Miss Bentner Takes Charge of Elizabeth: Part 1
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Elizabeth Carson walked back up her path enjoying thestinging feeling across her bottom, ready to go to her bedroom and masturbate. She unlocked her front door and walked in to her house. She stopped short when she saw 24-year-old Miss Bentner was already in the hallway with Emma, Elizabeth’s 17-year-old daughter.
Miss Bentner didn’t look like a teacher today. She wasn’t in school so that was Ok. Today she wore a tight fitting vest top that showed off her full breasts and firm arms. Her hair flowed down her shoulders and her full fringe framed her gorgeous face. Her eyes flashed, and her pretty smile was somehow both lovely and wicked at the same time.
“Oh, hullo, Miss Bentner,” 36-year-old Elizabeth said in a surprised tone. “I didn’t realise you were having a lesson with Emma today.” Elizabeth was now used to addressing the 24-year-old respectfully. She hadn’t used her first name for weeks now.
Hannah Bentner replied in a cool tone, “I was just passing and thought I would check Emma was on schedule to complete her project.”
“I see. Is she?” Elizabeth knew her daughter wasn’t anywhere near complete and hoped it would lead to her being disciplined by Miss Bentner.
Miss Bentner gave Emma a look and said, “No she isn’t actually. In fact I am rather annoyed with her over it.”
Elizabeth’s was finding it hard to concentrate as Miss Bentner berated Emma. She looked at the 24-year-old and realised that she was actually smiling at her, as was Emma. It was only a few seconds later Elizabeth realised the smiles were because quite absentmindedly she was rubbing her bottom.
Miss Bentner asked, “Have you been to the school today Mrs Carson? I’m guessing you have quite a few weals on your bottom.”
Elizabeth blushed but knew she would be forced to explain what happened, so told the dominant teacher whilst continuing to rub her bottom. “Well actually, yes I have. There was a meeting of parents in the Discipline Scheme. I got in to an argument with one of the other Mums, Sarah Parker, and we both refused to back down. Well, not until the teacher taking the session took out two Punishment Slips. We both backed down immediately after that but were told it was too late. We walked together to Mrs Denver’s Study.”
“I bet that was fun?” Miss Bentner asked sounding sarcastic but still smiling.
“Well we were shown in to Mrs Denver’s Study and gave her the Punishment Slips. She asked us to explain ourselves and we both said we were so sorry to have argued. Mrs Denver wasn’t having it of course. She told us off in no uncertain terms. Then came her order to get undressed. Moments later the two of us were stark naked and standing with our hands on our heads. Mrs Denver read out what was on the Punishment Slip. 12-strokes.”
“Who went first?” asked Miss Bentner, enjoying the distress the 36-year-old was in.
“Sarah. She took them well. Mrs Denver gave her 12-stingers so she was crying whilst I got mine.” Elizabeth was openly rubbing her bottom still, much to the enjoyment of both the 24-year-old teacher and 17-year-old Emma.
“Any afters?” Miss Bentner asked.
Elizabeth blushed. “No. Mrs Denver just caned us and told us to go to see Charlotte for a Punishment Letter.”
“Naturally,” Miss Bentner said. “So are you going off to see Mrs Shilton?”
Elizabeth moaned. “That’s the problem. I telephoned her when I got to the car and her daughter, Maisie, answered. She told me Mrs Shilton is away.” Elizabeth did sound worried. She had never yet failed to get a Punishment Letter signed and had heard Mrs Denver always set a very high tariff if you did fail. Whilst Elizabeth wondered what that might be like, she was sure it would not be like an ordinary caning. Far from it. She had been told by two other mum’s who failed to get their Punishment Letters that the subsequent caning was exceptionally painful.
“Oh dear,” Miss Bentner said without any sympathy in her voice. “And of course you cannot ask Charlotte for another member of the panel once you have left her office.”
“I know. It’s the first time Mrs Shilton has been away.” After a moment Elizabeth continued, “Guess what Maisie said?”
“I’m guessing she offered to deal with you.”
Elizabeth replied in a haughty tone, “Yes she did. Imagine that. She’s just 16-years-old. The cheek of it.”
Miss Bentner said in a logical tone, “Well, she might be young but she was available; and willing.”
Elizabeth blushed. “I know, but she is 16-years-old. I am 36-years-old.”
“Still, she was a valid option.”
