Becoming His Public Slut
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I've always been shy, overly shy to the point it can be annoying. You know, like those little kids who hide behind their mother’s dresses? Yeah, like that. I’m not sure why I am this way, but Master has told me I need to learn to break free from it. He doesn't want to push it on me. He doesn't ever push things that are to extreme, but does test my limits.
As of late, he’s been drawing more attention to me when we’re out in public. He’s even making me dress a little sexier, so people will notice me more. I’m use to being a shadow. It’s not like I’m ugly or anything, I just try and draw the attention away from me. My Master thinks it’s cute when I blush so hard when people do notice me, and calls me out on it. I however, don’t.
I want to be more open for him, I even want to surprise him, and do it on my own. I want him to be proud of his “Mo Chroiu” (Which means ‘My Heart’ in Irish Gaelic); he has always called me this. I’m tired of being the shy, can’t do anything new and exciting type. I’m going to break free from my shyness, and please my Master.
My first attempt will be tonight, we’re going out to dinner, and I’m going to test myself a little. I don’t even care if people see. I know Master has always desired to have his way with me in front of a crowd. This is my end goal, is to set it up. I want to give him what he wants. 
Master arrives home promptly at 6:30, our dinner reservations are at 7:00, and it’s not that far of a drive. He comes in, does a once over, making sure I’m dressed to his liking. He set out one dress, but I decided to go with something a little shorter, to please him.
“Wow, Leah, you look stunning. I approve.”
The words sound shocked, and I can’t help but grin. I know I've pleased him, even if I’m not wearing what he set out. I blush hard, feeling my face burn. I bite my bottom lip, before taking a step closer to him and kissing his lips gently.
“Anything to please you, Master. I’m glad you approve.”
“How can I not, Mo Chroiu?”
“I don’t know. Shall we, Master?”
“We shall, I don’t want to be late.”
Master has a thing about being late to anything, and is always on time or early. He prides himself on this, which encourages me to do the same. We show up at the restaurant ten of 7:00. We come here every Friday at 7:00, so we’re well known. We’re seated right off; we always order the same thing, so they don’t even ask.
We throw ourselves into a deep conversation about his job, and the next project their doing. I can feel my heart beating so hard, my inner self screaming at me to stop being such a chicken shit. Now that I’m here, I am getting shy and nervous. This doesn’t surprise me, but God; I look at this man and want to please him so much. I take an inward sigh, and tell myself to man up, so to speak.
I act as natural as I can, as he goes on about his work. I slide my heel off, and begin to run it gently over his leg. I see him flash me a look of surprise, I act natural, like I hadn’t done anything, and he goes on. I glide my foot between his legs and caress him gently, keeping my eyes locked on his. His breath hitches slightly, and tries to remain cool. My long legs work wonders as I mange to slip up right between his legs, and toy with his slowly hardening cock. I had no idea I’d get him THAT excited so quickly! I bite my lip, holding back a grin. I can feel my inner self do a slight victory dance.
I stop as the waitress comes with the first round of our meal. We keep talking, enjoying our meal. I notice that Master can’t seem to sit comfortably. I’m guessing he has a raging hard on, that I’m going to be punished with later. This makes me excited, and I stir slightly. I wonder how far I can go with this, I think to myself.
When we’re nearly done our first round, I slide my foot back up, and find he’s still rock hard. He lets out a groan and I look up at him with a devilish smile.
“I don’t know what you’re doing, Mo Chroiu. But you’re killing me, is that the idea?”
I decide to play dumb, since I want to drag this out as long as possible. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Master.” I whisper as sweetly as I can to him.
He raises a brow at me, and chuckles. “Is that so? Okay, well, beware, Mo Chroiu, two can play at that game.”
We quiet as the waitress comes back to take our plates, I take the time to purposely brush my toes along his shaft. I hit just perfectly as he groans out, catching the eye of the waitress. He waves her off, and flashes me a glare. Oh, no did I go too far? He doesn't say anything, so I feel I’m safe.
I lay low through most of the second course, talking about plans to re-do the living room at home. Master doesn’t allow me to work, and I have a lot of free time to do as I please at home. I take a lot of classes though, to improve myself. As of late, I've been into re-doing our whole house, room by room.
When our second course is done, I let out a soft moan. A moan I know will awaken the deepest parts of Master’s core. He can’t help but give me that look as to tell me I’m asking for trouble. He’s not use to me being so out right playful in public. I’m like this in the privacy of our own home though.
