Special Dinner Part 3
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Reaching and taking her hand, my wife rose from the couch and started working on the ties on the front of the corset. Tammy stepped forward and assisted her, quickly freeing her from the confining garment. Beth jumped up from the couch and pulled the flimsy white negligee over head. I watched as her huge tits rose and fell as her arms lifted up, then bounced joyfully as she hung the light fabric garment over the arm of the couch.
Grabbing both of my hands, she dragged me through the doorway into the master suite, then a few steps more to the bathroom. All of it was as luxurious as the living room, muted soft colors and a big mural print of a country cottage over the bed. The bed was huge, covered with a soft white comforter and multiple pillows.
The shower was more like the shower in the boy’s locker room at school. It was easily 10’ x 10’ and had multiple shower heads lining two walls. As Beth reached in and turned a couple of knobs, warm water began spraying the room. It created a steamy mist that started the mirror to fogging in seconds.
We all stood there, holding each other and letting the water spray over our sweaty bodies. Tammy grabbed a handful of scrunchies and poured liquid soap so that they lathered white suds down the front of her toned body. I took mine and began soaping Chrissy’s lush body. My wife and I take showers together often. I quickly had her covered in soapy lather.
Amazingly, Tammy was doing virtually the same thing with Beth. She spent extra time massaging the slippery soap all over Beth’s heaving breasts. Beth wrapped her arms around Tammy’s neck and gave her a deep tongue kiss as she mashed her massive mammaries against the muscled chest and stomach. Their roaming hands spread the bubbling lather all over each other. One of Tammy’s hands roamed lower, shoving a soapy finger deep into the small girls’ ass, twisting it around exploring her tight back passage.
I did the same for Chrissy, giving her a couple of fingers in her own anal tunnel, working them around and cleaning her sticky fluids. Standing again, I kissed her full on the lips, allowing her to press her soapy body to mine. Her hands were running over my shoulders, spreading the foam over my body. From behind, I felt the two soft pillows of Beth’s chest press against my back as two additional hands began soaping my body.
The two women worked their way around my body, lathering me up and working their way down to my resurrected cock. Chrissy’s tits were pressed into my left side, her left hand slowly stroking up and down the shaft of my cock. Beth was pressed into my right side, her left hand on the back of my neck and her right hand fondling my soap dripping balls. Another pair of hands grabbed both of my ass cheeks, rubbing soap over my tight buns and dribbling soap into the crack.
I realized who the hands belonged to and realized that this was the first intimate contact between the Amazon and me. Other than the hand holding under the table while we were playing with Chrissy’s pussy and the quick goose I got in the hallway, this was the only full skin attention she had given me. Chrissy had seemed to be the focus of all of her attention.
Now though, she had set her sights on something else, my ass. Her hands were strong and viciously mauled my cheeks, digging little red daggers from her short manicured fingernails.
As my cock continued to strain from my wife’s talented hand job, I felt a finger move down the crack of my ass. The feeling as it slowly forced the cheeks apart during its slow trip, only to be violently plunged deeply into my ass. I could do nothing but stand there, supported by and wedged between the two busty babes, and let the invisible woman ream my asshole with first one, then two, agile fingers.
I groaned deeply when I felt the third one squeeze its way in. My sphincter felt like it was stretched as wide as my wife had ever accomplished before. I wanted to thrust my hips forward and remove the invading digits, but Beth’s firm grip on my balls restrained any kind of horizontal movement. Chrissy’s hand circled my cock’s bulging head and I felt a churning in my balls.
“Don’t let him cum yet,” Tammy’s voice said from behind me. Beth encircled the base of my cock with her thumb and index finger and squeezed hard. Chrissy stopped her hand motion and I groaned again in frustration as I felt my impending orgasm recede.
The fingers withdrew from my ass, leaving me feeling suddenly empty. Tammy appeared in my peripheral vision and started turning knobs and readjusting the shower heads. The soap flowed off our bodies and swirled down into the drain, leaving us dripping and glistening.
Tammy stepped forward in front of me, bringing her firm body close, joining in the group embrace in the multi-angled spray. For the next two minutes, four pairs of hands ran over naked bodies, clearing away stray soap from sensitive flesh.
The girls did a thorough job of cleaning off my cock and balls, while I did what I could to help them with their own stray soap bubbles. In the tight clench of the group grope fest, I was able to get my hands on Tammy’s firm body. I had never felt muscles like that before, hard and slippery. Working my hand down, I was able to palm her hot pussy and pinch her large clit firmly between my thumb and index finger.
Standing in front of me, Tammy’s eyes stared sternly into mine with a combination of anger and lust. She stepped back and turned off the shower heads, watching us as the last droplets dripped from our bodies. Reaching to a shelf outside of the shower room, she retrieved towels for us and we all began drying each other off, copping feels and getting in the occasional kiss when a nipple, butt cheek, or cockhead got within range.
Dry and glowing warmly, we moved out into the big bedroom. Chrissy and Beth sat on the edge of the bed, holding my hands and pulling me closer to them. My dick was still firm, swaying back and forth. Chrissy captured it firmly with her hand and fed it slowly into her mouth. Her full lips created an amazing suction effect.
Beth reached her hand up to my neck, pulling my face down to hers for a passionate kiss as Chrissy swirled her tongue around the head of my prick. Holding Beth’s face, I explored her mouth with my tongue.
Being bent slightly forward, my asshole was suddenly invaded again, this time by a wet probing tongue. Beth held me tight, refusing to break the intense kiss, while Tammy’s agile tongue wiggled inside my loosened pucker. Chrissy sucked in another couple of inches of my rigid cock as Tammy grabbed a firm hold on my butt cheeks and ground her nose deep into my cleft.
I almost lost my balance under the force of her thrust. Chrissy released my dick with a loud wet slurp and moved back on the bed as Beth leaned back, pulling me down on top of her, continuing the kiss.
I was lying on top of Beth now, positioned between her legs, but too low to be able to put my dick inside of her. My knees were up against the bed, but in an awkward position so that I couldn’t actually get them on the bed. From behind me, I could feel Tammy continuing her oral explorations of my back door. The only stimulation I could get on my revived cock was from the soft fabric of the bed comforter where it was pressed under the pressure of Beth’s legs wrapped around my back.
The bed shifted as Chrissy rolled off the side and padded out of my field of vision. I was left to try and concentrate on Beth’s tongue, tangled with mine inside her hot mouth, and the continued probing of my ass and mauling of my ass cheeks by Tammy’s powerful hands. I had both of my hands entwined in Beth’s red hair when I felt cold metal against my wrists and heard a loud double click.
Breaking our kiss, I looked to see my hands cuffed by a pair of professional looking handcuffs. Where the hell did these come from? As far as I know, our pair is still in our toy box by our bed at home. The look of surprise on my face must have tickled her, because my wife laughed heartily at my bemused expression.
“You touched Tammy.”
That’s a bad thing? I didn’t know this little group fest had rules!
“We don’t want you being a bad boy again. It’s better if I keep control of these.”
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