Elizabeth looked at the floor, still blushing, and still rubbing her sore bottom. “That is true, of course.”
There was silence for a few moments. Emma said, “Miss Bentner can deal with you Mum, you know.”
“Oh, but,” Elizabeth started, still rubbing her bottom. She looked inquisitively at Miss Bentner and asked, “Would you, Miss Bentner?”
“Well, I can, but with conditions.” Miss Bentner spoke in a very firm tone. As Elizabeth said nothing but looked expectantly she continued. “First, you will address me as Miss or Miss Bentner for the rest of today, not just until I have finished disciplining you.”
“Agreed, Miss,” Elizabeth said quickly. She already did that anyway. Elizabeth looked quickly at Emma who seemed relaxed at the suggestion. Elizabeth had resisted asking the 24-year-old to discipline her, but now Emma was the one to suggest it. Anyway, she was worried about getting the Punishment Letter signed.
Miss Bentner continued. “Second, I will be disciplining Emma for her lack of work on her homework. So I will discipline you together. Both naked. Agreed?”
Elizabeth wasn’t expecting the second condition. “Erm, well Miss, Mrs Denver has never spanked me in front of Emma.”
Miss Bentner smirked. “I know, but that is Mrs Denver. I am me.” What Hannah didn’t say, was how she was thinking how sexy to have a Mum and her daughter both naked and her disciplining them both. Not sexy for the two of them. Just sexy for her.
Miss Bentner enforced her point by adding, “There is always Maisie,” she said scoffing.
Elizabeth knew that wasn’t an option. Not after the very short reply she had given the 16-year-old during their conversation, and the row that followed. Elizabeth was worried how Mrs Shilton will react, but that will have to wait until she returns.
“No, I will appreciate it if you will deal with me, Miss Bentner,” Elizabeth conceded, secretly delighted the 24-year-old will discipline her.
Wasting no time Miss Bentner turned to Emma and barked, “Please go and get me two canes. Both seniors.”
“Yes, Miss,” Emma said obediently, and went off to get the canes.
“Go and face the wall with your hands on your head until she gets back,” Miss Bentner snapped at Elizabeth.
The 36-year-old turned and stepped over to the wall. She put her hands on her head and pressed her nose against the painted surface. She was getting aroused and was so taken by the firmness of the 24-year-old.
A minute later Emma returned.
“Good girl,” Miss Bentner said. “Put them on the table.” She then ordered, “Turn around Mrs Carson.”
Elizabeth turned and faced the stern looking teacher.
“Where is your letter, please?”
Elizabeth replied, “In my handbag Miss. Shall I get it for you.”
“Of course; what else?” she snapped.
Elizabeth obeyed immediately. She realised how eagerly she was obeying every instruction given by the 24-year-old, a woman 12 years younger than herself. Strange though, she thought, as that is only 8 years older than Maisie. Still, she was comfortable being disciplined by the 24-year-old.
In fact Miss Bentner said at that moment, “I wonder if you will still be so adamant afterwards that Maisie should not punish you Mrs Carson? I doubt she will cane you as hard as I will.”
Elizabeth gulped. That was probably right, she thought.
Miss Bentner read the Punishment Letter and said, “Oh my, I see Mrs Denver hasn’t allowed any sympathy to creep in here. The letter says 12-strokes, and also a spanking.”
Elizabeth hadn’t been able to read the letter so wasn’t expecting the additional punishment.
“OK you two, get undressed. Emma, I’ll be giving you the same as you’re mum. A spanking and 12-strokes of the cane.”
“Yes, Miss, Thank you, Miss” Emma replied obediently. She never minded being disciplined by her teacher. After all she would get finger and, even better, tongue sex afterwards.
Elizabeth looked at her daughter, then at Miss Bentner. She took a breath and started to unbutton her blouse. She slipped it down her arms and folded it before putting it on the table. She unclipped her bra and that was soon on top of her blouse. She looked across at Emma who was also naked above the waist and was already unzipping her skirt. Seconds later both mum and daughter stepped out of their knickers, put them with their other clothes, and turned back to face Miss Bentner.
“I see you still have your Brazilian, Mrs Carson.”
Elizabeth blushed and nodded. She looked unconsciously at her daughter and could see her full hair mound. She hadn’t seen her daughter naked for quite some time. So seeing her 17-year-old daughter naked today was a bit of a shock. Of course Emma was also seeing her mum naked. Miss Bentner caught her eye as Elizabeth looked back towards the teacher. Elizabeth blushed again.
