A BJ For My Man
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My name is Tonya, and I'm twenty-one. I have a boyfriend named Tony, who is also twenty-one. Fitting, since his name is the male version of mine. We actually got engaged a couple months ago, so we found something we liked about each other. One thing we didn't have a whole lot of was sex. I believed in sex before marriage, but I just didn't want it to be a factor in our relationship. It paid off; he did propose to me after all.
He understood that I didn't want to have a lot of sex before marriage, but we still did it every now and then. One night, Tony and I went to a concert. It was Night Ranger, and we both loved them, so we went to have a great time. Although, I gave him something that wasn't covered by the ticket price. It was at an arena, where you stood up on the floor. We got up pretty close, but not too close.
We stood about twenty feet away, and they sounded better than ever. They played all our favorites, and we stayed close to each other. He wrapped his arms around me as they began playing Sister Christian. He kissed my neck, and told me he loved me. He really made it crystal clear that I was his soul mate, and he had no intention of losing me. We both just watched them for what seemed like hours.
He had his hands on my stomach and his head on my right shoulder. I felt the love for him in a very strong way, and let's just say I had no intention of losing him either. My parents loved him, and his parents loved me too. As the band was through the first verse, I felt like really showing the love.
I put my right hand onto his cock. I couldn't see his face, but I'd imagine he liked that. He put his right hand on my head, and played with my hair a little bit. I felt his cock get a little bit harder. I kept my hand there for a minute, and he didn't say a word. I guess he didn't wanna compromise anything.
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