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“Let’s do something different,” he said.
“Different like what?” I asked.
“You know, in bed.”
I turned to him and he had that glint in his eye.
“What did you have in mind?” I asked.
The last time we tried something different a bunch of teenagers caught us in flagrante having sex in the park near our house. It was highly embarrassing to say the least especially since we both are respected college professors. Naturally, I was leery this time.
“Well, nothing too crazy,” he started.
“Oh, will it at least be in the house this time?” I asked.
“That’s not fair,” he protested. “I didn’t know those kids were having a party in the park that night!”
“We were lucky they weren’t our students,” I reminded him.
He sighed, “I know.”
“No hammock?”
He blushed. “No hammock.”
He had a bright idea that sex in a hammock would be fun. He bought a big hammock and strung it up between two trees in our back yard. I asked him if he had strung it tight enough and he said he had. We climbed in and started fooling around and just when we got to stroking really good, a couple of strings popped and we both fell on our butts.
Well, actually, he fell on his butt and I fell on top of him. He strained his back and was out of commission for nearly a month.
Then there was the “motion lotion” that was supposed to stimulate my lady parts and make my orgasm more intense. Neither of us knew I was allergic to the stuff and instead of stimulating me, it burned like holy hell and we couldn’t make love for a few days till my coochie cooled off.
So yes, I was a bit wary when my darling man spoke of “something different.” We hadn’t had much good luck with “something different.”
But I loved my brave Lothario and I was willing to try things with him. He was clearly the most amazing man I had ever met and he was clever and funny and gorgeous. He had dark brown hair and beautiful dark eyes that looked like brown velvet. His eyelashes were long and thick and just what most women would have paid a king’s ransom for.
He was just under 6 feet tall and had a nice body and a very cute little bubble butt. His smile was bright enough to light up a room and he had big dimples and a darling rosebud mouth. I was happier with Kirby than I had ever been in my life. He made me laugh till I cried sometimes and then he would take me in his arms and make love to me till I was screaming.
Really. The neighbors had called the cops on us twice.
Kirby was a brilliant physicist and he taught classes but he also worked on some projects dealing with astronomy and black holes. He also played bass guitar and sang in a rock band and he was kind of famous for that. He was 50 years old and looked like he was 30.
Not a line in his face or a sag or a bag. His skin was perfect. He had a few gray hairs but it looked kind of sexy honestly. He looked good in a tight pair of jeans and better in shorts. He had big thick sexy thighs and I loved them. I love a man with sexy thighs.
Lots of his female students had been batting their eyes at him but I had put them on notice that I would beat the living shit out of the first girl who put her hands on him. I was in no mood to compete with a hot ass twenty year old who wanted my man. I’d karate chop the little whore right in the throat if she got pushy.
I also taught at the university but I taught English – specifically Southern Literature. Faulkner was my specialty. Our offices were in different buildings but we managed to keep close to each other each day. I went to his office or he came to mine and we had lunch or…er…whatever… together.
Our lunchtime interludes were hot and steamy and so much fun! We had Sirius XM in the offices so we put on some music – sometimes classic rock and other times classic r&b or smooth jazz or just some cool jazz and we managed to have fun on the couch, in our chair, on the desk, on the floor, even up against the wall. Okay, that one was a little strange but we ended up laughing and scratched that one off the list of things to try.
Kirby had written several books but in one, he had spoken at length about me. I loved the way he describes me and how he feels about me so I borrow it quite frequently.
“I am lucky enough to have met the most wonderful woman on this planet – or any other in my estimation. My Anna is not only brilliant and beautiful, she is sweet, loving, loyal, kind and understanding.
Did I mention beautiful?
Anna is petite and has all the right curves in the right places. She wears her hair in braids which I love. She has beautiful brown skin and big dark brown eyes that are glowing all the time. Her lips are so lush and sexy that I could kiss her all day every day. For a short little thing, she has a round delicious ass and long shapely legs and the sweetest tits this side of heaven.
