Tea and Strumpet, Chapter 4
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Chelsea was troubled; while she enjoyed spending time with her Professor and Master, she wondered why after several meetings, nights together, and sexual games, he hadn't actually fucked her! Now Chelsea wasn't an "easy" girl - it wasn't like she expected a guy to put the moves on her on the first date. She was a shy, small-town British girl, and she was brought up to be a "nice girl". But even nice girls have desires! And Master had shown he knew what he was doing in pleasing a woman! So why did he not take her? Why has he not thrown her on the bed, ripped her clothes off, and fucked her like he owned her?
"Master, may I speak with you?" she asked him as they finished breakfast the next morning.
"Yes, Chelsea what is it?"
"Can we go into the living room and talk, please?" she asked.
"This sounds serious. Ok let's go talk," he said. He led her into the living room and she sat on the couch. He sat down next to her. "Ok Chelsea, what's on your mind?"
"Well, Master I was just wondering you, um, do you find me, attractive?" she said hesitantly, not knowing if she really wanted an answer or not.
"Of course I do, Chelsea, why would you ask such a question?"
Well, Master, it's just...well we have been together several times. I have stayed here overnight several times. And we have played. But, you, you haven't, you know - made love to me," she said blushing red.
"I see. So because I haven't 'made love to you', you think I don't find you attractive?"
"Well, Master, I just thought..."
"Ok Chelsea, on your knees," he said pointing to the floor in front of him. Chelsea got on her knees as directed. "Now the reason I haven't 'made love to you' to this point is very simple. I want our first time to be special for you. Chelsea, you are a special girl. I didn't want to just take you the first chance I got. That would cheapen you and cheapen the experience. I wanted to make sure you were ready, and that I wasn't forcing myself on you. Yes, I could have commanded you to lay down and taken what was mine at any time. But that would make you a slut. And even though I call you slut when we play, I do that because it turns you on, not because that is what I think of you. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Master. Thank you," she said.
"Submission - being a submissive, is about giving yourself to me. Not my taking it from you. You have to give yourself over to me, at your pace and on your terms. People often look upon BDSM - or more accurately, D/s - as the dominant taking control of the submissive and making him or her obey. They seem to think that the Master or Mistress has the power in the relationship. When truth be known, it is exactly the opposite. Your submission is a gift you give to me if and when you feel I am worthy of it. Only if I prove myself to you can you fully submit and hand over your heart, your mind, your soul and your will to me. And only when you feel ready do I expect you to. I don't want you to 'roll over' just because I use a few fancy words and sweet talk you. I want you to know deep in your heart, that this is truly what you want," he said.
Chelsea looked at him as he spoke. She saw how serious he was as he talked to her and a small tear started forming in her eye. As he continued, it began to run down her cheek.
"Chelsea, I am happy that you decided to become my assistant and that things between us are working out so well. I have grown quite comfortable having you here and enjoy your company very much. I wouldn't want to do anything that would spoil that or cause you to feel anything less than completely happy here," he said reaching up and wiping the tear away with his hand.
She took his hand and kissed it. "Master I am so completely happy here. Thank you so much for bringing me here. And thank you for talking to me and for taking it slow. I understand now and feel so much better."
"I am glad. So now shall we get on with the day's activities?"
"Yes, Master. What do you wish me to do today?"
"Well let's recap for a moment...we have made you my assistant, and then you discovered this hidden side of yourself. I have given you some introductory rules, such as I want you shaved and I don't want you wearing panties. I have had you perform for me and you have become comfortable being naked around me. I have fingered you to orgasm, you have masturbated to orgasm, and I have orally gotten you there as well."
"Yes, Master. I have to admit I have had more sex in the last couple weeks than I can remember having for a long time!" she said smiling shyly.
"You asked me about how many girls I have had as assistants, now it's your turn to tell me your history with boys, Chelsea."
"Well, there really isn't much to tell, Master. I have had a couple boyfriends, I guess. Nothing serious, the longest relationship was a year and a half. I'm not a virgin, but I haven't slept around either."
"I see. And what kinds of things have you done sexually?" he asked.
"Hmmm, well I have had regular sex, I have given a few blowjobs, hand jobs, you know the regular stuff. Nothing kinky and nothing like what you have shown me, Master!" she said with a twinkle in her eye.
"How about anal sex? multiple partners? Ever had sex with a woman? Anything like that?"
