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Kerry loved the preparation; primping herself for her dates with Patrick. She took days building up, stripping down and polishing up. She’d waxed a week ago and shaved now, so she was doubly smooth. Next were the creams, layers of them in the same subtle range of sexy smells. The body cream was smeared liberally, followed by a deodorant of the same range, and finally, the perfume which she used sparingly. She wanted to smell alluring, not chase him off by wafting on perfume like a great-grandmother. She did a final check of her nails which were still subtly slick and shiny. All in all, she felt sexy.
The stockings were her secret weapon today, well, that and no panties. She had a very interesting lunch in mind for Patrick and knew he was naughty enough to indulge in it. Her new lacy, black bra came next, a pretty combination with the black lace at the top of her stockings. She believed in layering clothes as much as she did in layering perfumes because it was so much more fun to unwrap.
Finally, make-up done, hair artfully casual and all her layers sexily prepared, Kerry was ready. She was impressed with herself; twenty minutes to get from home to the restaurant which was absolutely perfect.
The restaurant was a favourite with excellent food, flowing tablecloths and warm service, but today it wasn’t the food or the service that was the attraction but the tablecloths. They were critical to her plan.
Patrick was waiting outside the restaurant for her when she arrived and chatting on his cell phone, it was just a little awkward as he tried to kiss her hello unobtrusively in the middle of his call, a little too impatient to wait. Good, she thought, she liked that. She didn’t want to be the only one excited about their date. After a quick and silent kiss, Kerry drifted around a little, giving him the space to finish his call, and when he had, they entered the restaurant together. It was surprisingly empty given its reputation and popularity and that didn’t quite suit her purpose. She had hoped they could fade into the crowd, but if the restaurant stayed this empty then they would be the sole focus of all the waiters’ attentions. Not ideal!
They were seated, Patrick next to her rather than opposite as they usually sat.
“Would you like to see the wine list?” the waiter queried. Both shook their heads. It was the middle of the business day for both of them, even if Kerry was working from home for the day, so they would stick to soft drinks.
“We can bring you a menu for starters if you like or just a platter of appetisers that the Chef recommends to share?” In short order they’d agreed on the platter and placed their orders.
“It’s so nice to see you again,” Patrick said, turning towards her to place his hand on her leg. As a relatively renowned photojournalist who was regularly published in serious magazines, he travelled extensively. Today, with a bit of clever manoeuvring, he’d managed to arrange a lunch-time date with Kerry between flights to obscure locations, their first in weeks.
“I told you it’s time to work on a change of career,” she teased. “I’m sure we could find a nice office-bound job for you.” She hadn’t even finished the sentence and was tinkling with laughter at his face. Even though he knew she was joking, she swore he’d gone a few shades paler under his outdoorsy colour.
“Not gonna happen, but you could give up your job and travel with me.” She thought of the contracts and stress waiting for her at work. His repeated offer was so tempting and yet not. Their status quo was a good one. Besides which, she’d be institutionalised in a month if she didn’t have her work to keep her out of mischief. Even with her work she’d managed to plan to get up to quite a bit of mischief today.
Kerry’s hand had been covering Patrick’s on her leg, but now, speaking earnestly to him, she allowed her hand to wander onto his leg, teasing him with the proximity to his crotch which was almost hidden by the tablecloth.
“My love, your cleavage today is stunning.” Patrick remarked, as she bent towards him.
“I’m glad you noticed. I was starting to worry about my new bra.”
“A new one? I should have guessed. Lean forward a bit and pretend to look on my phone so I can have a peek,” he encouraged. Kerry did, but although she’d daringly left an extra couple of buttons open on her blouse, there really wasn’t much more that he could see at the moment. That didn’t mean that she couldn’t tease him though, and she was determined to milk every ounce of tease out of today that she could.
Checking for waiters quickly, Kerry turned back to Patrick, all her attention on him, and then pointedly ran her finger slowly from the neckline of her blouse down to her cleavage where she allowed it to dip inside slightly. She loved the excited look on his face, the naughty twinkle in his eye. He was a very appreciative audience.
“I want to be doing that to you.”
“Well …” but they were interrupted by the waiter bringing their food. They interrupted their flirting slightly to deal with the serious business of eating and sharing their truly delicious meal. Once the plates were removed, they turned to one another again, hands twining, fingers stroking. Soon Kerry’s hand was in his lap again, and this time she did manage to fondle him quickly before the waiter returned.
She resettled herself, standing up and making a bit of a production of rearranging her wrap-around skirt. When she sat down, Patrick soon understood why. Again, being careful of the presence of waiters, she guided his hand into the side of her skirt where the material overlapped. A little more creeping which she actively guided, and he reached what he thought was his target, the lacy edge of her stocking.
“Oh, my darling, that is sooo sexy,” he said a little tightly, his breath caught in pleasure. Kerry didn’t push him, but allowed him some minutes to explore her thighs and the lace around the top of the stockings which were one of his special fantasies.
Eventually, too excited to be patient any longer, she covered his hand on the outside of her skirt and guided it higher. His startled look was fun, but as she had expected, if she was game, then so was he. In a few practiced seconds, he had reached her smooth, naked and very wet pussy. Patrick started laughing in deep enjoyment of the moment, the pleasure in his eyes unmistakeable.
“Wow! Wow! And you’re so wet,” he whispered.
“I’m wet for you,” Kerry answered, laughing too from the combination of triumph and nerves. She loved being on the edge with him like this, both of them pushing the boundaries a bit, but without crossing the line into actual obvious indecency. She moved forward, balancing on the edge of her chair so that he had easier access. He slipped his finger deeper into her slit and, yes, right into her desperate hole. Now Kerry wasn’t laughing anymore. As a cover they were both looking at the screen of Patrick’s cell phone as if they were studying something on it, but Kerry had no clue what was on the screen. All she knew was that his finger was deep inside her, here in public, driving her wild.
The waiter came over to them, but Patrick made no effort to remove his finger, relying on her voluminous skirt to hide his naughty activity. Yes, she thought, naughty, but oh so nice.
“Would you like anything else to drink?”
“I’m fine thanks,” Kerry answered quickly, hoping to get rid of him as speedily as possible. Patrick was obviously in a different frame of mind, and he was going to use the opportunity to tease her a little.
“Yes thanks, you can bring me the same again. Tell me though, the sauce that accompanied my food, there was a spice in there I couldn’t quite place …” Kerry completely phased their conversation out, concentrating on keeping her face expressionless, her breathing even as he wiggled his long finger inside her. Oh god! Eventually the waiter drifted off, miraculously none-the-wiser and she could slightly relax her guard.
Now, in one swift movement, his finger went as deep inside her as it possibly could. The feeling was unbelievable as she tightened around it, the quiet shuddering orgasm robbing her of breath. Patrick’s eyes as he looked into her said he knew exactly what was happening. He left his finger there for a little while, then, withdrawing it, still looking her straight in the eye, put it to his mouth and sucked it.
The waiter returned just then and with the same impassively professional face as before, ignored the obvious gesture as Patrick sucked her cum off of his finger. Something about his eyes though clued her in.
“They know,” she accused Patrick, once the waiter had gone.
“Yes, they know,” he grinned back at her, completely unphased. She’d have to be careful with this man, he was a definite match for her.
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