The Minx (Part III)
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After being asked to keep an eye on my neighbor's 18 year old daughter while her mother went away for the weekend, I didn't expect to find myself ending up in bed with her. But that is what happened as she went from jerking my cock and giving me a blowjob, to myself going down on her and eating her pussy out to a wonderful orgasm. But things were about to go that further step....
I moved up to the side of her body, as my cock was already beginning to get hard once more, which she noticed.
"Did I make you hard again, Mr Andrews?" she asked.
"Yes, you did," I told her.
"Maybe we should do something about your hard cock again?" she said to me in her wicked, sexual tone, and offered a smile to go along with it. She reached down, and grasped her fingers around my cock and slowly jerked it for me at her side. "Would you like to put your big, hard cock inside my tight, young cunt, Mr Andrews?" she said, showing no concern for being out of breath a little still, from her orgasm she just received.
"Shouldn't we wait a minute for you to get your breath back?" I told her.
"I'm ready to go right now. I'm still so horny, Mr Andrews, and I want to feel your cock inside of me if it will fit. Will you fuck me, please, Mr Andrews? Fuck me!" she asked again.
"I'd love to fuck you, Tiffany!" I said to her. I leaned in and kissed her again. My hand eased its way across her firm waist, circling around like a vulture deciding whether to swoop down and play with her pussy, or rise further up towards her ample, heaving bosom.
As my hand caressed her body, I looked upon this beautiful young woman laying at my side. Her long legs, smooth pussy and her breasts still hidden beneath the fabric of her top.
"I'd love to suck on your tits, Tiffany, if that's okay?" I asked of her, softly.
She smiled. "Mmm, I'd love that Mr Andrews. My nipples are so sensitive and hard," she informed me, as she rose to sit upright. She grabbed her top and raised it over her head as her hair fell down across her spine, and she tossed her top to the side of the bed. I looked at the back of her naked body, as my hand caressed up and down her spine. She wrapped her arms across her front, covering her breasts as she slowly leaned back to lay at my side.
She eased her arms away, revealing the beautiful mountains of her chest that rose and fell with each moment of her breathe. Her breasts were so arousing to stare upon, puffy in creation like a hilltop mountainside that rose to each peak with a nipple upon both that was already hardened in it's position. Her areolas were several inches in size, perfectly mounded around the form of her tits at their highest point. I couldn't help but lick my lips as I looked at them.
"Do you like my tits, Mr Andrews?" Tiffany asked me.
"They are beautiful, Tiffany. You have a wonderful pair of tits!" I told her, with enthusiasm in my voice.
I leaned over, and softly planted gently kisses from the edges of my lips across her neck. I worked my way down, towards the mountains that awaited me. Kissing over her upper chest, circling around the breast with my lips and rising towards the top.
My tongue protruded, as I rolled it across the tip of her breast. It caressed her soft bosom and rolled over her hardened nipple which I felt scrape over my tongue. I did it again, and again as I licked her breast like an ice cream until I changed the rhythm.
My tongue began to flick across her nipple, fast and hard. I could hear whispers and moans from above, and the pleasure that Tiffany was experiencing from me licking and playing with her tits. I moved over and did the same with her other breasts, beginning with gentle kisses around the edges and then licking and flicking my tongue across her other nipple to make it as hard as I could get it.
I returned back to the first breast, that was closer to me. I leaned in and opened my mouth, where an ample chunk of her soft natural breast slipped within my mouth as I wrapped my lips across the lower edges. I sucked on her tit, as my tongue inside swirled around her breast and playing and caressing her nipple inside of my wet, warm mouth.
"Mmm, that feels so good, Mr Andrews. You suck tits so well, and my nipple is so hard and sensitive to your touch!" she called out to me, amongst the groans of ecstasy she felt and expressed to me.
I pulled up, as her breasts popped out and wet from my mouth. I moved over and sucked on her other breast, as my tongue played with her nipple inside and made it wet from my touch and flick. My hand slid across her waist, over her stomach where the emotional connection was being felt inside.
As I pulled away, my hand slithered up towards her breast as my fingertips caressed around the ample bosom. I squeezed it, and it felt so soft to the touch as it rose the point of her tit higher which I sucked on even more while my hand played with the lower edges of her breast.
