Training Alex - Part Three
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It was a gray, rainy day when the three woke up... cool and damp. A good day for indoor games! I had gotten up before My two lazy subbies, and had already showered and was standing at the door to the bedroom wearing just My pajama bottoms. I walked up to side of the bed and looked over My two beautiful girls and smiled. It seemed a shame to have to wake them. But there was work to be done and subbies to be trained, so I leaned over My pet and softly kissed her cheek. She roused slowly, her eyes opening and she smiled at Me. I gave her the finger to the lips quiet sign and she nodded. I walked around to the other side of the bed and gave kitty a kiss on the cheek as well. She too, woke up and smiled when she saw Me.
"Now that My two lazy girls are awake, it's time to get up and get ready for the day. I've already showered and shaved so the bathrooms are yours." I said. "The last one downstairs gets a spanking!"
That motivated the girls and they bounced out of bed running past Me, giggling like a couple schoolgirls caught peeking into the boys’ locker room! They ran into separate bathrooms and I heard the sound of water running in each. I went downstairs to wait for them and see who the winner was. I stood at the kitchen counter and listened to what was going on upstairs. I heard through the plumbing when the water quit running. The coffeemaker stopped with a ding and I poured Myself a cup of "morning juice". I sat down facing the hallway and waited for the first pair of eyes that came around the corner. I didn't have to wait long.
"Did I win?" a breathless pet said as she slid around the corner.
"Well you were the first one down here... whether you 'win' or not remains to be seen!" I said. "Now up against the counter and wait for your cohort!” Pet stood with her ass against the counter next to the sink and waited for kitty. She came around the corner also out of breath.
"Damn" she muttered as she saw pet standing at the counter.
"Stand next to pet, kitty and let's have a look at you two," I told her. Kitty moved to pet's side assuming the same stance. I moved closer to them. I looked at pet, checking her hair, her makeup, her clothing. Then I moved to kitty and checked her hair, makeup and clothes. Both of them were perfection... I was pleased.
"Well, both of you look amazing. I can find no flaws in either of you. However, pet did beat you down here kitty, so I guess you are the one who will get spanked!"
"Yes, Master," she said, hanging her head. I reached under her chin and raised her soft face to Mine. I looked into her eyes and smiled. "We'll take care of that spanking after breakfast though, ok? I don't feel like spanking you first thing in the morning. We'll have a good breakfast then think about that spanking!"
I went into the living room to enjoy the rest of My coffee while the girls made breakfast. Presently, I heard a soft padding coming up behind Me. kitty walked around and knelt before Me. "Master breakfast is ready," she said softly, her head lowered.
"Thank you kitty," I said. I stood up and then I reached down to pick up and handful of kitty's long black hair. Using her hair as a leash I gave the command "Crawl" and I walked My kitty into the dining room. I walked her to her seat and then gave her My hand to help her up. I seated the girls, pet first as always, then kitty, and finally I took My own seat. As we ate the delicious breakfast My girls prepared, we talked about the day's plans.
"Kitty today is going to be a busy day for you. I have a couple things I want to cover today and they are pretty broad areas, so a lot is going to be required of you," I told her.
"Yes, Master. May I ask a question?" she asked.
"What is it kitty?"
"Well last night I watched as you put pet into subspace. It was amazing! Scary, but amazing. Afterwards you explained what subspace was and then I talked to pet a little about it. She told me what it was like there for her."
"Yes, she has told Me as well."
"Well, Master I was wondering...could you...would you put me into subspace?"
"I don't know, kitty. I mean it was scary enough the first time I put pet into subspace. I don't know what your Master would say. I mean subspace is a pretty big deal. What if something went wrong?"
"Master, please... I want to be the best sub I can be. Master Jake sent me to you to train me. I want to be able to please Him in every way. Knowing what to do and how to handle subspace is part of that, right? Please help me Master! Please?" kitty said begging Me. She took My hands as she spoke and I could see this was important to her.