Miss Bentner turned a chair in to the room and sat down.
Elizabeth looked closely at the 24-year-old teacher who was about to spank and cane her. She looked so attractive, and ever since first seeing her had ‘feelings’ for her. Feelings she refrained from pursuing, because she knew Emma had a crush on her, a schoolgirl’s crush for her teacher. However, what had become clear very quickly was that the teacher also had feelings for Emma. Albeit her student. So Elizabeth knew that whilst Hannah Bentner gave Emma really hard spankings, these were invariably followed by sex. Maybe not full sex, but finger and tongue sex. So the discipline was foreplay to sex rather than discipline for discipline’s sake.
Focussing again on the dominant teacher, both Elizabeth and Emma see that Hannah’s skirt had risen right up her legs so they will both be lying across her firm bare thighs. Emma was more than used to that feeling. Elizabeth felt a flutter rush through her pussy at the thought of it.
Sex oozed around the room. Hannah and Emma were already an item. The dominant 24-year-old teacher and her 17-year-old student. As much as Emma enjoyed being spanked so Hannah enjoyed spanking her and got more and more aroused that harder she spanked Emma. The foreplay excited them both.
Elizabeth was sure Hannah Bentner got aroused by spanking her daughter, and was equally sure that if the occasion ever arose that the teacher would get aroused by spanking her. Now that time had come. All three, Hannah, Elizabeth, and Emma, felt flutters run across their pussies when Miss Bentner snapped the order, “Over my lap, Mrs Carson.”
Elizabeth readily bent down, enjoying the feeling of the teacher’s bare thighs. Her face was inches from the floor. Miss Bentner’s bare legs were just inches away from her face. Slim sturdy and attractive legs in her black high heels. Elizabeth looked around the room from her upside down position. To the side she saw her daughter standing with her hands on her head, her legs apart, naked, looking at her teacher rather than her mum. Elizabeth thought how obedient the 17-year-old was. No flippant remarks. No answering back. Then she almost laughed. After all, the really obedient one was herself. Here she was, 36-years-old and bent across Miss Bentner’s lap for a spanking.
Miss Bentner rubbed Elizabeth’s bottom but before starting the spanking remarked, “I do like how Mrs Denver canes. Ten straight lines and two diagonals. That must really sting.”
Elizabeth enjoyed the firm rubbing of her bottom but already knew how hard it was to sit down after being caned by Mrs Denver. Miss Bentner was so right about those diagonal strokes. They hurt so much.
Miss Bentner asked, “Did you and Sarah go to the toilets afterwards?”
Elizabeth froze, not expecting the question.
Miss Bentner was insistent. “If I have to ask again it will be two more strokes, Mrs Carson.”
Elizabeth replied quickly, “Yes Miss, we did. Well, the nurse’s room actually.”
“So you did get afters then?” Miss Bentner said in an annoyed tone.
“Well, erm, yes, I suppose.” Elizabeth knew where this might be going. She added quickly, “But you asked about afters with Mrs Denver, Miss.”
Miss Bentner gave the 36-year-old two firm spanks on each bottom cheek.
Elizabeth gasped as the spanks fell across the raised weals.
“Don’t get smart with me, Mrs Carson.” Two more spanks landed hard on Elizabeth’s stinging bottom.
“Sorry, Miss,” Elizabeth tried.
Miss Bentner continued. “So you made out with Sarah Parker after you were caned?”
Elizabeth replied plaintively, “We just felt we wanted a cuddle and to wipe away the tears, but it didn’t stop there.”
Miss Bentner scoffed, “No it wouldn’t. Sarah Parker is one of those parents who joined the Parent Discipline Scheme so she could be caned. She loves it.” Four spanks this time rained down on Elizabeth’s bottom.
“Did you both have orgasms then?” Miss Bentner spoke in her strict teacher tone.
“Yes, Miss,” Elizabeth conceded.
“Finger or tongue sex?”
“Both, Miss.”
Miss Bentner looked up at Emma who was wide eyed. She had never expected to be listening to the sex exploits of her mum. Still, it turned her on immediately.
“OK, Mrs Carson. Two extras for lying.”
Elizabeth looked back at the floor. “Yes, Miss,” she conceded.
