How It All Began Ch.13
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As Jack battled with this shattering revelation, he sat down in front of Annunciata Rossi-Barthez; the powerful Italian media magnate. Jack had never made the connection, it was too incredible that this cold, emotionless and detached woman could be Italy's reclusive media mogul. With her business interests in print, television and film; they spanned from satellite TV to populist cinema fodder and into erotica and pornography. Jack would never have connected the woman he fucked last night with all that.
Essentially, the family were so notoriously secretive that there were very few pictures of them. For decades they had chosen to eschew the merry-go-round of Italian society events and the playgrounds of the wealthy around Europe. Their wealth was estimated in the hundreds of millions of Euros and as their wealth was entirely privately-owned there was no listing on any of the European bourses; it was thought that most of the estimates were on the conservative side.
As Jack reeled from Nancy's amused silence, she luxuriated in the spectacle of Jack's flushed face and his intensely awkward demeanour. Clearly enjoying the compromise of the situation Nancy continued to laugh at Jack's predicament. Reclining back in her tilt-and-swivel chair she pushed her considerable breasts outwards to amplify his embarrassment. Involuntarily, despite his humiliation, the image of her naked breasts shaking as they fucked the previous night played involuntarily through his mind in fresh, graphic detail.
"Please don't get a hard-on, please don't get a hard-on," he pleaded with himself remembering their magnificence as she rode him.
His trepidation of meeting the CEO was bad enough but nothing compared to this crushing humiliation of facing the same woman who gave him such a demanding and painful fuck from the night before.
Now he would have to plead to maintain their contractual arrangement and overcome this deliberately orchestrated attempt to humiliate him. It was clear to Jack that she was delighted in seeing his terrible embarrassment and yet nothing would stop his body from communicating just how flustered and helpless he was.
Unknown to Jack, watching her prey from the previous night squirming in her presence aroused Nancy intensely and suddenly. Her mind ran through her secret fantasy and how Jack would make such a willing participant. Whilst enjoying last night as a prelude to her designs on him, she revelled in the control she had and the orchestration of her plan last night to seduce him.
"Close the door," requested Nancy gesturing to the chair in front of her.
Still feeling the flushed heat from his face, Jack hid behind the door to be invisible to the outside world and pushed the door firmly shut; relieved in the sense of privacy it afforded.
Taking his seat again, Jack allowed a few moments to pass to compose himself. Nancy's expression had not changed, she was still smiling brightly. As Nancy sized up her quarry, it amused her that Jack was so transparent with his thoughts. His face was the window to his thoughts and it would be her guide into getting precisely what she wanted. As Jack gathered his composure he girded himself to engage in an act of damage limitation.
"Well Mr. Richardson, it would seem we have started how we mean to carry on," asserted Nancy.
"Sorry?" replied Jack hoping for precision and logic and not a furtive discussion requiring the need to read between the lines.
"I have something you want, you have something I want." said Nancy still with an amused tone.
Jack looked down to the floor momentarily and then back to Nancy forcing out a weak smile.
"Only on my terms in both instances," said Nancy, laughing derisibly at her own punch line, "I always get what I want."
Sensing her urbane playfulness, Jack felt his embarrassment ebb and his self-confidence returning. Looking at Nancy enjoying this assertive foreplay to their business discussion; Jack returned her smile.
"Ok, now I see why Tanya sent you," stated Nancy, "Her young, handsome and assertive executive."
Jack baulked visibly at her words as her delivery sounded hollow and what suited her last night, clearly didn't suit her now.
"Her words Jack, not mine." added Nancy with emphasis on her last word to enjoy the put-down it implied.
"So I had to see for myself yesterday and now here we are. Well, please pass on my regards to her and congratulate her on her deviousness. She never could resist all the means at her disposal to achieve an advantage. Everyone has their weakness, she knows me too well." stated Nancy magnanimously.
"I see, well we are all only human," Jack offered, expecting more from Nancy and he appended his verbal statement with his own private thoughts. "Well, some of us are."
"Just don't think that it has won you any favours with me," added Nancy laughing, "you weren't that good."
The words stung Jack and his pride refused to buckle and match her with his own spiteful response. Nancy's insinuation that he was a failed corporate honey-trap was a sublime insult. It hurt him that Tanya would even consider such a manoeuvre and in his recollection of the evening, Nancy came to him and not vice-versa. Nancy's conceit and arrogance swelled up a sense of injustice in him. Jack resolved if this was how so-called alpha females behaved; Nancy needed to be brought down a rung or two.
"Ok," replied Nancy, "to business."
Jack did not need to confront her, she had changed tack.
"Yes, indeed." responded Jack dispassionately.
"I'll be brief." said Nancy.
"Please." returned Jack in condescension thinking that she should not change the habit of a lifetime.
Instead he heard laughter, puzzled, Jack looked up and fired her a look of casual indifference, Nancy responded with another engaging smile.
"Good," replied Nancy in delight, "show some fight. You have balls, I like that."
"Sorry?" responded Jack coolly.
"Jack, your reputation precedes you. Yet, I have seen only glimpses. Why?" enquired Nancy.
"This is not a trip I expected to conclude well, less so now," replied Jack impassively, "I do not fight battles unless I can win."
"I see." replied Nancy solemnly, "So my business is not worth fighting for?"
Jack chided himself for walking into so simple a trap, he smiled at her wit, Nancy reciprocated.
"Ok, you are brave but you are young," added Nancy, "Let's talk terms."
"We've held this contract with you for five years, a circulation war is coming and when it does, you will need the flexibility from your longer standing suppliers to fight back on price." asserted Jack incisively.
"And you can sell every square centimetre of space?" asked Nancy.
"We have never missed a target in five years, you know that," returned Jack.
"And what if I said, the targets were too easy?" sparred Nancy.
"You know your competitor is practically giving it away, we have the best contacts in the business." retorted Jack.
Jack was enjoying this; he had nothing to lose other than admit to Tanya that he lost a contract they expected to lose. Jack might as well sell his proposition, the contract might be lost but Jack's had to prove a point; he was more than a casual hotel fuck.
"Go on." asked Nancy sitting back in her chair.
