Poolside Fun part 1
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Let me tell you a little about myself. I was your average eighteen year old, having just graduated from high school. Average height, average weight, brown hair and green eyes. This helped me get through high school, but it didn't help when it came to girls.
It wasn't that I was bad-looking; on the contrary, I had been very popular with many of the opposite gender in high school. It was just that I had never had had a girlfriend, though I did like a number of girls. One in particular, I had always had a crush on. She was a friend of my sister's, and thus, a year older than me. 
Sam, as many of her friends simply called her, was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Size 32 d-cup, a shapely ass, blue eyes that sparkled, and a smile that made you want to do anything for her. Because she was great friends with my sister Addie, Sam spent a lot of time at my family's house; I would often masturbate while thinking of her. 
In any case, I was home for about two weeks, enjoying my last summer before starting university in the fall. It was a very warm Saturday morning, and I was alone in the house. My parents were away on a cruise, an anniversary gift from Addie and I, while Addie had been called into work. (She worked as a secretary for some big name company during her summer vacations.) I had plans to just relax and lounge around until Addie came home and then we would go out for dinner. I was surfing the web when an IM prompt came up on screen; I could see it was from Sam.
She was asking if I would like to come over. Since I didn't have anything else to do for the day, I quickly replied with a yes. Sam came back a few seconds later, telling me to come with my swimming trunks; I smiled at the thought of seeing Sam in a bikini. So I quickly changed into my trunks at home before jumping into my car and heading for Sam's house.
15 minutes later, I pulled into Sam's driveway. Her family was well off, but you couldn't tell from the house. It was a nice two story house, with a large pool in the backyard and an open field beyond that. There were neighbors on either side, but they weren't directly next to each other. I got out and walked quickly, rather too quickly actually, to the front door and rang the bell. A few seconds later Sam opened the door.
"Max!" cried Sam, as she pulled me into a tight hug.
"Hey Sam," I replied, returning the hug. When she pulled away, I could see she was wearing a purple sundress that came to just above the knee.
"How long has it been?" asked Sam as she led me into the house. 
"Several months, at least," I replied. "I think it was around spring break when you stayed with Addie." 
"Oh right," said Sam, a far off look coming into her eyes, as if she was remembering something special. She quickly shook it away and smiled at me. "So, bring your swimming trunks?"
I patted my hips gently and said, "Yup, got them on already."
"Good, I have my swim suit on too, so come on." With that, Sam headed toward the back door with me in tow. As we walked through the house, it suddenly occurred to me how quiet it was. Sam had two younger sisters who were always around, plus her parents. 
"Where's the rest of your family?" I ask.
"Oh the twins had a swim meet in the next town over, about an hour and a half away. So my parents drove them there and stayed to watch; they won't be home for hours." The way she said hours and the look she gave me sent chills down my spine. I was alone with the girl many of my fantasies were about, and no one around for most of the day. I sighed.
When we got outside, the heat hit us like a wall. Thankfully it wasn't humid. As I turned from closing the door behind us, Sam had already taken her dress off to reveal an orange bikini that fit her body well. It showed off her body, especially her boobs; I could already feel a tent start to form in my trunks. I quickly turned away, trying to hide it when Sam said,
"Hey Max could you put some lotion on my back?"
"Sure," I replied, grabbing the lotion and hoping she wouldn't notice the slight tent that was still present. Sam laid face down on one of the chairs and undid her top so I could put lotion on, all the while it killing me. I finished as quickly as I could and Sam re-did her top and turned over.
"Thanks Max," she smiled. I took the chair next to her, and we laid out in the sun for awhile just talking about how life was and just making small talk. The sun glinted off the kidney shaped pool, but thankfully not too harshly. Eventually Sam stirred slightly. "Hey Max, want to go swimming?"
"That's a good idea," I laughed. "It's getting really hot out here." In more ways than one, I thought to myself. She laughed and then a mischievous smile spread across her face. 
"Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?" Sam asked.
I blushed. "No I've never," I manage to say. "H...have you?"
"Once or twice," she winked. "Come on, it'll be fun."
"It's just the two of us and whatever happens, I won't say anything." She looked at me with a look that I simply couldn't place.
"Alright," I said standing up. Sam simply smiled; we quickly slipped out of our bathing suits, Sam seemingly making a show of it as she slipped out of her bikini. I quickly went into the pool, trying to suppress my growing penis, which wasn't helped by Sam's slow walk into the pool. 
"It's cooler in here," I said as Sam finally entered the water.
"Yes it is," she replied. We were both in the shallow end, which only came up to the bottom of Sam's boobs. We just stood there, staring at one another when suddenly Sam pointed behind me; when I turned to look, she hit me with a splash of water. I laughed and, turning, got her back before she could hit me again. This little war went on for several minutes before Sam turned and dove under the water, towards the deeper end of the pool. 
I dove after her, kicking hard to try to catch Sam. When my eyes adjusted sufficiently to the water, I saw Sam gently gliding around the water, dancer-like. As I got closer, Sam swam towards me until we were slowly turning around one another. Our eyes locked together as we kicked up towards the surface; we broke it almost simultaneously, floating only a few inches from each other.
Suddenly, I had an overwhelming urge to kiss her, one that I couldn't resist. Our lips met, hard and wet, that quickly developed into a passionate kiss. Our mouths opened and our tongues met, running over one another while our arms wrapped around each other. We stayed like this for a minute before breaking, a smile on both our faces. 
"I've wanted you to do that for a long time, Max," Sam said quietly.
"I've wanted to do it for a long time too," I reply blushing. Our bodies still pressed together, Sam kissed me lightly on the lips. 
"Know what else I've wanted to do?" Sam asked seductively. I shake my head no; Sam takes one of her arms and slides it down my body to my erect penis and rubbed her hand against it. I suddenly knew what she had in mind and kissed her lightly back. With that Sam pulled me towards the wall of the pool; next to where she hit the wall was a bench-like seat, water slowly lapping into it. Sam wrapped her arms around my neck and, with my hands on the pool's edge, our mouths met in a passionate kiss. Sam pulled my tongue into into her mouth and gently sucked it, and I followed suit. 
As we continued to kiss, my now fully erect penis rubbed against Sam's incredibly wet pussy. Before I knew what was happening, Sam wrapped one leg around my waist as I slid my penis into her. Her other leg followed while I slowly started moving in and out of her soaking pussy. I quickly picked up the pace, our kissing becoming more frantic as I slid in and out of her. Sam's boobs bounced against me as our lips broke apart, Sam moaning softly.
"Oh Max. Oh Max, I'm going to cum," Sam breathed.
" am I Sam," I moaned, pounding her against the pool wall.
"Cum...cum in me, cum in my hot, wet pussy." Our moans increasing as the pace did, Sam and I locked eyes and then mouths, our moans slightly stifled. With one final push, I exploded in Sam's pussy, sending a load of cum followed by another shot and another. Sam started cumming almost immediately after I started, her body pressed against mine as her pussy walls clenched around my dick. We just floated there, cumming, until we couldn't any more; we smiled at one another as I slipped out of her pussy. 
"That was so good," breathed Sam.
"Much better than I could've dreamed," I breathlessly replied. 
"Well, don't think we're done yet," winked Sam. "We still have the whole house to ourselves for a few hours." A glint came into her eyes, and I knew we weren't done. I simply smiled.
To be continued
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