A few silly asses have asked me why I have a black woman as my girlfriend and I say why not? I fell madly in love with her once I looked into her eyes and by the time I touched her and saw how downright amazing she is, I was hooked. I’ve never met a woman like her and I fall in love with her more every single day.
She is an English professor here at the same university where I work and I know very well I have to make an appearance every once in a while to keep any of the Big Men On Campus from getting any cute ideas about her. She’s MINE all MINE and I’m fully prepared to kick a young ass if I have to. Lucky for me, she isn’t turned on by the young hunks so I am blessed to have all her attention to myself.
She is loving and supportive and has a great sense of humor and she indulges all my wild ideas and promotions with a smile. And she’s beautiful. I did say that, didn’t I? Well, she is. And she is sexy as hell. I love her madly.”
See why I love him?
But anyway, “something different…..” Okay.
Apparently he had come up with something really cool this time. He was all excited. But Kirby gets excited a lot so I just had to wait and see what he had planned.
I was going to take a long leisurely bath that night and I was going to rub myself down in my favorite scented oil. I had laid out the peach colored nightie that he loves. It’s sheer and it is floor length but it has a sexy slit up to my hip almost and he loves that. It gets his motor going so I love to wear it for him.
He asked me not to take my bath till after he had finished working on something so I decided to lie down and wait for him. I had a glass of wine while I went through the channels on television. He came breezing past me and went into his bathroom and I thought he was going to take a bath with me but he came back out and went back into the office again. I had no idea what he was doing so I just watched television.
Uh, yes, we each have our own bathroom. It makes for a very happy relationship. His has a very large shower that we use when we want to shower together and mine has a large Jacuzzi.
But anyway, I finished my wine and dozed off. It had been a long day and we’d had a big dinner that night. Kirby had cooked steaks for us on the grill and grilled corn and baked potatoes and a huge salad and I had baked a pie and we’d had pie a’la mode. We didn’t always have big meals like that but we’d both wanted a steak and so we indulged. I figured whatever foolishness we got into before we went to sleep would burn off the calories. Sex with Kirby is so damned much fun….
When I woke up, I felt restricted. I couldn’t turn over and I couldn’t move. I thought at first I was having a bad dream but as I woke completely up, I realized why I could not move. Kirby was sitting by my feet and I looked up and saw that he had tied my arms to the bedposts with some silk scarves and was busy tying my feet also. And I was naked.
“What the hell are you doing?” I squeaked.
He stopped and grinned at me. “I’m tying you up.”
“I can see that. Why?” I asked. I tugged at the restraints on my wrists.
“I thought it would be fun. I don’t have you tied that tight and if you really want me to, I will take you loose. But I want to try something. I promise I won’t leave you tied up long and I will make it worth your while, Anna baby, I promise,” he sounded like an excited little boy.
I trusted Kirby with my life and I knew he would never do anything to hurt me. I also knew he had been talking to the Biology professor that he hung out with. Bruce was a Dom and he lived completely immersed in the BDSM lifestyle. He and his wife had a dungeon in their house and they had play nights with their friends quite often. Kirby had talked to me about it and I had promised I’d go to one of their play nights with him. I wasn’t curious about it at all but I knew Kirby was. He had promised not to do anything to hurt me or anything that I didn’t like. I knew he wouldn’t.
I sighed and shook my head. There wasn’t much I could do anyway since I was restrained.
“You better fuck me till my teeth rattle,” I told him.
He gave me a sly grin. “I’ll do better than that.”
Kirby was many things but he was not a liar. I got goose bumps thinking about some of the delicious things he had done to me in the past. And he was so excited about this. I was probably going to enjoy it even if I was a bit uncomfortable with it right now.
He leaned over me and kissed me and told me he loved me. Then he put a blindfold on me. That freaked me out.
“Shh…” he said softly, “just let me have fun with you, Anna. Please. It will be all right.”