"Five percent of nothing is nothing, three percent of something is more," added Jack assertively. "Up our targets by ten percent, we'll still hit them."
In Nancy's mind, he had composed himself well when most men would have focussed all their energy into a grovelling apology. Trying not to glory in the power she had over her young charge, she needed Jack agreeable and relaxed to spring her next part of the plan. She knew that all she needed to do was clinch the deal to keep Jack's interest.
"Ok, if that is your final offer, good," replied Nancy smiling. "I think we can do business. Pitch this to my team and we'll meet again on Thursday. Speak to my PA after lunch."
Jack released a warmer smile, two days of hard persuasion was completed in only ten minutes. After a disastrous start facing such an impervious businesswoman; Jack's sense of relief was almost palpable.
"Excellent," replied Jack mimicking Nancy's economy of words.
Jack rose from his chair, he offered his hand and Nancy smiled and accepted a handshake to conclude their discussion.
"Thank you for your time," said Jack with genuine sincerity.
"One more thing?" stated Nancy in a more hushed tone.
"Yes?" asked Jack moving closer to her desk.
"You have a magnificent penis," whispered Nancy haughtily, "and if you touch my PA, I'll cut your balls off."
Jack raised his eyebrows in surprise and looked worried, he left the office to the sound of Nancy's laughter.
The deal was completed and Jack noticed Nancy hovering in his peripheral vision. Turning to look at her, her simple minimalist taste had created an imposing severity that Jack had become used to as her sense of style. Her tailored figure hugging black suit and white shirt created an androgynous sense of purpose. Yet combined with her curves, the tightness of her jacket and the minimal use of cosmetics she was deeply feminine and provocative; Jack felt that deep sense of attraction for her again.
"Well done." said Nancy happily, "Contracts will be with you on Tuesday next week."
"Thank you, I think my work here is done," replied Jack with a genuine warmth, "and not a hair on the head of your PA harmed."
Nancy smiled at Jack's levity.
"Well, to show no hard feelings," added Nancy, "I was wondering if you would like to be our guest tonight for dinner at Castello Rossi?"
Caught up in the moment, the chance to spend time with her and see the wealth of the Rossi-Barthez family at their famous country pile spiked Jack's curiousity.
Nancy laughed, "Yes, Jack, casual is fine. Just bring yourself."
With that enticing prospect, Nancy turned and walked towards her office, displaying no change in her countenance but inwardly smiling that the next part of her plan was now in play.
"Speak to my PA." said Nancy loudly over the hubbub of the office floor.
Nancy's own driver had collected him and Jack had no idea where he was. In the hour it had taken to drive out this far, the car tyres crunched over shingle. As the castle appeared over the brow of the hill, it's imposing architecture impressed him, it was the perfect building to represent the personality of Annunciata Rossi-Barthez.
Leaving the car, Nancy and Patric met him at the imposing Gothic archway flanked by heavy stone balustrades that was their front door.
Nancy looked statuesque as she looked sensual, her heavy bosom and extravagant taut womanly curves were encased in a black, silken dress. It compressed her bodily form into a litany of sports car curves that the Italians were famous for. Hardly casual in so much that her hair was only pinned partially up, it was in-keeping with her sense of style.
With one kiss on one cheek and then another, Nancy's body under Jack's hands threatened to ignite him. He had wanted her the moment she left his hotel room, unlikely as that was; the need of that moment consumed him again.
Patric was a character that surprised Jack; he looked distinctly bookish and laid-back enough to immediately appear welcoming. With a more customary shake of hands, Jack was impressed that he appealed his English sensibilities. A mop of black hair was coiffured from a centre parting and over his ears, a limp cotton shirt and crumpled chinos completed the devil-may-care antithesis to his stylish wife.
Jack remarked to himself that if opposites attract, this was living proof. Patric was all of eleven stone dripping wet and he carried with him a slightly haggard, worn demeanour. If Jack knew very little about the family before then Patric was a total mystery to him.
"It will be very intimate," added Nancy implying that there would be no other guests for dinner, "I hope you like Turbot?"
Jack nodded, "Yes, that would be perfect."
"Is this Ok?" asked Nancy.
It was the juxtaposition of the more modern attachment to the castle that surprised Jack. Walking into to a contemporary spacious day room; it was more a family room only without any family to speak of. Split into two sections, a collection of expensive deep seated sofas were sectioned from a shorter, more practical dining table and furniture. The woody smell permeating from the burning logs in the fireplace gave the room a cosy, stress-free feel.
"Perfect," replied Jack.
"We could eat in the main dining room?" offered Patric.
"We could darling, but I think we would need to shout to hear each other," laughed Nancy. "The table is huge!"
Nancy's husband was happy to let her wife do the talking and occasionally interspersed the conversation with an observation or witticism. Patric's comments increasingly struck Jack as supercilious at best and increasingly arrogant as each glass of wine took its toll on him. Whilst Jack was not stupid, it felt that Patric was speaking down to both himself and Nancy.
"Ignore him Jack, he's one of those French intellectuals," added Nancy sarcastically. "He is the embodiment of '68."
As the smaller dessert wine glasses were topped up, their dinner service was cleared and the conversation suddenly changed tack.
"And Tanya?" asked Nancy. "Jack, tell me what do you make of Tanya?"
"Tanya?" asked Jack as Nancy nodded. "Well, she's been very good to me; she offered me a job with the firm a few months ago."
"And how much do you know about her?" inquired Nancy placing her glass down on the table, leaning forwards in a show of interest.
"Well, she's self-made, wealthy, some would say she's attractive," added Jack trying to maintain the airy tone of the conversation. "I think her estrangement from her husband makes her unhappy from time to time though."
Nancy laughed forcing Jack to stop as he looked to her husband to gauge his reaction; Patric's casual ambivalence signalled this was nothing to be afraid of.
"Tanya is estranged but I would say that is because her husband had too much of a wandering eye to remain faithful to her," replied Nancy with an air of amusement. "He lives in San Francisco because he prefers male company to female company."
Jack puffed his cheeks and blew air through pursed lips in a show of surprise.