"I'll tell you what, little one. Let Me talk to your Master and I will ask Him what He thinks of this matter. It's a little early to call Him right now, but I will talk to Him today and we will see what He says. If He is all right with it, then I will help you. Okay?"
"Thank you, Master. I knew you would help me. You are such a good Master," she said smiling.
With breakfast finished, I waited at the table for the girls to clear the dishes and wipe the table down. Once the girls were finished I held out My hand to call kitty to Me. She came over and stood before Me.
Kitty was wearing a simple yet sexy tank dress, a slinky little thing that fit her like a second skin. I had told her before she came to visit that pants were not allowed here except when doing housework or work outside in the garden. Pet owned two pair of blue jeans which she was allowed to wear under these conditions but even those were selected because she looked good in them! I had explained when we had talked that part of a submissive's responsibility is to be pleasing to the eye as well as pleasing in other ways. A submissive should always dress to impress... her Master first and everyone else secondly. She should make other women angry and other men jealous.
"Kitty, remove your dress," I commanded.
"Yes, Master," she said and reached down to pull the tight-fitting dress off over her head. She removed her dress and laid it over the back of the chair she was sitting on earlier. She reached up to remove her bra next.
"Stop," I said quickly. I grabbed her arm and brought her closer. I pushed her bra up and over top of her full breasts freeing them for My use and pleasure. I took a nipple between My fingers and pinched it lightly, rolling it between My fingers and toying with it. Kitty moaned and tipped her head backwards, closing her eyes and giving in to the feelings I was giving her. I let go of her nipple and took her by the arms, pulling right up next to Me as I took her breast and nipple into My mouth biting and chewing on the stiff eraser tip
"Ohh." she moaned softly as I lit the fire in her loins. I pinned her arms behind her back as I held her in My strong grasp. I feasted on My guests ripe breasts, alternating between them, licking and sucking and playfully biting her stiffening nipples. I listened as I heard her breathing change and the soft kitten-like mewls and growls as she grew more and more impassioned. I have always enjoyed the tease - building up My submissive’s desires slowly and deliberately bringing her to the very edge of her orgasm and then backing away, only to bring her to the edge once more. I so love hearing her pleading and begging and the desperation in her voice as she tries in vain to control what she knows cannot be controlled.
Having made sure her fire was well-established and burning hot now, I stood scooping the girl up in My arms and setting her up on the table, laying her back so her head was just on the edge. Now our table was a very sturdily-built heavy table... for this very reason. I had picked it out especially for its strength and construction. I had placed pet on it many times and it had seen almost as much action as our bed. Let's face it folks - sometimes the urge hits you and you just don't want to wait to get to the bedroom!
Such was the case now. With kitty laid out on the table like a sexy Thanksgiving spread, I directed pet to the "wishbone" while I took My place... well, at the "head" of the table of course! I pulled kitty forward until her head hung over the edge of the table and her lovely neck was stretched taunt.
"Pet, you may make a meal of kitty," I told her motioning to her widespread legs and already damp pussy. "I am going to see if this little whore really knows how to suck a cock as she so proudly boasts!" I grabbed her head placing My thumbs over her throat and began face fucking her slowly at first until she got My cock hard and at its full 8" length.
"Ok, little one, let's see if you are as good as you claim." I said looking down at her. I let her get a good breath of air and then I shoved My cock fully into her mouth and down her lovely throat until her nose pressed against My ballsack. I held her face fully against Me until I felt her tapping My leg - a signal that she needed air. I pulled out of her and she gasped for a breath. I gave her a couple of good breaths and then I went back down her throat again, holding her like before. More taps and I backed away. This time when I went in, I pumped in and out of her throat a few times rapidly before withdrawing. She gasped and acted as if she might retch bit, but a slap across the face righted her. I shoved back into her and held her face tight against Me again.
"Relax your throat. You have to learn how to accept a cock down your windpipe if you want to be a good submissive," I said as I worked in and out of her, allowing her a breath as she needed one.
