Vacation Road Trip 2
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This is a follow up to Vacation Road Trip where I met Danny. My wife and I were vacationing in Yellowstone Park and getting ready to journey back to Texas.
I had driven for nine hours and was beat. I set up the RV in our campsite and Danny and my wife started making us some dinner. We ate some pulled pork sandwiches with chips and the ladies had sodas while I just had water. My wife generally spends the evening going over the next day’s route then playing Facebook for the evening. It was a pretty cool night so I changed into my pajamas and tee shirt and snuggled up under a blanket to watch some TV.
Danny went in the back and changed into her bed clothes as well. She wore some sweats that looked a size too big and whenever she bent over for anything, I was rewarded with a perfect view down her top. The little minx knew it too. I caught her watching me look down her blouse.
“Can I borrow some of your blanket please?” Danny implored.
“Sure thing kiddo slide in here and get warm," I replied.
We turned on a sitcom and were intently watching when Danny grabbed my hand and placed it between her legs. I gently rubbed her groin through her sweats. The way we had the blanket pulled up it made a tent so none of our movements could be seen by my wife sitting four feet away.
I slid my hand under her waistband and was surprised she wasn’t wearing any panties. She parted her legs as I inched my way down to her warm pussy. She reached down and placed her hand on top of mine and guided me to her clit. I gently palmed her clit and she squeezed my hand in place. I squeezed her a few times then slid my hand down looking for entrance to her honey hole. I parted her lips with my fingers and slid my middle finger up and down her slit. I could feel the moisture building quickly but kept up a slow invasion.
Danny started laughing at a joke on the sitcom as she reached down and tried to jam my finger into her wet hot pussy. I held tight making her yearn for it for a while longer. I finally slid that finger inside her and she clamped her legs shut holding me deep inside her. I wiggled my finger every direction and waited until she released my hand from her thigh's clutches.
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