Miss Bentner Takes Charge of Emma
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This continues the Mrs Denver Prelude series, but is a spin-off. Elizabeth and Emma Carson, mum and daughter, are regularly spanked and caned under the various disciplinary systems introduced by Headmistress Mrs Denver. There is a change in who dispenses that discipline. 24-year-old Miss Hannah Bentner, a teacher at Emma’s school. This is how she takes over disciplining Emma.
Elizabeth and Emma sat in the living room chatting. Miss Bentner had offered to give 17-year-old Emma private lessons at home to help her school work, but on the basis that she also dispenses any discipline that was required. She was coming around to discuss how that would work. Emma in particular was on tenterhooks as she had a schoolgirl crush on the 24-year-old teacher. Worse though, was that Miss Bentner had caught her and two friends drinking on school premises and had given them all a detention. Miss Bentner had promised Emma an additional punishment when she called to discuss discipline with her mum. There was a knock on the door. Right on time. Mrs Carson opened it to see Miss Bentner.
“Hullo, Mrs Carson,” Hannah Bentner said brightly.
“Hullo, Hannah, do come in,” Mrs Carson said to the 24-year-old teacher.
Hannah walked through to the living room to find 17-year-old Emma sitting on the sofa. When Emma saw Miss Bentner she stood up respectfully, just like when the teacher entered the classroom at school.
Hannah saw the dining chair turned in to the room, and the hooked cane hanging on the back of it. She smiled. It was just as she had expected.
It had been the day before when Hannah phoned to speak to Mrs Carson. She asked, “You remember telling me if I thought Emma needed some additional discipline I should call around?”
“I remember, Hannah,” Mrs Carson had replied.
“Well Emma did a project which I have to say was well below standard. Worse, it was well below what she is capable of. So I think I should come around and spend some time with her. I can show her what she did wrong and hopefully correct her current poor attitude. I think I should come over today Mrs Carson as the project has to be in soon.”
“Please do,” Elizabeth had replied. She then added, “Hannah, Emma told me you gave her a detention for drinking on school premises. I told her off. Just so you know.”
Miss Bentner said firmly, “Yes, Mrs Carson, I did give Emma a detention but also promised her further punishment when I call around. I will be dealing with her. After all you do seem to be rather, shall we say, remiss, in that quarter.”
“Oh, well, yes, I mean, maybe, erm, well.”
“Please Mrs Carson, leave Emma to me.” There was sharpness in the teacher’s voice that both startled and excited Elizabeth. She smiled to herself; sure the 24-year-old teacher will correct her daughter’s poor attitude. Just like she was sure Emma will be happy to have her form teacher deal with her. Elizabeth also knew her omission will be brought to Mrs Denver's attention and she will be summoned once again to the Headmistress’s Study. A win all around, she felt, anxious to once again be told to bend over and have her bare bottom spanked and deliciously caned by the dominant Mrs Denver.
Hannah stood looking at Emma. Elizabeth thought she looked very different than when at school. Gone was the long sleeved blouse and skirt with the hem that ended just above her knee. Today she wore a tight sleeveless vest showing off her full breasts and well-toned arms. The conservative skirt was replaced by one that had a hem stopping just below her bottom. Her bare legs were also well-toned suggesting time spent at the gym. Her hair fell below her shoulders and with a pretty fringe, instead of the pulled back school regulation bun. Hannah looked very different indeed to the way she dressed at school.
Elizabeth realised Emma also looked so different to when at school. She wore a sleeveless top that left her midriff showing. Her skirt was even shorter than Hannah’s. She doubted her daughter could be wearing knickers. A thong more like it.
Still, Elizabeth knew today wasn’t going to be all about the project. Emma had a crush on her teacher which she discovered when her daughter left her computer on and an email still on the screen. She was confident Hannah had a similar crush on her daughter. So, whilst Elizabeth was sure some teaching would take place, she knew the two would be making out as well.
Elizabeth smiled at the two girls and said, “I’ll leave you to it then.”
Hannah Bentner replied, “Thank you, Mrs Carson.” She added bluntly, “I would prefer it if we weren’t disturbed. Is that okay with you Mrs Carson? I mean, if you need to come in please knock and wait for me to say you can enter. Just like you do for Mrs Denver. Okay?”
Elizabeth was taken aback by what was a clear instruction from the 24-year-old. However she immediately agreed. “Sure thing, Hannah,” Elizabeth said already comparing the 24-year-old to the so dominant Mrs Denver. There was a scary sternness in her voice that demanded obedience. Respect even.