I gave her a chance to resume her breathing as I moved down to pinch and tug and slap her breasts and nipples. She moaned and whimpered now able to concentrate on what pet was doing to her. Pet was enjoying herself in between kitty's spread legs. I watched as pet spread her pussy with her fingers and licked and lapped at the wet pink slit. Kitty was having just as much fun and she tossed her head back and forth, the sensations pet caused sending her wild with desire.
"Ooh fuck! Oh god pet! Ooh oh! Shit! Yes! Oh yes!" kitty coached pet as pet seemed determined to drive the poor girl crazy.
I repositioned Myself at kitty's face and slapping her once she opened her mouth and I once again began her deep-throating lessons. This time she was ready and was able to accept Me easier. I slid easily down her throat and I began face fucking her. She was able to relax her throat and put aside her gag reflex a bit better. I was proud of the way she took to it... the girl did have talent!
Pet had brought kitty to the verge of cumming and so I pulled out of her mouth and moved down to where pet was busy lapping as her. I used two fingers to massage her clit and pinch in and toy with it. That was all it took to send kitty over the edge.
"Oh Fuck! Oh Shit!" kitty howled, arching her back on the table as she writhed and twisted, her orgasm crashing over her like a tidal wave. Kitty convulsed on the table and spasmed so violently, pet and I had to hold her down to keep her from falling off! Restraining her only served to heighten her throes though. It was as if she knew we would care for her so she could let everything go. She came hard that morning, harder than I have ever seen her cum before. I am glad I researched the table the way I did, it took a pounding that day!
After her orgasm subsided and she was able to sit up, I helped kitty to sit on the edge of the table for a few moments until she felt able to stand and walk. I helped her walk into the living room and sat her down on the couch to rest some more. Pet came in to watch over her while I left to go into the study.
I went into the study to call Master Jake. I wanted to get His views on kitty's desire to go into subspace.
"Hello Master Jake, this is Master Jonathan"
"Oh Hello Jonathan, How is My girl doing?"
"She is doing just fine. She has asked Me for something that I must get your view on however."
"Oh, what's that?"
"Well yesterday she was witness to My putting My submissive into subspace. She is now interested in going there herself. I told her that before I tried putting her into subspace, I would have to get your permission. Subspace as you know is a tricky thing and I just wanted to get your ok before I attempted it with her."
"I appreciate your asking Me Jonathan. But I trust you...otherwise I would not have given you My girl. So if you think it would be a good idea that she learn about subspace, then I trust you to care for her."
"Thank you Jake - your trust in Me is humbling. I shall take the utmost care of kitty I can assure you of that."
"I know you will. Let Me know how she does!"
"I will. Thank you again. Goodbye."
After I hung up with Master Jake I returned to the girls in the living room. Kitty had recovered a bit more and was sitting up now, the two talking some kind of "girl talk" when I came in the room.
"Are you feeling better kitty?" I asked.
"Yes, Master. That was quite... it was wonderful!" she said, blushing and looking down.
"Then you are ready to continue?"
"Continue, Master?"
"Well yes, kitty - you didn't think that was it for the day did you? We still have lots to do today!" I said.
"Oh," she said. "Yes, Master. I am ready."
"Good. Pet, run upstairs and bring Me the hanging wrist straps, the clover nipple clamps, the Magic Wand, and the dildo gag," I said.
"Yes, Master," she said and she ran upstairs to get the needed items. A few moments later she returned with the things I had requested.
"Come, kitty," I directed and she came to stand in the doorway leading from the dining room into the living room. I made her stand on her tip toes with her arms stretched as high as she could reach, measuring the height. Then I brought a tension bar from under the couch and placed it slightly higher than the mark I made ratcheting the bar until it was tightly between the two sides of the doorway and wouldn't budge. I tested it by hanging My own weight off the bar (I weighed a good bit more than she did!) so I knew it would hold her easily. Then I placed the hanging wrist straps on kitty's wrists and helped her hook the metal hooks of the straps over the bar. The bar was just high enough that kitty could stand on her tip-toes and touch the floor, but she could not touch if she stood flat-footed. Stretched, naked, and vulnerable, she hung there in the doorway waiting for what was next.