Our last course comes, dessert. We dig in, and I can’t help it. I start toying with him again. This time I notice a couple, two tables over watching me. I blush hard, and turn away. I feel myself get light headed, and want to hide but at the same time, I’m so turned on I almost don’t care. I hear the young women giggle, and I tease Master again, not just for his pleasure but because I know the couple is watching.
Dinner ends, and we head to our car. As we walk by the couple again, I hear the girl giggle, saying “That was so hot”, I flash her a slight grin, and follow Master. I don’t think he heard, and if he had, knew she was talking to me. When we got to the car, Master turns to me.
“Do you think I should even wait to get you home, Leah? You lustful little slut. Where did that come from?”
“I was just having fun, Master.” I answer back shyly, but with a bit of humor.
“Is that so? Well, it’s my turn… This is for me. You may not orgasm. Turn around, drop your panties and bend over, Mo Chroiu.”
I stand there dumbfounded. We’re in the middle of a parking lot, which is still fairly busy. I flush and want to beg him not too, but at the same time knowing I made him this turned on. Though, I can’t orgasm, so I slightly pout, but I do what he asks. I turn, pull down my panties, I bend over into the car, making it look like I’m doing something.
I hear Master behind me, I hear the sound of his belt and zipper comes undone. He steps up, places the head of his cock at my tight entrance, grabs my hips, and sinks in fully. I can’t help but moan out, he starts thrusting hard, and so deep inside me. I feel so full of him. I can feel him grind his body into me. The motion is hard, quick and with no mercy. I feel the buildup of my own orgasm quickly, as turned on as I have been for the last two hours. I bite my lip, holding back a whimpering moan to beg to orgasm. I know he’ll deny me. Just when I think I can’t hold back any longer, I feel his own release fill inside me. He empties all he has inside me. He pushes his hips deeper into me, making sure we don’t make a mess.
He slowly pulls out, patting my ass, and zips back up. I stand, pulling up my panties and scan to see if anyone saw us. There is an older couple in the distances, but I don’t think they saw us, I breath slightly knowing they hadn't . We get in the car and head home. We don’t speak of what happen, I think Master loves the new side of me. This makes me happy; of course he doesn't know what I have planned.
Over the next two weeks or so I take every chance I can get to brave myself up. I've been teasing Master a lot with the public stuff. I've noticed a lot of people watching, and that makes me that much more turned on. I’m starting to feel like Master now. I can see why he likes it. No one seems to mind, if anything they enjoy the free show.
In the mean time, I've been setting up a “date” so to speak to really put this into action. I feel naughty, and hope Master doesn't mind me being so bold. This kind of thing is something he’d do, but I so want to surprise him. I've found a few people in our Lifestyle who want to watch us. Some have done it before, others doing it for the first time. One couple is a lot like Master and I. The Master has done it, and wants his slave to feel comfortable doing it too. He thought this would be a good start. I've found six people who’ll watch.
I've arranged all the times, and the place. I've book a hotel, not wanting strangers inside my home. Master wouldn't be pleased with this. I told him I've set up a date, and that I want him to just go along with it. It takes all he has not to ask me what I’m up too. I just ask him to trust me, so he does.
Today is the day, and Master has been itching with endless questions. It’s Saturday, and I had the chance to set everything up the day before. I brought some of our things, ones I know Master will enjoy using on me. I booked the hotel for two nights. I’m so excited for it, I can’t wait.
We show up at the hotel, everything is hidden for now. We still have about an hour before people show up. Master is of course full of questions, I know I have to spill the beans now. There is no backing out now.
“You trust me, don’t you, Master?”
“Of course I do, Mo Chroiu.”
“Master, you've noticed I've been differently lately. I've wanted to please you, and spice things up. I hope I have, I can tell you like it. However, I have taken it to the next level.” I let out a soft sigh, looking at him.
He raises a brow, looking at me with questioning eyes. He doesn't say anything. He’s so perfect; I just want to cling onto him for dear life. I’m on his lap, on the couch in the hotel, stroking my fingers over the back of his neck. Here we go….
“Master, I've set up a showing. You know the ones you've told me about. We have about forty five minutes before people start to show up. There are six people coming to watch you do as you please with me. I've brought some of our things here. There in there.” I point to the dresser across the room, watching his eyes grow bigger.
“Mo Chroiu, I-I don’t know what to say. Are you sure about this? I know how you feel about…..”
I stop him, placing a single finger over his lips. “I’m sure, Master. I want this. I’ve even grown to really like what I have been doing, so this has to be hot, right? And if I don’t like it, we won’t do it again.”
“You’re so perfect, pet. You’re wonderful for trying this for me, for us. I love you.”
