Tending The Gardens Part II
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Just as she had suspected then, it was his intention to initiate some form of sensual fore-play all along. His sideways glances were not imagined at all. What a titillating offering and imaginative ploy to draw her in, she thought. Now this was some opportunity for a most unusual liaison and one she wasn't about to forego.
How long had it been since she had this kind of opportunity? That's right… like never? These thoughts kept her occupied as her hands continued to explore her own heated quaking body, as her eyes fixated on his continued overt self pleasuring.
He knew he was taking a risk, not being one hundred percent certain of her vulnerabilities and intentions. He realized that if he was mistaken, even a little, this could all go very bad, and fast. It was a calculated risk, for sure, but her acceptance of his earlier advances seemed open and obvious enough, and his own sense of assuredness and confidence had rarely let him down in such cases. He considered himself a bit of a rogue, but also a sensitive enough individual to trust his instincts around women. Usually they guided his impulses accurately and ended ultimately in lascivious satisfaction.
Her eyes glowed from afar and there was no mistaken the torturous yearning that expressed to him her growing need for a continued satisfaction and exposure.
He felt a surge of confidence and pride, glad that he took such measures to keep fit and focused. He prided himself on his skills with women, at many levels. He took her cues to heart and hand, slowly moving one of his hands agonizing slow towards his own belt buckle, while his other continued to very slowly and deftly take his own measure. The growing surging pulsing bulge was ever expanding it's obvious intentions under his tight jeans, that being for escape most of all.
His hand crept along slowly towards his Harley insignia buckle, and once there began it's advancement towards freeing one steel objective, towards an ultimate goal of freeing another steely object. He made quick work of that manly belt and quickly moved to the buttons down the front of his pants, but made a bit of a show of it all, as his eyes continued to study her own half closed orbs. He dramatically unbuttoned each, with a teasing smile upon his boyish face. His eyes gleamed with joy and hunger, that was not lost on her despite her lowered lashes.
Her heart pounded with each button liberated. The first act of unbuckling that masculine belt caught her off guard, but she quickly regained her composure and own desire to be of equal match and pleasure for his intense fiery eyes. She had to catch herself when she realized her knees were getting weak again, as she hadn't been sure just where his self manipulations might lead. This whole process was leading her in a direction that prior to this moment had only existed in her deepest held fantasies. But there he was, no fantasy now, just the real deal, and on a path towards peeling off the only obstructions between her desirous eyes and that ever expanding cobra beneath those jeans. God how she wanted this, him, this view, this game. Her own hands were busy as his, making sure she positioned herself in full view of his targeted eyes.
He could see her bra loosened and slipping beneath her sweater and could see her hands busy messaging her lovely full and magnificent breasts. The sweater was of a very light fine material, maybe angora, but very light and nearly transparent. It was easy to make out her taught diamond-like nipples, giving her high state of arousal away. He loved the way she offered this view to him in exchange of his own. He could see her sway from time to time, knowing her legs were giving way. Usually this would occur only after one of her hands would disappear below her waist, just out of his view below the window counter between the two rooms. He could make out the tops of her stretch pants only, just enough to see her hand disappear below the waist band.
He unfastened the last button now, and lifted his hips slightly so that he could slowly (very slowly for effect), slide his jeans down to his knees. He was wearing some very short spandex sports-type underwear. The effect of his cock expanding against this stretch material was especially dramatic and poignant for her wild eyes to feast on. He ran a hand across his tight stomach heading down towards the bulge again. His other hand stroked the inner part of his thigh. His eyes half closed and his mouth half opened as he continued to study her own performance.
His cock was fully engorged now and pulsing heavily. There was a constant movement under his shorts, as his hand continued to take full measure of his glorious length. There was an unmistakable small but growing wet spot at the point of his crowning tip.
Her heart was now nearly at a pitch to explode, as his hands moved so expertly and intently upon his own muscular body. She could see his joy and his arousal clearly and could perceive the occasional low animal-like groan and moan.
The sounds only furthered her own burning need and desire. She had never been so elevated and needy, ever in her life. She still couldn't believe this was actually happening. It was like something she read about in some sensual tale or romance novel, but surely never to occur in real life, HER life! She cupped and kneaded her breasts, now for HIM, as much as for her own desperate pleasure. She made a great slow display of her hand reaching down below the waistband of her stretch pants, as she could see how intently he followed it. She kept the hand on the outside of her tiny panties, wanting to prolong the pleasure and enjoying the silky feel of it against her labia. Damn but she was wet, hot, shaking. His potent display having the desired effect on her, causing a magnificent and unimaginable flow.
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