"Now kitty, you asked Me this morning if I would put you into subspace and I told you that I would talk to your Master about it. Well I did call Master Jake and He and I agreed that it would be good for you to experience subspace. So I will see if I can take you there."
"Thank you Master," kitty said, a smile spreading across her face.
"But before we can take this trip to subspace, we have this little matter of a lost race and a spanking!"
"Yes Master," she said, "I am ready."
"Good. Now this spanking will be more than your first one. I want to find out your limits, kitty. So I will take you to your safe word Yellow," I told her.
As I spoke to her I played with kitty's nipples, toying with them and tugging at them lightly to get them stiff and erect. Kitty trembled and swayed slightly as she hung there feeling My teasing. Once I had her nipples fully erect, I reached down and picked up the nipple clips that pet had brought down.
"Kitty, have you ever worn nipple clips before?" I asked her.
"Not like those, Master. I have only used clothespins when I played with Master Jake," she said.
"Well these are a bit more intense, but they are adjustable so we don't have to tighten them fully," I explained.
With that I attached the first clip to her left nipple and adjusted it until I heard her moan slightly. I gave it another full twist to make sure it would stay on. She looked down at the clip on her left breast and then looked up at Me smiling. I repeated the process on her right nipple, adjusting it the same way so that the clip would stay on until I took them off.
"Are you ok, kitty?" I asked her.
"Yes, Master," she replied.
"Very well then, we'll begin. Remember you can call out your safe word when you need to," I said. I moved around behind her and picked up the paddle I wanted to start with. I started by rubbing the smooth wooden paddle over her naked ass cheeks and letting her feel the implement. After a few moments I drew My arm back and the spanking began with the first stroke.
Smack! The first strike wasn't real hard... I wanted to get her warmed up before I got serious. Kitty oohed a pleasurable remark at the first contact of the paddle.
Smack! A second light swat to her other ass cheek brought another ooh from the bound kitty.
Six more light swats in quick succession and her ass had begun to take on a pinkish glow. I knew it was time to step things up a bit...
"Ooh!" Now the strikes were considerably harder and the four quick hard swats caused kitty to gasp.
Four more swats and Kitty arched her back as My paddle now turned her pink cheeks an angry red. I stopped and let her rest for a moment and let the burn set in a bit before continuing.
Eight hard swats had kitty twisting and dancing in her bonds, but still no safe word. Instead I reached between her legs and found her pussy wet and dripping. I fingered her for a bit as her ass cheeks burned, the combination of pleasure and pain making her all the more turned on and soon she was panting her desire.
I switched from the paddle to the crop making it more intense for her.
Four swats with the crop and kitty began voicing her objection to the new toy.
"Oh! Oh Master!" she cried. But no safe word was uttered.
Four more swats on her thighs this time and she danced, but still nothing to indicate I should stop.
Finally, I gave her one last barrage of six strokes of the crop rapidly without a break and then I heard it.
"Yellow, Master! Yellow! Please!" she cried out. Instantly, I stopped what I was doing and came around the front of her. I saw her tear streaked face and the tracks of her mascara that had begun to run. I saw that she had been silently crying for awhile. I wrapped My arms around the sobbing girl and hoist her up, freeing her wrists and she wraps her arms around My neck. I set her back down on her feet carefully.
"Are you ok, kitty?" I asked her.
"Y..Yes...Master," she sobs.
"Are you sure, kitty?" I look into her face to make sure she isn't just being brave. I wipe the tears away from her face as I study her look.
"Yes, Master. I am sorry I called out my safe word so quickly," she said trying to lower her eyes. I lifted her face back up to Mine.
"Do not be sorry. Your safe word is there for your protection. I can't know how much you are feeling unless you tell Me. This was exactly what I was trying to learn, little one," I explained.
I picked her up and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. Laying her gently on the bed, I leaned over and kissed her softly on the forehead. "Now rest here, kitty and when you are ready you can come downstairs, ok?"