When the door closed Hannah said sternly, “Let’s run through your project then, Emma.”
Emma protested in a sarcastic tone, “Must we, Miss?
Miss Bentner pursed her lips, as she did at school when annoyed with one of the girls. “No, we can have a discussion first if you prefer.”
“Can we Miss? What shall we discuss Miss?” Emma was being cheeky on purpose, knowing the outcome. She saw Miss Bentner’s eyes flash which she found so sexy and was enjoying the banter with her teacher. Maybe a few more cheeky remarks and she will give in and do her project properly, she thought.
Miss Bentner stood up, looked down at the 17-year-old, and ordered, “First you can take off your top and skirt.”
Emma gulped. She knew she was going to get a spanking, and more, but was enjoying talking back flippantly to her teacher. Reality arrived quicker than she had expected. Miss Bentner was being awfully strict. However, she thought maybe she will push back once more so her spanking will be delightfully hard.
“Really?” Emma was less sarcastic but still sounded disrespectful to her teacher.
“Really, Miss,” Hannah said firmly.
“Sorry. Really, Miss?” That was a mistake on Emma’s part.
“Yes really,” Hannah snapped. “So get undressed. Snap to it, girl.”
Emma stood up. She pulled the short top over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her pert breasts flopped down. Emma put the top on the table.
“Lose the skirt,” Hannah said sternly.
Emma blushed, feeling humiliated. Miss Bentner had seen her naked in the changing rooms but somehow this was different. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was about to stoop to pick it up when Hannah said sharply,
“The thong as well, girl.”
Emma was still blushing as she stepped out of the thong. She scooped up the skirt and put that and the thong with her top on the table.
Miss Bentner said, “Now let’s have that discussion.” She stepped over to the chair and sat down. “Over you go,” she ordered, smiling wickedly.
Emma stepped forward and bent across her form teacher’s lap. She had dreamt of having this done in class. Not being naked of course. Even so, this was different. Better in fact. She was naked and knew her breasts hung down and her nipples were erect. Miss Bentner was dressed very sexily. Emma’s skin lay across Miss Bentner’s bare thighs. Her face was inches from Miss Bentner’s bare legs. She could smell them. They smelt beautiful and sexy.
Miss Bentner looked down at Emma’s bottom. She had spanked girls at a previous school but not at this one and so had never spanked Emma before. Equally she had never before made a girl strip naked. She hadn’t intended to today. That is until she saw Emma look so sexy in her cropped top and short, well miniscule, skirt. It just seemed right. Now though she looked at Emma’s gorgeous bottom. This was a bottom she was looking forward to spanking.
Elizabeth was in the kitchen when she heard the sound coming from the living room. She knew instinctively it was a spanking. She went to stand by the door and heard Hannah berate Emma between the spanks. Emma was gasping and answering must have been difficult. Elizabeth stood by the door listening to several dozen spanks. She realised she was becoming more and more aroused by the spanking. Not because it was her daughter being spanked. It was quite simply because a spanking was taking place on the other side of the door and she wanted to watch. So she decided to open the door and saw her daughter lying across Hannah’s lap, naked. Even though she had heard the spanking so clearly, seeing it still took her rather by surprise. Right then she wanted to be spanked herself. She momentarily saw herself fully naked across the 24-year-olds lap having her own bottom spanked.
Hannah looked up, clearly annoyed at the interruption. She stopped spanking and demanded sharply, “Please Mrs Carson, I told you quite specifically not to come in here.”
Elizabeth blushed, startled. After all this was her house. However she was too surprised at the dominant tone of the 24-year-old teacher. She stuttered, “Sorry. Erm, is everything okay here, Miss Bentner?”
As soon as Elizabeth asked her question Miss Bentner quickly resumed spanking Emma, answering, “Oh yes, Mrs Carson. Emma wanted a discussion first before going through the project. Another few minutes and then we will get on to discussing Emma being caught drinking. That will take several more minutes of course.” Miss Bentner continued spanking Emma throughout the one sided discussion.
Miss Bentner looked up whilst still spanking the 17-year-old and said to Elizabeth, “I was going to tell you later Mrs Carson; I have reported you to Mrs Denver for failing to discipline Emma. Not for the drinking, but for the three detentions she has had in the past month. Charlotte will be emailing you with a summons to see Mrs Denver. I have suggested you should get 18-strokes of the cane, after a spanking. All on the bare of course.”
Without realising the comedy of the scene, Elizabeth rubbed her bottom thinking about how she was actually going to get the punishment she had wished upon herself.
