Amber's Sex Day - Chapter Two
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When Matt saw Amber in her sexy black dress, he could image how things might go with her out alone, with her mind set on one thing, finding men to fuck. Matt knew it would be easy for that to happen, but maybe not so easy for her to find a guy she wanted to have. Matt knew her favorite type of look. Dark hair, and perhaps with a dark five o'clock shadow. If she ran across that, and he had a winning personality, then it would most certainly be a night to remember. Matt also knew Amber had an eye for attractive black men. He wondered what which way her night would go. If only he could tag along to watch it all take place. But part of this fantasy was for him not to be there, to not be an obstacle, or to cause Amber to second guess herself. Matt knew that many men would shy away from being with a woman if they knew the her husband was around or wanted to be involved.
Matt grew hard as he watched Amber walk to the car in their driveway. Her tall boots and short black dress did nothing but advertise sex. It was doubly true for a woman out with just girl friends or alone. He knew the next time he saw Amber several men would have been inside her and perhaps even unloaded their cum in her. He couldn’t way to hear the stories.
Amber wasn't at the casino long before she before the eyes of several men found her. It was a good night for guys. She was playing blackjack next to a handsome black man who had introduced himself as Marcus. She guessed he was in his late twenties. They were doing well at the table and the conversation was light and flirty. Things heated up when Marcus pointed out to Amber that the guy at the third base position was checking her out. Amber casually looked and noticed he was a very handsome man in his thirties.
Amber, whispered to Marcus, "He's cute, I'd fuck him." Marcus leaned back with a big smile on his face. He was pleasantly surprised by her boldness.
“I love a bold woman. It’s too bad for him you’re married,” Marcus commented.
“That won’t stop me,” Amber responded quietly so only Marcus could hear.
“I think if you did you husband would mind,” Marcus advised Amber.
Amber looked to Marcus with a smile and corrected him, “My husband knows that I do already, he’s turned on by it.”
“Well, I guess I should get out of his way so he can make a move?" Marcus quietly whispered in response.
Amber looked to Marcus, "Why would you get out of the way?"
Marcus pondered what Amber had just said.
Amber looked at Marcus, smiled, and continued, "I'd fuck you too."
Marcus raised his eyebrows, "So it's him or me?" Marcus asked.
Amber looked away and at the cards just dealt to her, ”Maybe both of you."
"I'd don't think I want to share you,” Marcus responded casually.
"Well, the good thing for me is that I get to make that decision,” Amber said clarifying who was calling the shots at the moment.
“Maybe you should gamble on it?" Marcus suggested, piquing Amber's interest.
“And what do you have in mind?" Amber asked.
Marcus thought for a moment, then responded, "First one of us to hit a four card 21 picks who gets to fuck you."
Amber smiled and looked over at Marcus, “Okay.”
After several hands where each tried to build a 4 card 21 and lost on taking hits on otherwise winning hands, it happen. Amber was dealt a 2 and a 4. She hit and got a 10. Marcus was feeling nervous and offered another bet before Amber hit again. Marcus said if she got a 21 he would abide by what every she wanted and would buy all the drinks for the night, but if she hit and busted, she would have to leave with him. Amber agreed and hit. She got a 5. Marcus groaned quietly at what he thought was his misfortune.
Amber smiled wide and looked over at Marcus, "I need a new drink. Let's get one up at the bar.”
The two left the table to the bar. Amber noticed the cute guy at the table watching her. She liked it. After ordering drinks, Marcus conceded and asked, "Okay what is it going to be?"
Amber took a sip of her drink then looked Marcus in the eye, "Go tell the cute guy if he films you fucking me in the back parking lot he can fuck me too."
Marcus nearly choked on his drink when he heard what Amber said. "You're fucking with me,” Marcus responded in total disbelief.
Amber smiled and raised an eyebrow. She turned in her stool to face Marcus and lifted up the front of her dress to reveal her red panties. Then she reached out and slipped her hand down Marcus's jeans and over his cock. Amber's eyes widened when she felt how big it was.
"I think you're crazy,” Marcus whispered. "But I like it. Okay, I'll ask him." Marcus got up to head to the cute guy when Amber stopped him by grabbing his arm and standing up next to him.
"I just wanted to see if you'd actually do it,” Amber said as she leaned in close to him. Marcus grabbed Amber's hips and pulled her to him and leaned in to kiss her, but she leaned away. "Not here, I don't want anyone here to see us. Let's go to the parking lot."
Marcus smiled and followed her out to the corner of the back parking lot where Amber had parked.