“The truth at last, Mrs Carson. A pity I had to drag it out of you.” Miss Bentner gave Elizabeth another few hard spanks before saying sternly,
Miss Bentner proceeded to spank Elizabeth, with hard open palmed spanks spread right across both her bare red wealed bottom cheeks. Elizabeth forgot the conversation, as the hard spanks reignited the stinging of the caning.
Miss Bentner knew she was hurting the 36-year-old but was enjoying doing so. She was sure she could hurt her even without the earlier caning, but the gasps of pain from Elizabeth were music to her ears. She was so turned on as she inflicted the painful hand spanks. Spanking an older woman was somehow sexier than spanking someone younger. Maybe because spanking someone older will so often be sexually charged. No suggestion of just discipline. It has to have sexual overtones. Her wet pussy confirmed her thoughts.
Emma licked her lips as she watched her beautiful teacher spank her mum. It never happened at school. No one saw another student being spanked. The fact it was her own mum being spanked here made it even more personal, and the wait for her own turn to be put across her teacher’s lap more erotic.
Elizabeth knew this spanking was harder than any Mrs Shilton had given her. That surprised her, although she supposed the time Miss Bentner spent at the gym will be the reason. The spanking continued, spanks landing on the same spot time after time until Elizabeth was forced to sob with the stinging pain. Only then would Miss Bentner spank another spot, again time after time, until the sobbing and gasping told her Elizabeth was nicely struggling.
Emma watched, keeping her hands on her head, and careful to keep her legs apart to stop her squeezing her thighs together to get an orgasm. She knew it would be far better to wait for Miss Bentner to make her cum, for both their benefits.
Elizabeth had tear-filled eyes and was sobbing before Miss Bentner decided this part of her spanking was over.
“Get up and stand next to Emma. Put your hands on your head and keep your legs well apart, Mrs Carson,” the 24-year-old teacher ordered.
Elizabeth eased herself up from Miss Bentner’s lap and stepped quickly across the room to where Emma was standing. Her eyes were too tear filled to see her daughter clearly, but she smiled at her and thought she could see her daughter smiling back. She wasn’t sure though. She turned and in one movement placed her hands on her head and placed her legs well apart. She was enjoying being submissive. She always did.
“Over my lap please, Emma,” she ordered the 17-year-old.
Emma stepped forward quickly and bent across her teacher’s lap. She loved this position and caught her breath when Miss Bentner’s hand started to rub her bottom. There was no telling off though. Miss Bentner raised her hand and brought it down hard on Emma’s girlish bottom. Her hand covered a good half of the teenager’s bottom, and so after only a few spanks her bare bottom was already turning red.
Elizabeth watched, her eyes now clearing, as Miss Bentner spanked her daughter’s bottom. Miss Bentner looked so gorgeous in her vest top as her arm rose and fell on to the reddening bottom. Miss Bentner was smiling as she spanked and Elizabeth guessed that same smile was on the teacher’s face as she was spanked. Emma was squirming after a few dozen spanks and gasping out loud. Elizabeth saw how the teacher spanked time after time on the same spot and how it made Emma squirm more and more as she did so. Elizabeth didn’t feel sorry for her daughter. Like her, she knew now she enjoyed being spanked. They were both getting what they wanted from the dominant teacher.
Miss Bentner looked across at Elizabeth as she spanked Emma. She found Elizabeth attractive with her full breasts and erect nipples standing proud. Not a bad figure either, with curves in the right places. Hannah glanced at the Brazilian cut of Elizabeth’s hair mound. Standing with her legs apart allowed her to see the luscious pussy lips. Miss Bentner wondered if she would finger that pussy today, or lick those moist pussy lips. It looked more and more like she thought.
Emma was gasping out loud after each spank, some gasps merging in to each other as Miss Bentner spanked the same spot on her bottom time and again. Emma wriggled around on the teacher’s lap, gasping with the pain but not wanting the spanking to stop. Far from it. She even raised her bottom encouraging her teacher to keep on spanking her.
Miss Bentner saw Emma raise her bottom and spanked her harder several times. Then she rubbed the 17-year-olds bottom and the backs of her legs. Emma parted her legs further just as Miss Bentner had expected her to. Immediately Miss Bentner ran her hand down the teenager’s inner thigh, running her hand along the teenager’s pussy. As expected Emma let out an erotic gasp.