“I see,” Elizabeth said, still rubbing her own bottom whilst at the same time noting her daughter’s bottom was already a deep shade of pink. Miss Bentner certainly knew how to spank a bare bottom hard. Shaking her head to try to clear her mind she looked at Miss Bentner and stammered, “Right, erm, yes, sorry. I mean, erm, I’ll leave you to it then,” Elizabeth said, swallowing hard and half smiling.
“Please do,” Miss Bentner snapped. “Please also do remember what I told you Mrs Carson. To knock first if you really need to come in; and to wait until I call out that you may enter.”
“Yes, of course, Miss Bentner,” Elizabeth said respectfully. She had a quick final look at her naked daughter across Miss Bentner’s lap, her bottom already red and sore looking. Then a final glance at the dominant Miss Bentner who was still looking so cross.
Miss Bentner continued, “I won’t be too long. Like I said, another few minutes with Emma across my lap, then half a dozen strokes of the cane to deal with her drinking. After that I reckon she will be ready to do some work.”
“I suspect she will,” Elizabeth said before closing the door. She walked straight to the kitchen and clicked on her computer hoping the summons was in her inbox. She gasped when she saw it was. Opening the email she saw the tariff. Sure enough, a bare bottom spanking and 18-strokes of the cane. She was given three times to choose from for the next day and decided upon 12 noon. Just before lunchtime. She supposed quite a few of the students will see her, but that didn’t really matter. It was general knowledge around the school which parents were in the Parent Discipline Scheme. So, it was all set for tomorrow. Cool, she thought. Something to really look forward to. She will have to decide what clothes to wear. She must look demur. She will check if it will be sunny because then she will take sunglasses. Otherwise everyone will see her red tear filled eyes as she walks out of the school afterwards. Not really a problem, but it does add to the humiliation.
Back in the living room, Hannah carried on spanking Emma for quite a while. She wanted to make sure Emma’s bottom stung nicely before letting her get up.
Emma loved being across Miss Bentner’s lap. Her schoolgirl crush was very much based upon being disciplined by the young teacher. The spanking was hard but not overly. It was stinging but nicely so. Mind you, she did hear the conversation between Miss Bentner and her mum so knew she was getting the cane after the spanking. Sure enough, Miss Bentner didn’t disappoint the 17-year-old.
Hannah ordered, “Okay Emma, get up and bend over the back of the chair. Sharpish, young lady.”
Emma slid off Miss Bentner’s lap, went around to the back of the chair, and bent over. The back of the chair was just about waist high so Emma had to stretch. She waited, enjoying the stinging pain across her bottom, her nipples erect, her pussy fluttering. She placed her legs well apart both to show her submission and to give her teacher a better view of red bottom.
Hannah smiled at the sight of Emma’s pert breasts wobbling as she bent over the chair. She spent an extra few moments indulging herself, looking at Emma’s naked body, savouring what she saw. Having taken in the tantalising view she walked around and took up her position behind the 17-year-old; cane in hand.
“Six-of-the-best, young lady.” Miss Bentner said sternly. “Drinking is a serious offence. Just think yourself lucky I didn’t report you to Mrs Denver.” Hannah smiled to herself. She wasn’t going to report Emma as then Mrs Denver would have the happy task of caning her.
Emma looked at the floor behind her. She took a deep breath when she saw Miss Bentner’s bare legs, her calf muscles tensing as the cane was raised. She heard the whoosh she had heard so many times before when being caned. The sound of the thwack filled the room quickly followed by the gasp which Emma knew was hers.
Miss Bentner wasted no time and quickly raised the cane again, bringing it down hard on Emma’s bottom once more.
Emma gasped, gritting her teeth. She looked back at the floor and realised from Miss Bentner’s tense calf the third stroke was already on its way. She kept her teeth gritted as the cane bit once again in to her bare bottom.
Miss Bentner looked at the three fierce weals. “Good chat so far. Just three more strokes young lady; then maybe we can focus on your project.”
Emma didn’t reply. She looked again at Miss Bentner’s calf muscles just as she heard the whoosh and felt the cane bite again in to her bare bottom. She gritted her teeth. The young teacher’s calf muscles tensed again as the fifth stroke cut in to her bottom. Emma gasped, and felt the tears run down her face. She was surprised she was crying after just 5 strokes but the proof was there as the tears ran past her open mouth.
Miss Bentner made a definite decision about the sixth stroke. She aimed for the sit spot. Her aim was good. Very good. She buried the cane in to the soft flesh.
Emma’s face crumpled as the pain spread like a tidal wave right across her bottom. She shrieked. Her mouth wide open. The result of the pain clear to Miss Bentner.