Once there Marcus pinned Amber to the side of the car and began kissing her. Amber kissed back. She was sexually supercharge by Marcus and couldn't wait to have him. Her pussy was on fire with the anticipation of his big hard cock in it. Her hand immediately went to his belt and began to undo it. Marcus's hand went to Amber's hair, which he held as he kissed her. Amber's heart was pounding with excitement and desire. She soon got Marcus belt undone and began undoing his pants. Marcus's other hand slide up under Amber's dress to her ass. He squeezed it and moaned as he did.
After getting Marcus's pants undone she pushed him back so she could sink to her knees. Marcus let her. He watched her slowly go to her knees in front of him. She looked up and smiled as she pulled down his jeans. His big cock was tenting in his boxers. Amber licked her lips and smiled up at Marcus.
"Oh fuck woman, you're driving me crazy,” Marcus said as he looked down at the beautiful married woman on her knees in front of him who was getting read to suck his cock.
"Let me see if I can take care of that,” Amber said right before she pulled his boxers down, releasing his big cock to the night air. "Oh my,” Amber exclaimed as she saw Marcus's big 9 inch cock sway in front of her eyes, her lips, and her mouth. She took hold of of with both hands and held it. She liked the look of Marcus’s dark manhood under her white fingers. She loved how it was bigger than her hands could hold. Marcus moaned at her touch. Staring at his nice, big dick, Amber began to stroke it with her soft hands. Marcus moaned again.
"You need to put that in your mouth,” Marcus told her.
Amber slide her hand to the base of Marcus's hard cock and leaned in and took the tip in her warm mouth. Marcus moaned. Amber took more into her mouth and pressed her tongue against his dick as she tighten her lips around it. Marcus moaned again louder and mutter something that sounded like it had the words, “suck”, “good”, and “bitch”, in it. It turned her on more. Amber took Marcus as deep in her mouth as she could and then backed out. Marcus looked down and marveled at the hot married woman that was sucking his cock in the corner of a parking lot. It was dreamlike. He reached down and grab her head and began sliding his cock back and forth in her mouth. He loved it. He watched as he held her head and make her take his dick in and out of her mouth.
Amber loved it also. She loved having this handsome black man’s big cock in her mouth, but she wanted more. She wanted to fuck him. She wanted him to fuck her. Wanted him to take her and have her as much as she wanted to have him. Her husband told her she could come out and do what, and who, she wanted with not strings attached. She intended to take full advantage of his offer. Amber was going to do it all.
Amber pulled back off of Marcus’s cock and looked up smiling. Marcus knew what she wanted, and he was going to give it to her. If her husband was going to let her come out and be a slut then he was going to fuck her like one. Amber stood up and Marcus grabber her by the hips and lifted her onto the hood of the car.
"I've got something I want to do first." Marcus said as he pushed Amber's legs apart and lifted her dress up over her waist exposing her panties to the night. Marcus then leaned in and pressed his lips agains Amber's panty covered pussy. Amber moaned at the pleasure the pressure from his lips gave giving her. Marcus then moved back and grabbed her panties. Amber closed her legs a bit and lifted her hips to let Marcus slide her panties off.
Marcus pulled Amber’s panties down and off. He gasped in excitement when he saw Amber's smooth pussy. “Oh fuck bitch, that is perfect,” Marcus announced to Amber. He then leaned over and pressed his lips to her pussy. His warm tongue slipped out and against Amber's clit. Amber moaned.
Marcus licked and sucked Amber's smooth perfect pussy. Marcus a could feel Amber's pleasure in he way she moved to his tongues work. Amber’s hands found the back of Marcus's head and she pulled him in to her pussy. He pressed in and sucked her pussy and caressed just the right spot. Amber tensed in orgasm. She moaned as she held Marcus's head to her cunt. Marcus continued his mouth’s work on her pussy until Amber begged him to stop.
“I need more than that,” Amber begged when Marcus lifted away from her pussy.
Marcus took a step back and looked at Amber on the hood of the car with her legs spread, no panties on, and her dress up around her waist. His cock throbbed for her. Marcus stepped in between Amber's smooth sexy legs. He rested his big cock on top of Amber’s wanting cunt. He grabbed her by the waist. Amber tingled with anticipation. She could feel the weight of his huge dick resting on her. Marcus looked from Amber's eyes to her pussy. He pulled his cock back dragging the tip down to her opening. Amber gulped anxiously. Marcus pushed his hips forward and pressed his manhood slowly into Amber's tight cunt.
Amber looked down. She wanted to see his big dark cock push into her pussy. She wanted to see him fuck her. She wanted to be able to describe it to Matt almost as much as she just wanted to feel it insider her. Amber was horny beyond comprehension. It overwhelmed her. She thought at that moment she’d let anyone who walked by fuck her. She just wanted to fuck. And she especially wanted Marcus to fuck her.
