Ellie - Part Four
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I picked up the leather restraint. It did not look as sturdy as I first thought, nor was it very long. It was really a pair of leather handcuffs.
I brought the restraint and the rest of the toys over to the bed.
“Let’s try this,” I suggested, raising the restraint for Ellie to see.
This was new territory for me, having never before used a restraint on a lady.
My other concern was that there was nothing around to which I could tie or wrap the restraint. The head and foot boards were made of solid wood.
Searching the room for something to anchor the restraint, the best I could come up with was one of the legs at the foot of the bed.
I grabbed the bed spread, threw it on the floor and invited Ellie to lie on her back on the bedspread with her hands up over her head.
Just watching her move, the flow and lines of her body, the swaying of her breasts, and her hard nipples, made me tingle with expectation. That she was submitting to my control only added to my excitement.
There was a little apprehension expressed on her face, which I could understand if she had not been restrained before. If she had looked closely, she might have seen that I too was nervous about using this new toy.
“Is this okay with you?”
“Yes,” she said, without hesitation.
Ellie got into position, holding her hands up near the leg of the bed.
I strapped one part of the leather wrist cuffs to one wrist, wrapped the woven leather strips connecting the two cuffs around the bed leg, and strapped the other cuff to Ellie’s other wrist.
The restraint, at least in this configuration, looked uncomfortable, and was.
“Move your hands and wrists around.”
Ellie had little room in which to move her wrists and hands. When she did, her hands and arms rubbed against the sharp corners of the bed leg, causing her some pain and discomfort.
Plan B: I used my suit tie to secure the woven leather portion of the restraint to the bed leg, giving Ellie more room to move and twist her hands. Problem solved!
I took two pillows from the bed and put them on the bed spread and then lay down next to Ellie, making sure she was physically and mentally comfortable.
“You have such a great body,” I whispered in her ear as I stroked her stomach lightly with my fingers.
“Your nipples and breasts are beautiful.”
I ran my fingers around each nipple, tickling her breasts.
“Mmmmmmm. I like that,” she moaned.
Her nipples were still tender from my having played with them before, and it did not take much twisting or pulling on each nipple to cause Ellie a little pain and to make her purr with pleasure.
“Do you want it rougher?” I whispered.
I pinched and pulled on her nipples, and rolled each between my finger and thumb. Ellie began to breathe heavier and contort her body as I twisted and pinched each nipple.
Sucking on each nipple brought more moans and groans.
I stroked my cock, letting pre-cum drip down in short strings onto her hip and stomach. I ran my fingers through the pre-cum and rubbed the sticky goo on her tits and nipples.
“Are you going to fuck me?” she asked, knowing the answer.
“In a while,” I told her. “There’s no hurry. I want to play for a while.”
“I really need to be fucked!” she indicated with some urgency in her voice. “I want your cock so bad!”
I ran my fingers down over her stomach and massaged her pubic hair with my hand and fingers. Ellie was wet, and her juices had mixed with the little tuft of hair just above her slit. I put my fingers in her mouth and let her suck on her own wetness.
I got up on my knees and moved near to Ellie’s face, dangling my hard shaft just out of her reach. She opened her mouth and flicked her tongue at it.
“Do you want it?”
“Yes!” she declared, with a hunger and need.
I lowered the swollen head of my cock a little so Ellie could lick it. Her tongue, lapping on the sensitive skin on the head of my cock felt good. I moaned and felt my face flush. I wanted to fuck her mouth, but knew that I would cum within minutes if I did.
I withdrew my cock, much to Ellie’s displeasure, and moved down between her legs.
Spreading her legs, I ran my fingers up and down her wet slit, lightly, teasing her until she begged me to fuck her.
Into the moment, and wanting to continue my teasing of Ellie, I had forgotten about the toys.
The blindfold Ellie had brought was superior to mine. It was padded and softer around the eyes, and like a pair of glasses, it could easily be slipped on and off.
I put the blindfold on Ellie.
“I’m going to use the vibrator on your pussy,” I whispered to her, so she would know what to expect next.
While I knew what a vibrator was and what it was used for, I had not, at that time, even held one in my hand, let alone use one on a woman.
I fumbled with how to turn it on, finally twisting the base and almost dropping the vibrator when it started to buzz.
I ran my fingers lightly over the inside of her thighs and around her slit, teasing her some more. Little droplets of her juices ran down her slit, into her asshole and then onto the bedspread.
“Please. I really need to be fucked. Please fuck me.”