Outside Elizabeth heard the scream. She decided not to go back to the living room just now. She was sure Miss Bentner had Emma well under control.
Emma stayed in position after the last stroke. She felt Miss Bentner’s hand rubbing her bottom and the backs of her thighs. It felt good. Loving. Emma parted her legs further and Miss Bentner obliged by rubbing the inside of the 17-year-olds thighs. One time Miss Bentner brushed Emma’s hair mound. A teasing rub. Enough though for Emma to squeak an orgasm. Just a small one, but it was sensational. One of many she hoped to have today.
Miss Bentner smiled at the orgasm. She had meant it to happen. What better start, she thought? Emma will eat out of hand before the day was out. Maybe eat more than her hand?
“Up you get, Emma,” she ordered.
Emma stood up, sniffing, and smiled.
“Wipe that smile off your face young lady. Now.”
Emma lost the smile. She didn’t lose the memory of the orgasm though. As much as her bottom stung, that orgasm, as short as it was, sent her mind spinning happily.
“Put your hands on your head as well,” she snapped.
Responding quickly, Emma did as she was told and put her hands on her head.
Miss Bentner gave Emma a stern look as she studied the 17-year-old who was still naked as she stood obediently looking at her. Her mind though was more relaxed as she looked at Emma’s body that was so pleasing to the eye. Her pert breasts. She particularly noted how Emma’s nipples were erect even after she had her orgasm. Her flat stomach. Her enticing hair mound which glistened, telling her that perhaps more sex juice had flowed than she thought. Finally, her slim legs.
Emma’s bottom was stinging. The cane strokes had been especially hard. She so wanted to rub her bottom but couldn’t with her hands on her head. Her eyes were tear-filled but she felt alive. Her favourite teacher had disciplined her. How wonderful was that?
“Right, young lady, are you ready to discuss your project now?”
“Yes, Miss,” Emma replied with a sob. She would much prefer hugging her teacher, undressing her, caressing her. She didn’t though. Instead she obeyed the 24-year-old. Submissively.
“Good,” Miss Bentner said happily. “Hands down and sit at the table. Don’t mind if your bottom stings.”
Emma walked over to the chair Miss Bentner had pulled out for her. The one dining chair that didn’t have a cushion. Emma eased herself down. Her bottom was stinging as it touched the hard wooden seat. Still, when Miss Bentner sat in the chair next to her she was ready to discuss the project. Miss Bentner’s perfume was nicely off putting though. It was a beautiful smell and affected Emma’s concentration.
“Are you listening to me, young lady?” Miss Bentner snapped looking at the naked Emma.
“Sorry, Miss,” Emma said politely, enjoying how dominant Miss Bentner was being with her.
Hannah kept a stern face but inwardly smiled. She could tell Emma had a crush on her, which worked for her as she had a crush on the 17-year-old. She maintained her strict stance though, knowing Emma will want her to. “You just be careful, my girl. It won’t take much for me to put you back across my lap.”
Emma thought, ‘Do, Miss, do,’ but knew there was plenty of time for that.
“So, Emma, look at all your silly errors,” Miss Bentner said, pointing to the project.
Emma focussed on what she had written and had to admit there were far more mistakes than she thought she had made. She realised she had rushed the project but it surprised even her.
“Is it on your computer?” Miss Bentner asked.
“Yes, Miss,” Emma replied.
“Get it up then,” Miss Bentner said sternly.
Emma powered up the computer and quickly found the project.
“Look, my girl,” Miss Bentner said pointing at the screen. “Look at all those spelling mistakes. You clearly didn’t spell check what you wrote, did you?”
Emma was embarrassed. Not because she was sitting next to her teacher naked. That bit was sexy. She looked embarrassed because now Miss Bentner was alone with her she wanted to impress her, not appear to be a stupid little schoolgirl.
“Shall I correct it now, Miss?” Emma asked.
“Yes please,” Miss Bentner snapped. “I will go and talk to your mum, and by the time I get back I want to see a vast improvement.”
“Yes, Miss,” Emma said, focussing on the screen.
Miss Bentner stood and smiled at the back of Emma’s head. She was sure there would be enough mistakes left to justify another spanking.
She walked out of the room and found Elizabeth in the kitchen.
“How is it going now?” Elizabeth asked.
“Oh, she saw sense after the spanking and 6-strokes of the cane. I left her to correct her errors. “
“I am sure she will work hard now, Hannah,” Elizabeth said with a smile. “She respects you.”
Hannah asked, “Some girls have a crush on their teachers. Does Emma have a crush on me?”
