His Idea Of A Perfect Valentine's
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I’m just getting over the rush of the holidays with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all piled up so close together. It’s nice they’re finally done with for the year. It’s been a long couple months, but now Valentine’s is tomorrow and I want it to be special. I told my boyfriend Luke I want to go all out and he said he would plan it all.
 I’m hoping he does just that.
I’m Kasey and I’m 23 years old. I’m 5’5” with light brown golden hair that goes mid way down my back. I have soft green eyes with long eye lashes. I’m about 111 pounds with 32C breasts. My boyfriend is Luke and 23 also. He is 6’0” even and 140 pounds. He has light blonde hair with blue eyes. We've been together for three years and are completely serious for one another.
It’s finally Valentine’s!
Luke calls me and tells me to be ready after work. He wants me dressed and looking nice. I can’t ask any questions, just do as he asks. I giggle and agree to this of course. I head off and get my hair done. I come back home feeling sexy already. I slip into the dress I just bought. The dress fits perfect on me. It’s showing off just enough leg to make any man look twice.
I look around the apartment and wonder how much longer I’m going to have to live alone. We've been talking about living together for a while now, but it hasn't happened. I think sometimes he is scared of taking that step and wonder if he wants it. I try not to dwell on it as I wait for him to come get me.
Within moments I hear his car pull up and he comes waltzing in looking amazing. Luke has on black slacks and a crisp white shirt with a jacket over it. He looks so handsome and I can’t help but tell him so. He pulls me into his arms and kisses me deeply. He swats my ass in a gesture of saying 'let’s go', and I grin at him. I grab what I need and we head to the car.
“Can you guess where we’re going to eat, Kas?”
“We’re going to play guessing games? Hmm, Nope. No idea. Tell me?”
“Silly girl, we’re going to go to the place we had our first date.”
“I love that place! I’m still shocked you took me there for a first date.”
“I knew you were special, even then, it was and is worth it.”
“ Aren't you being the sweet talker tonight, baby?”
“It must be in the air.”
“It must be.”
Once we arrive at the restaurant we’re taken to our seats fairly quickly.
I can tell that Luke clearly made reservations beforehand. I like the atmosphere here. The food has always been top notch; the music is nice and relaxing. It’s never been overly crowded the few times we have come, even tonight on Valentine’s. We order our food, we both order steak as we normally do. We start chatting over some wine as we wait for our meal. Once dinner is over, we order a cheesecake to go, something we can indulge in later on in the evening.
When we get back into the car Luke tells me the drive will be about 30 minutes. He smiles and rests his hand on my inner thigh, caressing it gently. I can’t help but love the way he touches me, almost like he always needs the physical contact. We pull up to this small little house that looks slightly dark inside. I’m confused at why we’re here and raise an eyebrow at him. He smiles at me and tells me to trust him. Of course I trust him, and I go with it.
We walk inside and all around the living room are candles and a roaring fire. It is beautiful, it's breath taking. I am however still confused at what’s going on.
“What is all this?”
“I know how much you, I... we've talked about getting a place together. I know I should have talked to you first, but I wanted to surprise you.”
“I – I just ….”
“Don’t worry baby, nothing is final until I get your say so. One of my friend’s wives is in real estate, and showed me around. I saw this and it is so us.”
I’m lost for words and Luke shows me around the house. It is a three bedroom with a finished basement. The backyard is beautiful and fenced in. It’s a little small even though it’s a three bedroom, but it’s a great starter home. I can’t help but fall in love with it the more he shows me. We head back towards the living room and he turns on some music, pulling me into his arms. We dance to the soft music, and he kisses me lightly. The living room is decked out to look cozy and it’s perfect.
His lips work mine lightly before trailing over my jaw line to my ear lobe. I can feel his fingers work the zipper to the back of my dress. I hear the zipping sound slowly move down until it reaches the end. His fingers come up to my shoulders, taking the straps before pulling them down, until my dress pools around my feet. I stand there in front of him in just my bra and panties, a soft blush glows on my cheeks.
“You’re so beautiful, Kasey.”
I bite my bottom lip as I take a step forward closer to him. I help him out of his jacket and toss it on a folding chair nearby. I begin to unbutton his shirt slowly, as I do I kiss on his chest where it’s exposed. The lower I go with the buttons, I move down to my knees.
He slides the shirt off, looking down at me with a smile.
I undo his belt, watching his expression. I love the sound of his belt coming undone, it always turns me on. I move to undo his button, then his zipper slowly. Before I take his pants off, I help him out of his shoes one by one. I happily and willing help him out of his pants and boxers, to see he is rock hard for me. I look up at him once more as I lick my lips.
I lean in and kiss the very tip of his cock, before wrapping my lips around his head. I close my lips tight around him and suck gently as I flick my tongue over his tip. I can hear him gasp; a shiver runs over his body.
He slips his fingers into my hair and caresses me gently. I begin to suck on him a little harder, my tongue still flicking over him, until I move mouth further onto his cock. I teasingly suck on him slow until he is balls deep. I begin a low humming deep in my throat, knowing it’ll vibrate the head of him as I suck his shaft deeply.