I ignored her and slid the buzzing toy along her wet lips.
A long, low, guttural “Ooooohhhhhh” came deep from within Ellie as she arched her back and neck.
Again, I slid it the vibrator up her slit, pausing at the top.
Again, there was a long, low “Uuuuuunnnnggghhh”, her mouth open and forming an “O”.
These were not the usual sounds of pleasure that I had come to expect. These were deep, involuntary, uncontrolled sounds that seemed to flow from deep within her being. I’m not sure Ellie was even aware that she was making the sounds.
I held the vibrator at the top of Ellie’s slit and just let it rest lightly on that spot.
Ellie twisted her body and twitched several times, moaned and tossed her head back and forth.
“Oh fuck that’s good. That feels so fucking good,” she said, part statement and part moan.
Ellie was now pulling on the leather restraint and my “plan B” tie with such force that the tie ripped and came off the bed leg, leaving Ellie restrained only by her leather handcuffs.
Plan B did not work as I had hoped.
We played with the vibrator for a while, and I learned where to use it and when to keep it still or move it around, and when to insert it into her pussy. This magic little toy easily brought Ellie to the point of orgasm several times as I teased her with it, particularly when I slid the vibrator along and around her clit.
I enjoyed watching Ellie twist and turn her body with each spasm of pleasure, and the sounds that she was making. I enjoyed the fact that I controlled the situation and could bring Ellie wonderful pleasure and make her beg for more. I enjoyed how she begged me for relief.
Teasing a lady, making her squirm and moan with pleasure, and bringing her to the edge without allowing her the pleasures of an orgasm, especially when she is restrained and controlled, can be an enjoyable, stimulating, motivating, exciting, and exhilarating experience for the one doing the teasing.
For the one being teased, being under the control of another can be stimulating, exciting, sexually enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding. And, if done correctly, teasing can bring a lady to an enormous, explosive, even spurting orgasm.
But teasing can also be exhausting and frustrating for the one being teased.
After a while, Ellie, cuffed and blindfolded, sweating, out of breath, and exhausted, could not take any more and pleaded with me to let her cum.
I got between her legs, on my knees, and slid my manhood deep into her wet pussy, and slowly began to fuck her.
“Oooooooohhhhhh,” she moaned over and over, her mouth open.
“Faster. Please, faster. I need it faster!”
I picked up the pace, pulling my cock almost all the way out and then sliding it in as far as I could.
“Faster! Harder! Please!” she implored.
I could see her tension building; her breathing was labored; her face flush; beads of sweat formed on her forehead and breasts; and her teeth and jaw were clenched. She twisted and arched her body trying to get more of my cock.
Her face displayed that exquisite paradox: a grimace of pain, which is, ironically, the face of pure pleasure echoing through her body.
I went faster and harder until Ellie began to yell.
“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me.”
I pulled my cock out of her pussy and turned her over, shoving the two pillows under her hips.
I undid one of her wrist cuffs and then re-attached it with Ellie’s arms and hands behind her back.
I grabbed one of her rubber fingers and slid it on my index and middle fingers.
And I had Ellie bite down on a towel. She was going to make a lot of wonderful noises, and there was no need to disturb any of our neighbors.
I spread Ellie’s ass cheeks with my hands and slid my cock back into her pussy.
This was it; she needed to cum; I needed to cum; and I was hoping to give her the best orgasm she had ever experienced. This was not a time for teasing or playing. This was down and dirty time; hard and rough time; no mercy time.
That was how Ellie liked it.
I fucked her doggie hard and fast. She was taking all of me deep inside her. With every thrust I made, Ellie let out a loud, muffled “Uuuunnnghh”.
I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, causing her to arch her back and stick her ass up.
I slid my fingers, covered with the ribbed rubber finger, into her asshole and buried them up to my knuckles.
Ellie, blindfolded and gagged, let out a series of muffled, but loud screams.
I slammed away at her cunt and rammed my ribbed fingers into her ass over and over, watching, as Ellie approached her release and then her “losing it” just before she came.
I pulled on her hair and listened to her muted screams.
"Unnnngggggghhh! Uuuuuuunnnnggghhh! Uuuuuuunnnnggghhh!”
Her spasms of pleasure went on and on for what seemed like minutes. Pleasure sounds; deep sounds; uninhibited sounds; animal sounds.
The towel fell out of her mouth.
“More! I need more! Don’t stop!”
I knew Ellie was capable of cuming a second time. So, as instructed, I did not let up, and kept slamming my cock into her and fingering her asshole.