Elizabeth was impressed by the direct questioning. “I think she does.” Elizabeth said blushing.
“Are you okay with that, Mrs Carson?”
“Well, yes, I am Hannah. I know you have her best interests at heart.”
“She is a very nice girl, Mrs Carson. Quite fanciable in fact.”
“Like I said, Hannah, I know you have her best interests at heart.”
Hannah looked at Elizabeth and asked, “So we understand what might happen, Mrs Carson. Between Emma and me?”
Elizabeth smiled. “Yes, Hannah. I do.”
“I am pleased you are okay with it, Mrs Carson.”
Hannah narrowed her eyes and stared hard at the 36-year-old mum. Elizabeth swallowed hard, knowing she was being spoken to by a very dominant young woman.
After a moment Elizabeth smiled weakly, knowing Hannah Bentner was quite a catch for anyone, so why not her daughter.
Hannah smiled back and changing the subject asked, “So, how is the Parent Discipline Scheme going for you Mrs Carson?”
Elizabeth blushed at the direct question. “I have had to attend Mrs Denver’s Study quite a few times for failing to discipline Emma enough. I do deal with her Punishment Letters but that isn’t anywhere enough in Mrs Denver’s book.”
“How many times have you been?” Hannah was being persistent.
“Well six times in all so far.”
“How many strokes have you been given?” Hannah was smiling, shrewdly.
“Yes, well, I have had a total of 128-strokes from Mrs Denver, and of course was spanked each time as well.” Elizabeth relaxed having said it. “That was followed by the same from Mrs Shilton when getting my Punishment Letter signed.” She added, smiling, “My bottom has been so sore at times that I have even found it hard to sit on a thick cushion. Just like it will be tomorrow after my next summons to Mrs Denver.”
“I am sure you deserved it every time, Mrs Carson,” Hannah said seriously.
“Oh I did Hannah. Every last punishment. It certainly taught me I needed to discipline Emma more.” Elizabeth blushed, adding, “Though clearly not enough to avoid my latest summons.”
“Clearly,” Hannah said emphatically. After a moment she said sternly, “I need to discuss the fact you came in to the living room before without knocking when I specifically asked you not to.”
“Oh, erm, well, I’m sorry, I, erm, didn’t mean,” Elizabeth stuttered, thinking she actually told her not to her rather than just asking her not to.
“Please speak properly Mrs Carson. You agree you shouldn’t have done?” Miss Bentner spoke in an even more demanding tone.
Elizabeth bit her lip and replied, “Yes, Miss Bentner.” Elizabeth just felt addressing the 24-year-old with respect was right given her tone of voice.
“So you deliberately disobeyed me.”
Elizabeth blushed. “Sorry, Miss Bentner.”
Hannah knew she was getting the upper hand over the 36-year-old. She wanted her out of the way so that she and Emma can have some fun together. She asked abruptly, “When are you next due for a maintenance spanking with Mrs Shilton?”
Elizabeth didn’t even consider replying that it was none of Hannah’s business. Instead she immediately replied obediently, “Two days time, Miss Bentner.”
Hannah continued in her dominant tone of voice. “I think you should telephone Mrs Shilton and see if she can see you today. Now, in fact.”
Elizabeth was getting quite aroused by the way she was being spoken to. She was so used to being disciplined now she didn’t even consider arguing. “Of course, Miss Bentner,” she replied, realising that her knickers were getting rather wet at the thought of getting spanked.
Elizabeth picked up her phone and dialled.
“Put it on speaker, Mrs Carson, so I can hear,” Hannah snapped.
“Hullo, Mrs Shilton; it’s Elizabeth Carson. I, erm, have Miss Bentner here disciplining Emma.”
“Hullo, Mrs Carson. What can I do for you today?”
“Well, as I say, Miss Bentner is here disciplining my daughter. I disobeyed Miss Bentner and she thought it right that I should come over now for my maintenance spanking. To avoid any further interruptions, I think.” Elizabeth could not stop herself annoying Miss Bentner by adding in an almost sarcastic tone, “Although I don’t see how a maintenance spanking can be brought forward.”
Miss Bentner took the phone from Mrs Carson. “Hullo, Mrs Carson. This is Hannah Bentner. I agree with Mrs Carson. The maintenance spanking should stand for two days time. However, she is in the Parent Discipline Scheme and as such is subject to discipline whether linked to Emma’s behaviour or not. Mrs Carson ignored a direct instruction from me and has earned a spanking. Hence I have asked if you can deal with her.”
