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Why does the doorbell always go at the most awkward moment? I was trying to make it up to my boyfriend, Luke, for shrinking his favourite sweater. I offered him the choice of a delicious dinner or a long sloppy blowjob. Of course Luke being Luke wanted both, telling me it was a very expensive piece of clothing I’d ruined. Being a soft touch I agreed and was currently at the business end of giving Luke the fellatio of his life when the jarring sound of our bell shattered the moment, well nearly.
I can feel Luke begin to tense and knew he was about to blow, and whoever was at the door would just have to wait. Suddenly he groans and juts, filling my mouth with a huge load of his salty cum which I try to swallow as quickly as possible before making my way to the door, still licking my lips and swallowing down the last drops of Luke’s load.
“Make yourself presentable, Luke. This might be my sister, she said she might call around sometime tonight.”
I leave him retrieving his boxers and jeans, as I walk slowly as I can to the door, it rings loudly once more as I am almost under the bell, which makes me jump out of my skin. Whoever it is seems to be bloody impatient.
I swing the door open, it’s not my sister, but instead Carl, Luke’s younger brother. I don’t even try to hide my look of disdain. We don’t exactly get on.
“Oh talk about a bad penny, what are you doing here again?”
“Luke in, is he?”
Carl doesn't even wait for a reply, barging past me and towards the lounge. I do hope Luke is now fully clothed again.
I charge after Carl “Come in why don’t you?”
He doesn't reply, just enters the lounge as I follow. I can see Luke is just zipping up.
Carl looks at Luke, then at me “Not come at a bad time have I? Excuse the pun.”
I play him at his own game, not even dignifying with a reply, instead turning towards the stairs, and heading up to the bedroom.
I leave the brothers to it, no doubt Carl is in some sort of trouble as per usual, also as per usual asking Luke to get him out of it. The story never changes. I honestly can’t say I've ever seen him unless he wants something.
After five minutes I can hear their voices from the bedroom, both becoming raised and agitated so I decide to go back down and check everything is okay.
“What the hell is all the noise? You’ll wake old Ted next door, and he’s as deaf as a post.”
I can see both of them look angry, especially Carl who fixes me a stern stare.
“It’s nothing to worry your pretty head with. Go and make the tea like a good girl eh?”
I calmly tell him to fuck off before sitting down on the sofa which only a few minutes ago was host to my amazing oral skills.
It transpires that Carl’s girlfriend has kicked him out of their flat after one too many dalliances and he needed somewhere to stay for a few days. To say I’m not pleased is an understatement.
“No fucking way, I don’t want him here, last time he stayed it took a week to get the place clean again.”
Despite my protests, Luke allowed his brother to stay for ‘just a day or two, no more’ or at least that’s what he said. A week later he was still with us, eating everything in sight, of course without a penny put towards grocery or electricity. Even worse was the fact that he didn't have a job so spent all day inside whilst myself and Luke were out at work. Knowing what Carl was like I bet he was snooping into all our private things whilst we weren't there.
Well into a second week and there was still no sign of Carl moving on. My temper by this stage was getting an extreme test. I asked Luke to ask him to leave, but being the wet lettuce he is, he refused saying he couldn't see his brother on the streets.
“You tell him by tonight or I will.”
I slammed the door with as much force as I could muster. The frustration of having this lazy oaf in our house beginning to take its toll on me, leaving me unable to concentrate on anything, particularly my work as I was always thinking of Carl going through my private things.
Talking of work, I arrived at the office to find everyone stood outside shivering in the cold November wind rather than inside gossiping around the coffee machine. Curious as to what was happening, I approached Jack my supervisor and inquired what was going on. Apparently the storm that had brutally bashed the town last night had knocked out the power supply, with no suggestion as to when it was going to be fixed.
“You may as well go home, Moira. I’ll call you on your mobile when the power it back on. Pointless standing out here in the cold.”
I did'’t need a second invitation to be sent home, quickly making my way back to the car before Jack changed his mind. I quickly accelerated off the car park and back towards home. I decided that now was as good a time as any to tell Carl to sling his hook, knowing Luke wouldn't have the balls to do it.
I made it back within ten minutes, turning the key in the front door, rehearsing my lines and bracing myself for a bit of a verbal battle with Carl, who I know would give as good as he got.
Entering the house I was surprised by the lack of noise; no blaring television, no bass heavy dance music on the stereo, just complete silence. I thought to myself that perhaps Luke had grown a pair and told him to go, finally.
