My daughter's boyfriend : story no. 1
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After a deep breathe, I opened my eyes…
I was sitting in the bathtub totally naked. Ryan was sitting in front of me and he was totally naked too. Ryan was the boyfriend of my step-daughter. He was nineteen years old, good looking, and had a nice big cock which was soft right now.
An hour ago we were in bed and he was fucking me hard in doggy style. He pulled my hair, spanked my ass, and called me his whore. I had told him to call me ‘whore’ while fucking me because that always turned me on.
“You never get worry about if Amy will find out about us?” Ryan asked as his feet touched my thigh in the bathtub.
“Do you really love her?” I asked.
“I like her,” he replied.
“I know you don’t really love her. You guys just hang out and fuck, so just fucking me sometimes is not a big deal, is it?” I asked putting down my wine glass.
He kept quit. I waited for his reply, but he had no words to say to me.
“If you feel ashamed that you fuck your girlfriend’s step-mom then, if next time I call, just disconnect me,” I said, and moved my feet forward between his legs.
I touched his soft cock, played with it, and teased him.
“I will find someone else to satisfy my needs. There are many MILF lovers out there, even that boy who lives next to me," I said.
“Fred?” Ryan asked.
“Yes, Fred. He is paying a lot of attention to me these days. I think I can give him a chance,” I said.
“I don’t have a problem in being with you,” Ryan said.
“Say you don’t have a problem in fucking me, you know I like things dirty,” I said, as I teased him again by rubbing my feet against his inner thighs.
“Yah, I have no problem in fucking you, but sometimes…” he said what I wanted to hear.
“Forget about that ‘sometimes’, don’t get emotional here. I don’t like it,” I said.
“Then how about if I get dirty?” He asked, and he moved his feet forward.
He touched my pussy under water, and rubbed my clit with his toe. I closed my eyes just feeling the pleasure for a minute. My hands moved to my boobs, and I pinched on my nipples.
“Hmm… I like dirty boys. Can you do me again before leaving?” I asked, and touched my pussy.
“I can do you again and again,” he replied, and we got up.
We were in my bedroom again. His hands were on my ass, his cock was touching against my pussy, and we were kissing each other. I moved my hands, and grabbed his cock which had started getting hard. I stroked his cock and got it totally hard in my hands.
While I was getting his cock hard he was sucking on my big tits. He was squeezing my ass and I was fondling his balls. I moved a little closer to my bed and then I sat down, pulling out my nipples from his mouth.
I grabbed a condom from the drawer next to my bed. I again stroked his cock a couple of more times, and then rolled that condom on his cock.
“Come fuck me,” I said, as first I kissed him, and then lay down with my legs spread wide for him.
He came over me, adjusted his cock between my legs, and then pushed it deep in my wet pussy. My wet hair and body had spoiled the pillows. Ryan’s cock was of good size, but it was quite thick too. He made me grab on to the pillows and feel him fucking me hard.
“Yes, fuck me, more,” I started moaning.
He was fucking me like a real man. His thick hard cock was going deep in my pussy. I was going crazy. This week we had sex twice, and now he was fucking me again. Amy was not at home, and I was not expecting anyone to come to my house, so I was moaning loud.
“Fuck me hard, make me cum again,” I said louder looking at him.
“You are such a horny whore,” Ryan said.
“I’m going to fuck your pussy deep,” he said, and I felt his cock going even deeper inside my pussy.
“Fuck, yes,” I moaned.
“You like that?” he asked, and kept fucking me.
“Yes, I want you to cum on my tits this time,” I told him.
“I love your big tits,” he said, and grabbed my boobs.
He squeezed my tits, pinched my nipples, and then stopped fucking me for a minute, He was sucking on my tits. He again started fucking me slowly. I was going to cum. I asked him to fuck me faster.
I cummed and my body shivered in pleasure. He kept fucking me while I was just breathing heavy, waiting for him to cum on my boobs.
All of a sudden he pulled out his cock, ripped off that condom, and came near my tits. He was stroking his cock above my boobs and I was holding my boobs together asking him to cum on them.
“Yes, cum on my tits, cum on them baby,” I said.
After a couple of more strokes he shot his load all over my boobs, He shot some right on my nipples.
“Whoa! So good,” he said, and lay down next to me.
“Hmm… yummy,” I said, and I licked some of the cum from my tits with my fingers.
“I need some water,” I said.
“Me too,” he replied.
I got up, and after cleaning the cum from my boobs, I went to the kitchen. I had some water and came back in the bedroom with a bottle of water.
“You staying tonight?” I asked.
“No, I can’t. We have planned this surprise party for a friend, so I have to be there,” He replied.
“Okay,” that’s all I said.
I lay down in the bed again and watched him getting dressed. He left, giving me a kiss.
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