First Date - Final Part
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“How do I look baby?” she breathed at me.
“Swollen, and open,” I hesitated to reply.
“Not stretched?” she asked.
I hesitated. She knew I would love hearing her pussy being described as stretched. She would love me looking at her and knowing she had taken a cock so big that it had physically stretched the walls and lips of her sacred pussy.
“Yes,” I hesitated, “he has stretched you.”
“As soon as I saw him for the first time I knew he would honey. I knew there was no way I was going to have him in me and he would not leave me stretched. After all, you have now seen him haven’t you? And he is pretty big isn’t he honey?”
Pretty big! She described him as “pretty big.” The thing is fucking colossal, especially compared to me.
“Would you like to feel me honey?” she whispered. “Why don’t you see how I feel? “Be gentle though,” she whispered.
I ran my right hand up the inside of her silky smooth thigh and as I reached her swollen mound I could feel the heat emanating from it. The smooth lips and folds looked so inviting and were covered in a sheen of moisture. I wasn’t sure at that point if it was hers alone or their combined fluids. I knew she smelt of both man and woman but I still wasn’t certain if the matted pubic hairs and the moisture on and around her vulva was hers alone, or not.
As I touched her delicate outer folds, she pulled back very slightly. I winced as I thought I had hurt her, but knew I had been very gentle so she must have reacted to my touch, rather than it being painful.
I stroked the smooth, slick, moist lips. They felt wonderful. My erection was bursting.
Alison let out a deep moan as I continued to gently stroke her well fucked pussy. She had her eyes closed as I continued to gently ease a finger inside her where she felt like molten honey; hot, slippery and slightly sticky. As I eased a second finger inside I could feel and hear the slight squelching my fingers were causing deep in her sopping hole.
Alison was now moaning continuously as I leaned in and kissed her erect nipple whilst continuing to finger her adulterous and stretched out cunt.
“Shall I make you come baby?” I whispered around her swollen nipple.
“Oh god, that would be so good,” she huskily groaned back at me.
As I carried on working her swollen clit and lips she suddenly added “But not like this.”
I looked at her face to find her smiling sweetly at me with a look of desire and pleading on her features.
“How would you like me to make you come honey?” I asked, wondering how I could, as I only ever made her come using either my fingers or mouth. The shock hit me deep in my stomach as I realised what she was asking of me.
With her half closed eyes boring into my very soul and my fingers strumming her engorged clitoris, she groaned directly at me; “Oh please baby, please do it to me. I know you want to, if you want to make me come then please do what I ask, now. God, I need that from you right now.”
Alison lay back and slowly spread her legs. As she raised her knees she gently placed a hand on my cheek and blew me a kiss. In a voice thick with desire, lust and passion and spoken in a throaty, husky groan she uttered; “Clean me.”
My mind was a swirling vortex of a thousand different emotions. She was asking me to go down on her. She must surely have Joel’s cum in her, still. She must know how utterly humiliating and degrading an act she was asking me to commit, all for her pleasure.
But was it all for her pleasure and hers alone?
Was I right now not in pain from an erection that was tumescent and throbbing and uncontrollably dribbling fluids?
Was I now not almost delirious in anticipation of what she would taste like?
Did I not want to feel on my lips and tongue the slippery, velvety mixture I had felt with my fingers just moments ago?
Did I not feel humiliated and yet incredibly turned on at the thought of serving my wife in such a unique and submissive manner?
Had she not been persuaded by me to go through with her meeting with Joel, in almost certainty that she would end up having sex with him? Did I not create this situation with any of this in mind, however deeply hidden or suppressed it might have been?
Did Alison ultimately realise and know what I had been seeking all along and was now creating the opportunity for me to carry it out? Or, had she harboured desires and plans of her own over time to want me to do this for her? Did she secretly get aroused at the thought of her loving husband crawling between her splayed legs to her swollen and stretched pussy to kiss, lick and clean her up after her adulterous sex with a black lover?
As I struggled with all of these thoughts and emotions I heard the one single word, uttered in a guttural, sensuous and erotic rasp, that changed everything between us;
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