Steve the Crossdressing Cat Lover
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My boyfriend, Steve, has a lot of cats. I can't tell you exactly how many because the little critters come and go out the pet door and scatter as their furry little paws please.
Steve lives on a farm. Well, it's kind of a farm. I mean, he has a lot of land, but he doesn't exactly grow anything on it except cats from what I've seen. And he has a barn, too. You'd think with all that land Steve has that he'd keep a couple of horses to ride but no. The barn is filled with cats that curl up and sleep in the stables instead.
Now, I like cats as much as the next girl. I really do. But lately I feel like I'm competing with the cat clan for Steve's attention.
Steve and I don't live together. We aren't that serious yet. Every time I try to get serious with Steve the cats seem to sense it and move in. Take last night for example.
"Yoo hoo...anybody home?" I asked, as I banged on Steve's front door. He'd promised me a hot night in bed and I was there to collect.
A scruffy black cat shot out of the pet door and darted past my feet. I rang the doorbell again. I wanted in away from the dozens of green eyes that glowed in the open fields around me.
The door flew open, and I jumped. "Thank God," I said and barged in. "Where have you been?"
Steve was holding a cat and stroking its mangy white fur.
"I was about to give Fluffy a bath," he said. "Sorry. I had the water running in the tub and I didn't hear you knocking."
"Ouch!" I flicked a flea off my arm and scratched the freshly made bite.
"Sorry," said Steve, "Fluffy here's full of fleas. But her bath can wait 'til later." Seemingly relieved, Fluffy jumped out of Steve's arms and disappeared around the corner.
Steve looked so hot. He was wearing the blue dress I bought him for Christmas, the one that was so short his dick showed if lacy panties weren't holding it in. Long blond tresses fell over his shoulders and his green eyes glistened like diamonds. I couldn't wait to rip his dress off and explore the treats it was hiding.
"Ouch!" I said again and flicked another flea off my face. "Little fuckers. They're gonna eat me alive."
Steve laughed. "Come with me," he said. He took my hand and led me down the hall to the bedroom. He turned the light on and we stepped in.
"Oh my gosh. What's that smell?" I asked.
"Just the litter box," said Steve, "I didn't have time to change it today."
Just the litter box? I thought. I glanced at it and gagged, glad I had skipped dinner to save my appetite for Steve! There were piles of cat shit in the box and if you've ever smelled cat piss you know it's not a pleasant aroma either.
Steve picked up a can of air freshener off his nightstand and sprayed and soon the room smelled like vanilla. Good. We can get down to business, I thought.
Steve pulled me onto the poster bed and snuggled up beside me. I hoped the distractions were over. My pussy needed attention!
"You look nice tonight," I said as I ran my fingers up and down Steve's smooth stockinged legs.
It was that pair of sexy legs that had drawn me to Steve in the first place. I'd spotted him strolling along the beach while I was soaking up the sun. When he walked past my beach towel the spark was so strong it felt like I had been hit by lightning. His physique was deliciously masculine but I noticed his legs were freshly shaved and as smooth as silk. I invited him to lay down next to me and we hit it off right away. I sensed the lady inside Steve and he sensed my need to have a special lady friend like him.
So back to last night and those same sexy legs in those sexy hose. I ran my hands to the top of Steve's thighs then slipped one into his lacy pink panties. Steve's cock began to grow in my hand. I lifted his dress and pulled the cock out taking it in my mouth.
Steve's cock is the perfect match for my mouth. It wasn't so big that it slipped down my throat and it wasn't so small that it left me wanting.
I bobbed my head up and down that cock and Steve began to moan. He pulled his dress above his nipples . I slipped both hands beneath his pink lacy bra and massaged his tits while I sucked his cock.
"God, Renee," moaned Steve, "I'm gonna cum fast tonight!"
"Not before I do," I said. I pulled my sweatpants off and tossed them across the room hoping they didn't land in the litter box but too excited to care.
I hopped on that cock that fit me just right, and I rode it until I was about to burst.
"Cum with me!" I screamed, gazing deeply into Steve's emerald eyes.
We exploded as one, and I let out a scream so loud that it sent a cat scurrying out of its cozy cat bed. I collapsed into my lady's arms and within moments we were asleep.
I woke up early and snuck out of the bed and into Steve's kitchen. He was lost in dreamland and I wanted to do something special for him to show him how much I appreciated the lay.
I found a few eggs and some bacon and fried them up in a skillet. I slid the meal onto a plate and tiptoed back into the bedroom. I sat the plate next to Steve on the bed and went back to the kitchen to pour him a fresh glass of juice.
My jaw dropped open when I came back into the bedroom. There, beside Steve, sat Fluffy with a slice of bacon dangling from her mouth. The egg had disappeared, and I decided to do the same. I placed the juice on Steve's nightstand, slipped my pants on and walked out the door.
There were three cats sleeping on top of my car, and the windshield was covered in paw prints. I shooed the cats away, started the car and pointed it towards home.
I hope Fluffy enjoys her bath today and I hope Steve enjoys his breakfast. I'm sure he'll call later and I'm tempted to let the phone ring and ring. But even more tempting is that perfect-sized cock, so I'm sure it won't be long 'til I head back to that dreadful cat farm.
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