"No, Master. I come from a very conservative family in a very conservative society. Such things weren't talked about, or even thought about! Where I'm from sex is almost a dirty thing and the only way we made love was missionary position. Blowjobs were something only the street girls did. And anal sex and even the doggie position were just simply not done!"
Well, then, slut, it looks like we have our work cut out for us, now don't we? Here in America a girl has a lot more freedoms and has to know a lot more about sexual practices if she is going to attract a man. I mean just about every girl of legal age knows how to give a blowjob! Some are better at it than others of course, but oral sex is very common here. The same with various positions. Doggie style, cowboy and reverse cowboy, 69, spooning, and others are all done frequently here. Anal sex too is common. So you have a lot to learn just in what is the norm here! Now add to that our BDSM practices and you have a lot in store for you, slut! Fortunately you're on a four year degree program, so there's time for you to learn a lot of this.
"Yes, Master. I just hope the scholarship helps pay for most of it, my family isn't rich by any means," she said.
"Well I wouldn't worry about it. There are a lot of folks at the college that can help you. We have some excellent programs that can help students pay for necessities and some of the best grant writers in the country."
"Thank you, Master. I do hope to stay here and complete my degree. From there, I don't know where I will go, but at least I'll have the education."
"I have a feeling you will do fine wherever you go, Chelsea. And wherever you end up, they will be lucky to have you."
"Thank you, Master," she said, kissing him on the cheek.
"Are you ready to go shopping?" he asked.
"Oh yes, Master! I want to get something to please you - something to make me your slut!" she said with a grin.
They went to a local clothing boutique called Foxy Roxy's that specialized in sexy clothing. "We should be able to find you something suitable here!" he said. They walked into the shop and he asked one of the clerks a question. Chelsea couldn't hear what he said, but she smiled and said something to him. Then she turned and led them both further into the store.
"Oh, Master!" Chelsea said turned a most attractive shade of red.
"Yes, now we are talking!" he said with a smirk. The clerk had led them back to the lingerie section. But this was unlike any lingerie she had ever seen! There were cupless and shelf bras, the tiniest thong panties she had ever seen, sexy little bustiers and baby dolls, and other lingerie that had no other purpose than to be taken off again - undoubtedly by trembling hands!
He looked through the articles of clothing that were displayed picking out a couple outfits of his liking. He picked out a red cupless corset with garter straps to hold up a pair of stockings. He also picked out a leather-look bra and panty set that had little zippers to open the cups and the front of the panty. The set also had a collar and wrist cuffs attached by chains. Finally, because it was Chicago and winter was coming on, he thoughtfully got her a luxurious plush robe to wear around the house when it got chilly. After he had picked out the items he wanted her to have, he gave her the final instructions for her shopping excursion.
"Now my slut," he whispered quietly, "I am going to go set these on the counter by the clerk. I want you to pick out something here that you think I will like. Something sexy that you think will really excite me. Once you find it, bring it to the counter, and the clerk will ring it all up and you can bring it out. Don't show it to me - I want you to surprise me tonight. Here is my credit card, I will be in the car waiting for you. Understand?"
"Yes, Master," she said. He went out to the car and she looked through rack after rack of clothes. She was under a lot of pressure, wanting to get just the perfect thing. She wanted so much to bowl him over with her choice but she was having a very hard time of it. Finally she asked the clerk for help.
"Excuse me, miss, but I saw you talking with the Professor when we came in. Do you know him?"
"Oh yes, very well. I went to college here and he was my professor. He is a very sweet man and he and I have kept in touch since then," she said.
"Oh, I see. Well I am supposed to pick something out here to wear for him tonight. I want it to be perfect. You have so many wonderful things here I am having trouble figuring out which one to choose. I thought if you knew him you might be able to help me?"
"Sure thing honey, let's see, I am assuming this isn't going to be something you wear to the restaurant or out in public?"
"No. it's something for, um," Chelsea faltered.
The clerk put her hand on her arm. "It's ok, honey, I understand," she said with a little wink and a smile. "I think I know just what you need." She led Chelsea a couple racks over and showed her the outfit she had in mind.
"Oh! It's perfect!" she said excitedly, "do you really think he will like it?"
"Sweetie, if he doesn't, you'd better check him for a pulse!" she said giggling.
Chelsea handed the clerk the Professor's credit card, and the clerk rang up the sale. Just as Chelsea took the bag as was turning to leave the clerk stopped her.
