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Man, am I glad for a beautiful day. Nothing before me but the weekend. My plump 36D breasts bounce happily as I hop into my truck. I hitch my skirt up to my waist so I can have more freedom of movement. I remove my 8" black platform heels - a girl can't drive in those. I stab the key in the ignition, turn the motor over and crank up the radio. It's going to be a wonderful drive home.
I weave through the downtown streets as I steer my juicy red truck towards the interstate. At the last red light before hitting I25, I remove my blazer and waggle my long red nails to the construction crew repaving the street. Mmm, I do love a sweaty working man, also known as eye candy. As I do every Friday, I blow them a kiss as I drive off.
As soon as I was away from the downtown traffic, I unbuttoned my silk top and unsnapped my black lace bra. I love to feel the wind on my naked breasts. Today I was drenched by the sunshine and fresh air. As I reach down to lift my right breast towards the sun so the wind can swirl underneath, I become aware of the car to my left.
I glance over and to my surprise I know the face looking back at me! One of the men from the construction crew is waving at me. I pucker my lips to acknowledge him and keep on driving. This is my fun time. I do not let my breast fall but keep it in my hand. I do however start pinching my nipple. My beautiful nipple is standing at attention and begging to be pulled. I glance over and the guy, I'll call him Blue since he wears a blue hat, runs his tongue out along his lips.
The sight of that lovely pink tongue sticking out of that amazing tanned face gets my juices flowing. He motions for me to continue. I switch hands and lift my left breast so that he can see what I am doing better. I move my fingers so that I am holding my breast only by the firm rosy nipple. Blue honks his horn and motions me to pull over. I wait a few more miles and pull over under an over pass.
Blue hops out of his big black truck and stalks to my door. My window is down so he leans in and whispers, "Do you have any idea of what you are doing?" I just stare at him totally transfixed by his sparkling green eyes and black hair. "Are you going to speak?" Blue asks.
In response, I slide over to the passenger door and before I can get it open, he is there. He rips open the door and spins me around so that I am facing him and he is framed by my open thighs.
"I've watched you every Friday for six weeks now. Today I decided I had to follow you."
As he was saying this, he roughly grabbed my breasts. I gasped. He squeezed harder and leaned down to chew on my left nipple. No light lapping from Blue - he went straight to work. He lightly nipped the skin above my nipple as he reached down and grabbed my crotch. He was surprised to find nothing but a juicy wet pussy waiting on him. I did not wear panties today.
He said, "You have got to be kidding!"
I shake my head no and he pushes me back onto the truck seat. He stoops down and in one quick movement, he has tossed my legs over his shoulders and suctioned his mouth tight on my pussy. He is growling and sucking my juice and I am in heaven! I wrap handfuls of his thick black hair around my fingers and hold him in place. He shoves his tongue deep inside my pussy and squeezes my ass. He lifts his face from my dripping pussy and looks at me. I use my hand to wipe the pussy juice off his chin. He spreads my ass cheeks with his strong fingers and buries his tongue in my ass. I throw my head back and let out a moan!
The traffic does not stop. No one has called the cops. Blue drags me to the edge of the seat and pulls from his jeans his beautiful thick hunk of meat that I only get to glance at before he shoves it deep in my pussy. He is buried to the hilt and I squeal. Blue grips my hips and pulls me tight to him. I dig my heals into his ass to make sure he is as deep as possible. Blue starts pumping like a freight train. The whole truck is rocking. I have my hands stretched above my head holding onto the steering wheel so I can stay in place as he pummels me. I start to shake and he uses the palm of one hand to grind my clit.
I scream as an orgasm hits me and I can feel his load shoot deep into my womb at the same time. He growls as he holds me in place pumping the last of his thick cum deep inside me.
Blue leans into the truck, his thick rod still buried deep in my pussy, and licks my breast. He looks up at me while sucking on my nipple as I am looking down at him.
He releases my nip with a pop and says, "By the way, my name is Steve."
I reply, "I think I'll call you Blue."
"Fine with me.' Steve said.
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