escape my lips. A smile over came my lips as he got on top of me, the only thing separating me is the thin sheet between my naked body and his hard member. Which I could see was now fully erected.
He kissed my lips again before kissing down my neck and gently nibbling on it, sending erotic shivers down my spine. He continued down until he got to my breasts and cupped both with his hands admiring them as he played with his new toy.
"Beautiful." I heard him whisper before taking one of the erect nipples into his mouth, making me breathe out a long quiet moan as he sucked and nibbled on it whilst pinching the other. Everywhere he touched, warmth spread though me. Turning me on more with each touch, making me more wet, making me want him even more.
As if he had heard me, one of his hands trailed from breast and down my stomach before slipping between my closed thighs and parting them. Exposing my warm, wet pussy. His fingers traveled up and down, rubbing against my lips and clit but leaving me hungry for more. Suddenly, his wet thumb pressed down on my clit, making my body jerk with a burst of pleasure that shot up though me.
My moan filled the silent room as he looked up and kissed my lips, tearing away the cover off me revealing his hands on my wet pussy and my slim tanned body. I breathed out against his neck as he slowly parted my lips and slipped his finger in, pushing them in deep, before retreating and then doing the same but this time with two.
Moans were now escaping my lips and his fingers moved back and forth into me, making my body shake with pleasure. With each quick thrust the pleasure was getting greater, my mind over ridden with the sensation. Another moan escapes me as he plunges his fingers even deeper and harder, at the same time rubbing against my g spot. I could feel my body tensing, ready to climax.
Throwing my head back, his thrusts became quicker more dominant. The orgasm was building up and with a long moan I arched my back as pure pleasure exploded through me, his fingers were still in me. Pressing on my g spot. Making my wet pussy pulse from the orgasm.
Before I realised, he was crouching between my spread legs. I could feel his hot dick sliding against my wetness. I could see the hunger on his face as I gazed at him. I wanted it, I wanted it so bad. As if reading my thoughts he smiled and took hold of his dick and rubbed his shaft against my clit and pussy, making me tense up as it was still sensitive from the orgasm and with a swift thrust of his hips. He plunged his dick deep into me.
Pleasure took my body over completely as he didn't wait and started thrusting into me quickly and hard. I could feel every inch of his dick inside me, moving back and forth as groans escaped his open lips. I wrapped my legs around him, pushing him in even deeper, he responded and started moving even faster by now I was wriggling with pleasure that never seemed to stop coming and I didn't want it to. I wanted this to never end. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh and both of our moans turned me on even more and suddenly I found myself being lifted as he fell onto his back, with me on top of him with his dick still deep inside me.
Instantly I started moving back and forth, my nails digging into his chest as his hands guided me on my hips. Again I could feel another orgasm slowly building up inside me as I rode him, the feel of his dick hitting the walls of vagina urging me on to go faster. As I started to feel his dick pulse, he turned me over so he once again was on top and started ramming deep into me. My breaths were short and my moans filled my ears, getting louder as the orgasm finally hit my body at the same time his cum exploded Inside me. I could feel the warmth fill me up as he thrust deep into me a couple of more times before pulling out. His breathing hard and body sweaty.
Still recovering I just lay there, shaking from the orgasm that was still lightly present.
"Mine.. You are. All mine" He whispered, kissing my lips. I kissed back and turned over into his embrace, feeling tiredness come over my body and the darkness pull me in.
Mine. The word echoed in my mind as I closed my eyes.
Opening my eyes, I look around the bright lit room, still hazy from my dream. I could feel the wetness between my legs, it sure left me to wake up horny. I smile as I slip my hand between my thighs, feeling the wetness slip on my finger.
Closing my eyes I lean back and take in a breath. The air smelled sweet. It smelled like sex.
Sup horny readers, this is my first story on here. I've written stories before but never ones with sex in it so please do vote or tell If you do like it :) enjoy ;) - forgotten forgiven
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