"Just a minute sweetie," she said turning around. "we got a mistake in a recent shipment and got a double order of these. The Professor is a good customer so here this one is on the house," she said. She showed Chelsea a glass dildo with cat-o-nine tails at the other end. "Your Professor will know what to do with this!" she said smiling broadly.
"Thank you," Chelsea said, with a small smile. She went out to where her Master was waiting for her in the car.
"Did you get something?" he asked.
"Yes, Master. I do hope you will like it."
"If you are in it, I'm sure I will," he said, putting his hand on her thigh. Chelsea whimpered slightly at his touch.
They drove home from their shopping trip and when they got home, Chelsea went to the bedroom to put away the things she bought. When she returned, she found her Master sitting in his favorite easy chair watching TV. She went around and stood in front, but off to one side of him, so as not to block the TV screen.
"Thank you, Master for taking me shopping, and buying me such beautiful clothes," she said, standing there with her head down and her hands behind her back.
"You are welcome, Chelsea."
"Master?" she said, kneeling in front of him between his legs, "May I?" He knew what she meant. He turned off the TV with the remote control and set it down. He nudged forward in his chair and leaned back spreading his legs wider. Chelsea smiled and reached up to unbuckle his belt and unfasten his pants. She pulled his pants down as he raised up slightly to allow them to pass under him. She gasped as she saw him for the first time.
Professor Diederich was in very good shape for his 45 years old. At 6'4" and 245 lbs, he was an imposing man, looking more like a construction worker than a college professor. With strong arms, a thick muscular chest, and well developed abs, he broke the stereotypical bookworm professor mold to pieces! Chelsea was more interested at the moment with a particular part of his shape though. Professor Diederich, her Master, sported an impressive 8" cock which at the moment was stiff hard and throbbing in anticipation of play!
"Oh, Master!" she said, subconsciously biting her finger as she stared in awe at him.
"You like what you see do you, slut?" he asked.
"Yes, very much," she said. Chelsea could feel herself getting wet. Her pussy was screaming for this huge tool to fill it, to stretch it, and to probe it's deepest recesses. It had been a long time since she had actually been fucked, and looking at what was before her made her squirm with the promise of righting that wrong.
"Well before you can have it, this cock demands proper respect and honor. You must revere and show due adoration to it if you expect to receive it's blessings," he told her.
"Yes, Master. How shall I do that?" she asked.
"The first step is to hold it and observe it. Take the cock in your hands, hold it lovingly and look at it. Study the texture, look at the way the veins pulse with eager desire. This cock wants you as much as you want it. Feel the power in your hands. Feel how stiff it is, yet how soft at the same time. Feel the fleshy knob, trace your finger around the hood, you know what that hood rim is going to do to you?" he said, softly with a deep voice.
"Yesss," Chelsea said, staring at the cock. His words were having the desired hypnotic effect. He hadn't even touched her, yet she could feel the heat in her dampening pussy growing and spreading. He was turning her on with the thought of fucking!
"Now, kiss the tip. Rub the head of the cock across your lips. But don't you lick it! Just feel the softness against your lips. How do like that, slut?"
"Mmmm," she said, closing her eyes as she felt the hardness against her soft lips. She kissed the head, resisting the urge to take him into her mouth.
"I'll bet you would love to taste the cock, wouldn't you slut?"
"Oh yes, Master! Please?" she said, panting now.
"Beg for it. Show me you want to taste my cock. You have to show that you truly desire the cock."
"Oh, please Master! Please let me taste your wonderful cock! Please, I want to taste it so much!" she whimpered.
"Then lift the cock and start at the base. That's it, lick all the way up the underside to the tip. That's the way, get that cock nice and wet, slut. Now run your tongue around the rim of the hood, and finally over the tip. Good girl." he said, coaching her the whole time.
Chelsea enjoyed the feel of his cock against her face. She liked the taste of him on her tongue as well. Chelsea was not a stranger to blowjobs, she had given her old boyfriends blowjobs a couple times. But this, this was an entirely different matter! Not only was this cock facing her a lot bigger, this was going to be the first time she would be giving a Master a blowjob! She wanted to do her very best at tackling this monster cock.
"Master, please...," she whimpered softly as she rubbed the swollen, throbbing head against her lips and tasted the tiny drop of precum at the tip.
"Ok slut, you've earned your fun. But you will have to swallow every drop. Don't you spill any of it or there will be hell to pay!"