The only sound was the click of my heels on the wooden floor as I went to hang my coat in the hallway by the stairs. As I removed my coat I began to hear a faint dull thud coming from upstairs, nothing major but a slow constant bang. With a heavy heart it dawned on me that Carl had'’t left, instead probably still laying in bed and doing heaven knows what. I decided to leave him to it, having no desire to catch him wanking himself off.
I went to turn away for the kitchen but as I did, the banging noise got a little quicker, and a lot louder and then I could hear Carl speaking.
"You dirty fucking bitch, if I got a hold of you, I’d fuck that pussy of yours so hard.”
I smiled to myself, the talk reminding me of Luke, who used to say things like that when we were first going out and were having telephone sex.
"Think you’re better than me don’t you, bitch. I’d show you who the boss is you cock hungry little slut"
I must admit the talk, and remembering how Luke used to get me so turned on with his sex chat was beginning to arouse me. I remember lots of times he had me stroking my soaked pussy as he described what he was going to do with me next time we met.
Curiosity got the better of me, and I wanted to see now what Carl was up to. I gingerly made my way upstairs as quietly as possible and stood on the landing. The noise was coming from my bedroom which I wasn't expecting. A cold shiver ran down my spine, half wanting to see what he was doing, half not daring to think about it.
As luck would have it Carl hadn't shut the door properly and had left a small gap which I would be able to see most of the room through without pushing it open further. I braced myself and peered inside. What I saw made my jaw drop – there was Carl with his back to me, fully naked bar a pair of my lace black panties wrapped around his huge erect penis, which he was tugging back and forth at a tremendous pace now.
“You dirty slut. If you were here I’d ram my dick down your throat to stop that whiny voice of yours.”
The penny dropped; he was talking about me all the time. I don’t know whether to be flattered or embarrassed. I always thought that Carl never really noticed me in that way, I certainly never fancied him at all. However the sight of a man jacking himself off always makes me wet, and today is no exception. I can feel the flow of my pussy juice escaping into my silk panties.
I’m really enjoying the show now, and it would be a shame to not record it for future use, I deftly fish out my mobile phone and press ‘video’ the red circle soon shows in the corner and I decide to zoom in a little. He’s really going for it now, and I realize he is going to come all over my panties. It’s only after a few seconds I realize that I can see what he is wanking over – naked pictures of me taken by Luke last summer. I can’t imagine for a second that he would have shared them, which means Carl must have been through our camera and printed them off on our printer!
I could sense now that Carl was close to orgasm, his breathing short and gasping and the grip of his hand holding my panties against his cock head. A few seconds later and he gasps loudly and I see his face redden and his face clenched in pleasure. I smile to myself having successfully recorded the whole thing.
I leave him to regain his breath a little, give him a few moments of post orgasmic bliss before I totally freak him out. He picks up one of the pictures of me and holds it up to the light, smirking.
“Not so full of yourself now are you, you dirty little fuck. Who’s the boss now huh?"
There would never be a better cue for an entrance than that, so without further ado (and with the camera still recording) I purposely throw the door open wide and stride in.
“Who’s the boss now? Hmm well let me certainly isn't you, Carl.”
His face is an absolute picture as he takes in what is happening, even more so when he catches on that he’s being recorded.
“Wwwhhatt the fucckkkk?”
“I think you’ll find I’m the boss. I’m the one holding the camera, Carl.”
Poor Carl, he doesn't know what to do, trying to cover his modesty without much luck, then realizing that his semen is beginning to seep through the lace of my panties which he is using to cover his penis.
“Sssooo wwwhatt are yyyou gonna do?”
I do so love being in control of situations.
“I don’t know, haven’t decided yet. Three things are certain though.”
He looks forlorn, and not half as cocky now.
“What three things are they?”
I smile, taking a step closer to him and angle my face in towards him, just an inch or so away from his.
“One, you will be out of this house by tonight. Two, you will pay for the panties you have ruined. Three, you’ll do anything I make you until I tell you to stop.”
He looks at me with a defeated expression.
“Oh and four...the recording stops now.”
I press the button on my phone and the recording stops, just as it does the incoming call light flashes and the name on the screen displays “JACK..WORK”
I smile to myself and press the power off button before tossing the phone onto the dressing table and then instruct a now nearly erect again Carl to undress me....
“Except for the high heels, there’s a good boy.”
This is going to be a most enjoyable day.
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