"Fuck me, Mr Andrews. I want you inside of me. I'm so wet for you right now!" Tiffany muttered her words towards me with the groans of me suckling on her tits.
I rose to kneel upright, and moved towards the lower end of the bed. I took hold of her knee, and pulled it gently away from the other, separating her legs wider apart for me to climb between. I could see her pussy, dripping with her wetness of her sticky juices.
"I should put some protection on first," I informed her.
"No, please don't, Mr Andrews. I want to feel your cock inside of me. I want to feel every inch of it throbbing inside, every pulsating moment as you penetrate me!" she whispered to me. "Can I tell you something, Mr Andrews?" she said to me.
"Yes, what is it, Tiffany?" I asked.
"I've never... been fucked before. I mean, I masturbate a lot and I stick a dildo all the way up in my dripping wet cunt, but I've never had a real cock inside of me, and I want yours to be the first one I have!" she told me with a soft smile of her innocence.
"Are you sure this is what you want, Tiff?" I asked her, making sure she knew what she truly wanted.
"Yes. I want my first time with someone special, and nice like you," she informed me. My heart almost felt like it hit a double beat at her beautiful words of kindness and encouragement towards me.
"I would be honored to be your first, Tiff, and I'll make it one you remember forever!" I said.
I wet my fingers with my saliva, and spread it over my hard, almost seven inch cock that was pointing directly towards Tiff's naked body ahead of me as I knelt between her ankles. I leaned forward, gently easing my own heavier body over her soft, fragile young frame and rested on my arms either side of her.
She looked down between us, and upon my erect cock that was close to her dripping wet cunt. She reached down herself, and took hold of my cock in between her fingertips. She rubbed it back and forth, up and down against her pussy lips as it caressed them. I could already feel the sensation building up inside my cock of it touching her. She positioned it at the slit of her opening to enter within.
"Are you ready, Tiff, I'll go slow at first!" I told her.
"Yes, thank you, Mr Andrews" she said to me.
Her hands moved around the side of my body, as she placed her palms upon either side of my hips and held them there. My waist slowly lowered down, and I could feel my cock begin to slowly slide between her wet pussy lips and inside. At first, I entered about an inch, and then pulled back and worked in deeper inside of her cunt.
As I entered her the second time, Tiff expressed the feeling of my cock entering her pussy with a soft moan of ecstasy, and biting her lower lip as I stared down up her pretty face. Her hands on my hips offered me guide to what she wanted, and she wanted me to delve further inside of her. I pushed my way down, as her pussy was so young and tight inside that even I forced a groan out of my lips as I entered several more inches inside.
I could feel her pussy tighten it's grip around the head of my cock, and the wetness of her cunt that eased it in slowly. She was right, going in all natural without protection meant I could feel even better from every muscle and inner silky folds of her pussy inside against my pulsating cock. I finally pushed the last few inches inside, as I stopped and laid there for a moment on top of her.
"Are you okay, Tiff?" I kindly asked of her.
She opened her eyes and looked at me, and I could see the pleasure all over her face. "Mmm, it feels better than I ever thought it would, Mr Andrews. Your cock is so hard and big inside my tight wet cunt. I can feel myself trying to grasp a hold of it inside. Am I the tightest pussy you've ever fucked, Mr Andrews?" she asked me.
"Yes you are, Tiff. You're the tightest and youngest pussy I've ever fucked. It feels really good inside of you, Tiff," I told her as I leaned in and kissed her upon the lips. A soft caress of our bonding at first, before it turned into a slightly more passionate embrace of our feelings for each other that night.
"I'm glad I picked you, Mr Andrews. I knew it would be this good with someone I can trust for my first fucking experience!" she explained. Her hands moved from my hips, and across my buttocks as she caressed my ass in her soft, small hands. She squeezed my cheeks. "Fuck me, Mr Andrews!" she informed me, and I didn't want to disappoint her.
I bucked my ass a little backwards, as my pulsating hard cock slid several inches free from her tight, wet cunt. And then, I penetrated her once more. Sliding my cock back inside the warmth of her young cunt, which fit snuggly around my cock and gripped it tight.
