Sarah - Part Sixteen
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The spring break at school was a few days away.
The good news was that it would provide nine days of relaxation for me.
I did have one chore to do, and that was to find a place to live during the coming summer and for at least a year after that.
David and Julie were frantically trying to finish their graduate degree requirements, move things home, find a place to live and plan their wedding.
And, Sarah, unfortunately, had to spend a good amount of her vacation time in upstate New York finding a place to live near to her new job.
Sarah and I spent the Friday night before the start of our break having dinner at a new restaurant, then watching a movie on the TV.
When the movie was over, we shut the lights off and stood kissing in the dark.
Sarah was the first to notice that there were now some lights on in various houses around the neighborhood. Spring was on its way and some people were beginning to return to their summer homes.
“Do you want to make out on the couch for a while, or do you want to get right to the sex?” Sarah asked as we stood at the window looking at which houses had lights on.
A red flag went up in my head. Guys know that there is no right answer to that question. Correct?
It was an either/or question. Picking one or the other would be a mistake, regardless of which activity was picked.
“Is there a reason why we can’t do both?” I asked, following up her question with one of my own.
“You’re good!” she said, as she led me by the hand to the couch.
A half hour of kissing, tongue lashing and groping of various body parts led us to an hour talk about our relationship and what each of us was thinking.
I confessed to having developed some strong feeling about Sarah. But also admitted that I wasn’t sure what I was feeling.
I had never had such regular sex or such a variety of sex with one woman, and I wasn’t sure how that related to my feelings.
Had I really developed personal feelings for Sarah or was the great sex just making it seem that way? I would not want her to date someone else or to have sex with another guy. Was that because I really liked her or just wanted the sex for myself?
Sarah, for her part, reminded me of our first walk on the beach and our commitment to each other that ours would be a “body-buddy” relationship.
Despite our agreement to just a physical relationship, Sarah also acknowledged that she had developed feelings for me. But she was as confused as I was.
She indicated, for example, that she would be very jealous should I have any sex with Maggie, or any other woman, while she was away looking for a new place to live in New York. On the other hand, if Sarah was present when I had sex with Maggie, it wouldn’t bother her; she liked watching another woman suck on my cock or get fucked by me.
She didn’t want to have sex with anyone else. But, was that because she was getting all she wanted with me?
We agreed that the feelings we had for each other were real, those feelings made the sex intimate and meaningful, we were very comfortable being with each other, and that we only wanted to be with each other and not with anyone else.
But, we also acknowledged that I still had at least two years of graduate school to go and that she was in a position to begin her new job with some of the world’s best clothing designers and could not pass up that opportunity.
We were going to go our separate ways and that would be best for both of us. We would also see if our separation affected our feelings for each other.
Even though it was now early morning, we went to Sarah’s bed and had a long session of playing, toying, licking, sucking and fucking, and playing a game in which each of us would give our best efforts to pleasure the other without allowing the other to cum.
Sarah was good at making up sex games.
Each of us had fifteen or twenty minutes to do whatever we wanted to get the other to cum.
I, of course, came first.
Biologically, being a male, I probably didn’t have much of a chance at winning.
There’s only so much teasing a guy can take before he lose control and shoots long strands of cum into the air.
Really, though, there are no losers in sex games.
Once I had recovered from my orgasm, I got to play with Sarah’s beautiful body, bringing her to the edge a few times with my fingers and tongue before she had an intense, body twisting orgasm.
After we both had cum once, the game turned from teasing and playing to who could make the other cum the most.
How to get Sarah to cum very much depended on her mood.
Everything, no matter her mood, started with nipple play.
I’ve heard it over and over from a variety of women, and there is even a “Forum” thread on Lush: there is a direct line of some type from a woman’s nipples to her pussy.
Play with a woman’s nipples and she instantly becoming very wet.
Sometimes, Sarah just wanted to play, wanting soft kisses, breast squeezing, nipple play, pussy licking, and clit flicking, followed by a slow fucking, usually done doggie. It might take longer, but her pleasure would slowly grow and she would usually end with a long moan of release and an intense orgasm.
The faster way to get Sarah to cum, however, was with rough sex.
She was not always in the mood for it, but when she was Sarah wanted to be restrained; teased; have her nipples twisted, pulled and pinched; be finger fucked hard and fast; her ass played with; her clit fingered, squeezed and sucked; and, her pussy or ass fucked as hard and as fast as I was able.
As to who could get the other to cum more times, I won.
Again, biologically, I probably wasn’t going to lose this one.
Sarah would usually be able to make me cum two to three times, each time in a little different way, but with the same intense result. That was about my limit.