Ellie’s intense orgasm continued. Saliva now dripped in a string from her mouth; her head was cocked back as I pulled on her hair; her back was arched in an exaggerated fashion; trickles of sweat ran down her back and down her ass; and her body jerked and shook with each spasm of pleasure.
Unbeknownst to me, she had also sprayed her juices all over the bed spread.
“I need more! Fuck me harder! Fuck my pussy!”
I kept up the pace, although I was not far from an explosive orgasm myself.
Fortunately, it did not take long for Ellie to have her second orgasm, just as intense as the first one, but significantly louder, absent the towel in her mouth.
She collapsed in a heap on the floor, her hips on top of the pillows, blindfolded, and her arms and wrists still “cuffed” behind her back.
I quickly removed the blindfold and the restraint.
Her wrists were red and chaffed; her face was flushed; her hair was wet and matted to her forehead and cheeks; her eye makeup had run down her cheeks; her nipples were dark red and bruised; and her pussy was bright red and running with her juices, which now covered the inside of her thighs down to her knees, as well as a portion of the pillows and bed spread..
The rubber finger toy, having slipped off of my fingers, protruded from her asshole.
Ellie laid motionless, moaning, breathing heavily, and looking very satisfied and absolutely beautiful.
She had asked me once if she was a good fuck. At this moment, if there was a Hall of Fame for fucking, she would have my unconditional vote. She was that good.
I moved over next to her and asked if she was okay. She nodded that she was, still out of breath.
I thought about continuing, and to see whether she could come again, and slid my fingers into her wet slit.
“No.” she whispered. “No more.”
I helped her sit up.
“Did you cum?” she asked, still trying to catch her breath.
“Not yet.”
I got onto my knees and slid up close to her and stroked my cock, making lines of pre-cum fly out in all direction.
The feeling was almost unbearable, part pain, part pleasure.
My impending orgasm quickly overwhelmed me.
I yelled that I was going to cum and I felt my body tense and continued stroking my shaft hard and fast.
I remember little of the next minute or two. I know that my release was so powerful that I yelled out something; I’m not sure what.
I know that I felt the powerful ejection of my sperm, and that I continued shoot cum again and again and again.
I had no awareness of where I was, only that I was being consumed with my own pleasure, joy, and contentment.
I regained my senses as Ellie was sucking every drop of cum from my member.
I sat back, eyes watery, sweating and out of breath.
There in front of me sat this beautiful lady, mascara running down her cheeks, sweat running down between her tits, lips bruised, nipples bruised, hair all messed up and big gobs of cum in her hair, over her nose, cheek and mouth and dripping from her chin onto her breasts and stomach. Little strings of cum were also on the bedspread, pillow and footboard of the bed.
“You are good!” I said. “You are beautiful and very good!”
I crawled over to Ellie and we lay on the bed covers on the floor for a half hour or more, kissing, sharing cum and pussy juice, talking and cuddling.
I had cum so hard my balls actually ached.
We took a shower together, and then called room service for some late night snacks.
Ellie asked me to stay for the night, which I did.
She had an early flight the next day and needed to check out of the hotel by 8:30 a.m. or so to be able to get to the airport on time.
Somewhere around 6:30 a.m., Ellie woke me, asking if I was interested in long slow hand job. Her hand was already on my stiffening shaft, stroking it.
I was hard within seconds. She took her time, letting my pleasure build, rubbing the head of my cock with the palm of her hand.
When I was getting ready to cum, she re-positioned herself, sitting on top of me. Slowly, knowing that I was close to cuming, she stroked my cock with both hands, smiling a little teasing smile and looking into my eyes.
“Cum for me,” she whispered, as she continued her slow stroking.
“Give me your cum.”
The slow, teasing speed of her strokes; the look on her face; her tits swaying with each stroke; and the way she talked to me, all brought me to the point of no return. I shot ribbons of cum into the air, some of it landing on Ellie’s tits, arms and hands, and some on my stomach.
Ellie squeezed my shaft with her hands, forcing every last bit of cum out of me. She licked my cock clean and then licked off every bit of cum from her arms and hands and my stomach.
“That was my breakfast,” she joked.
We had planned to have breakfast together, but, due to her superb hand job, she was running late.
I carried her bags out to her rental car. Tears ran down her cheeks as we kissed goodbye. I think we both knew that this was likely the last time we would see each other.
Every now and then I think of Ellie; always good thoughts. She was good. Very good!
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