"Yes, Master. Thank you," she said smiling and she turned onto her side and snuggled into the pillow. I left kitty and went downstairs to join pet in the living room.
"Is kitty ok, Master?" she asked.
"Yes, she is ok. She is just upstairs resting," I told her. I sat down in My chair and My sweet pet came and knelt next to Me.
"I'm glad, Master," she said. "I am going to be sorry to see kitty go."
"You have gotten quite close to her haven't you, pet?"
"Yes, Master. She is like the sister I never had," she said looking up at Me.
"Well I have grown fond of her as well. And yes it will be sad to see her go, but she has to go back to her Master. And we still have a little time together. She doesn't have to leave for a couple days yet."
"Yes, Master," pet said, "Master, may I sit in your lap?"
"Of course, pet. Come on up," I said holding out My hand for her. She stood up and crawled up into My lap and we sat and watched TV.
After about an hour or so, kitty came down.
"Feeling better, kitty?" I asked.
"Yes Master. Thank you," she replied.
"Tomorrow, kitty, you will be leaving us. So tonight, I am taking you two out to dinner to thank you for both all your hard work. Kitty, you have come a long way in the short amount of time we have been together. Pet you have been invaluable in helping Me train our guest here," I told My two lovelies.
"Now I have to go out for a bit and take care of some business matters. When I come home from work, you WILL be ready to go out. Pet, I want you to have your tan bra on, you know, the half-cup bra that leaves your nipples exposed. And no panties. Also wear stocking and a garter belt. I want you to wear that little red dress that you know pleases Me when I see it on you. As for the shoes, you can pick out whatever shoes you think I will like - you know My tastes," I told her.
"Kitty, I would like you to wear that slinky black halter dress that I saw in your closet. No bra and no panties. I have a special use for you tonight and I don't want anything to get in the way! And I want you to wear a nice pair of heels as well... pet can help you pick out a nice pair. This will be a nice restaurant so dress to impress girls!" I said.
"I will be home promptly at 7:00 pm. Be ready to go as we will have to hurry to make our reservations. Have your makeup on as you have been taught. And kitty, when you're are bathing, I want you to shave completely. Make sure you are smoothly shaven, not only your under arms and legs. I want your pussy to be smooth, I know that you understand your instructions. Pet, wear the perfume I picked out for you, and do not disappoint me!" I said.
"Yes, Master," pet replied, understanding her directions completely. She would make sure they were ready for Me.
"And do not touch my pussy other than to shave. Is that understood, kitty?" I added.
Kitty knew just what that meant. It meant that she was to be hot and dripping wet when I got home.
"Yes, Master," she said, already feeling her pussy warming at the thought of what was to come. She knew that when I said I had "special use" for her, that I meant she would be played with, toyed with, and more than likely driven crazy with lust until she begged to cum! Thoughts of what may happen at dinner made it extremely difficult to concentrate on her chores that day. The happiness of knowing what she was going to go though that evening occupied her every thought. This would be their last night together and kitty wanted to make sure it was a night to remember.
She had a lot to do and she wanted to make herself look especially nice and meet My expectations and approval. She took extra care not to nick her puffy pussy lips as that would not please Me, then she carefully applied her makeup just the way I liked. Pet, meanwhile got herself dressed, putting on the bra I had specified, making sure her breasts pushed out the way I loved them too. Pet knew that I was not a fan of panties...she rarely wore them at all and only then when it was absolutely necessary. So going without panties was second-nature to her. But kitty didn't understand why I did not want her to put her panties on, but she was eager to please Me (and didn't dare to question My demands). The girls finished getting dressed and as they did kitty turned to pet for her opinion.
"Please tell me the truth, pet... how do I look?" kitty asked of her sub-sister.
"You look beautiful, kitty. Master will be pleased," she said. "I don't know what He has in mind for tonight, but I hope you have a wonderful evening. You deserve it. Master knows how hard you have worked to learn how to please Him."
"Oh, I hope so, pet," kitty said earnestly.