Emma experienced the orgasm. Elizabeth saw it. Miss Bentner knew she was doing it. Three pussy’s quivered with delight.
Miss Bentner felt how wet Emma’s pussy was, and knew she was well on her way to a full on orgasm. However, she also knew there was a caning to be given before the 17-year-old will be allowed to enjoy the sweetness of a full orgasm.
“Up you get Emma. It is time for the cane.”
Elizabeth gasped as Miss Bentner mentioned the cane. That meant more pain for her, and as much as she knew she would love the pain she also dreaded it. Particularly now. After all there were already 12-weals across her bottom, so 12 more will hurt all the more. Just like it always did when she was punished the second time so her Punishment Letter was signed. On the plus side it will be easier than a cold caning. Mrs Denver had given her and Sarah Parker a cold caning this afternoon, and that really hurt. At least she has had the ‘pleasure’ of being put across Miss Bentner’s lap for a spanking first.
Emma stood next to her mum and had her hands back on her head. Miss Bentner looked at them both again, smiling her wicked smile, as she saw both Elizabeth and Emma had red eyes and the tell-tale tear streaks running down her face. Once again the teacher felt aroused by having both mum and daughter under her control. She savoured the sight of the two of them, mum and daughter, standing naked with their hands on their head. Elizabeth’s full breasts compared to Emma’s pert breasts. Elizabeth’s Brazilian compared to Emma’s full hair mound. Both mum and daughter looked quite delicious.
“Bend over the table, Mrs Carson, and grab the far side,” Miss Bentner ordered.
Elizabeth reached across the table, her full breasts yielding down beneath her as she stretched her arms and just managed to grab the far side.
“Legs apart, Mrs Carson,” Miss Bentner ordered, flicking the cane between her inner thighs. Elizabeth obeyed the order, knowing her pussy lips were now stretched and on show for both Miss Bentner and her daughter. She had little time to think of the humiliating position she was in. The caning was just seconds away.
Emma saw the 12 weals which were exaggerated as her mum’s bottom was stretched. She glanced at Miss Bentner, but knew the teacher would ignore them. She will be seeing a fresh un-caned bottom. It is Elizabeth who will be suffering after all. Emma knew Miss Bentner’s delight in hearing pain filled gasps, and there would be plenty of them. Actually, 14 of them as Miss Bentner had added two to her mum’s tariff.
Elizabeth felt the tap of the cane twice. There was a gap before she heard the whoosh of the cane, which she knew meant it was travelling fast, arcing downwards. The explosion of pain was followed by a cry that filled the room. Her cry. She tensed her arms grabbing the table with all her strength. She didn’t want to fail Miss Bentner and knew she had to stay in place. Her head jerked backwards and she gritted her teeth straight after the cry, but she held on.
Miss Bentner smiled as she watched the 36-year-old struggle knowing once she held on after the first stroke she will hold on after the rest. If not she will be able to tell Elizabeth it was a deliberate act of defiance and add another stroke or two. Maybe she will anyway of course. Mind you, there were 13 strokes to go so who knew anyway?
The second stroke followed moments later, and Elizabeth cried out again. Miss Bentner allowed only seconds between each stroke so the third cut in to Elizabeth’s bottom as she was still struggling with the second stroke.
Miss Bentner gave Elizabeth a few seconds respite before tapping her bottom again, raising the cane up, and whipping it down hard on Elizabeth’s bottom. Elizabeth cried out as the cane cut in to her weals. She gritted her teeth as the fifth stroke followed and they were still gritted as the sixth cut a swathe across her bottom.
Elizabeth let out a long deep breath as she recovered from those first six strokes. Slowly she lowered her head to the table and instinctively stuck her bottom out for the dominant teacher.
Emma looked at her mum’s wealed bottom and gasped as the number of wicked red lines increased. She had received that number of strokes herself, but had only ever seen them in the mirror well afterwards. This time she saw each stroke cut in to her mum’s bottom, saw the waves of her flesh cascade away only to return and settle. The line started out as white but turned to a wicked red in such a short period of time. The howling was expected. Being caned hurt after all. She knew that. Looking at the dominant Miss Bentner caning her submissive mum made her want to be taken by the teacher, sexually. Emma watched avidly and waited for the next set of strokes.
Miss Bentner had other ideas. Wicked, sexy ideas. She had a mum and daughter here and was so turned on. So why not enjoy it?