"Wow," replied Jack, "well, that would do it, being left for another woman is one thing, being left for a man is something else."
"Of course," added Nancy. "That is what comes from marrying someone 10 years her junior."
"Her junior!" exclaimed Jack. "She's always inferred he was older."
"No, he is a male model, although in his twilight years now. They have such a short self-life, stated Nancy. "She was 29, I think, he was 19. I was at the wedding."
Jack nodded at one of Nancy's now familiar pauses and reached for his wine glass.
"Of course, the fact that Tanya was a moderately successful model herself and from a wealthy family had nothing to do with it," added Nancy sniggering.
Jack felt torn; there was clearly some enmity between Nancy and Tanya. Yet, he thought that Nancy should feel some empathy for Tanya instead. They were both spurned wives, and it was only a matter of proximity to their respective spouses. Tanya's was several thousand miles away; Nancy's was only a matter of feet away.
The next thought that entered into Jack's head was so obvious that he chided himself for his own stupidity – Patric doesn't know that she knows.
"She appeared in enough of your father's magazines, didn't she Nancy?" asked Patric with another biting observation.
Jack remained silent, he had never reproached Tanya over her marriage or her background, it never occurred to Jack why he should.
Nancy laughed loudly.
"Of course, and sometimes with no clothes on, especially toward the end of her career," joked Nancy. "Those magazines were popular for their time, pornography has moved on since then."
"The enfant terrible of the bourgeoisie," muttered Patric smugly.
Jack took a larger sip from his glass, he felt exposed now and knowing that his indiscretions with Tanya were not so discrete; he wondering if Nancy knew that too. That webcam in that hotel room had a lot to answer for.
"Well, we all do things we are not proud of in our youth," added Jack using his diplomacy to craft the conversation to a change of tack.
"Yes," agreed Nancy. "Then again, those parties were outrageous."
"Parties?" asked Jack feigning an innocent curiosity.
"Well, at the time, Tanya enjoyed her husband's bisexuality and they threw many wild parties at their house," added Nancy salaciously. "They were so wild and infamous they certainly filled the pages of the more tawdry newspapers."
"I see," responded Jack, "you can't believe what you read in the newspapers though?"
"Jack, you should know better," exclaimed Nancy. "I have it on good authority."
"Really? Who?" stated Jack with an air of uncertainty as the indiscretions with that webcam ran though his mind.
Nancy raised her eyebrows – she had first-hand eyewitness experience.
"Does the name Brigitte Kessel mean anything to you Jack?" stated Nancy with that same sense of triumph that Jack had seen earlier in the week.
Jack visibly reeled, that weekend of sex and debauchery with Brigitte and Rainer Kessel at Tanya's villa flashed through his mind. The question seered into Jack's mind, did Nancy know what happened there too?
Nancy and Brigitte certainly shared an interest in sexual dominance, Jack felt alarmed they had some kind of friendship. The thought of another interrogation by Nancy chilled Jack enough to take a sizable sip of wine before considering his answer.
"You know Brigitte?" said Jack.
"Yes, we've been friends for many years now." replied Nancy.
"Tanya knows her well too." added Jack.
"Well, they were both struggling models at the time," explained Nancy. "Brigitte had a natural ability for spotting talent, that's how we met. I worked for a casting agency at the time."
"I guess fashion thrives on the next big thing." stated Jack.
Nancy giggled.
Jack looked to Nancy and Patric, Nancy's face was one of amusement, Patric just looked smug.
"Erm, it wasn't fashion, more an older line of my father's business," replied Nancy, "porn movies."
Jack's expression turned to embarrassment as the thought occurred to him that the Kessels were still scouting for talent today only for their own gratification. The realisation that Tanya and Brigitte were simply reliving old times, spotting talent and then sharing it as their own private joke bemused Jack leaving him unsure what to think.
"Tanya came to Brigitte's attention so to speak," added Nancy with a faux subtlety. "Rainer has always had a keen eye for a good picture, he's a deviant but a good photographer."
"Oh." replied Jack dumbfounded.
"Brigitte asked me to pass on her best wishes too," said Nancy, "She is glowing and looks great considering she is pregnant. Morning sickness is a bitch."
"Pregnant?" Jack stammered.
Nancy stared at him and nodded her head smiling; he fought the need to add more to his simple question. Brigitte's demeanour that weekend, her need for him to ejaculate into her suddenly raised an utterly dreadful prospect. Jack clung to the thought that it could be easily explained or it could just be a coincidence.
Rationally, Jack knew he was kidding himself, the thought that he had been used to breed her, to knock her up, to give her a child made him visibly blanch. Jack felt pole-axed; his indiscretions had come full circle with the austere Nancy casting her cold judgement upon him with her husband as the self-opinionated jury; a surge of humiliation rocked him.
The internal conflict created by his sense of shame paralysed him. Jack's mind raced, Fay's seduction of him and Tanya's tutoring to explore his sexuality made sense. Then there was the parties, the group sex and finally the exposure of his mildly submissive side to these powerful women. That last quality had brought him here to this castle and without Tanya and Fay beside him - he had got himself into trouble. Jack couldn't be sure they would even welcome him back – certainly Fay wouldn't if this rumour was true.
Jack's mind raced again; maybe this was their plan all along, Nancy's logic could not be faulted. Jack had to stop, his paranoia was leeching through this mind spreading fear and uncertainty in those he cherished. Jack's looked at Patric and his smug expression was transparent enough to know that he enjoying this younger man's comeuppance and his wife's skilful dissection of his bravura.
Jack was stung by the look on Patric's face; he asked himself what gave him the right to be so judgemental?
Unable to conceal his conflict, his facial expression revealed the answer that Nancy was searching for, it was etched clearly on his astonished face.
"Oh Jack." laughed Nancy looking at his facial expression, "Oh, Jack! You fucked Brigitte recently!"
It was a rhetorical statement, Nancy had known all along and she had trapped Jack precisely for this terrible humiliation.