The two girls were waiting for Me in the living room when I got home. Kitty got up and came up to greet Me as I came into the room.
"Hello Master, I am ready to go, just as You asked," kitty saw the package I had in My arms. She smiled at Me as I leaned over to kiss her.
"Good girl," I said.
"You both look fabulous, girls. I am very pleased. You will be the envy of every girl and make all the men there jealous of Me!"
The two girls giggled. "Thank you, Master!"
Kitty looked at the package that I had placed on the table by My chair.
"No, no my sexy little slut, this is mine!" I said. "And you'll see what it is soon enough. Now let's all go into the living room. We have a few minutes before we have to leave for the restaurant.
"Sit down on the couch," I told kitty. She did as she was told and sat on the couch expectantly.
"Now lay back so I can see you better." I said. She laid back carefully so as not to mess her dress and waited for what was to come. I kissed her soft red lips very lightly.
Then I turned My back to her and opened the package I had brought home.
"Oh, you nosey little slut. You want to see what I have here?" I asked.
"Oh yes, Master. I am so excited," kitty said.
"Then do not move, not an inch."
I moved over and knelt down between her legs. "Open." I commanded, and kitty obeyed instantly, spreading her legs wide for Me. I leaned forward to smell her sex and then I lightly kissed her pussy lips - almost sending her over the top. Not wanting her to have any pleasure just yet, I stopped. Kitty could feel My fingers starting to slide in and out of her very hot and wet pussy lips.
"My little slut if you cum, I will spank your ass right here and now before we leave do you hear me?"
"Yes Master I do."
"All I want is for you to be a little wet for right now, understood?"
"Yes Master!" her eyes lowered.
"Good my sexy slut. Now open those legs more for me."
She opened her legs as far as they could go.
"Now pull them up to your chest and hold them there." I told her. Kitty could feel something very thick and hard being pushed slowly up into her pussy. She knew then what I had in the package... or so she thought. But I had a few more surprises lined up for her that evening.
"So slut, how good does that feel? Nice and hard I hope?"
All she could do was to moan out a long slow "Oh yes Master!" I told her to get up and get on all fours. This shocked her, but she obeyed nonetheless, trusting Me implicitly. I placed her on all fours on the couch. Then she felt Me slide up her dress above her waist. She could feel My thick warm fingers sliding up and down the crack of her ass.
"Remember My wet horny slut you may not cum until you are told. And I do not give you My permission now!"
My words, burned in her brain but mostly in her pussy. She moaned her understanding. She felt Me sliding My fingers around her pussy getting her very wet. She moaned out in pleasure from the feeling of My hard long fingers in her sopping pussy.
"If you cum, I will whip you like you never have been whipped before, you slut! Do you understand Me?" Hearing the tone in My voice, kitty knew I meant business. She started fighting her orgasm back as hard as she could. I saw her and I could tell from her body's shaking just how hard she was fighting it. So I leaned over and kissed her.
"There you are, My sweet slave-slut. I knew you would love it, but I didn't know you would take to it this as well as you have. You have pleased me," I said smiling broadly.
Then I pulled her up to Me and wrapped My arms around her. Steadying her on her feet, I reached into My pocket and pulled out a small remote control. Kitty looked up into My eyes with a mixture of shock and confusion.
"Yes little one, this is the remote to the toy inside you and I will have it all night long right here in My pocket. Just remember to be a good little girl and I will not have to use it on you. Now let’s try it out to see if it works."
She was not prepared for it when I clicked the remote on, and when she jumped startled, it put a smile on My face that stayed there for a very long time.
"Oh my little kitty was not ready for that one was she? Now let’s see if she will be for this!"
That was when her soul left her body. When I turned the remote to the highest setting, she was already on the verge of an orgasm. Kitty closed her eyes and fought it off as hard as she could. Quickly losing the battle, she began to cum, her legs shaking as her pussy juice began to pour onto the floor. She had just enough presence of mind to hike her skirt quickly so it wouldn't get soaked and I saw her pussy gushing and her juices flow down her leg. I started to laugh and enjoyed what I was seeing.