“Get up, Mrs Carson. I will give Emma her first six and you can watch.”
Elizabeth would have preferred to have received her final strokes first. She was due 8 more. However, ready to obey the teacher she eased herself up and turned to walk back to her spot in the centre of the room. She was eager to rub her bottom but knew she mustn’t. Not unless she wanted even more strokes of the cane anyway. Instead she once again put her hands on her head. She was again the humiliated 36-year-old mum submitting to the dominance of her daughter’s 24-year-old teacher. A humiliation that turned her on so much.
“Bend over, Emma,” Miss Bentner ordered.
Emma stepped forward and reached across the table. She held on, keeping her legs well apart, knowing that is how Miss Bentner liked her. Obedient. Submissive. Her pussy on show, and ready to be fingered whenever Miss Bentner wanted to feel how wet she was.
As usual Miss Bentner wasted no time. As soon as she was happy with Emma’s position she tapped the teenager’s bottom with the cane, raised it, and whipped it down across the reddened bottom. Emma gasped, her head rose up, her mouth dropped open, and she gritted her teeth. Emma was used to being caned quickly, without the gap that Mrs Denver favoured. So it was no surprise for the second stroke to follow immediately and the third. Each stroke brought a gasp through gritted teeth as Emma controlled the pain that criss-crossed her bottom. There was no gap after the third stroke and Emma didn’t expect any. The fourth stroke landed quickly followed by the fifth. Emma knew there was usually a gap after the sixth stroke, so when the sixth stroke landed she let out a loud gasp followed by an intake of breath. Then the only sound in the room was her heavy breathing as the pain circulated around her bottom.
Elizabeth watched as the red lines spread from the top of her daughter’s bottom downwards, until they reached just above the sit spot. Her daughter took the caning well, just as she had done when Mrs Denver caned her all that time ago. When Elizabeth was first enrolled in to the Parent Discipline Scheme.
Emma recovered and was ready for the next six strokes just as Miss Bentner said firmly, “Mrs Carson, join Emma on the table please.”
Elizabeth had expected to have to return to the table when Emma had been given her first six strokes, but not to have to bend over next to her daughter. Still, staying obedient, she stepped forward and bent over just inches from her daughter. They turned and looked at each other, smiling, encouraging the other to be strong.
Miss Bentner watched as mum and daughter exchanged glances, before looking down at the two red and wealed bottoms which were ready to be caned again. Almost ready anyway. Emma had her legs well apart, but Elizabeth was not positioned as well.
“Legs further apart, Mrs Carson,” she ordered, flicking the cane viciously between her inner thighs. With a wicked smile she flicked the cane upwards, against Elizabeth’s pussy. She knew it would sting, but also be exciting for the 36-year-old. With more than a hint of sex as well.
Elizabeth quickly shuffled her legs apart struggling with the stinging. She gasped when she felt the cane flick upwards against her pussy. It hurt but sent shivers across her pussy and deep inside her. She gasped. After a few moments she reckoned Hannah had done it deliberately, knowing Emma won’t see it. She was being teased by the dominant teacher. Maybe even a come on by the teacher. A taster of what might come. Sex. Was she, Elizabeth wondered, getting aroused at the thought of sex with the teacher?
Miss Bentner looked at the two pussy’s. Mrs Carson’s nicely stretched apart as her Brazilian covered so little of her pussy. Emma’s was covered by her pussy hair, but even so she saw glimpses of pussy lips because her legs were so far apart. Miss Bentner found both pussy’s so sexy. She wanted to feel them both, to see who was wetter. That of 36-year-old Elizabeth, or 17-year-old Emma’s. She decided that joy will wait. First she has 14 more strokes to deliver. Six each and two extra for Elizabeth. They will be hard ones and she intended drawing tears and cries from both of them.
Elizabeth and Emma waited, their bottoms presented, raised, for the teacher. Both knew they would suffer pain, but both wanted it, needed it, and relished it. The tension mounted as their pussies fluttered, Elizabeth and Emma’s as they waited for the cane, and Hannah’s as she waited to savour the pain she will be giving.
First Hannah tapped the cane twice on each bottom. Without a word she raised the cane and brought it down hard on Emma’s bottom. Emma gasped and again clenched her teeth together.
Both Emma and Elizabeth heard the next whoosh, neither knowing who the cane was aimed at. It cut in to Elizabeth’s bottom and she cried out. A tear filled her eyes.