"Ooooh... mmm... that feels so good, Mr Andrews. Fuck me again!" Tiffany murmured out through heavy breathes that fell across my face above hers.
I pulled back, and penetrated her cunt again, and again. A slow, building rhythm of my fucking her tight cunt. Her hands grasping a hold of my ass, squeezing and caressing it as it rose and dipped down between her thighs. My own breathing was growing heavier with each penetration as I fucked her.
I leaned forward and licked up and across her, and kissed her in sensual caressing spots upon her neck. I could feel her hardened nipples rubbing against my own chest as my body shifted weight back and forth as my hips rocked gently below.
After a while of gentle fucking her tight cunt, I stopped. My hips began to circulate, almost performing Elvis's famous shuffle as my cock swirled in circled within her pussy amongst the wet sticky juices of her cunt inside.
"Oh, Mr Andrews.... that feels amazing. Mmmm, keep doing that!" Tiffany told me.
I continued rocking my hips, as my cock turned inside of her in small circular motions. Her hands gripping tighter upon my own ass, and squeezing them which only made me want to do it more to her.
"Would you like me to fuck you in a different position, Tiff?" I asked of her. She offered a gentle nod of acceptance.
I leaned up, as my cock slipped free from her cunt. It was covered in her sticky juices which dripped upon the bed sheets between us. I knelt there, and looked down up her young body.
"Climb up and turn over, Tiff, so you're on your hands and knees. I'm going to fuck you doggie style!" I told her, with a wicked smile on my face.
Tiff couldn't wait, as she bounced up and turned over. She positioned herself in front of my body, leaning on her hands and knees and spreading her legs wide. I leaned forward, and kissed her ass and caressed it with my hands. She had such a great ass, so soft and perfect in it's shape. I knelt forward, and took hold of my cock in my hand to make sure it was still very lubricated from her own pussy and my saliva mixed together.
I rubbed the tip of my head against her pussy, up and down. Moans came from her lips above me near the head of the bed, as I looked over her bent shaped body down in front of me. The dip of her spine towards her neck and her hair that hung down across it.
"I'll go first, Tiff, until you get used to it!" I told her.
"No. I want you to fuck me hard Mr Andrews. Plunge it inside of me hard and fast. I want to know what it feels like!" Tiffany explained to me. I was unsure but respected her wishes.
I positioned my cock at the opening her tight cunt, as her tight asshole was inches away and stuck in the air. I grasped a hold of her hips either side, holding on tight.
"Okay, Tiff, here we go!" I told her as I got myself ready to fuck her hard as she wanted me to.
In one sharp movement, I thrust my hips forward as her pussy lips parted way for me to enter between. My cock penetrated her tight cunt hard and fast and my body slapped against her firm, young ass. Tiff's head snapped back in ecstasy at me entering deep inside of her.
"Fuck yes.... Oh fuck, Mr Andrews. That felt so good, do it again!" Tiffany called out as I fucked her.
I pulled back, and once more gave a sharp thrust forward. My cock penetrated her cunt hard and fast, forcing it's way inside against the silky folds of her inner labia. My own face echoes the sentiment expressed by Tiff, as I scrunched it up at the tight cunt I was fucking that felt amazing and moaned in ecstasy towards her.
This time, I didn't wait for her to tell me to do it again. I just acted upon instinct. I pulled back, and thrust it deeper inside accompanied by the moans of both of our lips echoing the same sentiment of pleasure. My body slapping hard against her ass as we connected. I held tightly upon her hips, and I began to fuck her hard.
My cock slipped free, and then thrust back within her tight, young cunt hard and fast. I picked up rhythm, and speed of fucking her pussy as the sound of the wetness of my cock slipping in and out of her dripping cunt, and the explosions of my body slapping against her firm ass could be heard around the room.
"Do you like me fucking you doggie style, Tiff?" I called out to her.
"Oh fuck... mmm.. yes, Mr Andrews. Fuck yes.... fuck me harder, please!" she told me through deep, heavy breaths and groans.
I leaned forward, and wrapped my hands under her body to take hold of her firm, ample tits within each hand. I gripped them, squeezed them and rubbed her hard nipples between my fingertips. My left hand broke free, and returned back to top as I took a hold of her silky, long hair and gripped tight. I pulled back on it, as her head snapped back gently and I fucked her hard and fast, while squeezing her tits and pulling on her hair.