Mrs Shilton replied, “I quite agree that parents in the Scheme are in it so they can be disciplined separately. So yes, that will be fine. What punishment do you think is right, Miss Bentner?”
Hannah replied, “A spanking, bare bottom of course. I also think 12-strokes should sort her out.”
“Right. A bare bottom spanking and 12-hard strokes of the cane it will be. Actually it is good timing as I have taken a delivery of quite a few senior canes.” Mrs Shilton asked, “Can you come over right now please, Mrs Carson?” The glee in Mrs Shilton’s voice was clear.
Miss Bentner handed the phone back to a contrite Mrs Carson. “Yes, Mrs Shilton. I can leave straightaway.”
Mrs Shilton. “Good. Then I will expect you in less than fifteen minutes.”
Hannah said so that Mrs Shilton could hear, “You should arrange tomorrow as well, to deal with your Punishment Letter.”
Elizabeth blushed. “Oh, yes, Mrs Shilton. I will be seeing Mrs Denver at noon tomorrow. A spanking and 18-strokes. Could I come on to you later so you can deal with me and sign my letter.”
Mrs Shilton replied, “Tomorrow ... Let me see … Yes, I am playing bridge in the afternoon. If you come at 6 o’clock we will be having a coffee break. The ladies always enjoy watching me discipline one of you parents.”
“6 o’clock. Yes, that will be just fine, Mrs Shilton. Thank you” Being disciplined in front of her bridge friends. Well, Elizabeth knew she will know them all. That will be humiliating, but again all the mums knew she was in the Scheme.
Mrs Shilton said happily but with a stern tone of voice, “Good, so I will deal with you today and tomorrow, then again for your maintenance spanking the next day. I will be seeing a lot of your bottom, won’t I, Mrs Carson?”
“Well I suppose so, Mrs Shilton. Thank you again.” Elizabeth was getting more and more aroused at the thought of her forthcoming series of spankings. She didn’t mind at all being sent to Mrs Shilton to be disciplined. Being in the Parent Discipline Scheme gave her so many opportunities to be spanked. How she loved having a stinging bottom and legs, and masturbating in bed afterwards.
Mrs Shilton added, “Just so you know, Mrs Carson, Maisie is here with a few friends.”
Elizabeth said quickly, “Oh, then maybe now isn’t such a good time?” She wasn’t so happy about being spanked if 16-year-old Maisie and a group of her friends were going to watch.
Mrs Shilton said tersely, “Nonsense, Mrs Carson. We have agreed you will come now and you may not change your mind. Those are the rules.”
Elizabeth looked at Miss Bentner who was nodding in agreement and held her finger up as a warning. “Yes, of course, Mrs Shilton. I will leave straight away.” Elizabeth felt subdued as so many of the 16-year-olds who will be watching are very likely to be daughters of friends of hers.
“Don’t worry, Mrs Carson,” Mrs Shilton said sternly, “There might well be several young ladies watching me spank and cane you. However, I assure you that I will make you cry very quickly indeed so they will be the least of your concerns.”
“Of course, Mrs Shilton, you are right.” Elizabeth meant it. Why worry about who is watching when you are squirming around on someone’s lap when being spanked, or bent over being caned? After all, she was an adult being disciplined for bad behaviour. She deserved it. She needed it. The humiliation was very much part of it. The pain was just a necessary part of all the enjoyment before and afterwards.
Mrs Shilton instructed, almost as an afterthought. “Oh, and please leave your knickers with Miss Bentner. They will be uncomfortable to wear on your way home anyway.”
Elizabeth blushed as she said goodbye and put the phone down. Even better, thought Elizabeth. Walking to Mrs Shilton and feeling the cool breeze on her pussy and bottom. Then even better when walking home feeling the breeze on her hot bottom. She will be so ready to go to her bedroom when she got home.
Miss Bentner held out her hand. Elizabeth lifted her skirt and yanked down her knickers, stepping out of them. She handed them to Miss Bentner, blushing almost a crimson colour. She felt so like a naughty schoolgirl as Miss Bentner took the knickers from her. Elizabeth stood self consciously, not remembering the last time she was dressed but without knickers. It was strange how such a small piece of clothing could change things so much mentally. She held her hands to her side as though to ensure her skirt didn’t ride up. Silly she knew, but she still did it.
Miss Bentner held Elizabeth’s knickers in her hand as she wagged a finger at the 36-year-old, saying sternly. “Now you get along sharpish to Mrs Shilton. When you get back you will not come in to the living room or Emma’s bedroom without my specific permission. Understood, Mrs Carson?”