Although a fourth orgasm wasn’t out of the question, there just wasn’t a whole lot of cum to go along with it.
Sarah, on the other hand could cum multiple times. On many an occasion she would have one orgasm right after another if I did not stop what I was doing to her.
This night, she came four times, soaking the sheets with pussy juice. The fourth one may not have been mind-blowing, and may have taken a long time to achieve, but it was good and just as enjoyable to watch as the first.
Both of us satisfied and exhausted, we slept until late morning on Saturday.
After showering and dressing, I took Sarah out for lunch, after which she left for home.
On Sunday, Sarah, along with mother and sister, drove to upstate New York to search for an apartment for Sarah. She would not return until Thursday night.
Based on the day and night sex we had during our December break, our threesome with Maggie, and a blow job from Trish, I had been trying to think of things Sarah and I could do in bed with what was left of our spring break.
Maybe there was something new? Maybe something we had done before that we both liked? Maybe even another round of “Sarah’s Game”?
For the most part, during the next few days I was alone in the house. Dave and his father came back on Tuesday to move more “stuff’ home, stayed overnight, and left early Wednesday morning.
I got my one chore out of the way quickly.
There was a new section being built to an already existing apartment complex right on the edge of the campus.
The new section included a center entrance (mailboxes, etc.), two corridors on each side of the entrance, and one, two and three bedroom apartments on both sides of each corridor.
I had been interested in a one-bedroom apartment. However, by the time I contacted the rental office, all of the one-bedroom units were under lease and there was only one two bedroom unit left. I signed the lease right away.
Sarah arrived back late on Thursday night. I helped her unload three bags of food her mother had packed for her, while Sarah carried other bags to her room.
Even though it was late, Sarah was eager to tell me about her trip and her new apartment.
She took a shower and came into the living room wearing her bathrobe and smelling of that lilac soap and shampoo she likes.
With the help of her new employer, she was able to find a one-bedroom condominium for rent, with inside parking, near to the place where she would be working.
Even better, since the broker had worked through Sarah’s employer, the rent would be reduced in her first year and her employer co-signed the one year lease.
Sarah was also able to meet with a number of her future co-workers, see her office, and tour the facilities to see how her designs would be transformed into reality, to be evaluated, altered, added to, re-worked, and perhaps chosen for part of a new line of clothing for the next season.
As we talked, Sarah worked her way over to me as I sat on the couch.
“Did you miss me?” she asked.
“I did. I really did,” I told her. And it was true. It wasn’t just the sex. I missed her.
“I missed you,” she said, leaning over and giving me a long, deep kiss. “I hope to have a surprise for you tomorrow, but that will have to wait. Right now I’d like to ask a favor.”
“A surprise?” I asked.
“Yes. It’s for tomorrow,” she said. “Right now I want to know if you’ll do something for me that I’ve been thinking about all week.”
“Anything,” I indicated.
“I want you to take your clothes off right here, sit back and do nothing, and let me fuck you. When you’re ready, I want you to cum in me. Will you do that?”
“Yes,” I answered quickly.
What I really wanted to say was “Duh! A pretty lady with a great body wants to fuck me and do all the work, and she wants to know if it’s okay with me?”
I undid my pants and Sarah helped me take them off. My manhood stood up straight and hard, with the beginnings of some pre-cum making the swollen head slightly wet.
I pulled off my T shirt and threw it beside me.
Sarah stood in front of me and slowly took off her robe, showing me her boobs first, then her pussy and ass.
I stroked my hard shaft slowly, looking at Sarah’s hard nipples, pussy and great ass.
I knew she liked the way I looked at her body and that she liked watching me stroke my cock.
I could see the pleasure beginning to express itself as her eyes partially closed, goose bumps appeared on her tits and nipples, and, that little, “fuck me” smile appeared on her wet lips.
“Just the way you look at me makes me wet and gives me the chills,” she said.
Sarah knelt down in front of me and spread my legs at the knees.
“Your cock turns me on and makes me so wet every time I see it up close,” she said looking at my twitching shaft.
She did not touch my cock with her hands, keeping them on my thighs. She just licked around the head and sides of my shaft, eventually taking the head and about a third of the shaft into her warm, wet mouth.
She moaned as she slowly sucked on my cock.
Not wanting to make me cum, she stopped after a few minutes, and just stroked my manhood with both hands.
She watched with pleasure as pre-cum oozed out of the tiny slit on the head of my cock, ran down the shaft and ran over her hands and fingers.
“I love that I can make you hard and can make your cock ooze pre-cum,” she said, leaning over and licking the sticky liquid off the tip of my cock. “I love that I can turn you on and make you want me. I love that you want to fuck me.”
