Virgin Babe Wants To Be Fucked - Part Two
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After my first time masturbating, I knew I couldn’t get enough, but when my friend suggested I use toys, I never in a million years thought how great that could be. That first night, when I was in bed thinking of Nicolas and masturbating with my new toy, it was exciting and hot. I was so lost in pure bliss.
It's been a few weeks, and I can’t stop thinking what it would be like to be with Nicolas. Things between us are amazing; we’ve grown even closer. I’ve become daring, doing more with him. I even told him I’ve been masturbating, which has made him incredibly turned on. I really want to do more, tease him more, see what else we can do. But before making the jump into sex, I need to talk to my best friend.
Nicolas has work tonight, so I’ve made plans to spend time with Sadie. I know she is the girl I can talk to about all of this. She’s been there for me since day one. She knows how much I like using toys, she is so right!
“How have things been between you and Nicolas?” Sadie asks me. She comes to sit next to me, as we soak in the last bit of sunlight out on her back deck.
“Honestly, things are so good, Sadie. I want to do more, I’m just not sure if I’m ready for the actual sex stuff.” I blush, taking a sip of my water. Even though she knows all about my sex life, or lack thereof, it still makes me embarrassed to talk about.
“First of all, I think it’s pretty wicked that Nicolas is being so faithful and doesn’t mind waiting. I wish more guys were like him. Second of all, what have you actually done since the toy thing?”
She talks with ease, no judgement, though she never does, I relax. I don’t know what I’d do without my best friend.
“I know I have gotten lucky. I don’t want to lose him though. I’m not going to do something I’m not ready for, just to keep a guy. Not even Nicolas,” I say, telling the truth.
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