"Tonight is going to be one of the greatest nights of all my little horny slave's life." I told her with a wicked grin.
Kitty calmed down once I turned the vibrators off and got herself together.
"If you cum one time without My telling you that you may, you will pay the price for it. 25 smacks for every time you cum without My permission. Now do you hear me?" I warned.
"Yes, I do Master," she said, her head bowed and eyes on the floor. We got to the car, and I came around and opened her door for her, so that she could get in like a lady should. She sat down as easy as she could with the vibrator that was up her hot, horny body. She sat as still as she could so it wouldn't hurt her. I saw just how uneasy she was.
"Comfortable, kitty?" I asked.
"Yes Master," she said. I seated pet the same way and then gave each a gentle kiss.
"Now let go have some fun and enjoy ourselves tonight."
We drove to a little out of the way restaurant that I knew well. After a short drive, we reached the restaurant and I parked the car and got out. Kitty knew very well not to make a move since he always came to open her door for her and help her out of it.
As she saw Me walking around to her side of the car, she smiled. I reached the door and opened it door for her, taking her by the hand as she slid out. Kitty stood up and fixed her dress, pushing it down what little it would go to look presentable for Him. With the slit up the back of her very short dress it was hard to pull it down at all.
I saw her and slapped her hand gently, "Stop pulling on it, I want these people to see just how sexy that body is that belongs to Me," I said.
I helped pet out of the car next and into My arms, kissing her. I whispered into her ear "I want you to help Me tonight. I am going to make kitty here earn her dinner!" I told her softly. Pet nodded her head slightly to let Me know she understood.
Just before they went inside, I hit the remote one more time to remind kitty of what was in store for her tonight.
"Keep your head down and do not talk without asking Me if it is ok for you to do so! Do you hear me?"
"Yes Master," she quietly moaned as the vibrators lit her fires once more.
Once inside, they found a quiet table and after the waiter came to take their order, I sat back and fished in My pocket.
"Now that we have a few minutes before our dinner let's see what we can do to occupy our time, shall we?" I said as I flicked the switch on the vibrator. Instantly it came to life, buzzing softly as it's vibrations sent electric waves of pleasure straight to kitty's brain.
Kitty gasped softly as it hit her and she splayed her legs open under the table. She grabbed the edges of the table in an attempt to control her passions and keep control of herself. But that's not what I had in mind for the night. I flicked the vibrator to a higher setting. Kitty tossed her head back and rolled her eyes as it soon grew difficult to breathe. She tried to fight the orgasm building up inside her, but with every passing second she felt like she was going to lose control.
"Master... please!" she whispered as softly as she could "I... I..." Kitty was struggling... she tried gripping the table tightly, she tried reaching her hand under the table to hold her dampening pussy, she tried biting her lip, nothing seemed to be helping. It wouldn't be long before...
Then as suddenly as I started, I stopped the vibrator. Kitty sat there breathing deeply as she came back to earth. Pet smiled at Me. She knew what this was like as she had been in Kitty's place before. She was glad to see someone else getting the treatment for a change!
"Thank... you Master," Kitty said between panting breaths.
"Oh don't thank Me just yet, little one," I said as I clicked the pussy vibrator on again. Kitty jerked stiff again and gritted her teeth against the buzzing in her pussy. Little beads of sweat were beginning to form on her forehead as she held the edges of the table, her knuckles white with the strain. She softly rocked back and forth as her pussy lit up and she began panting again.
"Oh Master... please! Please... stop!" she whispered trying very hard to control her speech.
I reached under the table casually and placed the toe of My shoe against the struggling girls’ crotch and gently pressed against her hot mound. This drove the vibrations even deeper and kitty moaned ever so softly.
"Oh... Master... please... I... I... can't ... oh, fuck....."
"Be quiet little one, unless you want a spanking!" I warned her quietly.
"Master... I...I'm going... oh please... stop...." she said imploring Me with her eyes.