“Lean back, scoot yourself forward a little, and let me do all the work.” she said as she stood up, licked her fingers clean, climbed onto me and straddled my cock with her legs and dripping pussy.
With her left hand on my shoulder, Sarah held my cock in her right hand and positioned the head at the entrance to her moist slit.
My shaft slid into her love hole with ease until she had taken all of me.
Sarah moaned as her eyes shut and she arched her neck and back, feeling the pleasure ripple through her body.
“I really like fucking you,” she said with sincerity.
What followed was a slow, sensual fucking by a lady who knew what she was doing and wanted to enjoy my cock.
She moved her hips and ass, slowly sliding her wet lips over my manhood, staring into my eyes with her half-closed eyes and telling me how good my cock felt inside her.
Her tits jiggled side to side.
Sarah held my head with both hands and we kissed deep, passionate, wet kisses, each probing the other’s mouth with our tongues.
I ran my fingernails over her bare back and ass as she moaned with pleasure.
We only stopped kissing when Sarah would hold a nipple to my mouth so I could suck on it and play with it softly, flicking the hard nub back and forth with my tongue.
She told me how she had been thinking about this all week; how she wanted to fuck me and feel my hot cum squirt into her pussy.
This was slow, sensual sex, and while highly enjoyable, it would take me a while to get to the point of orgasm. That is, if this was all we were going to do.
Sarah had other ideas. She talked to me. She was very good at pushing all my “male” buttons.
Sitting on my cock, Sarah had the advantage of whispering things in my ear; dirty things; ideas she had; things she wanted me to do to her; how she liked to suck my cock, make me cum and play with the cum; that she liked being fucked in the ass and teased until she couldn’t take any more.
Not only was it what she said, but it was the way she said it. Her husky whisper made me feel like I was the only man in the world who could please her; who could make her cum.
Having a woman talk dirty to you during sex is another one of those things that can make a guy cum quickly and intensely.
The more she talked, the more turned on we both became and the faster she went, pressing her clit up against my shaft.
When we were both reaching a point of no return, Sarah would slow down and we would resume our wet kisses and playing, and she would tell me more things that she wanted me to do to her.
Sarah was a master at teasing, holding back, and making the sex extremely enjoyable and intense.
Her lips became red and swollen; her mouth and chin were wet with saliva; her nipples were red and wet; and her pussy was so wet that there was a “squishing” sound each time her pussy slid down on my shaft.
“I’m getting close,” I told her.
“Hold back. Don’t cum yet.” She whispered to me. “Fight it. Hold it for as long as you can.”
Sarah picked up speed, sliding her wet slit up and down my manhood and not helping my situation.
“I want your cum in me. Cum in my pussy,” she whispered a little louder. “Cum in me. Give me all your hot cum.”
I tried hard not to cum. But with Sarah milking my cock and encouraging me to cum in her pussy, it was a wonderful losing effort.
“I’m going to cum,” I yelled the moment I knew that I had gone over the edge.
Sarah doubled her efforts, pounding down on my shaft.
“Give me your cum. Give me your cum,” She yelled as she pulled me close and stuck her tongue down my throat.
I came hard; harder than I expected; harder than I had cum for some time. And that is saying a lot.
Despite Sarah’s lips locked on mine and her tongue buried in my mouth, I let out one loud moan after another, while shooting streams of cum into Sarah until the spasms of pleasure had subsided and cum was just dribbling out of my cock into her love hole.
Within seconds, Sarah bent her head back and screamed at the ceiling that she was going to cum.
I held onto her, as her tits slapped back and forth on my face, and Sarah let go with a series of long, loud moans of pleasure, covering my cock and balls with her pussy juices and my cum.
When Sarah had experienced her last spasms of pleasure, we held onto each other and kissed until we had regained some control and my cock was limp and soft.
“That was wonderful,” she whispered. “You have no idea what it feels like when cum hits the back of my pussy. That sensation alone made me cum. I’m still getting chills.”
Sarah slid off of me revealing my very messy, cum covered cock and a wet couch.
She knelt between my legs, and asked me to massage her shoulders and neck while she cleaned me up with her tongue and fingers.
Knowing that I like to watch, she played with the cum, making it “string”, web-like, between her fingers, putting small gobs of it on her still-hard nipples, and letting the cum and her pussy juices drip off her fingers into her mouth.
Sarah was very good. Or maybe it’s that she is very bad.
Her bed was a welcome sight. I lay on my back and Sarah lay partly on top of me. We talked for a few minutes and then drifted off to sleep.
What was the “surprise” waiting for me?
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