Hot For Teacher- Chapter 4
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After sitting through yet another tortuous class of dealing with immature, moronic, one step away from juvie teenagers, it was finally time. I was going to have her. I watched anxiously as the other students shuffled their way out of the classroom, until it was just her. She was sitting in her desk looking like an angel. The sunlight was streaming in through the windows, highlighting her golden hair and making her skin glow. She looked utterly ethereal. I was transfixed. I could feel my body harden as I stared at her perfection. My pulse was racing, my hands were shaking, my pants felt too damn tight, and I had tunnel vision for only her. As if in a trance, I adjusted myself and got up from my desk. As I walked toward her, she glanced up at me almost coyly, but mostly shyly. Her cheeks reddened as her crystalline blue eyes fixated on the large bulge in front of her. I watched her eyes flit from my pants to my eyes, and back again. I stood statuesque before her as her pink tongue darted out to lick her dry lips. I saw her throat convulse as she noticeably swallowed. Just her reaction to my presence, to my arousal, made me harden further.
I couldn’t stand it any longer.
“Anna,” I whispered throatily.
She looked up at me, her pretty eyes mirroring the need I was feeling.
“Yes,” was all she said, all I needed to hear.
I quickly moved to the side of her desk and pulled her up and out of it. She stumbled a bit and ended up leaning forward, pressing her hands on my chest and her stomach to my hips. She let out a little gasp as she felt my throbbing cock against her. I moved my large hands to frame her face, watching her pupils dilate and her blush deepen. I couldn’t help but smile as my thumbs brushed against the soft skin of her cheeks.
“Are you sure?” I asked, my own conscience waging war with my body.
“Mr. Dunrowe,” Anna started shakily, “I’ve wanted this since the day I met you. So yes, I’m sure.”
Her words sent a thrill through my body. My heart, head and cock all danced for joy knowing she’d wanted me as long as I’d wanted her. My conscience sent one more weak pulse of morality through me, but it was easily ignored as I lowered my head to claim her sweet lips.
I pressed my lips gently against hers, savoring the supple feel of them. The soft sweet kisses continued until I heard her whimper, and felt her wiggle her body against mine. Those little movements, that small sound of need, seemed to unleash a beast inside me. One that plundered and ravaged with mindless abandon. I tilted my head and plunged my tongue into the steamy sweetness of her mouth; taking her almost roughly into my arms. I kissed her with a savagery that surprised myself; never before had I felt like this. She moaned and clutched at my shirt as I ran my hands up and down her sides. My hands roamed her thoroughly, mapping every inch of her perfect body. One hand ended up on her firm ass and the other ended cupping her bountiful breast. I nipped and sucked at her lips, both of us panting heavily as we heated the space between us. I pulled away, slowly, and pressed my forehead against hers.
“I. Need. You. Now.” I panted into her mouth.
“Oh, yes, please, now, yes!” she replied breathlessly.
I lifted her against me and carried her to my office that adjoined to the classroom. Still veraciously plundering her mouth, I heard a small giggle escape her as I swept everything off my desk. I grinned at her as I placed her upon the wooden surface. Kneeling in front of her, I unzipped her skirt and slowly slid it down her toned, tanned legs; memorizing her body for future “solo sessions”. I went for her shoes next, a killer pair of black heels that had the potential to knock a guy on his ass. As I fumbled with the straps, I felt a small hand on mine. I looked up at her, a question in my eyes.
“Leave them on,” she said, in a husky voice.
My jaw dropped a little at her blatant sexiness and my cock jumped in my pants. I couldn’t wait anymore; I had to have her now. I ripped the sides of her panties and threw the scrap of lace over my shoulder. I worked her shirt off her body, watching her breasts rise as her arms went up to aid my efforts. Cupping her breasts, I planted a few hasty kisses on the tops of them as I worked at the clasp of her bra. I smirked victoriously at her as I released her breasts from the confines of her bra, and immediately latched onto a nipple. She moaned as I sucked and licked her sweet pink bud, fisting her hands in my hair. She pulled my head up, and towards her face for another kiss as she ripped my shirt open. I heard buttons hitting the floor, and one hit the globe on the table near my desk, and then heard only my pulse thundering as she plunged a hand into my pants to grip my cock. Her other hand shoved my pats over my hips as she moved her soft, small hand up and down my shaft. It looked as if she was almost exploring a cock for the first time from the look of wonderment on her face.
