My Lord and Master Chapter 1
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Anywhere in the house you could hear her; she was letting out a combination of painful screams and pleasurable moans. If you were to walk into the "dungeon" you might have been surprised at what you saw.
Tonight was important. It was her husband's celebratory company function for their partnership with another company, resulting in a huge increase in their product. She must not mess up tonight. She was eagerly wanting her reward for being a good girl.
"Why thank you," she said when her friend came over and handed her a champagne flute. She was a gorgeous dirty blonde, five foot six bombshell. She had a face that made most men double take with large baby blue eyes, a beautiful 34A bust, legs for days, and an ass that had no brakes.
"I'm so glad you could make it Amanda. Richard and I were so excited to hear that you would be coming to support your husband, seeing as you aren't available all that often. I always love our chats!"
"I'm glad I could make it here as well." Amanda stated, a little nervous but nonetheless happy from her friends words.
From behind her a handsome man standing at five foot eleven with dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and amazing muscle tone spoke, his voice deep, sensual and commanding, "Hey babe, catching up with your old friends?" At his voice she jumped, spilling her drink on herself and her friend Catherine.
"Y-yeah," she stammered before grabbing some towels from the table "Oh my! I'm so sorry!" she said as she tried to dry them both up. She was now completely embarrassed that her friend had to see her this way, and just a little frightened. Her husband's pose spoke volumes.
"Don’t worry, you got yourself worse than me," Catherine joked.
Amanda kept trying to pat dry them both until Max, her now very upset husband, grabbed her arm and whispered into her ear "You're embarrassing us dear... I think it's time for us to go. Don't you?"
Her face turned extremely red as she nodded and muttered "Yes, dear."***
No sooner were they in the house then Max was grabbing Amanda by the back of the head and thrusting her against the wall. With a thump she hit the wall and let out a gasp; at the same time Max unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor.
"B-but the sitter is still here," she muttered, both excited and scared.
"Like I care? You embarrassed me, I'm going to do the same in return," he whispered in her ear as he began to unclasp her bra. When she tried to hold it in place he got in her ear and said seductively "You fight me now it will hurt that much more later you, dirty whore."
She gasped in pleasure and let her hands fall to her sides and said "yes dea-" as she tried to say dear he thrust her against the wall again, this time harder and with more force.
"Who am I slave?" Max whispered harshly; lovingly.
"Master! You are my master, I'm sorry!" she gasped while holding back a moan.
"Good slave, now drop your panties and go to where you're supposed to be," at that he backed up and watched her drop her panties and as her ass became exposed he slapped it, hard, "Hurry up slut!" He then walked away to let the sitter out.
As Max was talking to the sitter and walking towards her, a five foot eight, young Italian man with well-tanned skin, black hair, green eyes and well chiseled features whose name was Aaron followed and came into view.
Amanda, her face flushed and embarrassed, tried to rush past with her hands covering her tits and pussy.
“Amanda! Come here!” she stopped, and was reluctant to turn around until he said sternly “No, pet!” She immediately rushed over, knowing that she had to obey or there would be even further punishment than what she was already getting due to her mistake earlier in the evening.
Aaron looked extremely confused and quite a bit nervous, and as Amanda stood there completely naked and more turned on in her life, Max asked Aaron, “Is my wife hot?”
Aaron's eyes widened and his face turned red, “Yes sir!” he said nervously.
“It’s Max, and would you like to see all her goodies? And be honest!” To this Amanda looked slightly shocked but said nothing.
“I would love to see them si- uh, Max,” Aaron stuttered.
“You heard the young man pet, move your hands. Now!” Amanda began to meekly move her hands, at least she tried, until Max moved behind her and forced her hands behind her back, where he held them with one hand, the other hand fondling her tight little pussy.
She was fighting back moans, but couldn’t help but squirm and close her eyes as Max whispered in her ear, “You know better than to embarrass me at a work function. Is your pussy getting wet in front of this total stranger? Oh hoho,” Max took a step back, still holding her hands, “Want to touch, Aaron my boy? You can feel anywhere your hands take you, can’t he pet?”
Amanda let out nothing more than a paned moan. Her eyes now open and glossed over from the pleasure of her husband's hand. Not caring who touched her anymore, she whispered erotically, “Yes, please touch me.”
No sooner did she say that was Aaron nervously reaching for her body. His young and inexperienced sexual tension now completely released. But, even though he had permission, he was touching her softly. He didn't really know what to do, seeing as this was the only woman whom he'd ever been with.
“Today, son.” said Max forcefully, “Be a man about it and take her!” This sped the unsure young eighteen year old kid up. He began by cupping her supple tits, giving them full rubs ending with pinching her prominent, pink little nipples. Then one of his hands slowly rubbed down her waist until he was at her drenched pussy when, again, he hesitated.
Max pushed her into Aaron and let her arms go. As she grabbed ahold of him to steady herself, she looked him dead in the eyes and moaned, “Please.”
Aaron suddenly had all the courage in the world again and began to rub her puffy clit and then began sucking on one tit, while pinching the other.
“Oh yes! Keep going!” she long-fully moaned. He began to slowly slip a finger into her tight soaked cunt, then a second. After a moment he started to finger fuck this beautiful woman he had just met tonight, and to top it, her husband wanted her to.
Max was watching from the couch, his huge cock in hand, stroking, and only gave Aaron an approving nod and said “Well, she’s your toy for now, you might want to make sure she works.”
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