Ellen Is Educated About Sucking
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We had been hanging around her house all this weekend doing nothing. When I learned later that this was her graduation weekend, it became clear to me why she was acting so mysteriously. She felt that something important had to happen to her to punctuate her growing up and out of high-school.
Her older sister, Bobbie, had been fucking my roommate for months now, taking off her clothes and sucking his cock at the drop of a hat. They would come in to the apartment, and she would be on him within minutes. Ellen, who was only 17, was quite the opposite; totally naive about sex, quiet, and very mysterious, but wanting to have more experience with what was stirring in her body.
She was tall, thin, had long blond hair with the requisite blue eyes. She was nothing special to look at, except for her skin - it was smooth, pale, and very, very soft. Her breasts were tiny, perfectly conical, with pointy nipples that stuck way out and jiggled when she made a quick move. But there was something else, something not visible that kept me wondering about her. She didn’t talk a lot, but that wasn't it. She seemed to be thinking about something secret. I couldn't shake the idea that she had deep thoughts about serious things, like sex, but of course, that couldn't be it.
We had kissed a few times, but nothing suggested anything better was likely to happen, even though I was sure her thoughts were about her body. She was a dancer, and she was quite good. She was studying with the world-class troupe in NYC that was only for the exceptionally talented. She was the latest in a series of dancers I had been involved with who were all deeply interested in bodies, and that ultimately led to sex of one kind or another.
I knew Ellen had some terrible demons about sex, though. I knew about the leopard skin rug in the living room, and that its tail had to be hidden because it gave her nightmares; serious, frightening, sexual nightmares. These nightmares were serious enough to send her to the shrink in New York. I liked that too, because it suggested that sex was a powerful force for her. We would see.
She was under the thumb of her controlling mother, and undoubtedly hadn’t had much experience of life beyond their yacht club or fancy expensive dinners in New York. So, I expected a little fingering and maybe some passionate kissing from her, but definitely no blow jobs, hand jobs, and positively no fucking for the foreseeable future. In spite of the fact that she knew very little about sex first hand, I was sure I could teach her if I went slowly, not pushing her past her comfort zone, Nevertheless, I wanted to see how far I could go with her, possibly getting her to let herself go a little. I knew quite a lot from my experience, as I managed to feel and see the other girls' bodies quite easily, although there had been no fucking yet. I did see myself as on the way to being the fuck master though.
So, she was young, and protected from life by her rich and overprotecting mother who didn’t like me, no doubt because she could tell that I wanted to roam around in her daughter’s sweet pussy. But I was here, and we were soon to be alone.
Finally, her mother left the house, leaving us alone in the little breakfast nook. We were just slouched on the cushions holding each other in one of those hugs that felt warm and close, sexual arousal just under the surface. My cock was half hard, thick and warm, a drop or two of nectar on the tip. I began to feel her legs through her jeans, running my hands up and down them, touching her lightly. I sensed that she was warm inside also, from the soft teary look in her eyes.
Now, I ranged my hands upward to her behind, tight in the jeans. I was feeling her ass cheeks, squeezing them, one at a time. Now, I was parting them, putting tension into her ass-hole and pubic mound, and I pulled the outer cunt-lips apart, gently, slowly. She began making a sound in her throat, almost imagined at first, then certain. She was moaning softly in time with my pulling on her cunt. Now my hands reached her mound, still through her jeans. I was gently squeezing her mound, and spreading her lips apart, rubbing the bump, when she said out of the blue,
“Why don’t we go somewhere?”
It was getting dark by now, and as we got into my car in the driveway of her doctor-father’s big house, it occurred to me…what better place than right here in the yard. Besides, I was hot, she was hot I thought, and I didn’t want to let it cool by driving around looking for a place to park.
Before even starting my car, sitting there, I said, “Get in the back.”
She obeyed without a word.
I followed her and said, “Take off your pants.”
She did, including her panties, again without a word.