Chelsea nodded happily and then bent to the task. Parting her soft pink lips, she slipped the head of his cock into her mouth, licking and lapping at the member. She slid it further into her mouth slowly, savoring every inch of it as it passed her lips. She took him as deep as she could, until the head touched the back of her throat and she nearly gagged on it. She had seen "those movies" where the girl had swallowed the guys cock clear up to his belly and she so wanted to do that for her Master now. But at eight inches in length and a full two and a half inches in diameter, he was more than a meal for even the most seasoned porn starlet!
"Oh, Master," she said as she slid up and down his mighty pole, "you taste so good!"
He wrapped his hand into her strawberry-colored locks and guided her at the speed he needed. She followed his lead and paced herself according to his hand. Using her hands she twisted them in opposite directions while bobbing up and down, jacking him off while she sucked on him.
"Give me your eyes, slut," he said. She looked up at him obediently. "You will always watch me when you suck my cock. Otherwise how will you know if you are pleasing me?"
"Yes, Master," she gasped before returning to his cock again. Chelsea worked feverishly on his stiff and throbbing cock, bobbing up and down on it and sucking it like it was her first meal in months. And he was responding to her actions as well; she saw him close his eyes and lay his head back on the chair as she cared for his cock. She ran her tongue up and down his meaty pole and then dove down between his balls to give them some much needed attention as well. She sucked one testicle then the other into her warm mouth while licking around the hairy sack.
Then the Professor added a trick of his own, one that Chelsea did not expect. With his stature, he was considerably taller than her and consequently, his reach was also considerably longer. He put his size to use and reached over her back slipping two fingers into her soaked pussy from behind. Chelsea moaned around his cock as he entered her and his fingers began churning and twisting as she gobbled up his cock. She raised her ass to meet his probing fingers and began to hump against them all the while continuing her own work on him. It was now a test of wills; who would cum first, Chelsea or the Master?
Chelsea did have a head start, she had been working him for several minutes before he entered the game. But she was pitting her oral skills against a Master's touch! And he wasn't in the habit of letting a submissive get the better of him! So while she sucked his cock and he churned away with two fingers in her slippery pussy, he reached under her with his free hand and took a hard nipple between his fingers. Chelsea moaned as he started rolling it between his fingers, pinching it lightly and tugging on it. Chelsea had always had extremely sensitive nipples, and her old boyfriends quickly found out that playing with them was a sure fire way to get her hot and bothered. Now her Master had discovered her weakness as well, and was exploiting it fully in order to win this competition.
"Ohhhhh God," Chelsea said, pulling him out of her mouth to express her arousal.
"Your pussy is so wet, slut, and your nipples are so hard! Are you enjoying this, my dear?" he said, coaxing her on.
"Ohhh yes, Master," she groaned, "It feels wonderful."
"Then tell me. Tell me what you want me to do to you," he commanded.
"OHHH, Master! Please, please fuck me! Please use your slut! Ohhh, I need you inside me, inside my pussy now!" she cried.
He knew by making her admit the feelings she had it would only increase her need. He knew that if she admitted out loud what she was trying so hard to resist, her submission would take her. And he was right. He knew her all too well...
"OHHHH MASTER! OHH, I'M GONNA CUMMM!!!" she wailed. She no more got the words out when she did exactly that. With one last groan, she gripped the sides of his chair as she poured pussy juice down her legs and onto the floor. She bucked her hips wildly, as he fingered her through the spasms of her orgasm, not relenting, not giving her pause. Chelsea pulled the cock out of her mouth and buried her face in his lap as the waves crashed around her and sent her spinning off into space. She moaned and cried and whimpered as the joyous ride carried her away.
Finally she began to get over her orgasm and she relaxed, a crumpled quivering woman, half sitting, half laying on his lap, panting like she had run a marathon. He stroked her sweat matted hair as she gasped for breath, her chest heaving and her heart pounding.
When she was finally able to form complete sentences she raised her head and looked him in the eyes.
"Thank you, Master," she smiled weakly.
"Rest, my little slut," he said soothingly, "We are not done. You can thank me later tonight."
Chelsea moaned softly, knowing he meant what he said. There would be more adventures to come...
The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events in it are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
This story is a collaborative effort with the invaluable help of Poppet, without whose help this story would not be possible. Thank you Poppet for your help, your input, and your assistance with this project. It was a real pleasure working with you! :)
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