“I love you, Master, more than life it’s self. However, we should get ready. Not a lot of time left.” I say with a giggle, blushing deeply.
Master has me strip down naked, and climb onto the bed. He goes into the dresser to find handcuffs, a blindfold, nipple clamps, a spreader bar, and a vibrator. He’s pleased with my choices.
He handcuffs my wrists to the headboard, and uses the spreader bar on my ankles. I’m lying there tied to the bed, unable to move what so ever. He tells me he’s going to blindfold me at the start, to help me feel comfortable with it. I think it’s a wonderful idea. I’m blinded to the room, but can hear everything. The last thing I see is Master in just some faded jeans, hanging perfect on his hips. He removed his shirt, shoes and socks.
He clamps my nipples, making them nice and taut, and instantly making me squirm. My heart is racing. Though they should be here soon, it feels like forever. Finally I hear a soft knock on the door. Master goes to open the door, letting them in. I hear the sounds of a couple coming in. Master does the polite thing, introducing himself. They make their self’s comfortable. Soon the others show up, and the room is packed. I can see them in my mind, all sitting how we set up the couch and chairs to see everything perfectly.
Master tells them that I’m off limits, that there to watch only. If they so choose to do their own thing while we play, they can. They all agree, and Master comes over to me.
I can feel my heart beating already, my body is flush, and I can’t help but squirm. I’m turned on, and terrified at the same time. I’m excited, and want to scream with delight but run for the hills at the same time. I chant to myself in my head I can do this. I do it again and again. I feel the weight of the bed sink slightly as Master comes on it. I still as perfectly as I can, holding my breath.
“Relax, Mo Chroiu. You’ll do fine.” He whispers softly in my ear, I know no one else heard him.
I nod, too shy to speak out just yet. He kisses my lips gently, tracing his fingers along my rib cage. The warmth of his chest against mine is incredible. My nipples ache harder under the clips. He begins a slow tease, kissing down from my lips, towards my chin, nipping as he goes. He makes his way to my nipples, tugging on them. I can’t help but moan out, making me blush harder. I know their watching, I can’t help but blush, but at the same time I love it.
He removes one of the clips, my nipple screaming for attention. His mouth comes down, covering it completely and sucks so hard on it, I tremble. His lips, his tongue, and his mouth they’re so skilled. I feel the heat build between my legs. It feels like a force field. He places the clip back on, and kisses down my stomach. He licks so gently along my mid drift, dipping his tongue into my belly button and back down towards my mound. He lifts my knees, the spreader bar keeping my legs apart still.
“You’re always so ready for me, Mo Chroiu.” He growls the whispering approval.
“Oh, I want you so badly, Master.” I stir, blushing; I almost want the blindfold off now. I want to see the others.
I feel the weight of the bed shift as Master does something. He moves down, and lying flat on his belly, and traces a single finger over my slit. I try and keep still, but wanting him to rush. I pull slightly on my cuffs, whimpering out. I hear low murmurs from the ones who are watching. A couple of times I heard “God, that’s so hot.” – “She’s such a good girl” – “A rocking body.” – “He has such control over her.” I can’t help but be pleased with the comments that I have heard. I even heard one or two low moans.
I feel Master part my lips, toying with my pussy. He leans forward, and licks lightly against my clit, before capturing it into his lips, and sucking hard. I cry out a whimper and twist slightly, shaking. He takes special care of my clit, biting on it, sucking hard. He’s not gentle, he’s so bold. He doesn’t care how loud I get; I can’t help but blush because of it. He wants to put on a show. He begins to lap at my pussy, shoving his face in for it all. I tremble so hard, my body screaming for more.
When I think he’s had enough, and wants to fuck me, he doesn’t. He takes the vibrator that I brought, and has me suck on it deep. He slowly slides it inside me, filling me tight pussy with the thick toy. He turns it on low; the vibrations hit my clit perfect, twirling inside me gently. He scoots lower, and begins to invade my asshole. His tongue circling around it gently and I’m over the moon, seeing stars in every color.
He probes his tongue to go a little deeper, pushing me further. The comments and moans from the group become a bit more. I don’t hear a lot of them; I’m in a lost state of pleasure. His tongue starts fucking my tight little ass; he sets the toy to go faster. It buzzes strong inside me. I shake uncontrollably for him. The excitement of everything has me so close to the edge. I can feel him pushing his tongue deeper, working the vibrator into me with a quick, hungry need. I arch my back, lift my hips, throw my head up, and cry out. I begin to beg for a release. I can’t hold back, I’m begging like never before. If he denies me there is no way I can stop.