I smiled knowing she was at the brink, but I didn't want her to fail just yet. So I backed the vibrator off and it settled into a gentle hum. Kitty panted and wiped the sweat from her forehead with her napkin.
"Feeling better, kitty?" I asked.
"Yes, Master. Thank you," she said weakly.
"Well our dinner should be here soon." We'll have time to 'talk' after that," I said.
Kitty knew that her night was far from over.
We ate dinner, talking about various things and once we finished dinner we sat there in the restaurant for a bit enjoying a glass of wine. I had let kitty eat her dinner in peace, but that was to come to a rapid end.
Without any warning I slipped My hand into My pocket and hit the button on the remote. Kitty jumped and clamped her legs together as the buzz between her legs began.
"Oh... Master...," she began. She gripped the table again, holding on tightly as the vibrator began working on her. I nodded to pet and she smiled, then turned to her sub-sister. She put an arm around her and pulled her close, kissing her passionately while she reached up and cupped a breast in her hand, petting kitty while I kept up the pressure on her pussy with the vibrator. Pet's position prevented anyone else in the restaurant from seeing what was happening so we were uninterrupted... exactly the way I had planned it. With the vibrator buzzing away in her pussy and pet kissing and loving on her, kitty was fit to be tied. She moaned and trembled and gasped whenever pet came up for air.
"Master... please! Oh please... I... I can't stand it!" kitty whimpered.
Her pleas only served to make Me smile and increase the pressure on her. I pushed the remote to a higher level and the buzzing increased.
"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god...." kitty moaned getting more and more desperate. I figured the poor girl had had enough, and so we got up and left the restaurant. As we walked out I bumped the remote up to its highest setting, causing kitty to falter and have to lean on the wall as this latest assault commenced. She walked almost like she was just learning how to walk on heels... unsteady and wobbly as she struggled valiantly to make it out the door with some semblance of dignity.
Once outside, she hurried to the car door, leaning against the car as she waited for Me to open it for her. Once inside she threw her head back, gritting her teeth so hard I thought she would break them. As pet and I got in the car and shut the door she could hold out no longer.
"Oh my God! Fuck, I'm going fucking cum,” she gasped.
"Not unless I give you permission," I said.
“Oh, Master please! I... I'm going to cum, oh god I'm going to cum!” she moaned louder.
"Not yet. Don't you cum yet," I said again.
“Oh Master! Please! Please make me cum! Please!” she wailed loudly.
"Then cum now, kitty! Cum for your Master!" I said, finally relenting.
"Oh! Oh! Oh fuck!" kitty wailed as her much-needed release hit. She bucked and twisted in the seat and she came hard, soaking her dress and the car seat as she poured out her juices. Kitty gripped the sides of her seat as the waves of her orgasm took over her body, shaking and writhing and convulsing in her seat.
I watched fascinated as she struggled and fought with her orgasm, both trying to gain control. Finally, I figured she had had enough and I shut the vibrator off. She gradually came back to us and lay there in her seat totally exhausted, sweat-covered, and trembling with an occasional residual spasm making her jerk as she finished.
"Th... thank you," she gasped as she could suck in a breath. I started the car up and we headed for home.
Once we arrived at the house, kitty was too exhausted to walk, so I helped pet out of the car, giving her permission this time to open the door herself. I picked up the worn and wearied kitty in My arms and carried her inside and up to bed. Laying her in the bed, I had pet help her get ready while I put the car away for the night. I rejoined the girls already in bed. I climbed in between them and kitty turned to Me.
"Master, thank you for this evening. It was... awesome!" she said smiling.
"I am glad you enjoyed yourself kitty," I kissed her gently, then turned to pet.
"Pet, you did wonderfully tonight. Thank you," I told her, and kissed her as well.
Author's Note: This story is written by MasterJonathan and Poppet. It’s a collaboration we've been working on for a while. We’re pleased that we have finally gotten this far. It’s from the Master’s view point. So it will be from the male stand point. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as Jonathan and I did when writing it. Thank you. 
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