Daddy's New Girl
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Daddy's New Girl, Part 8
House Rules
After Stephanie finished her "snack," she crawled into my arms and we fell fast asleep, both of us exhausted.
We awoke the next morning around 9:00. I followed Stephie into the bathroom and let her have the toilet first. Again, I stood in front of her to watch. She was a little hesitant, but didn't want to cross me so she pushed herself to get her water started.
"Spread your legs for me, Sweetie." She separated her knees slightly. Her flow started as I stood there watching. "Farther, baby," and she spread her legs wider.
"Do you like to see me pee, Daddy?"
"Yes, Baby, spread your lips for Daddy." She spread her lips with two fingers and leaned back against the tank to give me a clear view.
"Why do you like to watch me pee, Daddy?"
"Yours is not to question, Daddy. Just do as you're told, " I said calmly, but sternly.
She finished peeing and wiped herself and flushed. I started the shower. As the water warmed up I stepped into the shower and helped Stephanie to step in after. I faced my pet and pulled her to me and kissed her. As we stood kissing I let my golden water start to flow on Stephie's belly and down her legs.
She started when it began but I held her close as I pressed my groin into her, feeling the warmth of my water against our skin. "Dad-dy? Why are you peeing on me?"
"Silence, Little One." I pulled her into another kiss as my water began to wane. We went about showering, washing each other tenderly.
We went to the kitchen and I began to show Stephanie exactly how I liked my coffee. I set the coffee maker to brewing. We fixed some cereal and fruit. After eating I fixed myself a cup of coffee and sat back down at the table. Stephie was just finishing her breakfast. She got up from the table and went to the living room and asked how to turn the TV on.
I remained at the table and did not answer her. She shouted to me again. Again, I did not answer. She came back to the dining table and gave me a 'What the fuck, are you deaf?' look. She knew instantly that she had fucked up. You could see the color leave her face as she looked at my eyes and saw the burning behind them.
I calmly said, "Clear the table and do the dishes."
She said, "Yes, Sir," and quickly went about her tasks. I fixed myself another cup of coffee and went off to the john to answer Mother Nature's call. When I was done I returned to the table and Stephanie was just drying the last of the cereal bowls and putting them in the cupboard.
"Come here." Stephanie came and stood in front of me. "I realize we haven't had much house time together. It's been rather hectic the last 36 hours or so. We need to discuss some rules. I'm going to need some time to think about this. Go to the bedroom and remove your robe and lay over the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor. Move."
Stephanie couldn't go fast enough. I sat for a moment, thinking. I then got up and went to the bedroom where Stephanie was laying naked, bent over the edge of the bed as she had been told.
I snatched her up by the wrist and hauled her down to the other end of the house. I took her into the back room. "Kneel," I told her.
She hesitantly got down on her knees on the linoleum. Yes, the floor was linoleum. It was my all purpose room. Workout equipment and some "other" stuff. I went to the closet and retrieved a set of padded leather cuffs and affixed them to her wrists. I fastened them together and pulled her to her feet.
I then went back to the closet and got a length of rope. I slid the end through a hook in the ceiling and fastened it to the cuffs. I then hoisted her hands over her head until she was on her toes. I tied off the rope to a cleat on the door frame. I went to the closet yet again and retrieved a ball gag. I fixed the gag in her mouth and fastened it to the back of her head. I then placed a blindfold over her eyes. I then left the room and pulled the door closed behind me.
I went to my study and logged on to the computer to check my email and such. After that I went to the kitchen and got another cup of coffee and went out onto the patio to smoke a cigarette. I sat and smoked and drank my coffee, quickly realizing that the heat was already getting unbearable. I finished my cigarette and went back into the AC.
It was now time to give Stephanie some rules. I went to the back room and she perked up her head listening to what I was doing. I went to the closet and retrieved a medium size flogger. I spoke softly to Stephanie, saying, "It's time you learned some rules, my pet. But first, for this morning's indiscretions and to make sure I have your attention you will now receive this." Her head was moving in quick jerky motions trying to hear what was coming.
She only heard the swoosh of the flogger a split second before it struck her little ass. She stiffened immediately and tried to walk away to no avail only managing to turn herself and piss me off in the process.
"Stand still or you'll get 20 extra!" I said sharply.
I moved to better my angle after she moved and gave her another quick one to match the first one on her other side. She screamed into the ball as she had on the first one, but she did not try to walk this time. I began a rhythm, smacking her ass, her back and her thighs. After 30 lashes on her back side I moved to the front of her.
Her tears had soaked her cheeks from under the blindfold, drool ran down her chin and had spilled down the front of her and on the floor. I reached out and pinched both nipples as hard as I could. Again she screamed into her gag as I held them for at least 15 seconds. I released them and squeezed her little mounds as I rubbed the nipples roughly with my thumbs. I quietly stepped back and retrieved the flogger. I gave each of her little tits ten quick, hard lashes from every different direction. Her spit was spewing straight from her gag toward me she was blubbering so hard. She went slack, hanging from the rope.
I quickly removed the blindfold and undid the gag so she could breath as her nose was plugging up from crying. I wrapped my arm around her and held her up while I undid her cuffs. She fell limp against me. I scooped her up in my arms. She was still blubbering and sobbing, trying to calm down. I carried her to my recliner in the living room and held her in my lap with her head on my chest.
I rocked her and stroked her head softly. I kissed the top of her head and told her it was going to be OK. "Daddy's here, Princess. It's OK now, it's over." I wiped the tears from her cheeks as her sobbing ebbed. I rocked her for a while longer, stroking her head.
She was almost asleep when I put my finger under her chin and looked her in the eyes. I kissed her lightly on the mouth. "It's time for your rules now, Sweetie. Get down on the floor on your knees and place your hands behind your head. Look at me as I'm talking to you."
She looked up at me and I began. "I think you've learned that insolence and disregard for order in this house will be met with severe punishment. You will not question anything I tell you to do, just do it. Keeping the house clean and doing the laundry is your responsibility. I will 'help' you to learn how I like it done. If things are not as I like them you will be punished. When I have company, I will give you instructions as to your behavior for the evening. You will keep yourself shaved at all times or we can work on getting you waxed at some time. You are not to entertain when I am not home and without my permission. Unless otherwise told, you will remain naked in my presence. If you do as you are told, you will have a comfortable and happy life here with me. Your every need will be provided for and I will protect you. Are you ready to become my new little girl?"
"Yes, Daddy, " she said looking straight into my eyes.
"Very well my precious little one. Come to me and caress me with your mouth, Baby Girl."
She scooted forward fishing my cock out of my pants and began to kiss and lick my shaft and head gently, lovingly. She took me into her mouth and sucked me gently as I began to grow in her little mouth. As she sucked she looked into my eyes with her red swollen eyes. There was no malevolence in her look, but adoration instead.
As I grew hard she sucked me deeper and deeper, working her way down my rigid shaft until she had taken all of me. I felt her nose in my pubic hair. At that point, I knew I wanted her. I gently lifted her head off my cock.
"Come up here, Princess. Sit in Daddy's lap." I pulled her straight up and she straddled me and squatted on my rod, impaling herself on me. "Oh, Stephie, you feel fabulous. Are you my dirty little girl?"
"Yes, Daddy."
I suckled on her tiny, sore breasts and swollen nipples. We rocked in the chair for a long, long time, not fucking, just joined. My hard cock sheathed in her tight wet pussy. I think I'm really going to love...Daddy's New Girl...
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