He stops just quick enough to tell me I can orgasm. I think he knows I have no way of stopping, or he’s so turned on he wants me to orgasm as badly as I need too. The blinding, pulsing moment of release is so intense, I feel my whole body lock up, and convulse. Master doesn’t let up on me either; he wants me to ride this wave to the very last end of it. The sounds from the ones watching urge the both of us on. I hear one women say she wants this done to her. I’m guessing it is the Master and shy sub.
The orgasm is intense, and I feel like I have been drained of my life. I can’t even think straight. I’m so turned on, and don’t want it to stop. I feel Master crawl up my body, nipping every so often, until he reaches my lips. He takes me into a full kiss and makes me moan quietly. When he breaks the kiss, I can feel the smile against my lips.
I whisper quietly to him. “May I have my sight. I think I’ll be okay, Master.”
“Are you sure, Mo Chroiu?” He asks, slightly surprised.
I bite my lip, and nod my head as I do. He removes the blindfold, I blink a few times. Master has drawn the blinds, so it’s not so bright in here, but it’s still well lit. I look towards the others, and see them all watching our private moment together. I flush, and smile at them. I turn my gaze back at Master, who grins down at me like a school boy with candy.
“Shall we continue, Mo Chroiu?”
“Oh, yes please, Master.” I coo lightly, wanting this more than ever.
He reaches up and un-cuffs one handcuff, he helps me twist until I’m on my knees and elbows. My ass is up high, just like he likes it. I turn to face the group, but I keep my eyes closed for now. Master cuffs me back in place, and climbs off the bed. He finishes undressing. I listen to the sound of his belt and jeans come off. Oh how I love that sound. When he gets back on the bed, he sets himself perfectly between my legs. He slaps my ass hard, feeling the heat shooting through me like a hot fire. I let out a moan; my eyes fling open and see the others watching me.
The shy sub, I haven’t met, but I know it’s her, she smiles shyly at me. I see her squirm, I know how turned on she is. She has a true inner slut in her screaming to be released. I can’t help but smile inwardly at that. I hope her Master can bring it out of her. Before I can go on with the thoughts I’m having, Master slaps my ass again. He brings me back to the here and now.
He grabs a hold of my hips, driving his manhood deep within the center of my paradise. His hips rock forward, and start a quick thrusting need inside me. I feel how tight I become around him, squeezing with all that I have as he forces himself into me. One of his hands releases my hip, grabbing a fist full of my hair and yanks me back hard. My back arching so hard, my nipples screaming as the clamps pull tight on them. I feel him ravish me from the inside out. I look over at the group and suddenly shocked to see that young, sweet “shy” sub sucking on her Master’s cock for dear life. Her eyes are locked on us, but she is pleasing the shit out of her Master. His eyes locked on us also, they all are.
I grind my hips back into Master, feeling him collide with me. It feels like his cock expands with each thrust, we become so needy. I move against him, slithering, writing, stroking him as he pleases me, while I please him. I feel him move to his own accord, and I do the same, we sync perfectly. A match made in heaven. My moans grow, his growls makes me so heady.
The stars I felt not long ago reappear; they’re starting to become brighter. I know the orgasm is going to slither its way to me soon. I lean back again, the bounce becoming stronger. His growls encourage me, I need him. I submit to him so easily, I’m so turned on. I want nothing more than to forever please this man. This man I call Master. I move against him, hot, wet and abandoned. I give him my all, and I can tell he is near.
I slowly start to rotate my hips, to urge him on. I know I’m close and I want our stars glowing bright together. I can hear him, my moans match his. The interconnection we have is powerful; we both know it’s there. He grips me tighter, releasing my hair. He grabs a hold of my hips again. I lean back as far as I can, he slams forth, and we give into what we both want. Our releases explode together in perfect harmony, we sing out our pleasure. I tremble, watching the stars shoot past in the delight he causes me.
He collapses on me, I can feel his heart beating against my back. I feel as though I am lost in a space that I can’t return from. Not that I want too. We slow our breathing, and I hear a grunt from the other Master as he explodes filling his filthy little slut’s mouth. She takes it like a pro, swallowing him whole.
He pulls her into his lap and fondles her lightly. My Master undoes my cuffs, and spreader bar. He helps me up, and I stretch. I no longer feel so shy about public things, and wonder what other things I can get myself into.
We talk to the people who came, who all agreed that it was wonderful. They couldn't believe I’m the shy sub type. I joke around telling them that is no longer the case. Master seems pleased with this. I know he’ll start testing me on his own free will now.
I can’t help but think of what he might have planned for me. I can’t believe I waited so long to be his public little slut.
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