Nancy laughed heartily and Patric's amusement was such; he joined in with his own hearty laughter. As Jack's mind gave up any sense of rational thought, he watched the expression on Nancy's face. A glimmer of his own logic returned to him and rather feel a sense of foreboding, he felt a rising anger inside him. Jack threw a violent look of malice at Patric too, he caught Jack's reddening face staring at him, paused and continued to laugh.
For Nancy, her trap had been sprung and now only Patric's laughter bounced off the walls of the cavernous room. In silence Nancy turned her attention to Patric as Jack watched Nancy's expression turn from levity to one of malice.
"Patric!" said Nancy angrily, "you have no reason to look so fucking self-righteous!"
An immediate silence fell over the room.
"Brigitte sends her regards to you too!" added Nancy forcefully.
Jack watched as if a switch had been thrown inside of Patric, he looked immensely afraid. Jack enjoyed seeing the smug bastard exposed for what he was and yet he was surprised that Brigitte would lower herself to fucking Patric.
With all the pieces of Nancy's plan in play, Jack looked oddly resolute in the face of such an onslaught; Patric looked fearful and contrite. Nancy had the self-assurance that she was in complete control and it was the perfect time to strike.
"Yes you!" hissed Nancy, "When did you become such a sanctimonious cunt!"
Patric said nothing, he offered no defence.
"You are so weak and she always was a whore," retorted Nancy. "I hope you gave her more than your normal performance."
Nancy's obdurate expression had not relented when Jack felt something from underneath the table; it was the ball of Nancy's stockinged foot rubbing over his crotch. Nancy's inquisition of Jack's lack of scruples left him feeling bewildered at her advances, and now it was obvious that Nancy wanted revenge. The realisation that a man without scruples was the perfect accomplice, Jack smiled helplessly at Nancy. As they held their smile at each other, Nancy felt his cock stiffen on her foot and she knew; he'd given himself to her there and then.
Nancy's visage softened.
"Oh yes, Patric. Jack's crime is to be naïve and easily led, he is young," stated Nancy with cool indifference. "What is your fucking excuse?"
Patric was staring at his wine glass in abject guilt. Now that Jack was in on this game, a small feeling of relief washed over him. Jack chose to remain silent and enjoy Patric's humiliation. He still had to find out who had fathered Brigitte's child but that could wait for after he had extricated himself from this dire situation.
"Well?" yelled Nancy directly at Patric at the top of her voice.
Patric offered nothing more than a typically Gallic response; he shrugged his shoulders.
"You worm," spat Nancy vociferously.
Unaware of her forceful attentions on their guest, Patric looked defeated and chastised. As Nancy's foot slid up and down Jack's hard cock, his mind turned back to fucking Nancy again. His confidence was buoyed, unconventionally but it returned nonetheless. Jack figured that Nancy's plan was to rid herself of Patric and leave them alone together. It was an extreme method of striking out against her cheating husband but justified considering how ambivalently he valued their marriage. Nancy clearly wanted a fuck to rid herself of Patric, her withering assault on his proclivities was to use him, not develop feelings for him. That suited Jack fine, he could happily fuck her and leave.
"I'm sorry," proffered Patric pathetically.
"Oh shut up!" screamed Nancy angrily. "If you want to remain under this roof, you will do what I say!"
Patric solemnly nodded his head, "Anything, please, I am sorry."
"Jack, stand up," instructed Nancy forcefully.
"Huh?" responded Jack with surprise.
Expecting Patric to be chased out of the room, Jack was not expecting that Patric would be staying put.
"Oh Jack," soothed Nancy, "I know you have fucked Tanya too, I've seen you do it."
Jack smiled in an act of desperate bravado; he had been betrayed by the webcam back in England all that time ago.
"And I admire your loyalty to your boss," added Nancy, "and your lover."
Jack nodded this time in acknowledgment, relieved at being let off the hook. Her statement signified a scrap of respect for him from her formidable personality.
"Now, I know you want me, so let me have what I want." purred Nancy.
Jack tilted his eyes towards Patric's direction in a gesture to question his presence in the room.
"Oh, I want him to see this," purred Nancy quietly, "you don't mind?"
Compliantly Jack nodded as he looked at Nancy. Whilst the thought of fucking her in private aroused him; the thought of fucking her in the presence of her pathetic husband enflamed him even more. Jack wanted to assist in this act of revenge just to get his own back on this repellent little man. Nancy pressed her foot hard onto his stiff cock wedged in his jeans; he was ready.
"Now stand up," requested Nancy.
Jack stood and looked Patric in the eyes, as the length of Jack's erection lay horizontally across the crotch of his jeans.
Nancy looked at Jack and as their eyes met, he could see the manifestation of lust written large on her face. Jack's reticence had given over to the need to service Nancy and give her what she craved. Jack resolved that this would not be totally Nancy's dominion. He vowed that this would be his opportunity to stamp his mark on proceedings .
"Good, good," whispered Nancy.
And with that, her kitten heels clicked over the parquet floor to the assembled collection of sofas.
"Stand here," instructed Nancy to Jack, "I want Patric to see this."
Easing Jack's belt buckle loose and as soon as the first button fastening his jeans had been wrestled free; the others followed easily enough. With one sharp pull of his jeans and underwear, his hard cock broke free of his clothes.
Looking to Jack, her tone was softer, less assertive, "Lose the rest of your clothes, I want you naked."
Once Jack had stripped off his remaining garments, Nancy enjoyed the sight of Jack taut chest and semi-defined abs, she walked around to him and her eyes traced a line along the obliques of his abdomen towards his hard, thick cock. It pointed upwards and underneath at the root of his cock, his heavy balls hung tight. Nancy felt her own loins warm at the imminent prospect of feeling him inside her again.
Looking to her husband, Patric was impassive, motionless he watched his wife walking towards their guest.
"You watch me do this," commanded Nancy. "You watch me suck his cock."
Patric nodded compliantly.
"Good!" added Nancy angrily, "Or I will kick your sorry ass out of my life forever."
Nancy knelt down in front of Jack and softly stroked his hard cock. She watched it intently as the fat head of his shaft was exposed from his foreskin. The weight and girth of his cock portrayed a menace to her sex that Nancy had deliciously felt before. She had yearned for it ever since and she wanted every ounce of his youthful energy directed at her. She wanted to leave her husband with the unequivocal impression that she was in complete control.