I lay there shivering slightly and then I felt something soft moving up my leg. It felt like a feather. It moved up my leg and across my body, around my breasts and up my neck. He kissed me again and trailed the feather down my torso. It tickled slightly and I giggled and then I felt his touch but not his hand. He had a glove or something on his hand and it was soft and felt like velvet. He caressed my whole body and my nerve endings were tingling. Because I couldn’t see what he was doing, the anticipation was maddening. My nipples were hard and I was shivering.
He put something on my breasts that was cool and I smelled that it was chocolate syrup. He put more down around my vagina and I also smelled strawberries.
“I’m gonna have a double chocolate sundae,” he said softly. I didn’t know if it was ice cream or whipped cream but he smeared something cold on my flesh and then began to lick it off. It felt wonderful. I couldn’t move and I was shaking but he kept licking and sucking whatever it was he had smeared on me. He sucked my breasts, obviously enjoying his treat. I enjoyed it too. I wanted to touch him but I couldn’t. All I could do was lie there as he enjoyed his dessert on my body. He licked his way down to my pussy and I cried out, “Dammit, Kirby, let me loose!”
“Oh no, baby, not yet! I haven’t had the piece d’resistance!”
“What’s that?” I asked.
“A chocolate ice cream pussy sundae with strawberries and peaches and whipped cream.”
And he was serious as he could be. He took the blindfold off and he was putting his treats on my body and licking them off. It was slow torture for me. The cold of the ice cream, the warmth of his mouth…licking and sucking and nibbling on me – it was driving me crazy! And he had a monstrous tent in his shorts.
“Kirby, it’s no fair that I can’t touch you!” I cried.
“In a minute, baby, in a minute…” as he sprayed whipped cream on my pussy.
My mad scientist went to work on my body. I had two orgasms and he still wasn’t finished. I was sticky and wet and covered in all kinds of stuff but he didn’t care. I saw that look in his eyes. And he was hard as a rock. He rubbed that cock on me and climbed over me and he was inside me in a second.
“Kirby!!!” I wailed.
“Yes, baby, you feel so good….” he moaned.
“Let me go! Please!” I begged.
He pulled back out and released my legs and held them open and plunged back inside me. Then he reached up and let my arms loose and I held on for dear life. It was as if he had never made love to me before. He was wild, pounding and slamming himself in me and biting and kissing me. He was growling like an animal when he came.
The bed was a mess. I was a mess and so was he. I stripped the bed and put clean sheets on the bed and he ran some bath water for us.
We sat in the tub and I caressed his face. He smiled at me and kissed my hand.
“So did you like that?”
“I don’t think I liked it as much as you did,” I said.
“Oh I loved it. It was the best. You can’t imagine how delicious you are with chocolate syrup and strawberries on your snatch,” he sighed.
“It got you going didn’t it? You put some lovin’ on me after you had your dessert,” I sighed.
“You have no idea. I got so turned on I could hardly wait to get my dick in you.”
“You were excellent,” I said softly.
He peered at me, a languorous look in his gorgeous eyes, “I was? Really?”
“You really were.”
“So we can do that again?”
“The next time I tie you up.”
He grinned. “Deal. Tie me up and have your way with me. I love it.”
It took a week or so, but I got him back.
I bought some velvet handcuffs and some other toys. He had no idea what I was planning and that was how I wanted it.
He was sitting in bed reading when I came in and sat next to him. He reached out and caressed my thigh and kept reading. I took his hand and slipped the cuffs on before he realized it. He tried to pull his hand back and looked up at me slightly puzzled.
“What’s going on, babe?” he asked.
“Turnabout is fair play,” I purred.
I cuffed his other hand and then slid off the bed and cuffed his feet. He was grinning and already getting hard in anticipation of what I was going to do.
I put on some music, “Europa” and started to slowly dance in front of him. I had worn a long black dress that day but I had covered it with a sweater and I had worn my Doc Martens with it. Now he could see that the dress was low cut in the front and my breasts were almost popping out of it and it was long and clung to my body all the way down. I swayed my hips to the music and turned around giving him a view of my ass as I danced.