My brief observation was soon answered by her whispering, “Fuck, you have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen.”
Before I could respond, she scooted off the desk and knelt on the floor; engulfing my cock deep within her throat. My eyes rolled back and I staggered a bit at the sensation of my entire length being inside her mouth. I held her hair back and watched her as she worked my cock; forcing myself to resist the urge to fuck her mouth. Her perfect ass was pushed out a bit, resting on her heels. Her tits were pressed forward as she arched her back. Her eyes fixed on mine as she hungrily sucked my cock. She moved her soft, plump lips to my head as she sucked just the tip, hard. Her tongue flicked across my hole rapidly as I groaned out my pleasure from her touch.
One of her hands moved to cup my balls, rolling them in her palm. That was my breaking point. I could feel myself tighten, ready to release into her mouth. I pulled away and lifted her onto the desk again, despite her whimpers and moans of protest.
I chuckled at her pouty face and said, “Baby, you were about to finish this thing too soon. I’m hardly ready for it to end. My turn now.”
Kneeling again, I pulled her ass towards me, bringing her slick, perfect pinkness towards me. I could smell her scent. A drool worthy mixture of womanly musk and sweetness. I placed my head between her thighs, and dipped my tongue into her dripping slit.
Fuck, she tastes like heaven.
Salty, sweet perfection. I hungrily lapped at her slit, thrusting my tongue deep into her pussy every few strokes. I gripped her hips hard as I heard her moaning, feeling her hips moving against my face. Her grinding movements told me she was close. I wanted, no, needed her to cum. I moved my lips to her clit and suckled gently, the tip of my tongue flicking fast over the hard little button.
I felt her body tense, then shake as she cried out, “I’M CUMMING!”
Her juices flooded my mouth and I drank deeply of her sweet honey. I cleaned every last drop of cum from her as her body settled again. I stood up and just looked at her for a minute. A fine sheen of sweat covered her flushed body. Her eyes were unfocused and her chest was rising and falling rapidly as she gasped for air. She was the most beautiful creature I’d ever laid eyes on. I ached to be inside her. I moved between her thighs and put the tip of my cock against her hole. Gripping the back of her neck, I brought her body up towards me to claim her mouth with mine as I pushed my cock into her tight pussy. She cried out into my mouth as I filled her completely. Her hot, wet, tight pussy gripped my dick and I almost passed out from the sheer pleasure of it. I groaned her name as I started to slide in and out. I moved slowly at first, finding our rhythm. Then faster, slamming my dick into her hard, throbbing inside her. My balls aching for release. Her hips pushing against mine, her nails scratching down my back.
Holy shit, she’s so fucking perfect.
Our bodies pounded together, both reaching for that ultimate pinnacle of pleasure. I put a hand over her mound and rubbed my thumb over her clit. Helping her fall off the edge as I felt myself let go. Our eyes locked as we went over the precipice together. I could feel her convulse around me as I shot stream after stream of my hot, thick…
“FUCK!” I roared, as I slammed my hand onto my alarm clock. Shaking, sweating, and almost dizzy from my pleasurable dream, I sat upright in my bed, holding my head in my hands. It felt so real, I could feel her! I felt cheated, empty, and a bit morose. It wasn’t real. How could that have not been real?
I threw my sheets back and groaned as I noticed that I had indeed released during my dream of Anna.
“Just fucking great,” I grumbled, “I don’t even get to really fuck her, and now I have to clean my sheets.” 
I gathered up the sticky, wet sheets and threw them into the washer along with my cum stained boxers. I started the coffee, and headed towards the shower. As I stood under the hot water, letting it stream down my back, I pressed my hands against the tiles and argued with my conscience. My cock won the battle, because I decided I would have her. Today.
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