By the Light of the Moon
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Sleep is a funny thing. One night, you sleep like a baby...the next, you're transformed into a whirlwind of jumbled images and tossing limbs. I think it was the heat that got to me so badly. Heat does funny things to you too. Makes the mind melt into a little puddle of crazy. Tonight, I was particularly miserable. My body couldn't seem to get comfortable no matter where I lay, and my head was filled with fever dreams of naked, tangled bodies slick with sweat. The good kind, from fucking each other like animals until you're both panting and sore all over.
Finally, I managed to thrash so hard I flipped into open space, coming down quickly on the floor beside my bed. I jerked awake, staring at my ceiling for a moment and trying to place myself. Then I realized what had happened and sat up, letting the sheet pool around my waist to bare my small breasts.
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