I fucked her faster, as my cock slipped in and out of her tight cunt quickly. I moved my hand that held her tits back, and slapped her tight young ass, as she called out with pleasure of being hit.
"Oh yes... hit me again, Mr Andrews... I've been a very naughty girl... spank me!" she told me in her sexual tone of ecstasy.
I did as she wanted, as my hand came down and spanked the soft perfect ass that was shaking from the impact of my cock thrusting deeper in and out of her tight, young wet cunt. I spanked her, over and over every few moments. Her ass cheeks turning red from the blows of my hand, even though I wasn't hitting her too hard it was leaving an imprint upon her soft cheeks.
My hand came down for a final time, spanking her soft ass hard that echoed around the room. I grasped a hold of her ass, and squeezed it as I slowed down my rhythm of fucking her young cunt. Now reverting back to long, deep thrusts of my cock penetrating her pussy.
I stopped fully, sweat pouring from my body of the work I was doing as it dripped upon the naked body of Tiffany in front of me.
"Tiff, I'd love for you to ride me to an orgasm!" I asked of her.
Her head turned, as she looked back upon me behind and smiled. "I'd love to ride your cock, Mr Andrews. I can't wait to make you cum!" she told me.
I pulled my cock free from her cunt, the juices dripping down below as I broke free from her. I moved over, and laid down upon the bed on my back. Tiffany shuffled across, as she raised her leg and moved it over my waist to the other side. She sat down, upon my upper thighs and looked down upon me.
Sweat dripping from her own body, as I ran my hands up over her thighs, across her waist and towards her ample breasts. I caressed each breast in my grasp, sliding around every curve upon them. Squeezing them in my hands, as she looked down upon my erect cock that was stood upright.
She reached for it, and wrapped her fingers around. She carefully began to jerk my cock, up and down as I continued to play with her tits. I rubbed her nipples between my fingertips, and even took hold of them and pulled as her tits expanded slightly before releasing them to snap back.
"I love the feel of your thick, hard cock in my hand Mr Andrews. I could play with it for hours!" she said with a soft giggle of excitement. "But right now, I just wanna ride it. I wanna put it deep in my dripping wet cunt and ride you till you explode. I wanna make you cum so much Mr Andrews!" she added on.
With that, I took hold of her hips and helped raise her body off my own slightly. Her hand still grasped a hold of my erect cock, and she placed it beneath the opening slit of her warm, tight pussy. She then released a hold of it, as the tip of the throbbing round head of my cock was just perched in between her pussy lips.
With one swift movement, she slammed down hard upon my cock. I felt it penetrate her tight cunt fast and hard, forcing itself deep inside amongst the silky flesh inside. I groaned in pleasure as I entered inside of her, accompanied by a loud moan of ecstasy erupting from her own lips of being penetrated.
She sat there, on top of my waist with my thick, hard cock stuck deep inside her wet, warm cunt. My hands held her waist, as she rose up slightly and slammed her body down once more upon my own with the sound of a slam of us coming together.
She then began to rock her hips, in a slight circular motion upon my waist. I could feel my cock swirl around inside of her tight pussy, amongst the dripping wet juices inside and rubbing against the silky flesh of her inner folds. My head dug back into the pillow beneath me, at the amazing feeling of my cock deep inside this tight young cunt.
"God, that feels so fucking good Tiff!" I told her amongst the groan of my hot breathe as she continued to swirl her young body upon me.
Tiff leaned forward, as she rested her body upon her hands that planted themselves upon my chest. She raised her hips, as my cock slipped down several inches and out of her pussy. I could feel her juices dripping down my throbbing cock, to my balls. She then began to ride me, slowly at first.
Her young body rose, up and down. The sound of her firm ass bouncing upon my waist, slapping her body as it slammed down over and over upon my own body beneath. My cock plunging in and out, in and out of her tight young cunt. The wetness echoing around us from my penetration. She picked up some rhythm, as her body grew higher in it's position of rising over me. It meant her body slammed down harder upon my cock.