Elizabeth thought that if the 24-year-old kept speaking to her in such a strict tone she will happily submit to her discipline. Maybe the young teacher will even smack her a few times now? Elizabeth looked at Miss Bentner’s toned bare arms. She looked at her bare legs and knew she could be held firmly across the young teacher’s lap. She was sure Miss Bentner would spank her very hard with her firm open palm. The voice topped it all. So confident. So, ‘Do as I say young missy or else.’ It was so tempting to Elizabeth. Yes, if Miss Bentner insisted then she would willingly accept being spanked by the 24-year-old. Maybe she should suggest it?
Then Elizabeth had another thought. It would not help Emma. Miss Bentner was here to discipline her 17-year-old daughter. That had to be Miss Bentner’s first responsibility. So instead of asking the teacher to discipline her, Elizabeth answered her question meekly. “Yes Hannah, erm I mean, Miss Bentner.” Elizabeth felt even more like a naughty schoolgirl as she blushed and stammered in front of the young and dominant teacher.
“Good,” Hannah said with finality. She was delighted at how she had taken the upper hand. If she wasn’t so keen on Emma she might even be happy dealing with Mrs Carson herself. Like a chummy mummy but in reverse. She mused over whether next time she comes she should in any case give Mrs Carson a few dozen spanks on her bare bottom, just to enforce her authority. Maybe, she thought. Not this time though. Today Mrs Shilton will deal with the 36-year-old mum, and she will deal with 17-year-old Emma. So Miss Bentner watched Elizabeth walk towards the front door. She smiled as the 36-year-old mum touched her bottom; in anticipation no doubt.
Elizabeth was thinking about how her bottom will sting very soon. Just as she knew the cane strokes will still show clearly when she attends Mrs Denver’s Study tomorrow for her spanking and 18-strokes. Then again with Mrs Shilton and yet again the following day. She knew she will be crying rather a lot over the next few days, not to mention screaming out when the cane bites in to her bare unprotected bottom. Her bottom will still be stinging for days afterwards. At least she will enjoy the stinging when in bed, on all three days. Yes, she thought about all those great orgasms she has to look forward to as she walked towards Mrs Shilton’s.
After Elizabeth left the house a smiling Hannah went back to the living room. She was delighted Elizabeth was out of the way. Now she will make sure she and Emma both enjoy the rest of the day.
Hannah walked in to the living room and asked sternly, “Are you finished Emma?”
Emma looked around and said quietly, “I think so, Miss.”
“Let me see then.” Miss Bentner sat down next to Emma again, this time ensuring she was sitting so close their arms touched. Neither moved their arm away.
Miss Bentner spent a few minutes scanning the project. She only found a few errors but reckoned she was safe enough to say sternly, “Too many mistakes still. I think you need some more encouragement, young lady.”
Emma licked her lips knowing she had left several errors in place. She will easily correct them later and, in any case, wanted to make a good job of it now. However, she was ready to be spanked again.
“Over my lap, young lady,” Miss Bentner ordered. “I think you need my hairbrush. I will be giving you 300 spanks with it.” The 24-year-old eyed the still naked 17-year-old, looking forward to again having her across her lap.
Emma looked up and saw Miss Bentner holding a wicked looking wooden backed oval headed hairbrush. She saw the teasing smile on her teacher’s face. Swallowing hard, Emma quickly bent across the teachers lap and again had her face near the floor with a lovely close-up of Miss Bentner's legs. She was getting aroused quickly by her submissive position.
The spanking started immediately. Emma found the spanks much stingier than before. The hairbrush was extremely painful because she had only been spanked and caned half an hour earlier. The spanks rained down all over her bottom with spank after spank landing on the backs of her legs. Tears again filled Emma’s eyes and were soon running down her face.
Miss Bentner didn’t let up though. This spanking was fully intended to be far longer and harder than the first spanking. She scolded Emma as she spanked, telling her to be far more careful when completing a project or her homework generally.
Emma wanted to answer but she was sobbing and kicking her legs and squirming on Miss Bentner’s lap. Her delightful smooth bare lap, thought Emma as she cried. All the time Miss Bentner scolded Emma as the spanking progressed at quite a pace. Emma was howling before long but obediently stayed on Miss Bentner’s lap.
Very quickly the respective roles were established. The teacher was teaching and Emma was being taught. Both wanted to emphasise their respective positions. As much as Emma wanted to be submissive so Hannah Bentner relished being dominant. Emma’s pussy was already wet as she cried out in pain. Miss Bentner’s pussy was just as wet as she delighted in the pain she was subjecting her 17-year-old student to. It was nothing short of foreplay.