"See? See how big his cock is?" demanded Nancy. "See how heavy his virile balls are?"
Patric was remained motionless, looking at her in a small, weak act of defiance.
"Look at it!" screamed Nancy loudly.
Patric shot bolt upright in his chair poleaxed by the violence in her words.
"It's not as if you have never seen another man's cock before," added Nancy mockingly. "I remember what you did at University."
The thought ran through Jack's head that perhaps Patric was an amateur cocksucker as well as pompous fool. Jack looked at Nancy again, she returned his gaze with a happy smile as he pleaded with his eyes to address his cock - it was aching for attention.
Kneeling down in front of him, she turned head to look at her husband again.
"See?" asserted Nancy.
Patric, again, did not flinch.
"Answer me!" demanded Nancy.
"Yes," croaked Patric.
"He is going to fuck me with it," added Nancy. "He has once already. He was magnificent."
With a mix of empathy and uncertainty, those words stung Jack and he paused to wonder just how humiliating it would feel for Patric. Jack reconciled it internally, Patric did fuck Brigitte so if Jack was going to play his part in Nancy's revenge, so be it. Jack liked the idea of the contemptible Patric watching him fuck his wife.
Jack's train of thought was abruptly interrupted by the hot warmth around his cock and next, by the hard sucking on his shaft. Looking down at her, her eyes met his, she had pulled herself toward him and her confined heavy breasts pressed hard against his bare legs.
His cock began to throb and Jack's balls heated at the sublime enveloping of her mouth on him. His balls swayed at the vigour of Nancy's attention, their need for release and Nancy's lack of finesse intensified his lust for her body.
Patric was trying to look impassively at her wife and her naked lover. He looked and saw a man he never was. The pang of guilt of that drunken night's sex with Brigitte Kessel paled into comparison to the humiliation he felt now.
Nancy released his cock from her mouth and Jack offered his hand to help her up. She stood and turned her back to him; instinctively he pulled the elegant teardrop zipper down the back of her dress.
Her dress fell easily enough into a limp pool of fabric around her ankles. She turned to face Jack, clothed only in her hold-up stockings and kitten heels. Entranced again by Nancy's magnificent body, he gorged himself on her beauty. The white pallor of her skin seemed to ripple with energy in the reflected light from the vigorous log fire.
Looking into Nancy's eyes, Jack gasped as he felt her take his organ in her hand, she smiled into his eyes as she felt its weight. His cock felt hot to her touch and very hard as she wanked his cock. Her need left her rubbing her own sex to tease her body, it easily responded. Purring in self-congratulation, he was wetter than she anticipated and she cleaved her sex with her fingers. She spread her silken juices over her labia with all the enthusiasm of a much younger woman.
"See Patric?" demanded Nancy. "His cock looks so angry and hard."
There was no response and Nancy looked over to make sure her husband was watching - he was.
Invigorated, Nancy's torture of her husband spiced her own plan, it was more exhilarating that she imagined. Kneeling on the cushions of a sofa and using the back rest to support her elbows, she pushed her bottom into the air showing Patric her tight arse and puffy bare sex for him to see. As she did so, she placed one of her own fingers into her slit and fingered herself enjoying the spectacle that he would be witnessing.
Jack observed the spectacle too; he was afforded a spectacular view of her body he had never seen. As his gaze lingered on her magnificent breasts hanging from curvaceous frame, she cleaved herself with two fingers and spread her wetness all over her hairless labia again. Despite her trap, her attitude and her poisonous tongue, Jack wanted her and he was ready to penetrate her.
Jack's need for the body in front of him, his humiliation at Nancy's hands and her husband's conceit created a powerful cocktail of lust that compelled him to give Nancy a fucking she would never expect.
"Eat my cunt," commanded Nancy.
Kneeling to face her exposed cunt, Jack's tongue slid effortlessly into her folds. His fingers focussed on rubbing her clit, she pushed her arse into his face forcing him to work on her sex with more urgency. With his tongue dipping in and out of her sex, his fingers rubbed at her hardening clit and pressed on her clitoral hood - Nancy began to gasp. She gorged her body on what Jack was giving her and the delicious sordidness of her posture on the sofa gave her a gentle build up to an easily obtainable orgasm.
Teasing her folds with his tongue and his fingers, her sopping wet clit slipped easily over his firm fingers, her moans escalated in volume and the sound began to echo off the walls. Tasting her aroused sex again and hearing her increasingly breathless gasps only made Jack want her more. The thought of her husband witnessing this spectacle brought her closer to the edge and she was going to show him just what it took to satisfy her.
A loud solitary grunt left Nancy's mouth as her body bucked a little; she shuddered only momentarily. As her first orgasm had arrived easily, it delivered a gratifying series of tremors and tingles all over her body.
Pushing his tongue into her quivering pussy, Nancy squealed in surprise as she felt the stabbing sensations on her sensitive cunt; she leant forward away from him. An idea sparked into Jack's mind, he remembered how her body would reject his attention after she climaxed. He resolved himself that he would not yield to her at that point again despite her need to expel him. It would be his act of defiance to use her for his pleasure.
"Hmm, perfect," gasped Nancy enjoying her post-coital glow.
Easing herself from the sofa, she stood next to Jack, her fingers gingerly slid inside her providing her husband with the full view of her naked body next to the young, masculine flesh of her lover. Taking her fingers from her sex, she slid them provocatively into Jack's mouth. Smiling victoriously at the look of humiliation on her husband's face; his wife was about to fuck their dinner guest.
"Sit there," instructed Nancy coldly pointing Jack at the sofa.
Jack slumped back on the sofa with his cock jutting upward. In full view of her husband, Nancy wanted to show Patric how she was going to fuck him. Patric watched as his wife reversed herself onto Jack's hard cock.
As Nancy spread her legs wider, resting her feet on Jack's knees. Leaning back, Nancy supported her weight with her outstretched arms on the back of the sofa. Jack guided his hard cock into Nancy's sopping wet sex as she lowered herself onto him. Her tightness enveloping him felt wonderful and his cock flexed inside her as she speared herself into him. Displaying her taut stretched breasts to her husband, her upper torso was flushed with arousal. Lifting herself up a little, she speared herself upon Jack's cock again and took it deep inside her.