We were in the backseat, with her lying back against the door, with one leg on the floor and one high up on the seat-back. Her legs were wide apart with her pussy completely spread open. I began tracing my fingertips up her legs with the lightest touch possible, like a butterfly, this time on her silky skin. She began moaning again, as if we had never stopped. Now I ran my fingertips all the way up to her pussy-lips. I was shaking with excitement, feeling the heat radiating from her pussy. Each time I touched her mound, very lightly, she jumped a little, as if she had gotten a shock.
I kept creeping higher, past her cunt until I reached her asshole. She let out a sharp cry, scaring me to death. We were crotch to crotch, almost touching. I slid one finger up to her lips and on upward with my finger just sliding into her open and juicy slit. She put both arms up over her head as if in surrender, and let out a loud sigh as if in pain. I quickly pulled my finger out of her saying to myself “shit fuck”, now I spoiled everything.
She said loudly, “No, no, don’t stop! Put it back inside me, deep inside me!”
Oh my god, I was dreaming …
So, I put it back in, only this time I kept going until it was buried all the way up inside her dripping, warm, and open cunt! It felt soft, welcoming, and slippery, with all kinds of bumps and ridges inside. I had no idea what those ridges were for. Then I put 2 more fingers into her all the way. Her juices were running and dripping all over my hand, and the smell inside the car was intoxicating, overwhelming and unforgettable. Pussy!
Then my body took over and my brain went I don’t know where. I leaned forward toward her and buried my face in her pussy and started licking and slurping her juices. It was all over my nose, my mouth, and my chin. I sucked one pussy-lip into my mouth and pulled it and squeezed it, then the other. Then, I sucked the whole mound in and sucked really hard, making a loud humming sound as I did. Then her hips and pelvis suddenly jerked upward; she let out a terrific sound as the juices gushed out of her cunt as if she opened a hose! She drenched me with a flood of juice as she let out a shriek of joy!
I sat there soaking wet with my face buried in her cunt, waiting for her parents and sister to all run out of the house to see what the noise was and who killed her, to beat me to death. Instead, she put her arms around my neck, with her tongue hard and deep into my mouth, sucking my tongue and then slid her wet pussy up against my face and held me tight, rocking back and forth.
Then she said a most shocking thing, “Can I have your cock now?”
At this point I realized that my poor cock was jammed into my shorts and bent in two and hard as a hammer. I couldn’t see it, but it must have been purple and swollen with blood to the bursting point, and it hurt. She wasn’t waiting for me to free it. She just about ripped my fly open, pulled it out of my shorts roughly, grabbed it in both hands, and started to kiss the tip, putting her tongue into the little hole. She licked and slurped the drops of nectar, and then started to lick the outside, up and down, up and down. Her tongue had muscles, strong muscles, as she abused the tip.
She let it slide into her mouth, all the way in. That sweet, innocent young mouth had swallowed my whole cock right up to my balls. Now she was licking my balls, pulling the sack into her mouth. She went back to sucking it in. She took one ball in and chewed it a little and then back to sucking, which had become slower and deeper. She took a deep breath and pushed it to the back of her throat and held it for a long time. She gagged and coughed and lots of saliva spit out.
I couldn’t take much more of this, and I didn’t have to. She seemed to be about to cum from the feel of the cock deep in her throat. Then I felt it go. I could feel it first, deep under my balls, then pushing thickly up the length of my cock, and then it shot out into her mouth, again, and again. It ran out of her mouth, but she crazily licked all of it up, and swallowed it down. I could see in the half-light that it was all over her. It was on her forehead, and in her eyes, and dribbling down her chin. She just lay back against the seat and sighed. I could barely sit up straight. I moved to get it off her face, but she quickly scooped it up and into her mouth.
"I got it," she said defensively. "I really loved that. I like the way you are so slow and sure of yourself, with real confidence. I guess that comes from all your experience. I want it again when you’re ready, if you like me. I’ll do anything you want. Is that okay? Will you teach me everything?”
I thought to myself, "Who’s the cock-master? She’s teaching me!” This naïve, young girl just blew my mind and my cock. Wow!
I said, “Sweetheart, I plan on teaching you everything I know.”
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