Miss Bentner gave Emma the full 300 spanks with the hairbrush before stopping. Emma was crying out loud. Miss Bentner rubbed Emma’s hot bottom and the backs of her sore legs. Emma parted her legs unconsciously but, wanting the dominant teacher to caress her.
Miss Bentner saw the submissive offering and rubbed Emma’s inner thighs, brushing along the teenager’s hair covered pussy. Emma’s bottom rose, and she groaned with delight. Miss Bentner ran her fingers backwards and forwards along Emma’s pussy and the 17-year-old moaned and groaned more loudly. Slowly Miss Bentner pressed her fingers and they easily slid inside Emma, deeper and deeper, until she found Emma’s clit.
Emma gasped out loud as Miss Bentner slid her fingers quickly flicking Emma’s clit. Emma’s sex juice covered and engulfed Miss Bentner’s fingers which glided increasing easily. Emma was breathing quickly and gasping as she edged towards orgasm. Miss Bentner knew it was right to allow Emma this orgasm. She will be able to tease her better going forward having let Emma score the first point.
Emma let out a long gasp as she achieved her first orgasm with Miss Bentner. She kept gyrating and Miss Bentner kept her fingers inside the teenager’s pussy until she reached her second orgasm, and then her third. Emma collapsed, exhausted. She stayed across Miss Bentner’s lap, purring like a kitten that had just licked the cream.
Hannah said softly, “Up you get, Emma.”
Emma slowly slid off Miss Bentner’s lap and stood up. Her hands flew to her stinging bottom cheeks and rubbed quickly.
“So, young lady,” Miss Bentner said in a firm tone. “I see you enjoyed me giving you finger sex.”
Emma smiled even as she sobbed with tears streaming down her face. “Yes, thank you, Miss.”
Hannah continued. “Your mum has gone out for a while.”
Emma looked quizzically.
Hannah answered the unspoken question. “She has gone to Mrs Shilton for a spanking. I decided she needed to be disciplined today after barging in here without asking.”
“Oh,” Emma said softly.
“Quite so,” Miss Bentner said. “So, you have a choice young lady. You are due a dozen strokes of the cane for all your mistakes.” She let that sink in and saw Emma lick her lips at the thought. “I can either give them to you now, or we can adjourn to your bedroom and make out first. If we do then you will get extra strokes afterwards”
Emma was taken aback by just how direct Miss Bentner was being. “Yes please Miss, lets. I mean, make out. Please can we make out and then you cane me afterwards.” Emma looked at the teacher expectantly, lovingly.
“I thought so,” Miss Bentner replied. “You will do as I say though. Is that understood?”
“Oh yes, Miss.”
“Afterwards I will give you three extra, so 15 strokes. Hard ones. Is that agreed?”
Emma didn’t even think about the extras. “Yes Miss.” She got carried away and said jokingly, “Six extra if you want to Miss.”
Miss Bentner gave a mischievous smile. “Okay, 18-strokes it is then.”
Emma blushed. Maybe she won’t joke about that again. She was sure she will be crying after 15-strokes let alone 18.
Miss Bentner pointed to the door. Emma turned and went to the door. She opened it, turned to Miss Bentner and said, “After you, Miss. Erm, may I call you Hannah, Miss?”
The reply was instant and stern. “No, you most certainly cannot young lady.” Hannah found being called Miss Bentner sexually arousing. Even so, and to enforce her dominance, with one pull of her arm she spun Emma around and landed a hard spank on the teenager’s bottom.
Emma said to herself she won’t try to be a smart ass again. Not that she minded the hard smack. Still, she will soon be making out with the teacher she had such a crush on. She wanted Miss Bentner to do so many things to her. Spank and cane her, of course. The finger sex had been so cool, so much more of that. Maybe she will give finger sex to her teacher. Maybe even tongue sex. Emma was so looking forward to many more private sessions with her dominant teacher.
“Now go upstairs,” Miss Bentner repeated sternly.
Hannah turned and walked up the stairs sure Miss Bentner will be staring at her bare bottom. This was her dream come true and she couldn’t wait to get to her bedroom.
Hannah looked hungrily at Emma’s beautiful red bottom cheeks as she watched them bounce up the stairs. She had fully intended that Elizabeth was aware she was going to have sex with Emma. She wouldn’t do it in secret. Maybe one day she will get to discipline Elizabeth as well. After all, it was so sexy making out with a mum and her daughter at the same time. She will be giving Emma many more private lessons in the future, and then maybe things will happen with Elizabeth as well. She fully intended that they would. 
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