With a satisfying grunt from her body, Nancy's pussy lips made a tight grasping seal around his shaft. As she began to ride Jack's cock, Patric could see the shiny wetness of his wife's cunt coating it.
"He's stretching me," she shouted contemptuously. "You will never be enough for me again."
As she began to flex her body up and down his swollen cock, Patric listened to the gasps from his wife as she accommodated Jack's generous dimensions. As Jack's fingers found her clit again, she let out a panting sobbing moan as he rubbed on it.
Riding up and down on his cock, Patric watched his wife openly betray their fidelity, fearlessly showing her contempt for his own furtive misdemeanour. Sliding herself to take him as deeply as she could, Nancy wriggled her hips provocatively that stimulated her in wave after wave of pleasure. Through half-closed eyes, she looked to her husband to show him what it looked like for her to be sexually fulfilled.
"Watch, you bastard!" panted Nancy menacingly.
She redoubled her efforts on his cock, letting out more frequent sobbing moans after each deep gasp for air. She directed her body to ride up and down on Jack's thick cock - she locked eyes with her husband. The combined effect of being watched and the sensations that Jack was giving her soon began to overwhelm her again. Struggling to remember a time when she felt so exhilarated, Nancy closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. Burying Jack's meat into her once more, she began to climax.
Feeling the seizing grasp of her pussy muscles around his cock, Jack froze as Nancy's body trembled softly, whimpering as Jack felt her spasms strongly on him again and again. Nancy's treatment of him so far had not taxed his body much yet. Jack let a tiny smile crease his lips; he would have the reserves to really fuck her once she had worn herself out.
As Nancy pushed all her weight onto him again, Jack savoured her climax and let her heavy breathing subside for a few moments. With her legs splayed, it showed Patric her post-orgasmic sex stuffed full of Jack's rigid cock. Her labia was crimson pink, her pale skin blotchy over the tight skin of her breasts and upper torso.
Unable to take any further movements from him, Jack felt his cock leave her and the cool air chill him, a hand took his and pulled at it in a signal to remove himself from the sofa.
"Come." instructed Nancy.
Walking to the dining table hand in hand, Jack watched Nancy use the edge of the table close to Patric to brace herself ready for Jack's cock. With her legs spread wide in anticipation, she watched Patric unable to take his eyes off her freshly fucked cunt.
Positioning Jack between her legs, she rubbed his hard cock up and down her pussy lips to slick the purple head of his erect cock before taking him inside her once more. Leaning back on the table, Jack could not resist pawing at her delectable breasts powering his cock between her thighs. He took his opportunity now to really fuck her and he would not stop until she begged. Driving into her hard, he dragged his cock from her slowly and then forcefully hard into her again. As her face relayed her intense gratification as she used the edge of the table for leverage, wrapping her thighs around Jack's hips as he stuck his cock hard into her again.
In a squeal of sexual pleasure from his wife, Patric watched as Jack's cock violated her scarlet sex. The sinews of his arms traced through to his hands and they were kneading his wife's breasts.
Powering his cock potently into her body, Jack's mind turned over to giving her the fucking he should have given her the first time around.
"Yes, fuck me, give me that big cock," pleaded Nancy.
Nancy savoured the realisation of her fantasy driven from spite; Jack felt her wetten as he plunged his cock into her again. The knowledge that her husband was powerless in their presence empowered her. He was a husk of the man she married, a pathetic specimen and, he was watching her getting what she needed from a younger man. This younger man had no morals other than gratifying his own needs and his own happiness. Her intellectual bastard of a husband would label him selfish, yet for Nancy it was this act of altruism that fed her body with Jack's sexual urges for her.
Leaning back, first onto her elbows, then on her back, with one powerful thrust from Jack he pushed her onto the table to lie down. Nancy turned her head to look at her husband, in his eyes, her sexual relief was etched over her face. Watching her passively with a pathetic look of contempt, she smiled as he took his punishment of watching his wife's body being defiled by this young, uncouth upstart.
Nancy groaned at the delivery of one hard push of Jack's cock into her and then another. She knew this was the perfect time to complete her plan. Gripping her middle two fingers with her thumb and extended her remaining fingers upwards. Jack powered into her again as she gasped at how her own sex was tightening on him. As she rolled her hand with her wrist, she showed Patric her palm and fingers; the sign of the bull.
"Cornuto!" she spat at him vehemently.
Patric visibly shook at the greatest affront to his masculinity that he had ever seen and from his wife of ten years. With his visible contempt etched onto his face, he reeled from the delicious insult given by his wronged wife. Paralysed by the sight of his wife's ridicule and the sound of her sexual ecstasy echoing off the walls; he did nothing as Nancy breathless laughing mocked him.
Feeling a huge relief spread over her as she released her venom and spite for her husband, she reached to her sex and rubbed on her aching hard clit. Her mind and body turned to showing him how she wanted to be fucked. She resolved herself to take it from Jack and how she would make Patric every time she took it. She was determined that Patric would never touch her again and instead, if he wanted her grace and favour, this is what he would have to endure.
Nancy knew that Jack was trapped in the mental cage she had built around him, she was make him an offer to stay and avoid all the trouble back in France. She would take him in, he was smart and clever and he stood up to her. He would make the perfect young bull for her, she was confident she only had to assert herself and he would fold like a house of cards.
Spreading her legs again, Nancy leant up to watch Jack's fat meat sliding in and out of her as she felt the slap of Jack's heavy balls against her arse. Lying back and taking his hands from her mauled breasts, she linked her own with his, pulling him down onto her, she placed her hands around his neck and braced herself against him, finding that perfect position that she knew would bring her to her hardest climax of all. Crushing her breasts tightly against his muscular torso she felt Jack's strength against her for the first time. It was intoxicating and Nancy afforded herself a few secret moments of lying beneath him and feeling his power.