The next whoosh followed quickly and Emma expected the stroke. Elizabeth didn’t. So when it bit once again in to Elizabeth’s bottom she cried out and tears trickled down her face. She sobbed out loud.
Again there was no gap as the next stroke travelled downwards. Emma was sure it will hit her, and it did. She was ready for it and held in the pain.
Two strokes each, albeit not in order. So when the next swish was heard both tensed in anticipation. The shriek came from Elizabeth. Her head shot upwards and her mouth dropped open. The pain swirled around her bottom. The next swish was followed by another fierce stinging pain across Elizabeth’s bottom. It was unexpected. It hurt. She cried out. Tears flowed. Emma glanced across at her mum and saw the tears. She knew the next stroke must be for her.
Sure enough the next swish was followed by a searing pain and Emma gasped out loud. She usually lost her self-control after 6 or 7 strokes and dissolved in to tears, and today was no different. Hannah loved to hear the sobbing and crying, and to enforce those feelings she brought the cane down hard again across Emma’s bottom.
Elizabeth was sure the next stroke will be hers just as Emma relaxed being sure her mum’s bottom will be the target. So it came as an awfully painful shock to Emma to feel yet another stroke, her head jerking upwards, her mouth opening to let out a loud cry.
Hannah Bentner was enjoying caning the two of them this way. Two naughty bottoms, neither sure who was going to get the next stroke, both tensing her bottom, both making herself ready. She was sure that the not knowing was horrible. Even when the cane bit in to the other’s bottom there was a natural sympathy for the other’s pain. As momentary as that sympathy was before they let out their own cry when the cane bit in to their own bottom.
Both Elizabeth and Emma soon realised this was worse than being the only one caned. There was an added dimension, one of uncertainty. Which is exactly what Miss Bentner liked about it.
The next stroke was for Elizabeth, and she yelped again. The stroke hurt more than the previous one. She wasn’t to know but Miss Bentner gave an angled stroke, right across several other strokes. The teacher knew it would hurt. Even so, when she raised the cane again she aimed it at Elizabeth once more, angled the other way. Elizabeth shrieked this time, her head jerking back.
Emma got the next stroke, her sixth and final stroke. Emma knew it was her last stroke and breathed easily. Elizabeth had not counted, so didn’t realise that all three strokes to come would be for her, including the extra two strokes she had earned for lying. Miss Bentner gave the 36-year-old the first stroke across her sit spot and loved the loud shriek that followed. The cane was raised again and brought down hard across the backs of Elizabeth’s legs. The shriek was even louder, and the tears flowed down her face. For the final stroke Miss Bentner took a step back and as she brought the cane arcing downwards she stepped forward increasing the power, flicked her wrist at the last moment, and landed a diagonal stroke across Elizabeth’s bottom.
Emma was looking at her mum as all three strokes landed and saw the pain etched across her face. Seeing her mum crying so loudly and the tears flooding down her face did draw a sympathetic look. One her mum didn’t see though, as her eyes were tear-filled, and everything was blurred.
“One each for luck, I think. Bottoms stretched out really well please,” Miss Bentner said with a wicked smile. She watched both Elizabeth and Emma wince as they presented their bottoms once again. Ignoring their looks of dread she raised the cane and whipped it down quickly on to Emma’s bottom at an angle so it slashed across several of her existing weals. Emma screamed out. Elizabeth looked at her daughter, and even through tear filed eyes saw the pain stamped across her face and felt it in her cry. Without even a moments gap Miss Bentner raised the cane again, and this time Elizabeth heard the awful thwack as the cane bit in to her own bottom. She let out her own scream as the pain swept across her bottom.
Miss Bentner smiled. Both strokes were particularly severe, and the angle added to the effect.
What was clear though was that both Emma and Elizabeth stayed in place. Two submissive women, one a 36-year-old mum, the other her 17-year-old daughter. Both accepting whatever punishment the 24-year-old teacher decided was needed. Her whim. Her power. Two very willing bare bottoms. Two very willing naked women. A mum and her daughter. Neither interested sexually in the other. Both, Miss Bentner was now sure, very interested in her. Both sexually and as willing submissives. In fact Miss Bentner knew sex and submission went together so nicely. She intended making sure she stayed in charge of both of them, and she had a good feeling both Elizabeth and Emma wanted it too.
To be continued …
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