Her heavy breathes accompanied by own deep breathing, as I watched her and her face that showed the emotional rollercoaster of being fucked and riding my thick, hard cock.
"Faster Tiff, ride my cock faster!" I told her. She did as I asked, as her body slammed up and down. My cock penetrating in and out, deeper and harder between her tight pussy lips and inside her silky flesh. Forcing it's way back and forth as it tried to grip tight upon the head and shaft of my cock inside but kept escaping before it returned back once more.
She leaned more forward, as I leaned forward. Her tits hanging down as I moved in and took one of them between my lips. I suckled on it, feeling the fleshy mound inside of my mouth as my tongue swirled against the hard nipple.
"Oh fuck, Mr Andrews. I love your big hard cock fucking my wet cunt. I can feel it pulsating inside of me!" she called to me as I continued to suckle on her tits.
My hands moved from her hips to her firm, young ass. I grasped a tight hold, and squeezed her cheeks to spread them apart. I rose my own body off the mattress, over and over as I bounced upon it that caused my cock to thrust deeper and harder into her dripping cunt. I fucked her, faster and harder as my ass bounced higher with each thrust and I spread her ass with my hands. My cock spreading her pussy lips apart, as it dipped in and out of her wet pussy.
I could feel my cock beginning to build up and pulsating harder, and knew I was going to cum very soon. I laid back upon the bed and looked at her face, which showed the emotional ecstasy of me fucking her deeper.
"I'm gonna cum, Tiff... I'm close to cumming!" I called to her through deep breathes.
"I want you to cum inside of my pussy, Mr Andrews. Cum deep inside of me, please!" she called out.
"Oh fuck.... here it cums, Tiff!" I screamed out.
I pulled down, and gave one huge, deep thrust of my body off the bed. My cock pushed itself deep between her pussy lips and inside as my cock pulsated. Within a moment of entering deep inside of her, I felt the wave of my cum exploding from the slit of my head. It splashed out and aligned itself with the sticky juices inside of her own pussy.
"Oh yes, Mr Andrews... I can feel your cum inside of me... give me more... I want more of your cum, Mr Andrews!" Tiffany groaned out.
I pulled back, and thrust once more. "Fuck yes.....!" I called as I penetrated her wet cunt once again, and felt the second wave of cum spewing out of my cock and into her cunt. My own body shook gently from the orgasm that was ripping through my body, as I held my breathe and offer momentarily groans that broke free.
My body collapsed onto the bed, as Tiffany positioned herself still over me. My cock still inside of her pussy, as she looked down upon me. She leaned down and kissed me upon the lips.
"Mmm, that was so wonderful, Mr Andrews. I felt your cock pulsating inside my pussy, and I could feel you explode inside. Your cum feels so warm and sticky, I love it in my pussy!" Tiffany told me.
Tiffany laid down upon my naked body, resting her head upon my chest as I wrapped my hands around her back and held her close to my body, caressing her back. My cock was still inside, and I could feel the last few drops of cum still breaking free from my hardened cock within.
"That was a wonderful fuck, Tiffany. Thank you for letting me be your first!" I told her.
"Mom was right!" Tiffany told me.
"What do you mean, Tiff?" I asked, inquisitively.
Tiffany rose her head, and looked at me with a wicked smile. "Mom told me that I should choose you to be my first, and that's why she went away this weekend, so I could have you all to myself and let you fuck me. She knows what we're doing, in fact she was the one who planned it all!" she added.
I was a little taken back at how open her mother was to me fucking her daughter. "I don't know what to say, Tiff!" I said.
"It's okay, Mr Andrews. Mom knows you're a nice guy, and you'd treat me right to be my first fuck. In fact, I think she has a slight crush on you herself. Hey... maybe when she comes back, we can all get together and have a threesome. Wouldn't that be awesome! I'd love to see you fuck my mom and make her happy!" Tiffany said as she smiled, and went back to rest her head back on my chest.
I laid there, speechless at what had taken place and the words Tiff had told me about her mother. Her mother was attractive and the thought of fucking her had even crossed my own mind occasionally. The two of us laid there, together with my cock still inside of her as we closed our eyes and fell asleep in each other's arms.
To Be Continued.....
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