As the head of his cock slid against the roof of her sex, waves of delicious violence inside her began to build and tense her pussy muscles. The next climax was still building inside her. Bearing down on Jack's cock, she let the air from her lungs escape as a deep panting moan; her nipples reduced to stubby nubs grazing against Jack's body.
"Mio Toro." gasped Nancy breathlessly.
As Jack rose up a little, he sucked hungrily on her breasts, flicking and biting on her hard nipples. Listening to her gasps and the panted acknowledgment of sexual pleasure he was giving her, Jack felt her grip him again. The responsiveness of her sex to Jack's attention was driving her closer and closer to her release, the tight friction from each thrust stoking the pulsating sensations building inside her.
Conspiring to have the last word, Jack pulled her body firmly to his again. Nancy moaned her approval as she began to writhe underneath him. Pushing his cock hard against her constricting pussy muscles, Jack impaled her deeply and Nancy let out a breathless laugh. His retort was to increase the force of his body and pound her sex with a fluid series of strokes delivered from his hips to her cunt. Her laughter petered out and each thrust was forceful enough to make the table shake and for Nancy to groan helplessly.
Looking to Patric again, Nancy let out a weak smile as she clasped Jack around his neck to fix him firmly into place to deliver her sexual coup-de-grace.
"Mio Toro." she whispered.
As her body contorted violently underneath her lover, his grasp of her body tightened as her pussy spasmed around him. Confined on him and by him, her body began to shake uncontrollably, digging her heels into Jack's calves again to spur her charge, Jack blocked out the pain as he powered his cock into her harder, slapping his loins against her convulsing body. Her groans undulated as he fucked her, making the entire table shake as she writhed under his body.
Cannoning himself into her with a sinuous force, a deeper groan left her as she continued to climax. She attempted to make the hand gesture toward Patric again but her arm fell to the table. Her body crashed hard under the assault of Jack's cock inside her. Nancy bit on Jack's shoulder as she came, letting her pussy spasm and massage the swollen hard cock inside her. She gripped it fiercely against his cock inside her as she shuddered uncontrollably.
Spent and sated Nancy pushed against him, the sensitivity inside her made it unbearable to have him there. Nancy pushed against him yet Jack's muscular body was implacable and absorbed her own strength with ease. Squeezing against him, she pushed and started to squeal at the intolerable sensations inside her. Jack absorbed the pain of her heels digging into him and her nails scratching his back as she did all she could to expel his hard cock.
Facing a potential loss of face in front of her cheating husband, she halted her protest and took her fucking. As the prickling sensitivity inside her eased, it was replaced by an incredible, relentless and amplified series of pulses flooding into her groin. Feeling a crescendo of deeper, more powerful sensations flooding her senses, her resistance melted away and her body took over as she lost control.
Each hard thrust was met with a weak gasp as Nancy shallowed breathing caught ragged gulps of air as she let him have his way. As her breasts shook with each pounding thrust; Nancy stared into Jack's eyes. Her incredulous look was met by his look of contempt. For a brief second they looked at each other, Nancy's eyes smiled first and at that moment, they shared a moment of mutual respect.
Driving his hips to place his cock right at the place she wanted it, with several shallow pumps into her, Nancy's eyes rolled upward and her entire body slumped. Her stocking clad legs were no longer wrapped around his hips, her arms laid flat on the table. Jack powered his cock into her helpless body as he felt that familiar swelling building in him.
"I'm cumming." gasped Jack as his cock swelled to the point of no return.
"Si, si...cum inside me, fill me," moaned Nancy weakily.
Nancy's own body lurched upwards from her lower back and began to shake, her breasts pulled tightly across her outstretched body as her speared cunt gripped Jack again. With the first undulating contraction around Jack's shaft, he sent the first spasm of his cock deep into her. Feeling his twitching manhood throbbing heavily inside her; Nancy let go. Feeling the heat of his sperm filling her, her body convulsed violently shaking hard against him from her thighs, her abdomen and torso. Groaning deeply and still shaking brutally, each gut wrenching spasm ripped through her muscles; each grasping convulsion from her pussy walls milked her young lover of his seed. Each convulsion from her body made her groan as she felt an invading warmth fill her on the trough of each spasm.
"Mio Toro" she groaned as smaller, tinier tremors shook through her wracked body.
Pulling his cock from her, Jack released another rope of cum over her red well-fucked pussy; marking her with it. As Jack stood there breathless, his cock still erect and twitching, Nancy was still trembling as she slowly propped herself up on her arms. Her body was flushed with a post-coital glow and a sheen of sweat; her ribcage rose and fell rapidly to take in lungfuls of cool air.
Nancy paused to catch her breath, she looked to her husband.
"See? Take a good look," commanded Nancy breathlessly, "that's how a man fucks me!"
Patric's breathing was elevated having witnessed close to hand how his domineering wife had been fucked hard and he witnessed her cum splashed pussy. As his gaze lingered, his face was struck with a mix of astonishment and shock. He watched in horror as Jack's seed leaked from his wife's sex, it puddled onto the floor, seeping from her slowly.
"Now fuck off!", she screamed. "Pack a bag and get Luca to drive you to a hotel! Wait for my call to see if I will take you back as my bitch!"
With a screech of wooden chair legs over the parquet floor to clear his way, Patric got up from the table and ran to the door, with a slam in its frame, he was gone.
Jack looked to Nancy and as her face turned from the door, she saw Jack survey her body. Flushed from her broad shoulders and supported by her thin, lean arms, he looked to her torso from which her heavy breasts melded perfectly into her taut, long body. He looked to her hips and how her abdominal muscles stretched over her flat stomach, he admired the tight lines across them as she scrunched her body to hold herself up.
Still breathless, her eyes met his and gestured to him to come closer. Jack smiled as Nancy reciprocated and as he lent in, a hand whipped across his face catching him smartly across his cheek.
"Bastard!" she exclaimed pugnaciously.
Jack held his cheek with his hand as a mortified look of horror spread across his features.
Watching Nancy prise herself from the table, she stood on shaky legs and clasped the edge of the table. Jack waited to see her face as she looked at him and smiled.
"You fucking bastard," she said with a lack of malice in her tone.
Jack's expression changed from dread to a hint of satisfaction.
