Getting down with Samantha
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It all started on a Friday night, and I was walking home from a mate's house. His car broke, so I went over to help him fix it, carrying my toolbox.
I turned onto the street round the corner from my house and noticed a car sitting on the side of the road. It had its hood up, so I decided to see if I could help. What I didn't expect to see was Samantha lounging against it as I crossed the road. She was the most popular girl in school.
"Hey," I called to her, but as it was dark, I don't think she realised who I was. All the same, she responded.
"Do you need some help with your car?" I asked as I walked closer.
"Oh, it's you! Yes, please. It's my dad's car, and he'll kill me if I've broken it."
I put down my toolbox, and began to look at the car in the light of the street lamps. After a few minutes, I found out what was wrong. The battery had become dislodged and somehow punctured a hole in the tube between the engine and the radiator. I grabbed my toolbox and using the light from Samantha's phone, I began to make the repairs.
While I worked, Samantha told me about how she was supposed to be on a date that night, but her date didn't turn up. Her plan was to get some action, so getting stood up and having the car break down had left her sad and annoyed, not to mention horny as hell, too.
I didn't know why she told me that, but since we were on the subject, I told her that I'd had a huge crush on her since grade five.
"Really? Ha ha!" she laughed. The way she laughed was so sexy, and I could feel my cock twitching.
"Yeah," I mumbled, and carried on fixing the car. Finally, putting the battery back into alignment and repairing the radiator hose, I had finished. Samantha offered me a ride home. Since I hoped this could be my chance to get into her panties, I accepted.
I put my tool box in the boot and climbed into the passenger side of the car. Samantha turned the key and the car roared to life.
"Yay!" she shouted, as she leaned over and gave me a huge hug. I enjoyed this very much, as I could smell her girly perfume.
I'm sure she must have been hoping to get lucky with me, as she'd told me she was horny as hell. Suddenly, I noticed her start to rub herself, and before I knew it, my seven inch penis began to grow. I did my best to discreetly adjust myself, but I think she may have noticed.
She drove for a while, wriggling in her seat, and slowed as we approached a park.
"Do you want to stop here for a while?" she grinned at me.
"Sure," I responded lamely. Really, I was desperate to!
She pulled the car into a secluded parking spot in the empty park, and jumped out. Quickly, she hopped into the back seat of the car, lifted her skirt, and dropped her panties. I stared at her over my shoulder as she really got into fingering herself deeply.
I just sat there with my jaw on the floor, and she watched me gawking at her. She smiled.
"Wanna join me?” She stared back at me with a big cheeky grin.
"Hell, yeah!" I jumped out of my seat and raced round to the back seat of the car. I wasn't even sitting down before she reached into my pants. As I settled, she pulled out my now fully erect cock, and began stroking it.
Oh god, the feel of her slim fingers on my throbbing shaft was like heaven, but it only lasted for a mere matter of short minutes before she stopped.
"Your turn...” she told me, spreading her legs wider.
I happily nodded, and she lay back for me. Leaning over her, I moved my face closer to her dripping wet snatch, and put my nose right in. I had a good sniff, and slowly started to lick her, savouring her tangy, honey taste.
She moaned like nothing I had heard before, and it was so hot! She was talking dirty the whole time, which made my cock harder.
"Yeah, lick my pussy... Lick my wet pussy...”
I was more than happy to oblige, pushing my nose against her hard little clit and tonguing her deep.
"Oh yeah, it feels so good! Keep going...”
It didn't take as long as I expected, but she let out a huge moan as a massive orgasm swept over her. Her pussy juices ran down my face and neck as I quickly lapped up her nectar like a thirsty dog. She wriggled back up and pulled her top off. I clambered to help with her bra, and hungrily looked over her naked body. I pulled my clothes off to allowed her to do the same with me.
I put my mouth up to her gorgeous breasts, and took a nipple into my mouth. I sucked and nibbled at it, eliciting more moans from Samantha. She grabbed hold of my cock again, which was dripping with pre-cum, and she happily took it into her mouth. She started sucking me, and boy, it felt good.
I reached into the pocket of my pants and grabbed my wallet, pulling out the condom that was inside. I gave it to her so she could put it on me.
Once it was on, I positioned myself above her, with the head of my cock waiting at the entrance of her pussy. In one fluid motion, I penetrated her with all seven inches, and she let out a satisfied gasp, and starting moaning more frequently.
I couldn't remember the last time I felt that good. I felt her pussy clamp on me as she had one orgasm after another, which eventually brought me to the edge as I ejaculated hard into the condom.
After the waves and throbbing subsided, I pulled out. She took off the condom, drank the contents, and took my cock into her mouth one more time to clean up all the cum.
I can thankfully say that was the best day of my life and we have been doing it regularly since. Perhaps you would like to know more about Samantha and our sexploits?
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