Sea Foam Eyes
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Wren lay across from me in his large double bed. I stared into his deep sea green eyes, they reminded me of gentle waves. He smiled at me coyly, gently biting his lip in a subtle but oh-so-sexy way. I could feel his eyes pierce me; he was reading me. He knew what I wanted and I could tell that he wanted it too. After dating for four months, we were almost perfectly in sync with each other. I gave him an innocent smiling back, meaning absolutely no innocence whatsoever. Wren reached his arm out and stroked my face, his large hands smooth and gentle.
I leaned in and parted my lips, feeling his skin touch mine. His fingers were running through my long hair and I pushed my hands up against his chest. Our tongues began to dance back and forth in each other's mouths, a battle for power. I let him win, letting out a soft moan. His tongue traced along my teeth and across the roof of my mouth. God, he was talented with that thing. I slowly moved on top of him, wanting to tease him. We continued kissing and I slowly began grinding my hips against his crotch. His hands were on my back, easing their way up my shirt. We'd made made out many times before, but this time I wanted to go farther and I sensed he did too. We both began breathing heavily, I could feel the bulge in his pants slowly growing and a wet spot develop in my lace panties. I pulled away and broke the kiss.
I slowly kissed down his stomach, admiring the nice tone he had. He was just my type. Seventeen, tall, muscular but not muscular. Wren had shaggy blonde hair that was always a mess. I loved it. I moved my way down and slowly undid his belt and unzipped his pants. I rubbed my hand across his cock from outside his underwear. Despite it being my first time, I wasn't nervous at all. I pulled at his boxers to reveal his lovely eighth inch cock. I rubbed my hand against it for a second, admiring how smooth and silky it was. I them took it into my mouth. I began sucking on the tip at first, tasting a bit of precum. I kept my hand at the base of his shaft and slowly pumped. As I grew more confident I took more of his length into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around, lick the tip and underside. I could hear his gently moans. Wren reached down and put his fingers in my hair. I opened my throat and took his entire length in my mouth. I gagged a bit but soon got used to the sensation. Wren continued moaning, and I began to moan myself.
"Fuck Abigail," Wren said breathily. "How'd you learn how to do this?"
I shot Wren the most innocent glance I could muster then slowly withdrew my mouth from his cock. Wren sat up and pushed me onto my back, practically tearing my shirt off as he went. He cupped my boobs in his hands, then reached around to unhook my bra. I let it fall, revealing my perky 34C breasts. Wren admired them for a moment, then began sucking on my nipples. My head fell back and I let out a huge sigh. He but them, twirled his tongue around them, blew on them, until I could take no more.
"I need you," I whispered. "I need you inside of my right now."
Wren beamed and unbuttoned my pants. I lifted my hips to help him slide them off, revealing my black lace panties and the growing wet spot on them. I pulled them off as well and laid back down, spreading my legs slightly.
"Are you ready?" Wren asked gently.
I nodded with assurance. I knew this was exactly what I wanted. Wren stared at me with those green eyes I loved so much. He took hold of his dick and inserted it into my pussy. We both moaned together. I was very tight and it was a bit painful, but the good kind if pain. Wren smiled at me and I smiled back lustfully. He began to pump in out, slowly at first and then faster and faster. I loved the feeling of his hard cock sliding in and out of me. I rubbed my tits and Wren leaned down and began to suck on one of my nipples. I was moaning loudly.
"God you feel so fucking good!" I yelled.
Wren slowed gently a pulled out. With his strong arms, he flipped me over so my head was buried in a pillow and my ass was in the air. Once again Wren inserted his cock into me. I could feel it reaching deeper, it was amazing. I was moaning and screaming Wren's name. I reached down and began rubbing my clit. I was so wet, so turned on. Sex was unlike anything that I could have imagined. I continued rubbing my clit, harder and faster. I could feel an orgasm coming on. When's breathing was getting heavy and I knew he was about to come too.
I moaned for Wren to speed up and he did. After a few moments I exploded into an orgasm. I felt my pussy contract around Wren's cock. He was cumming now, filling me up. Fuck, it was wonderful. Wren gently pulled out, and I could feel his come drip from out of me. I scooped up some with my fingers and tasted it. He was so beautiful. I leaned up to kiss him. I pulled away after just a moment.
"I love you," I whispered gently.
"Babe, I love you too. You do not know how long I've been waiting to say that."
I pulled Wren into my arms for one last kiss before we fell asleep together, entangled in each other's arms.
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