He moves his hips to match my pace lightly, which encourages me to start going a little faster. I hear his gasps turn into moans turning me on more. I suck on him hard, popping him from my mouth, and as I do he lifts me back up onto my feet. He kisses me deeply, sucking on my bottom lip. His hands are working the clasps of my bra removing it, as we kiss still. My nipples are hard, even though my body is warm; I shiver lightly as he reaches around to caress them. We move easily to the blanket spread out on the floor.
We lie there, with him at my side kissing along my collar bone down to my breasts. I can feel the heat of the fire place roaring over my nearly naked body, as I ache for him. I shiver, almost begging him to touch me more. His left hand skims over my belly, down towards my panties as he snaps them lightly. I feel the snap hit my skin, and I gasp, loving it.
He moves between my legs and kisses down between my breasts, pinching lightly at my nipples. He kisses down to my belly button, licking around it in small circles, until he reaches my panties once more. He hooks thumbs into them, and pulls gently down as they slide off my ass, down my legs, easily.
“Close your eyes for me, baby.”
“Mmm, anything for you, darling.”
I close my eyes and allow my other senses to become more alert. I feel him move about a bit as I try to figure out what he’s doing. I can’t though, and yet I trust that he is up to no good, but the kind of no good that makes me yearn more for him. I lie as still as I can all I can hear is the faint sounds of the music and my own breathing. I bite my lower lip, trying to focus on what he might be doing. My heart is racing with excitement and I almost speak to ask him what he is doing. I change my mind when I feel him come closer to me again.
He doesn't speak; he almost doesn't seem to move. He is just there.
I want to beg him to do something other than tease me with wondering what is to come. Without warning I feel a hot burn begin to drizzle on my chest, working its way down over my stomach and mound. I let out soft gasps and whimpers as I almost want to fling my eyes open. It only takes a moment longer, once it starts to cool and harden what it is. It's candle wax and he’s drizzling it over me lightly. I gasp again, loving the mix of hot and cooling from the wax. He stops and I can feel my body covered in a nice thick coat of wax, cooling quickly.
“Open your eyes, love.”
I do, and I see the mixed colors of pink and red over my body. I blush and smile up at him, liking the idea of wax play.
He scoots down laying flat on his belly, between my legs, as he slides his hands under my ass. He pulls me to his face and licks gently on my clit. He is so gentle it almost is too much of a tease. I let out a soft whimper before he takes it into his mouth and begins to suck on it with a bit more pressure.
I let out long gasps and moans, grinding my hips to his touch. I can feel him work my clit with such a skill that makes me want to orgasm already. I know it’s the heightened touch of my skin, from the wax and loving his touch that brings me to this point. I whisper out to him that I’m going to orgasm and he sucks a litter harder. I yelp out lightly, bucking my hips upwards and begin to orgasm hard for him. He sucks deeply on my clit, not giving in.
I can feel my orgasm rippling through me and he climbs up to me quickly. He opens my legs wide and pushes deep inside me. I can feel my pussy fight to orgasm as he forces himself inside me. He wants to feel the orgasm around his cock. He groans out, loving the affect of how I feel when I orgasm. He thrusts into me making my orgasm last longer. Once it finally subsides, he doesn't give in. He slows his pace, but keeps his cock deep inside me. I match his rhythm, and we make love to one another. I can feel the love between us growing through our love making. It makes me whimper out in desire for him.
I can feel the way his cock is pushing through the walls of my pussy opening me wider. I lift my hips to meet up with him, until he is balls deep. I love the way he feels deep inside me. I can never get enough of how it feels. I grind my hips once he is balls deep, and he lets out a soft growl, loving the sensation as much as I do. I keep grinding, as he begins thrust a little faster inside me. The both of us are working each other to please one another. I grip on to the back of his hair, and pull him into a deep kiss. I can feel the tremble rip through me as I start to orgasm again.
His speed quickens, and I can feel his cock grow thicker inside me. My walls are squeezing him tighter than ever, and he moans out through our kiss. He begins to fill me with his seed. Our orgasms are powerful and strong, and neither of giving in to the other. I can feel them fill me deep inside my womb and I cry out, as I break the kiss loving it.
Once his cock is soft inside me, and slips out naturally, he lies down beside me. We lay basking in each other’s arms, trembling slightly, as he holds me close. I look at him with a smile, my emotions spilling over for him.
“I think this place is perfect…. I want it. Let’s do it.”
“Are you sure? I don’t want to pressure you into the first place.”
“I’m sure, I love it. It’s already our home.”
He grins wide at me. He looks so proud of the fact he did it on his own, and made me so happy. I kiss him deeply as he kisses me back just as deep. He gets up a moment and comes back with the cheesecake we had ordered and I giggle. He brought some red wine and pops it open. He pours us each a glass. We eat the cheesecake and drink our wine, talking about how soon we want to move in. Once we’re done he slides it away and pulls me back into his arms.
We say nothing more, just listen to the fire crackle. The music gently pull us into our first sleep in our new home. I fall asleep with a smile, knowing his idea of perfect valentine’s is my idea of a perfect valentine.
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