“Oh fuck….” He sighed.
I slid one strap off my shoulder and undulated my hips and then the other strap. The dress eased lower and my boobs were just barely holding it up. I danced a sensual dance that I knew would leave his mouth dry.
“Come here, baby,” he said, his voice low, “come here and give me some of that ass. Rub it right across my face.”
The dress slowly slid down my body and I stepped out of it and I was nude underneath it. I danced across the room and then moved closer to him and eased across the bed till I was close to him but not touching.
“No fair, baby, don’t tease me!” he yelped.
I leaned over him and kissed him without touching any part of his body but his lips. Then I shook my tits right out of reach of his mouth.
“Anna! Baby, please! No, not like that! Come touch me please. Give me a tit or your ass or something, please, baby!”
I tangled my fingers in his hair and straddled him. I rubbed my pussy on him and licked the side of his face and sucked his neck and went down to his nipples and sucked them both till he was nearly in tears. I licked my way down to his cock that was hard as could be.
I fell in love with Kirby’s cock the first time I slid my hand down his jeans and felt it. I could not believe it. It’s fantastically thick and it’s long too. The head is just round and heavy and so smooth and big. One of my pleasures in life is sucking on that thing and stroking it with my hand. I love it.
But I didn’t want to suck it just yet. I wanted to torment him for a while longer just as he had done to me. I slid back up his body and sat just over his face but didn’t let him lick me as he wanted to. He began to growl and struggle against his restraints.
“Anna, this isn’t right. Please. Let me go. Or sit on my face, please. I want some pussy, baby. Please,” he whined.
I lowered myself just enough that his tongue touched me and then I moved away. I put my fingers inside my pussy and then rubbed them around his nose and put them in his mouth and he sucked them like he was starving. He almost screamed.
I slid up and down his body for a while longer and then I started licking his cock. He was pushing himself up to my mouth and moaning, “Please, please, PLEASE, Anna….”
I picked up the vibrator I had bought and turned it on and pressed it up against his nuts. He let out a long deep moan that got my nipples hard. I sucked the head of his cock and massaged his nuts with the vibrator. He was tossing his head from side to side and moaning.
Kirby has a very sensitive butt and he loves when I play with it. I lubed up the vibrator and he knew what I was going to do and his eyes lit up.
“Oh, baby, yes, yes, put that in my ass now, baby, now and then suck my cock. Oh shit baby, shit…” he was babbling.
I slid it into his ass and he was jerking and groaning so loud and hard that I thought he would come on the spot but he didn’t. I started fucking his ass while I sucked his cock. He was in sheer bliss.
I let his cock out of my mouth with a loud plopping sound and then I put some oil on him and I rubbed myself on it. I pulled the vibrator out of his ass and slid down on his cock. He was screaming then. He was more turned on than I’d seen him in a long time.
I reached up and let his hands loose and he grabbed me and started moving me up and down on his cock. I climbed off him and uncuffed his feet and he grabbed me and threw me down on the bed on my stomach and rammed himself in me and began to fuck me so hard and fast, his ass was moving like a piston.
My orgasm was so intense I was nearly paralyzed for a few minutes. He was going and going and going and I was screaming and he was howling and we both came like hell at almost the same time.
I sat up and looked down at him.
“Oh you look so smug,” he said.
“Shouldn’t I? Did I make you happy?”
“Oh, yes you did. You vixen. You teased me unmercifully. I almost exploded. Your pussy was hot as lava. Dammit woman, you drive me crazy!”
“I just wanted to give you just a little of what you gave me.”
“Baby, this something different stuff is working out pretty well, isn’t it?”
I laughed in spite of myself. He was right. It was.
“Give me time to think of something else,” he said, settling down to go to sleep.
My mad scientist. I snuggled up against his body and wondered what he would want to do next. There was no telling with him, but I would be ready. We were on a roll.
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