"Fuck me like that again," she added with an intensity of purpose, "I've always wanted to fuck in our dungeons."
Jack smiled wider with encouragement; her enthusiasm was in stark contrast to her cold emotionless persona.
Nancy moved in closer, planting a soft melting kiss on his lips, she embraced him warmly pressing her body against his.
"You liked fucking me like that?" asked Nancy.
It was his silence that provided the answer without a single word to be spoken. He eased his strong arms from her body and took a step back from her.
"I want you to fuck me like that all the time." stated Nancy smiling with her emerald eyes again.
"Uh huh." returned Jack on his guard for another whack from her.
"Well, you cannot go home, you made Brigitte pregnant. Your slut has some morals I'm sure but she won't take you back," added Nancy. "No young slut in tow and Tanya will soon bore of you too."
Jack paused in silence and Nancy went for the kill, she took his semi-flaccid cock and slowly started to stroke it.
"You cannot get enough of me can you?" asked Nancy rhetorically, "That is your problem Jack, I am very dangerous and you like that don't you?"
Nancy felt his cock stiffen some more, she had forgotten how quickly young men can recover.
"Jack, I am very wealthy, I can pay off Brigitte and your slut to buy their slience," added Nancy reassuringly. "Tanya has her contract and I will have you, you will be well rewarded."
"And I'm the father?" asked Jack just one more time.
Her reaction was his final confirmation, in her office, in his dealings with her; he had developed a keen sense of her body language. Her bewitching beauty was also her undoing, Jack had never failed to hang on her every word, to look into her beautiful eyes and admire her attractive face.
Jack looked at her and felt contempt rising from him again.
"I will keep you as my pet, Tanya has clearly taught you a lot," added Nancy laughing as Jack's cock was now fully hard. "I'm sure I can find you another slut to keep you company when I am away."
Prizing her hand from his cock, he firmly held her wrist and placed her arm slowly and gently down by her side. Naked and exposed, he started to gather his clothes and put them on with a look of distain on his face.
"Jack?" added Nancy in a low tone of genuine puzzlement.
Jack looked at her and shook his head.
"Your choice Jack," added Nancy nonchalantly, "if you hurry you might still be able to share my car with Patric back to Rome."
He reached for his jacket and his Blackberry slid out of its inside pocket, he caught it and the silver frame of the camera lens caught the flickering low light of the fire. With a flash of inspiration; he hit the side button, took aim and pressed down on the thumbwheel.
A flash of light and the synthetic sound of a shutter closing bounced off the stone walls. The phone offered a preview and front and centre was a dishevelled, naked full-frontal of Nancy looking completely shocked.
Jack followed his withering look of scorn with a gesture of his own, the English two fingered salute.
"Patronise that, you bitch."
"What are you doing?" screamed Nancy angrily.
"That's insurance. You are lying, " retorted Jack. ""When you lie, your eyes move ever so slightly to the left, you blink just that little bit longer and best of all, you deflect your gaze just a little bit quicker than you should."
Nancy's shocked silence said it all.
Jack laughed, "I saw it in your office when we were striking a deal and I couldn't put my finger on it."
Nancy opted to look sternly at him.
"Tonight, you did it time and time again to Patric. Then I realised, he had no idea that you knew about his affair. So you lied through your teeth to him all through dinner. Then you lied to me."
"No, no, I didn't," replied Nancy quietly.
"Brigitte might be pregnant but you have no idea who the father is," added Jack pointing his finger directly at her. "I'll take my chances."
Her face sunk, her best laid plan, the pinnacle of it to trap Jack for herself had failed.
"You and Patric are made for each other," muttered Jack in disgust.
Nancy looked to the floor.
"Come near me or come near Tanya or Fay and I will fuck you over. I will put this picture on the internet and I'm sure Patric could file for a juicy divorce settlement," asserted Jack in return.
Nancy looked up and Jack watched her anger rising inside her.
"You are bluffing, bluffing!" Nancy shrieked in return, her face contorted by rage.
"Bluffing! Make that deal five percent, not three percent. Contracts in my office by courier on Monday afternoon. Or this goes onto the internet." retorted Jack.
Her naked body simmered with rage as Jack put his jacket on.
"And one word of a rumour that I got Brigitte Kessel pregnant and this goes onto the internet," added Jack.
Nancy's mouth was open in astonishment, "But, but, you wanted me. You have just fucked me."
Jack smiled.
"You are a good fuck, but I'll be honest, I've had better. I'm not bad for corporate fucking honey-trap am I? So do we have a deal? You have five seconds," shouted Jack angrily.
"Five…….. Four…….. Three."
He threw her a look, a look that would claim the mortality of anyone weaker; his look was one of deadly intent.
"Two……. "
He paused again and saw a look of fear in her eyes for the first time, it felt sublime.
"Ok, ok, ok… stop, stop. You win, you win," shouted Nancy trying to placate Jack holding her arms out to plead to his better side.
He held the camera up again and caught her pose perfectly.
"Perfect," added Jack as he turned to walk out of the room and heard each chuckle of his laughter bounce off the walls.
"Bastardo!" shrieked Nancy as Jack heard wine glasses being thrown against the wall.
He did not stop to look behind him.
At the junction of the road to the gravelled drive, Jack had managed to get Alfonso at the hotel to send out a taxi. As he waited, his thoughts turned to those he had left at home for this trip. Try as he might, Nancy's logic could not be displaced with his own despite her lie. Was it a ruse to relive old glories and get Brigitte what she wanted? Was Fay in on the deal or was she manipulated too? There were too many coincidences for it all to be accidental; there were far too many well-planned surprises.
His phone buzzed, he had sent a text to Tanya enquiring on Brigitte's news.
"She had another go with IVF, her ovaries are no good. You ok? It's late."
Jack let out a long sigh, he opted not to reply now and he started to tremble with relief. He had entered a lion's den and came out with only scratches on his back and legs. In the still of the night, the faint roar of tyres could be heard; Jack tracked the bright full-beam headlamps of the car until it pulled to a stop.
"Richardson?" asked the driver.
And with that, he got in, slammed the door and was away.
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