Marcus moaned loudly as he pushed deeper into Amber's warm cunt. He loved they way it resist his size. "Oh fuck you got a nice tight pussy,” Marcus said as he watch his cock slide farther into Amber's beautiful pussy.
Amber’s hole was electric with the feeling of Marcus's big dick filling it. She was nearly as excited to watch it fuck her as to feel it fuck her. Amber panted with pleasure as Marcus continued to push his cock deeper into her. Marcus moaned again loudly as he got half his length insider Amber. Then he held her hips tighter and in one quick thrust he force the rest of his 9 inches into Amber's tight cunt. Amber threw her head back in pleasure. Her hands tried to grab and hold something, but found nothing but the smooth metal of the car hood.
"OH FUCK," Marcus grunted as he felt his entire cock engulfed by Amber's warm tight cunt. It was almost too much to take The feeling her pussy gave to his cock and the image of her on the hood of the car was surreal. He held off a surprise orgasm. He wanted to fuck her not just cum in her. Marcus knew he was running out of time. He pulled his cock back about half way and then quickly thrust it back into Amber's pussy. "Oh yess,” he moaned at the feeling of her pussy taking his big cock again.
Amber shook her head from side to side as her hands slid on the car’s hood in response to the pleasure Marcus’s cock gave her. Enhancing her pleasure was the knowledge that she'd get to tell Matt all about how dirty and slutty she had been. She wished in that moment that someone would walk by and witness what she was doing. She wished someone else could tell Matt how she had picked up a handsome black man and let him fuck her on the hood of a car in the parking lot. And how she let him cum in her.
Marcus slid out and then thrust back in again, and again. It felt overwhelmingly good, he had never felt a pussy so good. We wasn't going to last. He savored how her pussy felt to sliding over his cock. He was close and began to thrust faster and faster. He was fucking her like slut. He loved it. Then he was to a point he couldn't stop. Nothing was going to stop him from cumming inside her. He needed the ultimate satisfaction of leaving is cum insider her, the satisfaction of marking her for life.
"OH OH OHHHH DAMN!" He moaned loud and slammed his hard 9inch black dick deep into Amber’s tight white cunt and cam. He held her tight wanting to pump his cum as deep in her as he could. He moaned in overwhelming pleasure as he felt his dick pulsated and shoot stream after stream of his hot cum inside Amber's pussy. He looked from her pussy into her eyes as he cam, as he filler her with his cum.
Amber looked into Marcus's eyes as he held his cock deep in her cunt. She looked into them as she felt his swollen clock twitch and pulse. She knew with each twitch Marcus was shooting his load deep into her cunt. She saw the pleasure on his face and loved it. She love the feeling of his cock rhythmically pulsating insider her. She also love the knowledge that he was cumming in her. It was the way it was supposed to be; men were supposed to cum inside women and not into condoms. When Marcus began to relax and pull out of her pussy, she thought of the look on Matt's face as she described how it felt to have Marcus cock in her pussy pulsating as he cam in her.
Marcus pulled out and commented quietly on something he was thinking. Amber perked up when she heard him say, "I'd love to show you off to my bros."
Amber replied quietly to his unasked question, “Maybe next year.”
Marcus back up a step and admired his handiwork as he saw his cum drip out of her pussy onto the car’s hood. “I guess I should have warned you or asked if that was ok.”
“Don’t worry about cumming in me. My husband insists I get cummed in. He thinks that’s one of the biggest treat a woman can give a man, especially a married woman to a stranger.”
“I can’t argue with that. I would have wished I had if I couldn’t have. Short of that is cumming in a woman’s mouth and knowing she’s tasted your cum.”
Amber smiled and reached down and got some of Marcus’s dripping cum on her finger tip. She looked right at Marcus as she tasted it.
“Oh damn,” Marcus muttered. “I think you need to get the last of that from the source.”
Amber took the hint and slipped of the car to her knees and took Marcus’s, still hard but softening, cock in her mouth. She grabbed it with her hand and squeezed the last of his cum from his dick into he mouth. Marcus moaned softly. Amber then pulled off and opened her mouth so he could she his cum in her mouth and on her tongue. Marcus stared as Amber swallowed his cum.
“Now if you see my husband you can tell him you cam in me and that I had your cum in my mouth.”
Marcus shook his head smiling in disbelieve and excitement that a woman like Amber existed.
Amber stood up and straightened up as Marcus did the same. Marcus offered several compliments and promised he’d keep her identity to himself even when telling his friends about the encounter. Amber asked that he take a picture of them together so she should show Matt. He did and asked if he could have take a picture of her to fantasize about. Amber agreed and she posed for a few picture for him then they said goodbye. Marcus walked back into the casino and Amber got in her car to ponder her next stop.
---more to come---
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